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Disney World Tickets 1 Day Price

This Means That When You Visit Will Greatly Affect How Much You Pay For Your Tickets

One-day tickets at Disney World now more expensive

During the cheapest time of year in 2022, a 2-day adult ticket from Disney costs $212. During the most expensive time of year, that same 5-day ticket costs $310!

So that means you can save almost $100 per ticket just by choosing wisely when you will visit.

I have a detailed post that explains how to find the cheapest dates to visit the parks, but a quick summary is that these months offer the cheapest dates:

    Not surprisingly, the most expensive times to visit Disney World are during Christmas, Easter, and other major holidays.

    So if you are able to visit during a less crowded time of year youll be rewarded with cheaper ticket prices.

    Water Park & Sports Option

    This option adds special visits to water parks and smaller attractions to your park tickets. Each visit can be one of the following:

    • admission to Blizzard Beach water park
    • admission to Typhoon Lagoon water park
    • admission to ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex
    • round of mini golf at Fantasia Gardens
    • round of mini golf at Winter Summerland
    • round of golf at Oak Trail family walking course

    The extra cost on top of a Base Ticket is a flat $74.55, for any length of ticket.

    The number of visits you get with the Water Park & Sports option is equal to the number of park days on the ticket. A 1-Day ticket has both 1-day of major park admission and 1 visit, a 3-Day ticket has both 3 days of major park admission and 3 visits, and so forth. This is an incentive to buy the longer passes, so that youll get more visits for your money.

    When you add the Water Parks & Sports option to a Base ticket, it extends the validity length of the ticket by one day. That doesnt add any park admission days, but does give you one extra day to use all your park days and special water park & sports visits. For example, a 7-day ticket normally is valid for a 10-day span, but adding Water Parks & Sports makes it valid for an 11-day span.

    The chart below has the prices for all tickets with Water Park & Sports. You can also compare all of the ticket options on our full chart of all regular Walt Disney World ticket prices.

    Water Park & Sports Ticket Prices


    Walt Disney World Vacation Packages

    There are more reasons than ever to stay at a Walt Disney World resort! Guests can combine any of the discounted Walt Disney World tickets sold at with hotel accommodation.

    Choose from over 30 on-site Walt Disney World hotels when staying in the middle of the magic.

    Talk to a Disney expert now! Call 407-630-8650 or get a vacation package quote online using our chat or submit a quote below.

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    Upgrading Your Walt Disney World Tickets

    New or partially-used Disney Theme Park tickets can be upgraded to add extra days , Park Hopping or Park Hopper Plus or any combination of these options. Upgrades are done on a one ticket for one ticket exchange. You cannot exchange one higher price ticket for several lower price tickets, nor can you get a refund under any ticket exchange scenario. Once the transaction is made, its final.

    Disney Theme Park tickets can also be upgraded to an annual pass. The only possible upgrade for a 10-day Disney Theme Park ticket is to purchase an annual pass.

    Upgrading Unused Tickets: The purchase price will be applied to any higher priced ticket. As long as your Disney Theme Park ticket is unused and the cost of the new ticket exceeds that of the old one, you can purchase any other Disney Theme Park ticket or Annual Pass you choose. For any one-day ticket, such as a one-day Disney Theme Park ticket or one-day water park ticket, upgrades may only be done on the date of use. Complimentary tickets can not be upgraded. Simply take your ticket to any park or Disney Springs Guest Service window to complete the transaction. Only Disney Theme Park tickets can be upgraded. Tickets purchased prior to 1/2/05 that have not expired may still be used for park admission at no additional charge but may not be upgraded.

    Standard Theme Park Ticket

    Matthew Rousu

    Currently, Standard Theme Park Ticket pricing for Disney World starts at $109 for those ages 10 and up. Now, keep in mind that this is just where pricing starts and depending on the time of year that youre planning to visit or even what day of the week youre purchasing a ticket for, the cost may be well above $109.

    To give you a sense of just how much were talking, heres the current pricing for one-day park tickets in July 2021.

    But, there are still some ways to save on your tickets. Disney has a pricing structure that decreases the cost of your daily ticket based on how many days you plan to visit. For comparison, heres the price of tickets in the same month if youre purchasing tickets for 3-days.

    The tickets can be used on non-consecutive days, but there is a time limit to when you can use them . So, you are tied to the dates you choose in some sense.

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    Can You Upgrade From A Standard Disney World Ticket To An Annual Pass

    Yes, you totally can. If you decide youll be visiting Walt Disney World more than once a year, you can ask for an upgrade of your base tickets to an annual pass. Just go to Guest Services and request it. The best thing is, theyll adjust the price you paid for your tickets in full against the cost of the annual pass. So, lets say you paid $450 for a 6-day ticket and youve already used 4 out of the 6 admissions. Now, if youre upgrading to the Disney Platinum Pass that costs say $1300, they will subtract the $450 you already paid and youll only have to pay the balance of $850. So, even though you used up some of your 6-day ticket, the full value will be deducted.

    A quick note of caution here. If you have a park hopper or water parks option on your WDW ticket and youre not planning to get these options on your annual pass, you must use up the entitlements before requesting the upgrade from standard tickets to an annual pass. Once the upgrade is complete, youll no longer have access to the water parks unless you paid for it on your Disney World annual pass.

    Walt Disney World Tickets Expiration Dates

    All multi-day Disney Theme Park Base tickets expire whenever all of the days are used up OR based on the number of days of tickets purchased, whichever comes first. Walt Disney World tickets will have an expiration date that corresponds with the number of days of tickets that have been purchased. Guests will no longer have 14 days to complete their ticket use, like they did before. Now, if for example, you purchase a four day Walt Disney World ticket, youll have a seven day window to use your tickets in.

    Keep in mind, you dont have to use your park tickets on consecutive days, if you dont want to. For example, if you purchase a 3-day ticket, you could visit the Magic Kingdom and Epcot on the first two days of your vacation, visit Daytona Beach on days 3-4 of your vacation, and return to Walt Disney World to visit Disneys Animal Kingdom on day 5 of your vacation. If you return to Walt Disney World on day 6 of your vacation, in this example, however, your Disney Theme Park ticket is no longer valid, even though, technically, there is still one unused day.

    Expiration dates for the Walt Disney World tickets will be:

    For an extra fee that is dependent on the total number of days of tickets you are purchasing, you can add on the ability to purchase a Walt Disney World ticket with a flexible start date that means you dont have to choose the specific first day you want to visit the parks. Those tickets are valid for 14 days after first use.

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    Specialty Tickets & Passes

    These are just the basic options for Disney World tickets. There are also specialty tickets and passes that might work for you. These include:

    Walt Disney World Single Day Ticket Prices For 2021

    3 On 3: Disney World offering mid-day magic ticket

    These prices are the standard ticket prices you would expect to pay at the gate . Prices do not include local taxes and tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

    These prices are subject to change and you should check with Walt Disney World for the latest prices.

    See our multi-day multi-park theme park ticket page for prices between 1 and 10 days.

    Walt Disney World Single Day TicketAdultChild
    Standard single day date specific admission to either Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom.Valid for one day admission for date specified at time of purchase. Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. Does not include park hopping. Ticket must be used by 31 December 2021.from $109.00 to $159.00
    plus tax

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    Discounts On Annual Passes

    There are no current sources of discounts on Walt Disney World annual passes for the general public. There are, however, some discounts available for members of certain organizations or geographic areas, and there are also some special passes available for local residents that are cheaper than the regular annual passes, but come with blackout dates and other restrictions. Use these links for more information:

    What Other Disney World Ticket Types Are Available

    In addition to base tickets, you can also buy three types of add-ons to base tickets, and a fourth modifier to base tickets that takes out some of their restrictions.

    The Park Hopper add-on gives you the ability to visit more than one park in a day. Returning visitors commonly enjoy the extra flexibility that Hoppers give them, but I counsel first-timers to only add them after they are sure they need them. Each Disney park takes more than a day to see, and travel between parks can take longer than first-timers might imagine.

    Adding a Park Hopper costs an additional flat fee for the entire length of the ticket. For a one day ticket, it costs $69.23. Adding a Hopper to a two or three day ticket costs a flat fee of $79,88, and adding it to a four to ten day ticket costs a flat fee of $90.53.

    During COVID-19 capacity restrictions, park hopping can only happen at 2p or later, and only after a guest has already entered a reserved park earlier that day.

    The Flexible Date ticket is a variant of all the options above. Selecting it frees you from the narrow usage windows and expiration dates that the other options havewhich we will discuss more below. These tickets expire December 31 of the calendar year after they are purchased, and can have their first use for any date in that window.

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    Entrance Ticket Details For Walt Disney World

    • The general ticket prices mentioned are those of Magic Kingdom Park in Walt Disney World for one-day ticket, It’s $105 for Ages 10+ and $99 for ages 3 to 9.
    • One-day ticket for Epcot/Disneys Animal Kingdom Park/Disneys Hollywood studios is $97 and $91 .
    • 2-day ticket prices where you can visit one theme park in one day are: Adult: $192.00/ticket , Ages 3-9: $179.00/ticket .
    • 3-day ticket prices: Adult: $275.00/ticket , Ages 3-9: $256.00/ticket .
    • 4 day ticket prices: Adult: $305.00/ticket, Ages 3-9: $285.00/ticket
    • 5 day ticket prices: Adult: $315.00/ticket, Ages3-9: $295.00/ticket
    • 1-Day Theme Park Ticket Epcot, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park, or Disney’s Hollywood Studios: $103.31
    • For special event tickets, refer to the website.
    • For annual passes, refer to the website
    • Water Park Tickets: 1-Day Water Park Ticket for Ages 10+: $61.77, Ages 3-9: $50.00/ticket
    • 1 day seasonal Water Park Ticket: Adult: $53.00, Ages 3-9: $45.00

    Park Hopper Plus Ticket

    Can You Afford a Disney World 1

    Another ticket option that Disney brought back this year is the Park Hopper Plus Ticket. This lets you park hop to any Disney World theme park after 2PM and gives you access to Disneys Blizzard Beach Water Park, Disneys Oak Trail Golf Course, and Disneys Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf Course.

    Much like the Park Hopper Ticket option, this one will cost you a bit more too. Here are the extra costs depending on the days you purchase:

    • $85 per ticket for 1-day tickets
    • $95 per ticket for 2 to 3-day tickets
    • $105 per ticket for 4 to 10-day tickets

    So, youll be tacking on some money to be able to park hop, and do some extra activities in Disney World.

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    How To Buy Tickets Directly From Disney

    I suggest buying your tickets when you are logged into your My Disney Experience account.

    Then you will be able to assign them to the right person and youll be good to go.

    Be sure to select the first day you will use your ticket to get the best price!

    If you are staying off-property and wont have MagicBands for your trip, then you should opt to have a physical ticket sent to you via mail.

    You will scan the card to enter the parks and every time you use a Lightning Lane .

    If you are staying at a Disney World resort or have purchased Magic Bands for your trip, then you should opt for email delivery.

    Your tickets will be linked to your Magic Band automatically but I suggest saving the email confirmation just in case there is an issue with using your tickets at the parks.

    Day Base Ticket Disney World

    The perfect day awaits

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    When Do My Disney World Tickets Expire

    The Walt Disney World current them park expiration policies are slightly different from years past. We cover the current Walt Disney World park tickets expiration policy below:

    Even if a Disney ticket has expired, if it has never been used you can still apply its value towards a new Disney World ticket.

    All current issue standard Walt Disney World tickets expires after every park admission on the ticket has been used, or on the listed expiration date, whichever comes first.

    Can I Upgrade From A Standard Disney World Ticket To A Park Hopper Or Water Park Option

    Disney World raising ticket prices

    Yes, you can absolutely upgrade to a park hopper or water park option from a standard WDW ticket. Youll have to meet the conditions mentioned above, i.e., you should have remaining admissions on your ticket and the upgrade should be requested no more than 14 days from first use. Its worth noting that the sooner you upgrade your tickets the better, so you can take full advantage of hopping from park to park.

    For instance, a 10-day standard ticket costs $550 per adult while a 10-day park hopper ticket costs $635 per adult. If you upgrade after youve used up 5 admissions already, youre effectively paying $85 for 5 days of park hopping. On the other hand, if you upgrade after youve used only 2 admissions on your standard ticket, youll be paying $85 for 8 days of park hopping.

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    The Cheapest Way To Get Disney World Tickets In 2022

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    If you are planning a trip to Disney World then you likely want to know the best way to buy Disney tickets to pay the LEAST.

    In this post, Ill show you exactly where to buy online to save on Disney tickets.

    Plus Ill share everything you need to know about buying Disney tickets on the cheap when to visit, how far in advance to buy, and how to link tickets to your Disney account.

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