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Disney World Rides For Infants

Epcot Rides For School

Rides For Toddlers At Disney World – A guide to Magic Kingdom rides with a toddler
  • Soarin Around the World Feel like you are flying over the world in this motion simulated ride. Gentler than Flight of Passage . Height requirement: 40 inches .
  • Mission: SPACE Green Mission: SPACE Green is a space shuttle simulator that is much less intense than the Orange counterpart. There is some motion simulation, but brave kids should be fine. Height requirement: 40 inches .
  • Test Track A ride that simulates auto tests, from swerving roads to sudden stops. The favorite is always the 65 mph racetrack at the end. Height requirement: 40 inches .

General Tips And Tricks For Taking A Baby To Disney World

  • Schedule mini-breaks throughout the day, and consider taking a longer break in the afternoon for a nap . We always recommend getting some rides in the morning and then returning to the hotel when its hottest for some nap time or pool time.
  • If you’re staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel, you can request a complimentary crib, either when you make your reservation or during check-in upon arrival .
  • If baby or toddler has a favorite toy or stuffy, consider leaving it in the hotel room, just to be safe. No one wants a lost friend in the parks!
  • For babies, some dark rides, no matter how hoppy, can be a little scary! You may need to adjust your itinerary accordingly, but don’t worry there are plenty of bright or outdoor attractions in each park to enjoy together.
  • Be flexible! Whatever works for your frog family is what’s best for you.
  • Take things at your own pace.
  • Take lots of photos and cherish those memories!

Have you traveled to Disney World with a baby or toddler? Share your tips in the comments below!

Attractions And Disney Rides For Babies In World Showcase

The American Adventure may not be particularly interesting to a baby or toddler, but if you need a rest or to feed, it enables you to sit down in the air conditioning and watch an animatronic show of how America began.

Frozen Ever After by Norway, is a boat journey to Arendelle full of magic and awe with a slight surprise just after you escape Marshmallow the enormous icy snowman . Sing-a-long and look out for favorite characters.

Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros,by Mexico, is a slow moving dark boat ride where a musical trio of birds are on a mission to find Donald Duck.

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Tips For Disney World Rides For Babies And Toddlers:

FastPass+ is your friend. As soon as you have your park tickets, select your three FastPass+ rides. Make your selections up to 30 days before your trip with tickets only, or up to 60 days prior with Disney hotel reservations and park tickets.

FastPass+ is still your friend. After youve used up your three rides, you can book more via the My Disney Experience app or onsite at one of the park kiosks.

Dont risk traumatizing your child and force them on to something, even if you believe they will enjoy it. Cast Members will remove people from a ride if the children seem afraid.

Magic Kingdom Rides For Babies

Disney World Rides for Babies  WDW Vacation Tips
  • Dumbo the Flying Elephant Loop around the sky in a Dumbo car that is still gentle enough for a baby.
  • Its a Small World This boat ride with colorful sights and cheerful music is a ride your baby will love!
  • A gentle cruise through the jungle, complete with corny dad-jokes.
  • Magic Carpets of Aladdin This is almost identical to Dumbo, except in a flying carpetand a camel that sometimes spits water on you, so be aware of that.
  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh A gentle dark ride through Poohs adventures. There are some gentle bumps and sways, but its still pretty baby friendly!
  • Peter Pans Flight Soar over the streets of London in this classic family-friendly ride.
  • Prince Charming Regal Carousel A classic carousel everyone will love. Includes benches you can sit on with small babies.
  • Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover This is a basically an open air tram that takes you through Tomorrowland. So relaxing.
  • Under the Sea Journey of the Little Mermaid A gentle dark ride similar to Pooh and Peter Pan, although slightly smoother.

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Honorable Mention: Peter Pans Flight

I know I said I would only be ranking the top five attractions, but Magic Kingdom truly has so many great things for families with babies that I had to include this sixth addition!

Peter Pans Flight is an excellent attraction for babies. Soaring high above the streets of London, guests follow Peter Pan, Wendy, Captain Hook, and crew through a retelling of the classic film. With Disney nostalgia and classic vibes right in the middle of Fantasyland, this is an attraction that all members of the family will enjoy.

Babies and small toddlers will love the music, the bright animatronics, and the feeling of flyingas they soar through the sky. This attraction is only an honorable mention, however, because wait times are often frequently long for Peter Pans Flight. Waiting in a long line with a baby is something that likely isnt enjoyable for many people.

If you are interested in experiencing this attraction with your baby, Id suggest visiting during Early Theme Park entry if you are a resort guest or later in the evening, possibly during the fireworks, if crowds have died down and your baby can make it up that late! Consider using Genie+ and grabbing a Lighting Lane for Peter Pans Flight, too.

Attractions And Disney Rides For Babies In Fantasyland

Dumbo the Flying Elephant is an outside ride where flying Dumbos spin slowly around, and with a lever you can move up and down. Conveniently, before your flight, there is step a big-top style tent where kids can play in the air conditioned playground until you are told its time to climb aboard.

Enchanted Tales with Belle is a lovely indoor role play experience where children can volunteer to retell the story of how Belle and the Beast met. Parents can sit down and watch their child perform or feed baby!

Casey Jr. Splash N Soak Station is a water play area with a Dumbo circus train theme.

its a small world is the perfect ride for little ones, although youll have the tune ringing in your head years later! Step aboard a little boat which takes you through different scenes around the world, with dolls dressed in traditional costumes.

Mad Tea Party. A spinning ride, BUT if you dont spin the wheel or turn it slowly, then your teacup just gently moves across the table.

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is an adorable ride when you travel in a giant honey pot through a life size book of the tales of Winnie the Pooh through Hundred-Acre Wood. Expect scenes with songs and all the famous characters. Tigger can be very loud with some flashing lights, which may upset some children. Before the ride, Explore Rabbits Garden, paint with honey and visit Eeyores home.

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General Tips For Bringing A Baby To Disney World

First things first, make sure you know the policies of your chosen airline, hotel, and rental car place as it pertains to car seats, extra bags like diaper bags, and other items like the availability of a crib at the hotel.

Youve probably read tons of books about pregnancy and those first precious months. One thing I remember reading over and over again when my son was first born is the importance of sticking to a routine. Even now that our son is nearly four years old, routines are crucial. So stick to your routine as best as you can, including nap and feeding times.

Because of your need to stick to babys schedule, make sure you plan your time in the theme parks accordingly. When should you schedule any dining reservations in order to accommodate your babys feeding and nap schedule?

Bring along any comfort items that your baby is used to. Many kids have a security blanket and even if your little baby hasnt developed a connection with any specific item, bring along a few blankets or soft items that your baby knows. Having blankets that our little guy was used to as a baby helped him with nap times and feeling secure in his infant stroller as the bright, colorful, and loud environment of Walt Disney World was introduced to him.

Be sure to review the height requirements at Walt Disney World. There are plenty of attractions that do not have any height requirement at all, but youll want to be familiar with them before you go so you can plan ahead.

Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros

The Best Disney World Rides for Toddlers

Location World Showcase Height Requirement Any Height

Even if your children are not familiar with The Three Caballeros characters, they will like the Gran Fiesta Tour. Slow-moving boat rides are perfect for babies, making this one of your best choices in EPCOT.

The upbeat music will keep them entertained, as well as the bright colors, painted dolls and video screens with Donald Duck. It also usually has a short wait so no need to stand in long lines.

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Babies At The Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom is actually one of the very best places to take a baby at Walt Disney World. From the frequent character cavalcades to the multitude of rides with no height restrictions, there is truly enough to do at the Magic Kingdom to fill multiple days of touring for families with babies.

For the purposes of this article, I will be ranking the top five attractions for families with babies and small toddlers. The ranking will be based on several factors including attraction interest/theming, wait times, and overall experience. Read on to see what Magic Kingdom attractions make the cut!

Disney World Rides For Babies In Tomorrowland:

Tomorrowland Speedway

This ride has a minimum height requirement of 32 for kids to go on with an adult. As soon as theyre big enough, Tomorrowland Speedway will be one of your toddlers favourite rides EVER. Its just as fun as you remember.

Astro Orbiter

For some reason, even though its really no more spinny than Dumbo or The Magic Carpets of Alladin, the Astro Orbiter makes me feel so dizzy and ill that Im kind of out of commission for a bit. But if you or your little one can handle going round and round, then the added bonus of Astro Orbiters height makes it a bit more exciting.

Adding the game aspect to this ride makes it really fun for toddlers and/or really frustrating if they are sore losers . And it conveniently lets out into a gift shop, which can be frustrating for parents. But we love the Toy Story movies and Buzz Lightyears Space Ranger Spin is very noisy and fun.

Babies and toddlers who are easily overstimulated may want to give this one a miss. If your kids are uber-competitive and youd like to actually enjoy the rest of your day, heres a tip: Switch guns so they think your score is theirs and they are the big winner. Of course, once they get better at these things than you, remember to NOT do that.

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Toddler Rides Are Also Good For Grandparents

The only thing more magical than bringing your children to Walt Disney World is also bringing their grandparents. The smiles on everyones faces as multiple generations spend time together in the most magical place on Earth is priceless.

Thankfully, pretty much all of the best rides for toddlers at Disney World are also great for grandparents. Many grandparents no longer enjoy the fast thrill rides and prefer to take it slow on a nice leisurely boat ride or dark ride.

We highly encourage you to organize a trip with the whole family, including the grandparents. They will have a ball with the grandkids, and even if they arent traditional ride people they can easily handle most of the rides we covered in this guide.

Little children also tend to get into mischief, and grandparents are also great at chasing them down and helping keep them under control, especially if you have multiple kids. Trust us, the more hands on deck, the easier the trip will be.

Know What Rides Baby Can Enjoy

The Best Rides for Toddlers at Walt Disney World

Obviously you and baby arent going to be riding Splash Mountain or Space Mountain. Babies are allowed on Disney rides that do not require restraints . Consider bringing a baby carrier along for these rides, especially if your baby is a feisty escape artist like mine! If the ride doesnt have a height requirement, you can usually ride with baby in a baby carrier with no issues.

Some favorites tend to be Dumbo The Flying Elephant and its a small world in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom. One of my favorites was the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover. It was the perfect spot for baby to catch a quick nap while I got out of the heat.

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Never Recommended Attractions For Children Under Age 3

  • Splash Mountain: 40 minimum height requirement
  • Space Mountain: 44 minimum height requirement
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad: 40 minimum height requirement
  • Stitchs Great Escape: 40 minimum height requirement
  • The Barnstormer: 35 minimum height requirement
  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train: 38 minimum height requirement
  • Tomorrowland Speedway: 32 minimum height requirement

If there are attractions listed above that you and other members of your party would like to experience, be sure to view my post on Disneys Rider Switch Service. Continue reading as we head to the Best Attractions at Disneys Epcot for Kids Under Age 3.

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Attractions And Disney Rides For Babies In Dinoland

The Boneyard is an open air dig site with shaded areas. At the dig site, kids can excavate fossils from a Triceratops and a Tyrannosaurus Rex. There is a shaded seated area with large fans to help keep you cool.

TriceraTop Spin is similar to the Dumbo and Aladdin rides, where you slowly spin around and can push a button/lever to go higher or lower.

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Attractions And Disney Rides For Toddlers In Asia

Kali River Rapids is only for older toddlers over 97cm tall who dont mind getting soaked and moving at a fairly fast pace down the rapids. There is a sharp drop towards the end! Its a good idea to wear a poncho and pack a towel if you want to stay dry/dry off.

Maharajah Jungle Trek is a stroller friendly walk through a jungle where you will encounter tigers, gibbons, komodo dragon, exotic birds and more.

Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail

BEST WALT DISNEY WORLD Rides for Babies and Toddlers!

Location AfricaHeight Requirement Any Height

This is one of the two wildlife walking trails at the Animal Kingdom and can be done at your own pace. There are many animals found here such as zebras, hippos, monkeys and birds, but of course the real stars of the show are the gorillas.

Your kids will love getting up close to the gorillas who often are found right on the other side of the glass. This is nice to do right after Kilimanjaro Safaris since its right next door.

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Keep in mind that your infant can ride as a lap baby on any ride that doesnt have a height restriction, as well as enter any sit down show.

Youll want to learn more about the best age to go to Disney World to decide how best to navigate Disney with an infant and whether its worth it.

If you do leave the baby behind with Grandma for the day, make sure to check out my guide to the best rides at the Magic Kingdom for adults and my guide to the best rides at the Magic Kingdom for teenagers .

Anyway, Ive picked out the following rides for babies at Magic Kingdom with special attention to what actually happens in the ride and whether it might be scary for a very small child, but if you want to take your infant on Haunted Mansion, well, thats up to you!

Okay, get your infant in this adorable working on my roar onesie and lets get going.

Best Rides At Disney World For Toddlers Ranked

There are so many rides at Disney World for toddlers that we made a list of all the best ones so you know which ones to bring them on and which ones to skip. We broke down these rides by park and put them in order from best to worst.

It doesnt matter if you are going to the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, or the Animal Kingdom, weve got you covered here!

While most of these attractions would be much lower if aimed at adults, we ranked them through the eyes of a child, taking into consideration which ones would be most fun for them. We also weighed ride length, theming and overall popularity.

Most of the rides we ranked have no height restrictions, and only a couple of them have very low height requirements of 32-35 inches, which the average 3 or 4-year old should be able to do.

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