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Disney World Personal Tour Guide

Learning About Genie+ And Lightning Lanes

WDW VIP Private Tours Worth The Splurge?

Lightning Lanes are Disneys new skip the line system for Walt Disney World rides, having replaced the old FastPass+ system.

At each park, most or all of the rides have Lightning Lanes, and they can be broken into two groups. Most of the Lightning Lanes are included in Genie+. Guests who pay for Genie+ will be able to select one Lightning Lane slot at a time, and theyll visit these throughout the day.

Each park also has two individual Lightning Lanes. These individual Lightning Lanes are not a part of Genie+. To access these, guests buy specific timeslots for these rides.

Were building out are Genie+ and Lightning Lane content, and it can be found at:

    Is My Park Pass Included With A Vip Tour

    No. Your park pass to get into one or all of the Disney Parks is not included in the cost of your VIP Tour. If you are only going to one park, each person in your group must have a ticket to get into the park. If you plan to go to more than one park in a day, every person in your group must have a park hopper pass to get into the parks. Anyone who has an annual pass can get into the parks as long as you are not there on a blackout date of the pass.

    Before Our Disney Vip Tour

    I received a call from our assigned guide a few days before our park visit to go over what we wanted to see. We arranged a plan where she picked us up from the Four Seasons Orlando, and we were off.

    She chauffeured us to the park after introducing herself to our children with small little souvenirs. My son started out shy, but by the second ride, he kept standing up in his stroller to turn around and talk to her.

    Our guide used her detailed knowledge of the rides, their duration, their wait time patterns, and their locations to maximize our time so that we saw as much as possible. She asked what we had never done and weighed in one rides we should try at least once.

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    Tips From Our Personal Experiences

    Our favorite schedule for a VIP Tour is to start around 10 a.m. so everyone in the group is rested and ready to take on the day. It also means we arent fighting through the initial crowds waiting for the park to open. We like to start with Hollywood Studios as it has the most thrill rides and gets the adrenal going. We then head to Epcot because theyre so close together and knock out our favorite rides there. Animal Kingdom is next, and we usually ride Flight of Passage two or three times. This is also where we mobile order lunch at Satuli Canteen. Its a great time to refuel, and we love the food because we can get some carbs and protein without filling ourselves too much or eating normal theme park food like hot dogs and hamburgers. With whatever time we have left, we head to Magic Kingdom and ride our favorite rides until the time is up. Then we part ways with our tour guide and continue riding rides until its time to watch Happily Ever After.

    What Is Included In A Vip Tour At Disney World

    Walt Disney World Resort

    All VIP tours have a tour guide that will help you navigate the park, ride attractions, secure dining, and show seats. The private tours are customizable to the needs of you and your party.

    If you are doing a Classic or Thrills tour your day is planned ahead of time. As I mentioned above these tours follow an itinerary that is set for the group.

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    Dont Try To Sneak Extra People Into Your Group

    The rule is 10 people per guide, so if you have 11, youll need to get an additional guide. Dont try to sneak an extra person into your group or think that 1 more person wont matter. The VIP Guides have rules that they must follow, and if you try to have more than allowed, youll be asked to narrow it down to 10 or pay for an additional guide.

    A Few Provisos Uh A Couple Of Quid Pro Quos

    A few things that might not be obvious about a VIP Tour Guide their main job is to get you to the attractions, rides and shows that you want to see. They do not narrate as you are walking through the parks, they are walking as quickly as the group will allow. Of course, you can ask questions, but they are not a tour guide in the typical sense of someone who tells you about the history of what you are walking past. Their main job is to get you around the parks as efficiently as possible.

    Six hours, the minimum time for a tour guide at the time, is a pretty long time. You can see a lot in 6 hours, especially given how quickly and smoothly you are able to get around. You have the option to have a tour guide for longer than 6 hours you then pay by the hour. And you can make that decision on the fly, provided your VIP Tour Guide is available. We arranged it so that our 6 hours ended with our lunch reservation. At that point our nephew, and frankly all of us, were ready for a break mentally and physically. But during our 6 hours we experienced a huge number of attractions, and we hadnt felt rushed at all.® is not an official site of The Walt Disney Company or of Universal Studios.

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    Vip Review From A Recent Client

    I had the pleasure of planning a 50 and Fabulous trip and absolutely loved followingn along on what they did. THey gave me carte blance to plan it the way Id celebrate my own. A VIP Tour was included, of course. Heres what they said:

    As hard as it is to believe, our amazing VIP tour day allowed us to do everything below in 7 hours, 45 minutes!!!! Such an amazing experience. Incredible. Amazing tour guide with tons of insights into the parks and rides. We honestly didnt have to think about anything! Thanks Amanda!!!! Your #dixietravels and #glassslippercomcierge are incredible

    Hollywood Studios

    -Seven Dwarves Mine Train-Space Mountain

    Then dinner at Epcot after freshening up so we could hit all parks. Still at dinner and already 25,000 steps!

    A Star Studded Morning In Hollywood Studios

    I Went On A DISNEY VIP TOUR in 2020! | Was It Worth It?

    Hollywood Studios has been the most crowded, often sold out park with the longest wait times. I mean, you have ALL of the brand new things here, including Toy Story Land, Star Wars Galaxys Edge and Mickey and Minnies Runaway Railway. It does make sense.

    The thrill seekers in our group had already gotten ON and OFF of Rock n Rollercoaster and Tower of Terror in less time than it would have taken us to get through the turnstiles on our own! Thats one thing we love about VIP tours, especially with so many ages in our group of 10 everyone didnt have to do everything. Your guide will take all interested individuals on to the front of the line, while the others have a cold drink in the shade.

    We hit Star Wars Galaxys Edge next for Millennium Falcon Smugglers Run AND Rise of the Resistance. With a VIP Tour, you dont have to leave scoring one of those lucrative boarding passes to chance as the ride is now included and you can do it at your leisure. This is huge!

    We were off to Toy Story Land next and did Slinky Dog Dash and Toy Story Mania in a flash. Jaime had ice cold waters waiting on us at the exit of our last ride.

    We ended our stint in Hollywood with the brand new headliner, Mickey and Minnies Runaway Railway!

    Perfect Pandora in Animal Kingdom

    Jaime had us order lunch while in transit, so by the time we arrived it was ready and waiting. We enjoyed a leisurely and delicious meal at our collective favorite, Satulu Canteen.

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    Other Things To Know About Your Tour:

    • It can get tiring, even with a car driving you around. So take your time and enjoy the experience.
    • Tipping? We asked a former tour guide and they said while tipping is not expected, it is still very much appreciated. We tipped our guides as they were exceptional.
    • Feel free to bring snacks, the tour is long and while there are two stops for snacks, our little ones found themselves wanting pretzels, ice cream and waters throughout the tour.

    Want A Fastpass+ Expedited Entry To Rides

    No more waiting. On our Disney VIP tour, we simply walked straight to the FastPass+ queue. And bonus you can ride as many times as you like. Regular Disney visitors can obtain a maximum of 3 FastPass+ tickets per day, but not with your Disney tour guide. Ride as often as you like.

    But dont confuse your FastPass+ as a front-of-line pass, but it is just as good. Especially when it comes to meeting Disney characters. Those lines can be intense, but we managed to hug Chewbacca pretty quickly.

    And because the Disney VIP tours are allowed to go as many times as they like, we enjoyed rides like Mount Everest at Animal Kingdom four times. Screaming every single time.

    Speaking as a tourist who has been to a Disney park and not taken a single ride because of the ridiculous wait times and hordes of kids, this Disney VIP tour cost is worth every penny.

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    Dinner & Animal Kingdom

    The parking here put us right behind Pandora. Like, RIGHT behind one of the walls there so it took just a minute to walk from the vans into the park.

    There were no lines at Satuli Canteen, but the seating there is always kind of a hassle, but have no fear

    Our lovely guides snagged us 2 tables in the air conditioning, which meant by the time our mobile orders were done we had a place to sit.

    Our guides grabbed their dinner, too, and then we all relaxed and enjoyed the air conditioning for a bit.

    After eating, we decided we should do Navi River Journey first and with our stomachs full, we all headed that way.

    Of course, we couldnt leave Pandora without a stop by Flight of Passage, so that was next.

    Lesson learned: one thing we didnt really account for was how much harder it is on your stomach to do thrill rides back-to-back. Even things that didnt usually bother us were a little iffy after riding so many attractions. If youre prone to motion sickness when riding attractions, you might want to take that into consideration when mapping out your day!

    After Flight of Passage we said Eywa ngahu to Pandora and we were off to our next stop: Magic Kingdom.

    Secret Entrances Backstage Magic

    Disney VIP Tours [Reviews &  Cost of Disney World Private ...

    One of the things I loved the most about the tour is you never entered the park through the main entrance. Our first stop on our tour was Disneys Animal Kingdom. We entered through a cast member entrance where our bags were checked and then we parked in a special Disney VIP Tour Parking spot.

    One of our guides ran ahead to scan our Magic Bands to verify our park admission . From there we entered right at where we wanted to begin. Pandora! It was awesome walking right through a back entrance into the park and experiencing Pandora.

    After a few rides on the Flight of Passage and the Navi River, we hopped back into the cars and drover to the other side of the park to ride Expedition Everest and Dinosaur. These secret entrances are truly a timesaver!

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    Is The Disney Vip Tour Worth It

    Probably the most important non-perk is knowing that after youve done a VIP tour you are not sure how you will ever be able to do Disney again without it. How you will ever stand in a queue, walk thousands of FitBit steps and spend an hour waiting for a show or parade to begin? After all, dont they know who I am?

    Things That Surprised Us On Our Disney Vip Tour

    So what makes a VIP tour so special at Disney World. Obviously the perks of the tour are the guide that plan everything, the unlimited fastpass, and the access to things that you dont find on a regular day at the park, but the magic is in the tour guides themselves.

    They make your Disney World trip a once in a lifetime experience.

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    Disney Ultimate Vip Tours

    There are a few variations on the Ultimate VIP Tour that follow a set itinerary around a theme. One is designed for families with young children . Another focuses on thrill rides .

    These tours have a per person cost between $249 and $299 and are group tours capped at 40 people, led by four tour guides on a set schedule. They currently run on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays only.

    The Ultimate Disney classic VIP tour is to maximize rides curated around a specific age group. Lunch is included, though transportation to the parks is not, nor are Park Hopper tickets.

    Everyone follows the same itinerary for the tour that covers multiple parks. Families have the option of not riding a ride and waiting, but it is not a tour with flexibility. Families cannot substitute rides for others during the tour. But they can book regular Fast Passes before the tour.

    Ultimate Day Tours are not available during the peak season of the Christmas holidays. The peak season runs approximately from December 23rd through January 2nd.

    When To Splurge For Disneys Premium Private Vip Tours For Ultimate Backstage Access

    We Go On A Walt Disney World Private VIP Tour

    With the Premium Private VIP tours, you are paying for their VIP Fast Pass for any ride that offers Fast Pass reservations.

    I have had access to every Fast Pass, and I wonât lie, it was cool. But I think its value is best when people want to ride rides repeatedly. Another time it is worth it is for new rides that are difficult to secure like the Flight of Passage at Animal Kingdomâs Pandora.

    Younger childrenâs energy will put a ceiling on the special access you have paid for, and some attractions offer no Fast Passes, so you are still going to wait in line for things, even with a VIP escort and the magic Fast Pass they offer.

    I would splurge for the official Disney tour guides during the holiday week where the VIP Fast Pass is worth every penny.

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    Hours On A Disney Vip Tour

    I have to admit I didnt know what to expect when we were booked for our Disney World Private Premium VIP Tour.

    Typically, I plan our Walt Disney World vacations and having someone set up the itinerary was a different kind of vacation for me. I also didnt know how I would feel spending our entire vacation with a stranger.

    I had so many thoughts running through my head. How would the kids react to another person on vacation with us? Would there be many moments of awkward silence?

    Would my kids have a meltdown? Do we eat our meals with this person? What if we had nothing to talk about?

    As we came down the escalators we saw Miss Kelly, our Private Disney VIP Tour guide, waiting with a sign and a welcoming smile.

    It took about three minutes waiting for our luggage at the airport to realize all of my worries had melted away. This was going to be an amazing once in a lifetime Walt Disney World vacation!

    We checked into our resort for the night, said goodbye to Kelly, and went to sleep anticipating an amazing day at the parks.

    Can The Transportation Accommodate Car Seats And Wheel Chairs

    In both cases, the answer is yes. VIP tour vehicles can accommodate car seats and wheel chairs. Car seats are included if you let them know ahead of time, but they should ask you if youll need one and what size.

    We had a VIP tour group that had someone in a wheel chair, and our tour guide pushed her from ride to ride all day, helped her on rides, and helped her into the van from park to park.

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    Stay Fewer Days And Use The Money Saved To Book A Vip Guide

    For many years, suggesting guests consider adding a VIP Tour to a trip frankly wasnt something that was on our radar.

    But then we heard something that changed our entire perspective.

    In a trip report interview on the WDW Prep to Go podcast, a guest was traveling to Disney World with her parents. For that trip, her parents set the budget and told her to plan the trip however she saw fit as long as she stayed within the allotted dollar amount.

    Knowing that they wouldnt be able to do a long trip, she instead opted to shorten the trip and use the money saved on hotel rooms, food, and park tickets to pay for a private Disney VIP Tour Guide for 2 days.

    Not only did she stay within the budget, they still saw and did everything they wanted to because of their VIP Guide.

    Mind blown.

    The lesson learned here is that a VIP Tour becomes way more affordable when you realize that having a guide for a day means youll be able to get the same amount of stuff done in a less amount of time.

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