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Disney World Rides For 4 Year Olds

Walt Disney World Resort For Toddlers

Four Year Old Reviews Walt Disney World Rides

Storybook legends and flights of fancy become real at Magic Kingdom® Park in Orlando. For starters, the park features several parades, shows and rides that are perfect for toddlers, including the 10 attractions spotlighted below.

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Your tots eyes will light up during character appearances throughout the park, including encounters with Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Cinderella, Chip and Dale, Donald Duck and others. Characters can also be found at all of Disneys Orlando theme parks, including EPCOT® and Disneys Hollywood Studios®, and character-dining reservations are available if you want to ensure your kids will see a specific favorite.

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Preschoolers will also enjoy a visit to Disneys Animal Kingdom® Theme Park, where the whole family can visit with amazing exotic wildlife at Kilimanjaro Safaris®. The parks numerous self-guided walking tours provide even more chances to see mesmerizing animals in action.

Tips For Preparing To Visit Disney World With Kids During A Pandemic

Traveling with kids always requires extra prep and planning, however, COVID-19 means taking a few extra precautions. Here’s how to prepare to take kids to Disney World while COVID-19 health and safety measures are in place.

Practice with masks.

While the mask policies ever changing, be prepared to wear a mask where required, such as all indoor locations, attractions, and transportation.

Our own toddler, Lily, was not a fan of wearing a mask. That is until we bought her some Disney masks and had her practice wearing them while playing at home. We told her that wearing the mask was Mickey’s house rule, and if we want to be at Mickey’s house, we have to play by his rules. We know it can be tough for little ones to understand! Now Lily’s a trooper with the mask in theme parks. Whew! What a relief! Picking a mask with a favorite character, or in a favorite color, can make all the difference to a tadpole. During our most recent visit, we bought a large box of disposable, brightly colored masks from Amazon and let the kids pick their mask of the day. For Lily, we also purchased some Disney-themed ear savers from Etsy to help take the strain off of her ears.

Bring these extra items.

Follow new park plans and touring advice.

We’ve created new guides for each of the Disney World theme parks. Each post tells you exactly what to expect in that park right now:

Consider driving rather than flying.

Teach kids to have reasonable expectations.

Magic Kingdom Rides For School

  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad A perfect coaster for kids who have graduated from Barnstormer and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Faster and more intense, but not too intense! Height requirement: 40 inches .
  • Space Mountain If they love Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, they might also be ready for Space Mountain. Make sure they wont be afraid of riding a coaster in the dark though! Height requirement: 44 inches .
  • Splash Mountain Splash Mountain is 100% tameuntil the big drop at the end! Most brave elementary school kids will love it. Height requirement: 40 inches .

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Where To Eat At Hollywood Studios

The food at Hollywood Studios tends to be more junky than at other parks and we usually end up getting pizza. On our last visit we enjoyed lunch at Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater instead.

We got a table without a reservation, but had to wait 40 minutes in the bar next door which has a surprisingly good selection of craft beers.

The restaurant is very coola huge space set up like a drive-in with a starry sky, vintage cars which you sit in to eat, and a screen showing 60s cartoons and movie clips. We enjoyed the tofu lettuce wraps and falafel burger.

Guide To Disney World With Toddlers During Covid

Fastpass+ Attractions For 4

One of the questions I answer most often on the planDisney Panel is what are the best rides and parks at Disney World with toddlers. Is it worth it? Will toddlers like Disney World and what are the best tips for Walt Disney World with toddlers? And now people ask me is Disney World with toddlers worth it during Covid?

Walt Disney World is an investment, but we keep going back. Again. And again. I have traveled to Disney World with toddlers with all 5 of my girls, but they did not love the same things. Here are the best rides and parks at Disney World with toddlers according to my girls.

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Best Orlando Theme Park For 10 Year Olds

Kids start to become more daring as they get closer to that 10 year old mark, and we find Hollywood Studios to be the perfect of thrill rides and amazing shows. The attention to detail in the new Star Wars Galaxys Edge and Toy Story Land are unmatched and a great option for families visiting Walt Disney World with older kids. We also find the dining options at Hollywood Studios to be extremely cool and something that kids of any age will enjoy.

Kids around this age usually love to explore, especially topic like space making EPCOT on of the best theme parks for 10 year olds. Epcot has a whole neighborhood dedicated to discovery, outer space and innovation. Rides like Test Track and Mission Space are both rides great for older kids that love to be thrilled with science! World Discovery in EPCOT will be welcoming the brand new Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind Coaster in a few short years too. These reasons are why Epcot is one of the best theme parks for kids!

Disney World Park Pass Reservations Arent Needed For Toddlers

Kids under 3 years old do not need a ticket for Disney World parks which means they dont need Disney World park pass reservations either. Toddlers are allowed to enter a theme park if you have a valid theme park admission and reservation for that day. Find out more about the park reservation system here.

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The Hall Of Presidents

Location Liberty SquareHeight Requirement Any Height

The Hall of Presidents has no height restrictions so you can bring children of any age here, including babies, however most small kids will find it pretty boring and not very stimulating. As one of the longest attractions in Disney World at approximately 25 minutes, it may be a great opportunity to give your little one a nap. Dont be surprised if you end up taking one too!

Taking On Disney World With Toddlers


Pack a well-stocked toddler bag for Disney with these TravelingMom tested suggestions. Include a smaller sized rain jacket for protection against the Florida downpours. Rain parkas sold in the Disney parks dont fit toddlers very well!

Dont be thrown off by the name the Baby Care Center is a must-visit location with toddlers too. The Baby Care Center has plentiful and clean diaper changing tables. There are high chairs and nursing rooms if your toddler prefers a quiet location to eat. And the best part for potty training little ones teeny-tiny potties that are perfect for toddlers! Theres a Baby Care Center conveniently located inside each of the four Disney World parks.

Post-trip consider creating this DIY Book With the ABCs of Disney for your toddler as a keepsake!

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Toy Story Mania In Toy Story Land In Hollywood Studios

This is one of the newest rides to the Walt Disney World resort, and quickly becoming a favorite! It is set up similar to the Buzz Lightyear, but not quite the same. You use fake poppers to hit 3-D targets. Two people sit on one side, and it is slightly jerky, but nothing my toddlers mentioned.

Theres a lot of other things for toddlers to do at Hollywood Studios, like these rides, and these fun toddler hollywood studios activities!

Facilities For Younger Kids At Usf

There are Family Services at Universal Studios on Canal Street with facilities to change diapers, warm food, and prepare formula as well as special chairs for nursing mothers. Mens restrooms also have changing tables for dads with toddlers.

You can also pick up last-minute supplies and rent strollers or kiddie cars. It may not be a bad idea to rent a stroller or bring your own for somewhat bigger kids, like a 4 year old. Carrying a little tike with tired feet around Universal Orlando is no fun, we promise you.

On the unlikely chance that your toddler gets lost, dont panic. Get in touch with the nearest Universal employee and check at Guest Services. In an emergency, Universal will issue an all-points bulletin throughout the park.

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Best Value Resorts For Toddlers

For Values, Pop Century and Art of Animation are our top recommendations.

Art of Animation

Art of Animation is especially fun if your toddler happens to be really into Finding Nemo, Cars, The Lion King or Little Mermaid.

As a bonus, most of the rooms at Art of Animation are suites, allowing you to have separate rooms, 2 bathrooms, and a kitchenette which could be really handy .

Pop Century

Pop Century is another great option. Unlike the All Star Resorts, Pop Century doesnt share its transportation with any other resorts. This is a nice bonus when youre trying to get a sleeping toddler back to your resort.

Rooms at Pop Century were recently refurbished and the new layout likely appeals to many families. The standard rooms at Pop Century all have queen-sized beds, one of which is a Murphy Bed that folds down from the wall.

Many guests have reported that they really like the ability of being able to fold the one bed up when it isnt in use because it gives them more floor space, which is nice if you have little ones that need some room to play.

Another nice feature of the refurbished rooms is a sliding door between the sink area of the bathroom and the sleeping space. This makes it a lot easier for people to get ready in the morning without disturbing those that might still be sleeping.

Attractions And Disney Rides For Toddlers In Liberty Square

Best Kids Rides at Disney World

The Hall of Presidents is a great opportunity for a rest in the cool or sit and feed a toddler a snack, as it is highly unlikely toddlers would engage in the film. Sit in the theater to watch a film lasting about 20 minutes and see audio animatronics of every President of the United States.

Haunted Mansion has mildly frightening scenes with skeletons popping out, but no gore. Still a toddler or young child may be scared or may need some reassurance that it is all pretend.

The authentic steam powered paddle wheeler, Liberty Square Riverboat cruises the scenic Rivers of America for 17 minutes through the American Frontier. There is limited seating, but if you can grab a spot, its a great ride for toddler to have a rest and see different views.

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Which Disney Park Should I Go To

Its truly hard to compare Orlando theme parks, especially when were just talking about Disney World . There is no exact science to choosing Disney World parks by age. So when deciding on which Disney World park is best for kids, as long as youve got them smiling, theres no wrong answer.

If you do have any additional questions or need additional help about planning your days at Walt Disney World be sure to reach out to us. We would love to help you plan your next Walt Disney World Vacation and all guests who book with The Park Prodigy will receive custom park plans for their days in the parks!

Will A 4 Year Old Enjoy Disney World

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Planning a Disney World Vacation is fun at any age, but there is something so magical about taking a 4 year old to Disney!

At 4 years old, your preschooler is talking, walking and exploring- but their also a lot of fun to hang out with when you arent a human jungle gym!

Thankfully, Disney World has a ton of incredible things to do, see, and ride at Disney World with the average four year old, and great modifications for those kiddos that need a little extra assistance! Definitely make sure you pack the right things for vacation success.

If youre ready to plan a great vacation at Disney World with your 4 year old, youre in luck! Well cover the most important details for making this vacation as fun and stress free as possible with this Disney World Preschool Itinerary

This post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you, and I may earn commission on qualified sales, check out my affiliate disclosure for more information and all the legal mumbo jumbo.

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Best Things To Do In Epcot At Disney World

The best thing about visiting Walt Disney World is that there are so many things to do. While exploring the different lands of each park, you can discover something new each time you go.

Epcot is one of my familys favorite parks at Walt Disney World. We also love staying in one of the Epcot area hotels, specifically Disneys Yacht Club and Beach Club Resorts.

These are our top picks for best rides at Epcot:

Changes At Disney World

Taking Our 4 Year Old On Some Crazy Park Rides | Disney Trip 2019 |

Much has changed since our last visit to Disney World, although things are gradually returning to normal and all the top rides are open. Check the Disney website for the latest details.

The main restrictions currently are:

  • You must make a reservation to visit a park using the Disney Park Pass Reservation System on their website.
  • Masks are required indoors, on attractions, and on transportation, regardless of vaccination status.
  • FastPasses have been replaced with a new system .
  • Extra Magic Hours have been replaced with Early Theme Park Entry, which gives Disney Resort guests a 30-minute early entry to each park every day.
  • Parades and some attractions are currently suspended.
  • Some restaurants are temporarily closed.
  • Fireworks resumed on July 1 at Magic Kingdom Park and EPCOT.

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Avatar Flight Of Passage

Avatar Flight of Passage is by far the most popular ride at Animal Kingdom and this unique experience is a Disney must do.

Queues were up to three hours when we visited, so its essential to arrive before the park opens or pay for an Individual Lightning Lane . You could also try midday when queues can sometimes ease off.

We arrived 30 minutes before Extra Magic Hours opening and only had to wait 25 minutes.

Flight of Passage is well worth the wait and the beautiful queue and fun pre-show are part of the experience. This may be Disneys best ride yet.

Its an exhilarating 3D flight simulator ride where you fly on the back of a dragon-like banshee. You can feel it breathe beneath you as you soar over the extraordinary Pandora world through forests and waterfalls.

While flying over the ocean a whale even jumps out of the water and splashes you. Its magical and incredibly immersive.

While its not necessary, Im glad I watched the Avatar movie before we went on the ride.

Take Advantage Of Fastpass+ Ahead Of Time

With the purchase of any Disney World ticket, you get the perk of FastPass+. FastPass+ allows you to select up to 3 fast passes for each day of your visit and you can do it 30 DAYS IN ADVANCE!! . If youre not sure what a FastPass is, it means you get a spot in a one hour window for a ride or attraction of your choice. You arrive at the ride during that time window and get to join a MUCH shorter line, cutting your wait time by a TON. It is SO SO worth it with impatient little ones.

The best way to take full advantage of this is to grab your FastPass+ picks as soon as possible once you enter into that 30 day or 60 day window.

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Best Rides To Fastpass At Magic Kingdom

FastPasses can be booked 30 days in advance for anyone. If you are staying at a Disney resort, the Four Seasons, the Waldorf Astoria, Swan, Dolphin or a Disney Springs resort, you have 60 days to reserve your Fastpasses until your reservation begins.

There are also club level FastPasses that give guests 90 days to book their rides in advance.

If you are a family with young children, prioritize these rides:

  • Peter Pan
  • Best Rides At Hollywood Studios

    The 7 Best Disneyland Rides for 4 Year Olds That Are ...

    Hollywood Studios has two of our favourite Disney World rides, and we love the Hollywood theming of this movie-focused park.

    There have been some exciting changes at Hollywood Studios. Star Wars: Galaxys Edge is the newest land and opened in 2019. Mickey and Minnies Runaway Railway is the newest ride and opened in March 2020.

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    Is Disney World Good For A 1

    Most parents wonder if their children are too young to go to Disney World. Is it even feasible to bring a baby such as a 1-year old or a 2-year old on a Disney Vacation?

    Thankfully, its totally possible and can be quite enjoyable for both parents and toddlers. No matter how old your children are, there is something for them to do. In fact, you will start getting them used to theme parks and rides in general, which will make future trips even more fun.

    My parents started bringing me to Walt Disney World when I was 18 months old, and brought me every year after. The first trip took some getting used to, but weve since enjoyed so many incredible memories together and continue going together to this day.

    Of course, you wont be bringing toddlers on rides that have a lot of thrills or are scary for small children, but the majority of rides at Walt Disney World are perfectly adapted for babies and toddlers. Most have no height restrictions which means both parents and all children, big or small can go on together.

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