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Disney World Pressed Penny Book

Collecting Disney World Pressed Pennies

Walt Disney World Pressed Penny Collecting Book – MGM, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot

If youre a first time visitor to Disney World and everything is a little overwhelming, it can be easy to walk straight past many pressed coin machines. I know we did on our first trip!

The My Disney Experience app has a pressed coin section with handy maps for each park, Disney Springs and Disney resorts to help you discover the pressed coin locations. Dont forget about the two Disney water parks either. Digital pay definitely comes in handy here!

If youre not using the My Disney Experience app, then you can also find the locations here.

Each machine usually has around three different designs on offer. They never seem to have a pattern to the designs that were offered which made it half the fun if youre trying to complete a character set.

There are locations where there is the opportunity to purchase a whole set of pressed pennies, for example the princesses. Or perhaps the Beauty and the Beast collection.

This is a clever marketing ploy by Disney to collect more revenue, however its still an inexpensive souvenir. You can often receive a discount for purchasing a set of pennies against the cost of them individually.

The newer digital machines accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Apply Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay. Theres no excuse when the kids want a whole set of pennies anymore!

What Do I Do With The Pressed Pennies When I Get Home

So Ive got a confession- my pennies have sat in a drawer for like everrrrr and then I think I gave them away and Im SO SAD ABOUT IT.

Now that my 4 year old is obsessed with them Im going to take some of these ideas and make a little penny wall nook where we can keep these nifty souvenirs from our weekly trips and use them as decorations. Thats a win in my book!

Guide To Collecting Disney Pressed Pennies

Pressed Pennies can be a fun item to collect at the Disney Parks.

For only 51ยข, you can get a penny that has been pressed into the design of a Disney character, Theme Park Ride, Attraction or Resort.

Each Disney Pressed Penny machine has a choice of three possibilities, and there are hundreds of machines all over Walt Disney World property!

This makes collecting Disney Pressed Pennies fun because you can collect on one trip or over many trips to Disney.

New Disney Pressed Penny machines have started to pop up in Walt Disney World.

These machines have the ability to take credit cards. For these newer Pressed Penny machines, you will pay $1 per penny or can purchase the entire set for $5 .

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How To Display Your Disney Penny Collection

Once youve got your pressed pennies, you might be wondering what to do with them. Youve got a few options here:

  • Pressed Coin Book – You can buy Disney pressed penny books in the parks and they hold around 50 pressed coins

  • Framed Canvas – How we opted to display our pennies. We displayed them with adhesive putty in a square frame

Pro Tip: Protect your Disney pressed pennies from degradation with wax metal polish

With All Those Changes Whats Still The Same With Pressed Pennies

Walt Disney World Pressed Pennies

Valid question and important to share for some of you that might not have been to the parks lately.

Pressed Pennies are still a great souvenir and one of the cheapest ones even with the price increase for going digital

theres still an incredible number of machines around the parks and theres still a map and theres still lots of fun characters and some super rare pennies too!

And theres still some manual crank penny machines around Disney World.

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How Much Are Pressed Pennies At Disney World

Collecting pressed pennies at Walt Disney World is a really cheap souvenir idea. Each pressed penny only costs 51 cents. A 50 cents charge to press the penny and you receive your penny back from the machine in its pressed form.

Pressed quarter machines will use a quarter in place of your penny and cost slightly more.

Best Hacks For Getting The Prettiest Pennies

On the old crank machines, anyone will tell you, the slower you crank, the better the image. The new ones, you arent able to control as well- but they seem to turn out pretty decent.

However- the new ones that choose the penny and press it without a crank can and do turn out crappy 1/20 times. Dont be upset if they arent perfect.

Once you get home, you can clean any pennies that are less than pretty- and its not hard! Simply use an eraser, or put them in some vinegar and you are good to go!

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Just How Do Pressed Coin Machines Work

Select your image, drop your coin into the slot, push in the lever and watch as your penny is dropped into the machine and stops on top of two steel rollers. The two steel rollers then squeeze the coin through, the image, which is etched in reverse presses into the coin that is flattened into an oval shape.

Double Secret Honorable Mention Rundisney

The Jungle Book Pressed Penny Mini-Set | Walt Disney World

These pennies may be the white whale for some pressed penny enthusiasts. At Wide World of Sports, at the Visa Athletic Center, is a runDisney themed machine that many encounter only when there is a Health & Fitness Expo during a race weekend. Its important to keep in mind that the location of this machine may change since it is a temporary install for the races.

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How Do I Find Coin Presses At Walt Disney World

Whilst its sometimes fun just to wander around the parks and happen upon machines, its sometimes better to know their exact locations, especially if youre building a collection. Here, I have a few suggestions:

  • Search Coin Press on the My Disney Experience App – Not every machine is listed but youll find a lot of them that way.

  • Get a Disney World Coin Press Checklist– Includes Coin Press locations not listed on the app. Mark them off as you go. Search locations using the My Disney Experience app if youre not sure where they are.

  • Ask a cast member – Disney World cast members are usually very adept at pointing you towards the nearest machine

Secret Pressed Penny In Epcot France Pavilion

If youre an eagle eyed pressed penny fan, you may have noticed that the Souvenirs De France Coin Press machine in Epcot only has two designs to choose from. Thats because this was the location of a hidden Agent P penny.

To get the Penny, prior to the attractions closure in February 2020, you had to complete Agent Ps World Showcase Adventure. Youd receive a series of missions, integrated through the Play Disney Parks app, which would take you to different Epcot pavilions, hunting for clues and interacting with the app.

On the Penny For Your Evil Thoughts mission, youd be instructed to say this secret phrase to the Souvenirs De France cashier cast member:

‘Im from maintenance I need a penny to test the pennyinator

On hearing the secret phrase, the cast member would give you a penny and direct you to the Coin Press in store. Youd insert the penny, hit a button on the app and a Mr P penny would be pressed and drop out of the machine.

Whilst the Agent P attraction shut in early 2020, they will be bringing it back under a new theme Ducktales Showcase Adventure sometime in the near future.

Do you have any questions about Disney Pressed Pennies? Comment below or message me on or

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So How Much Change Do I Need To Bring To Get These Pressed Pennies

Lets just say friend, youve got options!

You can do the traditional change method

Or you can bring dollars or a debit card

My word of advice, bring 10 dollars in quarters, a roll of pennies, and some 20 dollars in 1 dollar bills. 30 dollars and 50 cents will get you quite a few pennies to choose from!

ALL of the coin pennies at Disney World have been replaced with digital. Bring 1 dollar bills plus a card.

This last trip I made, I spent 13 dollars in electronic penny purchases and then less than 5 dollars in quarters and pennys I brought in with me!

How Much Are Pressed Pennies At Walt Disney World

Entirely Emily: Pressed Penny Books for Disney World ...

Youll pay different amounts depending on the type of coin pressed and the type of machine that you use throughout Disney.

  • Old Hand-Cranked Penny Press Machine – $0.51 Each

  • Old Hand-Cranked Quarter Press Machine – $1.25

  • New Digital Coin Press Machine – $1 Bill Each or $3-$10 By Card For 3-12 Pennies

You get two options with the digital machines. You can either buy one coin for $1 . Or, you can buy all of the coins if you pay by card . Youll usually get a discount for buying multiple but this isnt consistent across Disney World.

Depending on the machine, you may pay $3 for 3 pennies, $10 for 12 pennies or somewhere in between.

Most of the digital machines accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Apply Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay.

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Making Your Own Walt Disney World Pressed Penny Holder

Once you have your pressed coins checklist pocket guides printed, it is time to get the coins ready for your vacation. M& M Minis canister has the perfect size for quarters and will hold 20 sets of quarters/pennies. Alternatively, you can use small empty prescription medicine canisters, which will hold 14 sets of quarters/pennies in the canister. Although the coins will not rest as snuggly in the medication canister as it does in the M& M Minis canister, there are two advantages in using the medication canisters. You can roll up your pocket guide to fit it in the canister and still have room for the coins! Also, most prescription canister caps are designed to be used on both sides childproof side and easy opening side. You can attach a second canister to the cap and use one for pressed penny money and the other side for pressed coins.

You can purchase the M& M Minis at supermarkets or Walmarts or save up your medication canisters. Simply peel the labels off of the tubes to customize a coin holders.

If you are collecting press pennies as memories of your vacation, you should take a few minutes to prepare your pennies. You can either dip the pennies in white vinegar and leave till theyre shiny or clean with ketchup. I prefer ketchup just because we always have it on hand, and it smells more pleasant. Youd be amazed at how beautifully pressed pennies will look with a few minutes of preparation ahead of time.

Pressed Pennies At Disney World

  • Pin

Pressed Pennies are one of those classic things that people just go ape over. Especially Disney Pressed Pennies!

And I cant blame them, I had hundreds of them growing up, and I saved every penny I ever got in case it would be shiny enough to be squished into a fun disney world pressed penny design!

I mean, what did parents do before pressing pennies? Its the most creative thing. Its low cost, and it keeps the kids totally entertained

SO- Im here to tell you THINGS HAVE CHANGED.

I repeat- its a new pressed penny world out there!!!!

Does Disney World Have Pressed Pennies?

Yes! Disney World and the resorts still have pressed pennies, and they are still being updated for special events. There are a number of 50th Celebration pennies,and other fun options like for the holidays. Prices and locations have changed frequently in the last few years.

How much are pressed pennies at Disney World?

Pennies are now One Dollar, but it will depend on the machine. Some machines allow you to use a dollar bill, or a credit card/mobile pay for the one dollar fee. Other machines are strictly card only , and then theres even more machines where its 5 dollars for 8 coins card only, or One physical dollar for one coin.

Confused? Me too. lets dive into it more below.

This post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you, and I may earn commission on qualified sales, check out my affiliate disclosure for more information and all the legal mumbo jumbo.

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How To Get The Best Looking Pressed Pennies

There are a few steps you can take to ensure youll get a shiny Disney pressed penny. These will only apply for the classic, hand cranked machines since the newer, digital machines provide you with the coin.

First, look for Pre-1982 Coins. Before 1982, pennies had a high Copper percentage. Pennies from 1982 onwards are made by Copper-plating Zinc. Pressing these newer coins can cause stress marks to show. Youre basically seeing the Zinc underneath shine through, which can make for an odd looking press.

Next, pre-clean your coins so that grime isnt pressed into the penny. Use an eraser, ketchup or cola for a quick clean or buy a softer kids toothbrush and Wrights Copper Cream for a deeper clean. If youre already in Disney World, you can always try asking a cashier cast member if they can give you some shiny change.

Use an M& Ms Mini Candy tube to store your pennies and, lastly, when cranking the machine, do it slowly to give yourself the best chance of pressing a clean and crisp penny.

Start Collecting Coins Now By Booking Your Disney Vacation

Disney Pressed Penny Book

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Wdw Pressed Penny Collection Book

I was wondering if anyone knows how much a pressed penny collection book cost at WDW. I wanted to get a couple for my kids to take on our trip to WDW in December but they seem a bit pricey on Ebay. I thought if I purchased them in advance I would also give them the money that went along with filling the book and that would be a great souvenior of our trip for them to go around and collect the pennies they wanted but I am wondering if the cost of the book might be cheaper to buy at WDW. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I believe we paid $6.98. One of the best tips we got was to load empty M& M Mini tubes with the quarters and pennies. Much easier than digging for change each time.

Thanks very much. The books on ebay are going for 12.95 and higher. I thought that was a bit pricey. Thanks for the idea of the M and M holder what a great idea

great idea about the m& m tube i I will save them in the future for my upcoming wdw trip. I also collect pressed pennies and purchased a book in Disneyland for 5.99, I would wait to purchase them.

Have a great time!

Thanks. I will wait until I get there to buy the books. They are OVERLY PRICED on Ebay, same on those sellers.

My daughter got the disney pressed penny book and filled it up during our stay when she was four. She is now 12 and still absolutely loves her penny collection and brings it out and looks at it now and again. Just don’t tell anyone- it would ruin her street cred!

Have a great trip and enjoy your pennies!

Guide To All The Pressed Coin Machines At The Disneyland Resort: A Penny Earned Is A Penney Squeezed

You will not need a penny to hear my thoughts on the ever-popular pressed coin machines located in and around the Disneyland Resort because I am here to share with you everything I’ve discovered about this fascinating art of collecting. Pressed coin machines can be found throughout Disneyland Park, California Adventure Park, Downtown Disney District, and the Hotels of the Disneyland Resort.

With over 50 machines and over 150 images to choose from, the Disneyland Resort pressed coin machines offer the serious coin collector a variety of affordable and unique options when it comes to elongated coin souvenirs. So grab a handful of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters and follow along as I take you through the Disneyland Resort in search of pressed coin machines and the magical coins they produce.

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