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Disney World Tickets Fast Pass Cost

Como Funciona O Processo

How to use Walt Disney World Fastpass Plus Disney World tips

1 . Escolha o dia da sua visita ao parque.

2 . Escolha quais visitantes irão utilizar o Fast Pass+.

3 . Selecione o parque.

4 . Selecione a atração que você gostaria de utilizar o Disney Fast Pass+.

5. Depois de ter escolhido as atrações, uma janela aparecerá perguntando se você gostaria de dar prioridade a elas.

6. Você terá quatro opções de horários para visitar as atrações escolhidas, se você quiser você pode alterar os horários em uma etapa posterior.

7 . Disney Fastpass+ confirmado!

8 . Se necessário, você poderá alterar as informações. Apenas precisa selecionar a atração, a nova opção de horário dentro das opções oferecidas e confirmar as alterações.

Atenção! Se você escolher apenas um Fastpass , o sistema irá automaticamente selecionar os outros dois para você!

Disney Genie+ Popular Attraction Upcharge

Now, if you want to ride Disneys most popular attractions without a wait, there will be a second paid upcharge that will allow guests to select return times for a maximum of two specific, more popular attractions.

I repeat: the attractions featured in these two paid options will NOT be the same. Not-so-popular rides will be included in the base price of Disney Genie+ . Popular ridesya gotta pay separately to ride . The price for the popular ride a la carte option will vary depending on the date, attraction, and park which means, the more in demand the ridethe more itll cost you to ride. Yep your favorite Disney rides could now have SURGE PRICING. lol except were crying.

Splash Mountain Sign

When Can You Buy Genie+ And Request Lightning Lane Access

Disney has said that date-based ticket guests will be able to purchase Genie+ in advance of their visit, but a la carte Lightning Lane attractions wont be available until the day of the visit.

At Disney World, Genie+ users can select a return time for your first desired and included attraction of the day beginning at 7 a.m. on the day of your trip. At Disneyland, youll have to wait until youre physically in the park to select a return time for your first ride. Thats true regardless of where you are staying for your vacation.

However, there is a little extra perk for those who are staying in Disney World resorts.

If desired, Disney resort guests can make their first individually purchased Lightning Lane attraction selection beginning at 7 a.m. . Non-resort guests cant do this until the park officially opens which may be an hour or two later depending on the day and selected park.

Disney has not ruled out the possibility that annual pass holders will one day be able to purchase a Genie+ add-on for their pass, but that is not available currently and may or may not happen down the road.

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Free Fastpass At Disney World

Disney World has one of the best FastPass systems because you can book 3 FastPasses in advance and it is FREE to use! By using the My Disney Experience App, you can use FastPass+ to book 3 FastPasses up to 30 days before youre arrival if you are staying off property or up to 60 days before your check in if you are staying on Disney property. After you use those first 3 FastPasses, you are able to book one FastPass at a time.

There is absolutely no cost to download or use the app, and no cost for any of the FastPasses. There are a few limitations to what and where you can book, but Disney is still very lenient on what you can do! Certain rides are separated into tiers depending on how popular the ride is, so for certain tiers you cant book more than one ride in that tier. On the positive side, this is a great and free service to use when planning your Disney World trip! These FastPasses will definitely save you time in lines!

Disney Replaces Free Fastpass System With Pay

Disney FASTPASS Walt Disney World Fast Pass Ticket MK ...

    This is how Disney decides to welcome back it’s loyal fans and tourist. By nickel and diming them for every cent they have, that reaction from a visitor on , reflect fans unhappiness with the companys plans to do away with the popular and free FastPass.

    Walt Disney Worlds popular FastPass program has been replaced by a new, pricey option that allows guests to pay to bypass long lines at the parks most popular rides.

    The new program, which launched this past week, has three main components Genie, Genie+ and Lightning Lane.

    Genie: Designed to help visitors maximize their visit to the parks, Genie is a free tool available to all guests on the My Disney Experience app that can assist with itineraries, food ordering, and provided estimated wait times and more.

    Genie+: An upgrade option – $15 per person per day – allows visitors to access a special, shorter Lightning Lane at several popular rides, bypassing longer stand-by queues. Participating rides include attractions like Peter Pans Flight but does not include the parks most popular rides.

    For that to access some of the parks most popular rides – like Space Mountain, Avatar Flight of Passage or Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride, there is a separate, a la carte extra-cost program.

    For $8 to $15, depending on the day and the ride, guests can access a shorter line. Guests can buy two of these passes per day and do not need to also purchase Genie+.

    For more, click here.

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    How Much Does Walt Disney World Fastpass+ Cost

    So Disney Worlds FastPass+ service costs $0 FREE! And guests can take advantage of booking in advance. If you dont, you can still just use it while at the parks but the selection of available times may be significantly less or none at all depending on the attraction. The system is valid at all four parks Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and Epcot.

    Be sure to have the free My Disney Experience App downloaded to your phone to take advantage of the FastPass+ system at Disney World. Guests are able to modify existing reservations, make new ones as well as check ride times. There may be days when changing a FastPass+ reservation is necessary due to an attraction closing down or you just want to strategize your day better.

    Other Paid Fastpass Options At Disneyland

    There are a few other ways to get on rides quickly at Disneyland at a price.

    Park & VIP Tours.Disneyland has more limited tour offerings than Walt Disney World, but for the right price theyre happy to put together the VIP tour of your dreams.

    Other Paid Events. Disneyland has recently been expanding its paid event options. Unlike Walt Disney Worlds events, these tend to be thematic to appeal to the high concentration of locals.

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    Disneyland App For You

    Disney offers a free app that has the official Disneyland wait times and FastPass return times constantly updating. This app is perfect for planning your next steps throughout the day when you don’t want to waste time walking to all corners of Disneyland and Disney California Adventure to check out wait times and FastPass return times.

    What Is Fastpass Plus

    FastPass test at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World – FastPass Plus

    FastPass Plus is a free service at Walt Disney World which allows those who have valid tickets linked to their My Disney Experience account to make reservations ahead of time for many of WDWs attractions, shows, and experiences.

    You do so by logging into your My Disney Experience account. You are allowed to make reservations a set number of days in advance depending on where you are staying for your vacation.

    Those staying at Disney World owned Resorts, Shades of Green, the Swan and Dolphin, the Disney Springs Hotels, and the Four Seasons can make their FastPass Plus reservations 60 days prior to their check in date. They may make reservations for the entire length of their stay through the checkout date.

    Note: If your stay is longer than 2 weeks, then FastPass+ selections can be made for up to 14 of the days in your window.

    Note: if you have fewer days on your ticket than the length of your stay, while each day of your trip will be available for making FastPass Plus reservations, you will only be allowed to make reservations for the number of days available on your ticket.

    So If Im staying for seven nights and eight days, but only have a 4-day ticket, Id be able to make reservations on any of those eight days, but once Id made the 4th day of reservations, no more days would be available.

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    Shanghai Disney Resort Fastpass Cost

    The Shanghai Disney Resort currently has two FASTPASS systems if thats what you want to call one of them. First there is the Disney Standby Pass which costs $0 and is free for any guest to use via the mobile app. This program works for 4 major attractions at the park and can be required to use for guests to access them. We say can be because not all days or park hours require it. You will be notified upon entering the parks if it will be or not.

    This system has not replaced FASTPASS and does not give guests faster access to the attraction/show.

    The 4 attractions that use the Disney Standby Pass is:

    • Peter Pans Flight
    • Tron Lightcycles Power Run
    • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

    When this service is running on a day it does so from 12 pm to 5 pm local time. Again, you can use this system for free via the Shanghai Disney Resort App.

    The actual FASTPASS system at Shanghai Disney is free for guests to use and does give them access to faster lines. It works just like Disneylands MaxPass in that you can use your phone to reserve times and make changes.

    Are The Disney Individual Lightning Lanes Worth It

    You are also likely wondering if you should purchase Individual Lightning Lane passes at Disney World.

    This depends a great deal on

    • If you are staying at a Disney resort with Early Theme Park Entry and
    • If you are actually able to get to the parks before they open and
    • If you are up for hanging around the parks until they close.

    If youre staying on property and get up early, you will be able to ride at least one if not both Individual Lightning Lane attractions before the parks officially open during most times of the year!

    For example, if Hollywood Studios officially opens at 9 am, then it will open at 8:30 am to Disney resort guests.

    However, you will likely be allowed to enter at 8 am to get on Rise of the Resistance before the park even opens to resort guests.

    You can then head to Mickey & Minnies Runaway Railway and ride that as well.

    So if you are willing to get up and moving early, you can often save money on Individual Lightning Lane reservations.

    I also suggest getting in line for one of the Individual Lightning Lane attractions a few minutes before park closing.

    You can continue to get in the queue up until the minute the park closes and you will be permitted to ride the attraction!

    The wait will be the shortest of the day, but you will have to hang in there until closing.

    If the nighttime entertainment coincides with park closing, you may have to skip that as well. Just something to consider as you plan!

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    When Can I Make Fastpass+ Reservations

    This question has two different answers, depending on where youll be staying:

    1. If youre staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel:You can log into My Disney Experience at at 7:00 AM U.S. Eastern Time 60 days before your arrival.

    You can get FastPasses for your entire trip at that time. Well, at least you can get them for the first 14 days of your trip.

    2.. If youre NOT staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel:

    You can start making your FastPass+ selections 30 days before your arrival, beginning at 7:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.BUT you cannot get FastPasses for your entire trip at that time.

    So for example, if your trip begins on December 1, then you can log into My Disney Experience on November 1 and make your FastPass selection but only for December 1. You have to wait until November 2 to make FastPass reservations for December 2, and so on.

    Yet one more example of how Disney is trying to force encourage people to stay onsite.

    The Tap Grab And Modify Fast Pass Strategy For Hard

    Walt Disney World testing FastPass+

    I discovered this strategy from MouseHacking, who got it from my buddies Shane and Ted and over at Parkeology. We will be trying this strategy on our upcoming trip, and Ill report back.

    Heres the secret behind Tap, Grab and Modify: Once your FastPass has been redeemed by tapping the Mickey head at the FastPass queue entrance, it is consider used and you can immediately start making changes to your other FastPass selections.

    So what does this mean?

    Lets say you have these FastPasses for Hollywood Studios:Rock n Roller Coaster 10:00am-11:00amTower of Terror 11:30am-12:30pmToy Story Mania 2:00-3:00pm

    Without the Tap Grab and Modify Strategy:You enter the FastPass queue for Rock n Roller Coaster at 10:05am, and finish the ride by, say, 10:35am.

    Now you have almost a full hour to kill before you can ride Tower of Terror.

    With the Tap, Grab and Modify Strategy:You enter the FastPass queue for Rock n Roller Coaster at 10:05am, same as before.

    But now, instead of just standing around trying to find the Hidden Mickey on the floor, you get on the My Disney Experience app and see that there is a Tower of Terror FastPass available at 10:45am.

    You couldnt get it originally, because it would have overlapped your RNRC FastPass but once you cleared the Mickey Head at the queue entrance, that Fastpass got erased, so to speak, so now you can grab it.

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    Making Changes To Disney World Tickets

    If you have already purchased park tickets and find that your plans have changed, you can usually make changes to your tickets such as adding days or features. You can usually apply the value of an unused ticket toward the purchase of any higher-priced ticket or annual pass , subject to some restrictions. You can add days to a Disney World ticket, or add additional options , or both. This is a complicated subject that we cover in our Upgrading & Changing Tickets section, just below.

    Disney World Replaces Free Fastpass System With Pay

    The new Genie+ and Lightning Lane system replaced Disney World’s popular FastPass program this week. Note: This photo of the line at Test Track in Epcot was taken in early October, before the new system was operational.

    ORLANDO, Florida Walt Disney Worlds popular FastPass program has been replaced by a new, pricey option that allows guests to pay to bypass long lines at the parks most popular rides.

    Longtime fans, for the most part, are not pleased with the change.

    Nothing more magical than paying thousands of dollars for a vacation only to be nickel and dimed at every corner, wrote one fan on . Im not seeing anything magical at all, wrote another.

    In recent years, Disney had been unique among major theme parks in offering its skip-the-line program to all guests at no extra charge. Under the FastPass system, all guests had the ability to reserve ride times on the parks popular attractions later in the day, with a shorter line.

    Other major theme parks, including Cedar Point, Universal and Six Flags properties, all sell pricey, go-to-the-front of the line passes.

    Len Testa, the president of and co-author of The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World, said hes never seen the Disney fan base so up in arms. The reaction to paid FastPass has been received about as poorly as anything that Disney has done, he said.

    The new program, which launched on Tuesday, has three main components Genie, Genie+ and Lightning Lane. It works like this:

    Read more:

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    Group And Vip Tours At Disney World

    Another way to technically pay for FastPasses without actually getting a FastPass is booking a Group or Private VIP Tour at Disney World. These tours will take you on certain rides depending on the tour, or if you book the Private VIP Tour, any ride you want to experience. So you arent exactly booking a FastPass, but your group will either be using the FastPass entrance or will be entering the ride from the exit. This will ensure you get a lot of rides done!

    The Private VIP Tour costs a minimum of $425 per hour during non-peak season and up to $750 per hour during peak times. You can book up to 10 guests for a minimum of 7 hours. The Private VIP Tour guide can take you to any park you would like and get you on any ride, but you must still have a park ticket to get in. This is a great way to experience as many rides as youd like!

    There are also multiple Group VIP Tours at Disney World that will take you on certain rides depending on the tour you book!

    The Ultimate Disney Classics VIP Tour costs $249 per person and lasts about 4 hours in the Magic Kingdom. You must still have a park ticket to enter the park. This tour will take you on:

    • Mad Tea Party
    • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
    • Haunted Mansion
    • Under the Sea Journey of the Little Mermaid
    • Dumbo the Flying Elephant
    • Slinky Dog Dash
    • The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

    Any of these tours are great ways to experience rides with very little to no wait times, making FastPasses useless!

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