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Disney World Tiered Ticket Pricing

Disney Parks May Be Making Some Major Changes Tiered Ticket Pricing

Disneyland raises most ticket prices, adds new tier

if there is big discount during off-peak then, I like it.I would never go there during summer anyway, too hot

recordman wrote: That’s subjective. My 3 nieces went there last year, but they don’t want to go back again. The food was bad, long lineups to the rides, and very few characters in costumes.

death_hawk wrote: I don’t know… taking them to Disneyland a couple times during their life isn’t exactly something that doesn’t matter. It’s a vacation that will stay with them forever.

recordman wrote: That’s subjective. My 3 nieces went there last year, but they don’t want to go back again. The food was bad, long lineups to the rides, and very few characters in costumes.


cybersaga wrote: Exactly.I remember going as a family when I was young. We were visiting family near Orlando and weren’t planning on going. But our family knew someone who worked at the park and could get 5 people in free. But we were six , so we still had to pay for one. I don’t remember anything about inside the park at all. I just remember that the one ticket was still over $100 for each park. We went to two of the parks.I’m sure we had fun, but it wasn’t all that memorable.

Did Disney World Ticket Prices Increase What You Need To Know

Disney World has been seeing a lot of price increases lately, especially in food and special experiences.

But now theres been a major price increase in another aspect of your Disney World vacation. Certainticket prices just went up in Disney World. Here are all the details.

Previously, we had shared that while the ticket price range for 2022 had not changed, certain dates were now falling into a higher tier category of pricing. Thats because Disney works with a date-specific pricing model, with each day priced differently based on the expected demand for that date. Because of this, ticket prices for 2022 range from $109 to $159.

This brings us to the more recent price increases were seeing with tickets. WDWMagic initially shared the news, as pointed out by reader Ryan Teetz, that several multi-day ticket prices have increased for Disney World.

We looked further into this, and it does appear that single-park multi-day tickets, Park Hopper multi-day tickets, and Park Hopper Plus multi-day tickets were affected by a recent price increase.

Note that there is a price range for each kind of ticket because prices can vary depending on the time of year and expected crowd levels. For instance, the holiday season will usually have the highest ticket prices, whereas less popular times may have the lowest prices.

Walt Disney World Annual Pass Categories

Disney annual passes were revamped and new passes and prices were introduced in 2021. There are 4 different annual passes offered by Disney. New pass sales are currently paused, although existing passholders can renew.

  • Sorcerer Pass
  • Incredi-Pass

Each of these passes has different costs and perks associated with them. Perks include admission to all four theme parks, the ability to park hop on the same day, merchandise and dining discounts, and free standard parking.

Disney removed free PhotoPass downloads from annual passes when they were reintroduced in August 2021. If you still want that feature it costs $99 extra.

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Disney Youth Education Series

Disney runs programs for K-12 students to learn how the parks incorporate everything from performing arts to physics. The program runs every day and offers substantial ticket discounts . Disney usually requires a 10-person minimum to attend these events, but waives the minimum on occasion. See for more information.

Tickets With Disney Genie+ Service

Disney Parks Seasonal Tiered Ticket Pricing Archives ...

Genie+ can be purchased for length-of-stay when added to a package pre-arrival. Genie+ can also be purchase on the day-of intended use, starting on midnight of that day.

Whether purchased pre-arrival or day-of, Genie+ is $15 per person per day. You can select on specific members of your party to use Genie+ if there happens to be someone in your group who does not want to use it. Kids under three who do not require a ticket also do not require Genie+.

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No Parking Fee Increases

Finally, and thankfully, parking fees have remained the same price since 2019. Hotel parking fees are based on resort level.

  • Value Resorts Parking Fee $15 per night
  • Moderate Resorts Parking Fee $20 per night
  • Deluxe and Deluxe Villa Resorts Parking Fee $25 per night

At th theme parks, standard parking for cars and motorcycles is $25 per day. Oversized vehicles like RVs, camper vans, and shuttles is $30/day.

Preferred parking will put you at the front of the lots at a cost of $45-$50/day depending on season.

If you are a resort hotel guest you can park at the theme parks for free during your resort stay. Parking remains free at the Disney water parks as well as Disney Springs.

Other Ticket Price Increases

Although the price ranges for single-day park tickets did not change , some days on the calendar are now showing higher prices than before. For example, March 1st, 2022, has a single-day, single-park ticket price of $139. On March 3rd, the ticket price is $134. And on March 14th, the price for this ticket is $144.

For those same dates last year, the ticket prices were $129 , $126 , and $136 . The prices increased by $10 for the March 1st date, $8 for March 3rd, and $8 for March 14th.

You can see a similar pattern for later on in the year. For September 2022, tickets on the 4th cost $134, the 16th is $134, and the 30th is $144.

In 2021, ticket prices on these same dates cost $132 , $109 , and $120 . That is a price increase of $2 for the 4th, $25 for the 16th, and $24 for the 30th.

So although the price range for single-day, single-park tickets did not increase , certain days are showing higher prices within that range than they showed in previous years.

If you havent purchased your tickets for Disney World already, make sure youre checking out those price differences before your next trip! And keep following AllEars for more of the latest news from Disney World.

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Disney Moving To A New Seasonal Ticket Pricing Structure

Disney has just announced that they are increasing ticket prices. The trick this year is that this time ticket pricing is moving to a tiered pricing structure for their 1 day tickets. What does this mean? Well consider when you book airline tickets and hotel rooms where certain dates cost more than others. This is what Disney is moving towards. Similar to their Disney resort pricing structure the new park ticket pricing will be based on 3 different levels of prices based on when the tickets will be used.

Explanation of Ticket Pricing Tiers

The 3 tiers will be Value, Regular, and Peak.

Value prices will be $107 for Magic Kingdom and $99 for admission to one of the other 3 parks . The dates will cover late August through most of September.

Peak tier prices will be $124 for the Magic Kingdom and $114 for admission to one of the other 3 parks. The dates for the Peak tier will be Spring Break, most of the summer, and late December .

Regular tier prices will be $115 for Magic Kingdom and $107 for admission to one of the other 3 parks. The remaining dates of the calendar will most likely cover the Regular tier.

Disney will be releasing a pricing tier calendar that will show ticket pricing 8 to 11 months ahead of time to help you plan better. You can view this by accessing Disneys ticketing page.

New Park Ticket Expiration

Multi-Day Tickets


Tips For Getting The Best Deals

Disneyland ticket prices going up new 6th tier introduced

As always, there are ways to combat the price increases if you are a savvy vacation planner. Consider using a travel agent to help plan your next vacation. It is their job to check for special offers and alert you about deals for multi-day tickets, hotel discounts and more.

When planning your Disney parks trip, consider the number of days you will visit the parks. Do you need Disney tickets for every day? Can you get by with a single-day ticket or choose to attend a special ticketed events instead of spending the entire day at the park?

Price increases may make you think twice about becoming an annual pass holder or using the add-on Park Hopper feature, but they shouldnt deter you completely from visiting the Most Magical Place on Earth.

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Water Parks & Sports Add

The Water Parks & Sports add-on is a flat $70 no matter how long your ticket is, and gives you the same number of entitlements as you have ticket days. Entitlements can be redeemed for any of the following:

  • A water park visit to Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach
  • A round of mini-golf at Fantasia Gardens or Winter Summerland
  • A round of golf at Disneys Oak Trail Golf Course
  • A round of FootGolf at Disneys Oak Trail Golf Course
  • A visit to ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

One thing that you definitely need to know when considering this add-on is that the expiration date of a 4-day ticket is not four days after the start date its actually a week. The number of extra days that you have to use your tickets varies with the length, but you dont have to go to the theme parks and use one of your WPS admissions in the same day every day in order to use them all. And, the Water Parks & Sports add-on actually gives you an extra day before your ticket expires, compared to the same length base ticket.

That said, there are a couple of funky rules. In general you can use more than one admission per day for instance you can go to a water park and play mini-golf in the same day. But mini-golf is only free before 4 p.m. and theres a max of one round per day . On the flip side, park hopping is automatic at the water parks you can visit Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach in the same day on just one admission.

Water Park & Sports Option

This option adds special visits to water parks and smaller attractions to your park tickets. Each visit can be one of the following:

  • admission to Blizzard Beach water park
  • admission to Typhoon Lagoon water park
  • admission to ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex
  • round of mini golf at Fantasia Gardens
  • round of mini golf at Winter Summerland
  • round of golf at Oak Trail family walking course

The extra cost on top of a Base Ticket is a flat $74.55, for any length of ticket.

The number of visits you get with the Water Park & Sports option is equal to the number of park days on the ticket. A 1-Day ticket has both 1-day of major park admission and 1 visit, a 3-Day ticket has both 3 days of major park admission and 3 visits, and so forth. This is an incentive to buy the longer passes, so that youll get more visits for your money.

When you add the Water Parks & Sports option to a Base ticket, it extends the validity length of the ticket by one day. That doesnt add any park admission days, but does give you one extra day to use all your park days and special water park & sports visits. For example, a 7-day ticket normally is valid for a 10-day span, but adding Water Parks & Sports makes it valid for an 11-day span.

The chart below has the prices for all tickets with Water Park & Sports. You can also compare all of the ticket options on our full chart of all regular Walt Disney World ticket prices.

Water Park & Sports Ticket Prices


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How Disneyland Tickets Work

Theme park admission options are pretty straightforward at Disneyland Resort. You have only two things to decide:

  • How many days admission you’ll need.
  • The dates when you plan to visit the theme parks.
  • Whether you want to go to both Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park on the same day. This is known as park hopping.
  • In addition, for the foreseeable future Disneyland is requiring guests to make a date- and park-specific reservations, and only those with valid ticketsare able to make reservations. Basically, once you have your tickets, you should make a reservation for the first park that you plan to visiteach day of your trip. See our Disneyland Reservations page for details.

    In 2016 Disneyland started implementing price tiers for 1-day theme park tickets, chargingmore for admission on dates when demand is higher. As of 2021 there are six separate “tiers”of 1-day ticket pricing. 1-day tickets are priced at $104, $119, $134, $149, $159, and $164for those age 10 or older. Tickets for kids aged 3-9 are $98, $113, $127, $141, $150, and $155.The cheapest tickets are found mid-week when school is in session.The most expensive tickets are for busy holiday seasons like Spring Break,Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Our CrowdCalendar shows what price tier Disney has set for each day of the year.

    Disney World & Disneyland Will Begin A Tiered Ticket Pricing System Next Month

    2018 Ticket Prices for Disney World and Disneyland â A ...

    Chip and Co Past Writers and FriendsPlease note: some posts may contain affiliate links which means our team could earn money if you purchase products from our site

    As we have previously reported, there is going to be a price increase starting Sunday February 28, 2016. The prices will be increased at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts. The new ticket price will coincide with the time of year you are visiting the tickets will cost more during what Disney is referring to as peak season.

    The new Star Wars experiences, plus all of the new attractions opening in both Disney World and Disneyland combined with the special attention that is paid to guests at the holiday seasons is what Disney is using as leverage for the price rise.

    Each month of the year will be broken up into value, regular and peak days, a calendar will be available soon to view on

    During the value season the one day tickets for Walt Disney World will remain the same, price will increase during the regular and peak. Also one-day park tickets at Walt Disney World which previously have never expired will now expire 1 year after they are bought.

    Disneyland Resorts one-day value ticket price will decrease slightly from the price now, however it will go up during regular and peak season.

    You can do some saving by either going during the value days or buying multi-day parks tickets.

    What do you think? Comment below!

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    Will Disney Prices Increase In 2022

    It is no secret that Disney World pricing has changed many times over the years. In the last two years, the parks in Florida went to a tiered pricing structure. Disneyland in California followed suit, then took it a step further, adding a sixth level to its tiered pricing structure. Basically, tickets cost more on popular days holidays, weekends and school vacation periods have more expensive daily ticket prices. Slower days cost and less on less popular days.

    With the losses suffered from the pandemic closures in 2020 and the upgrades to the parks such as Toy Story Land and Star Wars Galaxys Edge in Disneys Hollywood Studios, and the new Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom, will we see another Disney ticket price increase on top of the ala carte charges for extras like Genie+? Will Disney World follow Disneylands lead with more tiered pricing? Or will the company hold the line on daily ticket prices and find more ways to charge for add-ons?

    Disneyland Admission Jumps To $164 Per Person As Crowds Return And Doesnt Include Increased Parking Costs

    If youre looking to visit Disneyland on a busy day, the ticket price may shock you. On Monday, the company announced that it will be adding a sixth tier to its ticket price system. This new level will become available when theres higher demand at parks.

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    According to Disney, the sixth tier will cost $164 per person for a single-day, single-park ticket. If you plan to visit both parks in a single day, the price will go up to $224. Ticket price changes go into effect in March 2022.

    Here are the new prices for each ticket tier:

    • Tier 1: $104

    • Tier 2: $119

    • Tier 3: $134

    • Tier 4: $149

    • Tier 5: $159

    However, if you want multi-day tickets to go between parks, the new prices will be $315 . More information on ticket prices can be found on the Disney Food Blog.

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    Parking prices are also expected to increase, SFGATE noted. Parking in the main lots will run you $30 per day and self-parking at the Disneyland Hotel, Paradise Pier Hotel or Grand Californian is now $40 per day . Valet parking will be the priciest option at $50.

    In 2000, Disneyland park visitors paid $41 for a single-day ticket, $62 adjusted for inflation, according to SFGATE. Visitors also paid just 55 cents for parking when the park opened in 1955, which would be about $5 today when adjusted for inflation.

    The news hasnt been received well.

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