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Disney World Skip The Line Pass

When To Book Your Disney World Fastpasses

2018 Disney World Fast Pass Plus 101 & TIPS !! Help SKIP The Lines On Your Next Disney Trip!

When can you book FastPasses? It depends on where you’re staying! Guests staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel can make FastPass+ reservations up to 60 days in advance of check-in for their entire length of stay , while guests staying off-site can make reservations up to 30 days in advance of each day of their theme park visit. The system allows guests to make advance reservations to skip the regular lines at three rides or attractions of their choice inside one park for every day of their visit.

Use The Fast Pass System

Disney World uses the Fast Pass + system, which allows guests to book up to three fast passes in advance of their stay. The fast passes are linked to the ticket for each guest and can be viewed from the Disney World app. The fast passes are also stored on the Magic Band, which is a bracelet that stores guest information . Resort guests obtain a magic band for free, but any guest may choose to purchase a magic band and link it to their ticket information.

Disney World Lightning Lanes And Genie+ Guide And Strategy

Welcome to our Disney World Lightning Lanes and Genie+ Guide and Strategy. In this post, we discuss the new skip-the-line option at Disney WorldLightning Lanesand the two main ways youll get access to those lanesGenie+ and individual Lightning Lanes. We cover the basics to help make sure you understand the difference between Lighting Lanes, Genie+, and individual Lightning Lanes, but we also dive into some strategy, including the famous stacking idea and how to combine rider switch and Lightning Lanes. Lets learn all about Lightning Lanes and Genie!

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Crushs Coaster: Finding Thrills In The Deep Blue Sea

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Disney World Replaces Free Fastpass System With Pay

Skip the lines! Disney World ~ Top 3 fast passes by park

The new Genie+ and Lightning Lane system replaced Disney World’s popular FastPass program this week. Note: This photo of the line at Test Track in Epcot was taken in early October, before the new system was operational.

ORLANDO, Florida Walt Disney Worlds popular FastPass program has been replaced by a new, pricey option that allows guests to pay to bypass long lines at the parks most popular rides.

Longtime fans, for the most part, are not pleased with the change.

Nothing more magical than paying thousands of dollars for a vacation only to be nickel and dimed at every corner, wrote one fan on . Im not seeing anything magical at all, wrote another.

In recent years, Disney had been unique among major theme parks in offering its skip-the-line program to all guests at no extra charge. Under the FastPass system, all guests had the ability to reserve ride times on the parks popular attractions later in the day, with a shorter line.

Other major theme parks, including Cedar Point, Universal and Six Flags properties, all sell pricey, go-to-the-front of the line passes.

Len Testa, the president of and co-author of The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World, said hes never seen the Disney fan base so up in arms. The reaction to paid FastPass has been received about as poorly as anything that Disney has done, he said.

The new program, which launched on Tuesday, has three main components Genie, Genie+ and Lightning Lane. It works like this:

Read more:

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Another Quirk Of The Two Hour Rule

Update: Reports are that this loophole has been closed. We cant confirm it personally at the moment, and we havent seen any professionals reporting it closed, but this is notice that this section might no longer apply.

Okay, we have to make a small correction. The number 1 above should actually be that youre prohibited from making another Lightning Lane booking until you use a Genie+ Lightning Lane booking, not specifically that last booking. Whats the difference? Again, examples.

At 7AM you book Slinky Dog Dash for 11:15AM when the park opens at 9AM. At 11AM you can make a new booking . Nothing new yet. At 11AM you book Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run for 3PM. At 11:05 you tap into and ride Slinky Dog Dash, using that Lightning Lane booking. You can immediately make a new Lightning Lane booking. Contrast this with

At 7AM you book Slinky Dog Dash for 11:15AM when the park opens at 9AM. At 11AM you can make a new booking . Example still but same. But now, you wait. At 11:15AM you tap into and ride Slinky Dog Dash, using that Lightning Lane booking. Then at 11:20AM you book Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run for 3PM. You have to wait until 1:20PM to make a new Lightning Lane booking.

What Is A Disney Vip Tour Guide

Before we look at what a tour guide can do for you, lets cover what they cant do. They cant take you to the front of every line so you have zero wait.

However, they can do the next best thing. They can get you into the FastPass entrance for any attraction. Usually the wait for a FastPass line is less than 15 minutes, and many FastPass lines have no wait at all.

A VIP Tour Guide can lead a tour with up to ten guests in all four Disney parks, and keep in mind that you still need to purchase park admission tickets.

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Who Can Use The Das Pass

Anyone who has a disability or condition that necessitates waiting outside a traditional line environment may be eligible to use the DAS pass. This includes disabilities that are both seen and unseen.

If your family member needs a scooter or wheelchair or has needs that can be met by using a mobility device, and they do not have any other disability that might hinder them waiting, they are NOT eligible for a DAS pass as the ride lines are handicapped accessible.

So if grandma just had knee surgery or Johnny just broke his arm in a baseball game, the DAS pass is not for you.

Disney Fastpass Hack And Fast Pass Loopholes Overview

2021 Disney World Fast Pass Plus 101 & TIPS !! Help SKIP The Lines On Your Next Disney Trip!

Personally, I knew I was going to spend a small fortune on this trip for our family of six . Knowing that, I wanted to make the most of our vacation and maximize our time in line because we wouldn’t be back within the next decade. Because the Lord only knows if I can convince my husband to go again anytime in the near future after our trip with four kids under the age of seven!

After planning for over a year and a half, scouring forum after Disney forum, and listening to a ton of podcasts, I’ve found some amazing ways to SKIP LINES using a variety of methods. You may need to “pay” for some of these methods and strategies . And this is not just your ordinary post on “make sure you reserve your Fastpasses 60 days in advance” post. This is a “raise your eyebrows, is this allowed?” type of post that might get you kicked out of Disney World. It’s a post listing out every available advantage while planning your trips at the park in an effort to maximize your experiences at the park. And some of it is controversial.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. And I’m not liable if you do.

NOTE: This is NOT about buying Disney’s VIP Tour Services Experience that allows participants to skip the lines of their choosing at around $700 an hour with a minimum of 7 hours . For a fraction of the cost, I’m sharing with you tips on how you could get this type of experience without the extra zeros at the end of your trip cost!`

My prerequisites for you to understand all the things I’m about to tell you.

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Download The My Disney Experience App

The very first tip that I am going to give you regarding Disney FastPass is to download the free My Disney Experience app on your phone.

Using FastPass reservations to get around the park is crucial to riding all of your favorite rides, and you can make your reservations right from your phone.

There are a couple FastPass stands located around the park, but certainly not enough to accommodate everyone.

For example, Magic Kingdom only has 4 FastPass areas around the park and each one only has a handful of kiosks.

Lines often accumulate around them, and its just silly to wait in line to use a kiosk to avoid a line on a ride.

With that said, you should have all 3 of your initial FastPass reservations for the day booked ahead of time.

Genie Doesn’t Inform Guests About Free Virtual Queue Options

Likewise, the most popular rides may already operate a Virtual Queue, which is a lottery, held at 7am daily, that gives guests a timed reservation without charge.

But you might never realize that free ride reservation option was available to youbecause the ride’s page on Genie doesn’t say so. Many people will be tempted to pay $9 for Lightning Lane when they could have gotten a booking for free, as observed by Twitter user .

Update: As of October 22, this has been changed, and the Virtual Queue option is now displayed.

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How To Use Genie+ To Skip Lines At Disney World With A Lightning Lane Selection

  • Open up the Disney World App
  • Tap on Get Started With Disney Genie
  • Tap on Start Now, or if you’ve already selected your travel party, tap on Skip to Tip Board
  • Select the date which is generally the day that you’re there
  • Select everybody in the party
  • Optionally, on the next two screens, the app will let you select must-do attractions
  • After these screens, the app will suggest the Genie+ service. Tap Get Disney Genie+ Service
  • Review the details, accept the terms and conditions
  • Select My Day. It will have a suggested itinerary, but…
  • What you want is the Tip Board. Select your first Lightning Lane for a ride or experience of your choice. You won’t get to pick a later time other than what’s displayed, so plan accordingly.
  • You can select a second Lightning Lane elsewhere in the parks either two hours after your first, or right after your party scans credentials at the second RF scanner in the queue.
  • If you’re park-hopping after 2:00 PM, you can select a Lightning Lane at another park by tapping Change Park on the Tip Board tab.

    How Much Does Fastpass At Disneyland Cost

    Disney FastPass+ FAQs

    FASTPASS at Disneyland is free to all ticket holders. That means you can still grab your short wait on Radiator Springs Racers and Space Mountain for free!

    Thats rightDisneyland’s traditional, paper-ticket based FASTPASS system is free to use! You can simply scan your theme park ticket at the FASTPASS machine to retrieve a FASTPASS for the ride. No cost! Unlike in Walt Disney World, however, there is a simple way to pay for a leg up on the FASTPASS competition.

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    The App Might Fail To Complete Tasks Without Explaining Why

    Some vacationers might fear that wrestling with an app will devour their vacationsand unfortunately, their fears are not unfounded. Vlogger Rix Flix posted a video shot at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in which he spent many painful moments contending with frozen screens and baffling malfunctionsas his subscribers watched and cringed, Flix fought for 20 minutes just to obtain his first Lightning Lane pass.

    Genie+ will deliver an error message for a lot of reasonsyou have a bad Wi-Fi connection, you’re not eligible to do something, and so onbut it won’t explain how you can fix it.

    Hopefully, glitches like this will be resolved as the program’s kinks are worked out, but it’s also true that Disney’s apps have always been poor at communicating the actual reason for load failures, leading some visitors to waste time trying to troubleshoot.

    As journalist Ashley Carter and the Wishful Thinking Twitter account documented, restarting may solve the issue.

    Best Fastpass+ By Park

    Well keep it short and sweet here, in case all you care about is the best choices, and dont want to read a long explanation as to why . You can also find more strategy in our Disney Attraction & Ride Guides for Walt Disney World each contain thorough recommendations concerning the best uses of FastPass+ for each park.

    Here are the choices that will save you the most time in each park:

    Magic Kingdom

    • Frozen Ever After
    • Soarin Around the World
    • Test Track single rider recommended instead
    • Spaceship Earth
    • Avatar Flight of Passage
    • Kilimanjaro Safaris
    • Mickey & Minnies Runaway Railway
    • Slinky Dog Dash
    • Rock N Roller Coaster
    • Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
    • Toy Story Mania

    These are objectively the best choices, but they may not be the best selections for you, depending upon which attractions interest you . The best thing you can do prior to your FastPass+ booking windows opening is looking at Walt Disney World wait times for a little while before your trip, and pinpointing the most appealing high-wait attractions to you.

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    The Rest Of Your Genie+ Selections

    Know which rides run out of return times first, and second, andIf you head over to an example date and park on Thrill Data and scroll to Lightning Lane Availability Map, you can see what times the different Lightning Lanes ran out of return times. On the example date here, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ran out first at 11:45AM, then:

    • Peter Pans Flight ran out at 5:05PM

    • Big Thunder Mountain ran out at 5:55PM

    • Winnie the Pooh ran out at 6:00PM

    • Haunted Mansion ran out at 6:35PM

    • Splash Mountain ran out at 7:20PM

    You can see each of these had availability pop up at least one time after they ran out, but for the most part after these times you probably werent going to get these.

    Standard disclaimers applythis random date in November I showed you wont look exactly like your date. Youll want to look at more recent dates near your trip. But part of the strategic takeaway is that you want to make sure you can book these Lightning Lanes before they run out.

    On this example day, if at 2PM someone had booked a 6PM return time for Pirates of the Caribbean, theyd better have already booked Jungle Cruise. They cant make another selection until 4PM , and by then, Jungle Cruise was out.

    You can monitor the current return times on the Genie Tip Board to see if anything is close to running out. The safe approach to these is just to grab the most popular Lightning Lane first and then the second most popular second, and so on. That will mean you use fewer Lightning Lanes overall.

    When Can I Make Additional Genie+ Lightning Lane Selections

    Disney World & Disneyland Will Charge $15-20 to Skip Lines With New Disney Genie App | THR News

    And now it gets really confusing LOL.

    In general, you can make another Genie+ Lightning Lane selection either when you check-in for your current selection or after 120 minutes have passed since you made your current selection.

    For example, if at 9 am you get a spot in the Lightning Lane at 4 pm for Slinky Dog Dash, you wont have to wait until 4 pm to make another selection.

    Youll be able to make another selection 120 minutes later at 11 am.

    So it is possible to stack several Genie+ Lightning Lane selections for later in the day if you keep utilizing the 120-minute rule.

    Here is a screenshot of when I did this one day at Magic Kingdom. I had stacked three Genie + Lightning Lane selections by using the 120-minute rule throughout the day.

    The only exception to the 120-minute rule is if you were to make your first Genie+ Lightning Lane selection before the park opens.

    Youd have to wait for 120 minutes after the official park opening time to make another selection.

    So if you make your first selection at 7 am and the park doesnt open until 9 am, youll have to wait until 11 am to make another selection. Or until you use that first selection.

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    Know The Rides With The Longest Waits

    Some rides never generate long lines and do not merit a fast pass. Obtaining a fast pass for a ride like Finding Nemo at EPCOT will not get you onto the ride any faster, as this ride typically has no wait to begin with. Some rides also have seasonal popularity. Splash Mountain has a much shorter wait in the winter than it does in the hot summer months.

    Rides that continuously load people tend to have shorter waits than rides that must load, run, and stop. An example of a continuously loading ride is the Haunted Mansion, which has doom buggies on a continuous conveyor belt through the haunted house. An example of a load-run-stop ride is Dumbo, which fills a set of ride vehicles and must run through the entire ride before more guests may be loaded.

    Despite being continuous loaders, some rides have extremely long waits due to the number of people that want to ride and the loading capacity per hour. An example of this is the Peter Pan ride. Its iconic nature prompts extremely long waits despite the continuous movement of sailing ships along the track.

    New attractions are frequently being added to the theme parks and any new ride generates a lot of buzz and excitement. As a general rule, expect a long wait for any new attraction.

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