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Disney World Payment Plan Packages

How Many Days Do You Need For Disney World

Disney Vacation (Payment Plan)

There is really no wrong answer to how many days you need for a trip to Walt Disney World, and it depends on many factors, including if this is your first trip or not.

  • The ideal Disney World vacation is 7 days long. That allows for 2 travel days , and 5 open days to visit the parks and have fun.
  • The bare-minimum we recommend for first-timers is 5 days, ideally with an early arrival and late departure.

In fact, most Disney World vacations are between 4 to 7 days long. That gives you enough time to visit all the theme parks at least once, and have extra time for staying at the resort and swimming or shopping.

If you want to visit any other Orlando-based attractions like Universal Studios, for example, you can still do that in 6-7 days total.

Its possible to visit Walt Disney World in only 3 or 4 days, but you will feel very rushed. You can make the highlights of each park, but you wont really have time to do all the rides, see all the shows and take in the details.

One thing to keep in mind is the longer your trip, the less you pay per day for your park tickets. So in a way, its advantageous to stay longer than only 5 days.

If you have the time and money, we recommend doing a 9 or 10-night stay and really taking the time to soak it all in. That gives you enough time to visit all 4 parks multiple times, and have days off to relax.

When Youre In The Parks

Assuming you know how many days you want to spend in each park, the next thing you need to do is choose the attractions that are most important to you. Make a list of the ones you absolutely NEED to go on and prioritize those first.

Once you have your list, you will know which ones to prioritize when making your Genie+ reservations. When you have those it will be easier to map out the park and decide what order to do the attractions in.

We recommend looking at the park maps and doing the rides systematically. If you are in Adventureland for Jungle Cruise, then do the other rides on that side of the park while you are there. It will save you valuable time instead of walking back and forth multiple times.

Stock Up On Disney Gift Cards

One of the best ways to save for a Disney vacation is to purchase Disney Gift Cards. You can find these at most grocery stores, pharmacies, and large retailers. If you start purchasing Disney Gift Cards months ahead of your trip, you will find that you have plenty of spending money when it is time to go. You can use the gift cards to make payments towards your package, as well as pay for dining and most everything while you are on vacation.

TravelingMom Tip: If you have a Target RedCard you can save 5% on your Disney Gift Card purchases. Other large retailers such as Sams Club offer gift cards at a discounted rate.

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Walt Disney World Basics And Essential Tips

Walt Disney World is a vacation destination outside of Orlando, Florida with four theme parks, two waterparks, numerous hotels, world class dining, and several other offerings .

If youre brand new to Walt Disney World planning, start with our Basic Things To Know About Walt Disney World. Thats a quick read that will get you familiar with Walt Disney World.

Then move on to our Essential Tips for Planning Your First Disney World Vacation. Theres some overlap between that list and this guide, but thats okay, youll just be a little ahead of the curve in the rest of your planning.

Disney World Payment Change And Cancellation Polices

BREAKING NEWS: Disney World Releases 2022 Vacation Packages

If youve booked through a travel agent, youll need to contact them to make any changes. Also keep in mind that if you make any changes to your travel dates, your room rates may change, and more money may be required for your deposit if your room charges go up.

Disney offers two kinds of reservations, and they have different rules:

  • A Package reservation.
  • A Room Only reservation.

Well cover them both below. Youll see that the change and cancellation policies for room only reservations are far more lenient.

As of this writing , the policies for trips scheduled through the Walt Disney Travel Company have the following policies:

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Disney World Payment Plans Offer Flexibility

By Thrifty Disney Dad

It is not always easy for families to save up enough money for a Disney World vacation. Even when you set goals to put aside a set amount, there is always something that seems to come up. The kids need money for school, sports, or clothes. You car or house might need an emergency repair. All of these things can derail your vacation savings plans before you see the finish line.

Luckily Disney World does offer a flexible and interest fee payment plan for all packages purchased directly through the Disney World website and reservation line. Although it is not officially called a payment plan it offers many of the same benefits. Best of all, it applies to anyone who signs up.

How It WorksDisney World allows you to plan and book your vacation package by putting up a $200 deposit. After this point you are free to make payments in any amount and whenever you want. There is no interest or additional costs to sign up for this feature. The only requirement is that your total vacation package must be paid in full 45 days before your trip.

Since there are no penalties or fees if you pay within the allotted time, you can customize your payments to fit within your budget. This works especially well for people who are expecting tax returns or work bonuses to fund their Disney vacation. They get the opportunity to plan their trip today and pay for it later.

Disney World Vacation Package Rules

1. Payment and Booking for Disney World Vacation Packages

When you book a package, youll have to put a deposit of $200 down within 3 days of booking, or immediately if youre booking on Disneys website.

You must pay the remainder 30 days or more before your arrival. If youre booking your package within that 30 days of your arrival, youll have to pay the entire amount when you book it.

2. CHANGES Modification for Disney World Vacation Packages

Any vacation package that is at least 31 days or more before your check in date can be modified with no penalty or fee from Disney. However there may be fees by third party hotels and suppliers. Disney will give you your money back, minus their fees, travel insurance premiums, and any other amounts owed.

For changes made 30 days or less before your arrival date, there may be a $50 fee per package if your modification results in a change in your package price. If your new package price is higher, youll be responsible for that charge as well.

Changes made 30 days or less before your arrival date may also cause change fees assessed by third party vendors such as hotels or other suppliers.

For changes made 30 days or less to your flights, youll be responsible for any increase jn airfare your new flights require, and any penalties the airline charges for changing your flight.

Please keep in mind that some airlines, hotels and suppliers do not permit changes in certain situations. Check with Disney for specifics.

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When Should I Start Planning My Disney Trip

When is the best time to start planning a Disney World vacation? We recommend to start planning as soon as possible, but at least one year before you plan to go.

The sooner you start planning your Disney vacation, the better. In fact, once you finish reading this guide, you should start writing ideas down for your trip.

As you will see in our vacation planning timeline, some of the first steps can be completed as many as 499 days before your vacation starts.

We believe the sooner you start the process of organizing your trip, the better. Starting now will give you a leg up on other guests when it comes to getting reservations for dining, hotel rooms, the parks, and any special events you want to attend+. I will also make you aware of discounts to save money on your trip.

Disneyland Resort Vacation Package

Walt Disney world Vacation Payment Plan #disneyworld #travel #vacation #summer2022

Accommodations at one of the Hotels of the Disneyland® Resort or a nearby Good Neighbor Hotel, booked through the Walt Disney Travel Company, plus Disneyland® Resort Park Hopper® tickets, purchased prior to the commencement of the vacation with your Disney® Visa® Card.

A Reservation Sales Agent at the Walt Disney Travel Company will help with your Disneyland® Resort vacation needs. Just call 1-866-844-9382 and mention that youre a Cardmember.

Learn more about the 2021 Disneyland® Resort Cardmember vacation package.

Learn more about Cardmember perks at the Disneyland® Resort.

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Disney World Payment Plan

Does Disney have a payment plan option, or do they expect you to pay everything up front? I’m not an annual passholder, if that makes any difference. I thought I saw something online a few days ago about a payment plan but I can’t find anything about it on the actual Disney website, which makes me think they maybe had it at one point but did away with it?

I’ve been planning this trip for a little while now under the impression that there was an option do use a payment plan but if not then I really don’t see this trip being possible unless we wait 2 years to go, since everyone books Disney trips so far in advance.

If you have any information or advice on payment plans it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

If You Want To Spend A Bit Less

The budget figure given above $3,927 involves a stay at one of Disneys All-Star hotels, few-to-no table service meals , and a discounted ticket option. Its a relatively low target if youre booking a traditional Disney World stay.

To go below that, youll need to start thinking out of the boxbooking around only the best Disney deals booking non-Disney hotels or Airbnb waiting for deep deals on Priceline cutting a day off your tickets buying groceries and bringing your own food. We cover much of these in the rest of this guide in the appropriate sections.

Beyond the rest of this post, we also have a separate post of 50+ Ways to Save On Your Disney Vacation.

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Disney World Planning Guide

    Planning a trip to Walt Disney World in 2022 or 2023? We know its stressful, but dont worry, our Disney World Vacation Guide will give you everything you need to know to get ready for your upcoming trip!

    Whether you are looking for information about the Disney World Parks, hotels, dining, transportation, the best rides, how to save money, or how to avoid the crowds, we have you covered in this guide. Think of it as Disney World Vacation Planning 101.

    This guide is especially great for beginners who have never been to Disney World or go rarely, but we also pack in a lot of good tips for regular guests too.

    While we do have some of the most important tips & info on this page, we dont have ALL the answers directly written out here. This guide organizes some of the best Disney planning content into categories giving you an overview of what you are looking for and then links to more in-depth guides on each subject.

    In this post we will specifically cover:

    • How to Plan a Disney World Vacation
    • What You Need to Know BEFORE Going
    • When to Visit Disney World in 2022 & 2023
    • Important Disney Vocab

    Unfortunately, Disney World is one of the most complicated vacation destinations in the world. We know planning a Disney World vacation has become one of the most frustrating exercises and youd just like to be there already having fun. Hopefully, we can help you do that as painlessly as possible.

    Buying Tickets From Disney

    BREAKING NEWS: Disney World Releases 2022 Vacation Packages

    The first way to buy park tickets is to get them directly from Disney. There is no difference in price between parks, and tickets to all 4 theme parks cost the same .

    Disneys price system is based on the dates you choose for your theme park admission. If you go during the off-season the tickets will cost less. If you go during the busy season, they will cost more.

    • Single-Day Adult park tickets in 2022 range from $109 to $159 each .
    • Single-Day Child park tickets in 2022 range from $104 to $154 each .

    That means on average you can expect to pay about $135 per adult and $130 per child for one-day tickets.

    Multi-Day Disney World park passes on the other hand reward you the more days you go and the longer your pass, the less you pay per day. This is always the best value.

    A One-Day Ticket starts at $109 per day, however, a 5-Day ticket starts at $90 per day, and a 10-Day ticket starts at only $54 per day. You can see the advantage of going for multiple days during your trip.

    Here are the 2022 prices for Multi-Day Park Tickets:

    • 2-Day Ticket Cost: $107 $155 per day
    • 3-Day Ticket Cost: $106 $149 per day
    • 4-Day Ticket Cost: $105 $141 per day
    • 5-Day Ticket Cost: $90 $121 per day
    • 6-Day Ticket Cost: $77 $104 per day
    • 7-Day Ticket Cost: $68 $92 per day
    • 8-Day Ticket Cost: $62 $83 per day
    • 9-Day Ticket Cost: $57 $75 per day
    • 10-Day Ticket Cost: $54 $69 per day

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    Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

    Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser is not really a Disney World vacation package per se, but more like an immersive entertainment and accommodation experience. Its a 2-night experience that puts you aboard a Starcruiser in the universe of Star Wars, where you experience unique food, entertainment and adventures. Most people will choose to add this to the beginning or end of a regular Disney World vacation package. See our page on the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser experience for more.

    Visit Before Your Child Turns 3

    Did you know that children under three are free? Yes, I said FREE. If your child is under three years old they do not require park tickets. This means there is no charge for their hotel, there is no charge for their park tickets, and there is no charge for the Dining Plan .

    I know a lot of people think they need to wait until their children are older before they go to Walt Disney World for the first time, but just think of the money you could save if you went before their third birthday! Technically, they could celebrate their third birthday in Disney, so long as they werent three when you checked in to the resort.

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    Disney Vacation Planning Timeline

    Now that you understand the basics of planning a Disney World vacation, its time to put it all together. When are you supposed to do all these planning tasks?

    Most planning items need to be completed a certain number of days before your trip. Weve created a planning timeline for you to make it easier to know when you need to get all these things done by.

    One rule you should live by with Disney vacations is its never too early. Start planning as soon as possible and things will go much smoother.

    The Vacationeer Can Set Up Your Payment Plan For Disney World

    Now Booking 2022 Disney World Packages!

    When it comes to Disney travel planners, we recommend The Vacationeer. They are the best of the best!

    A Vacationeer can help you plan and book every aspect of your magical Disney vacation. And yes, theyd be more than happy to set up a payment plan for your trip. The Vacationeer does not charge a cent in commission and they can give you a price quote before you commit to anything.

    Oh, and in case youre wondering how the services of a Disney travel agent are free, you are not alone.

    Disney travel agents receive a small commission for assisting clients with their hotel rooms, theme park tickets, and/or vacation packages. The agency and the agent split this commission that Disney pays out. Disney views the agency/client relationship as a win/win type of market relationship, so thats why they are more than happy to pay out a small commission to the agency. But the one who benefits the most is YOU!

    Thanks for reading Does Disney Offer a Payment Plan. I hope this was helpful.

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    How To Pay For Your Walt Disney World Vacation Reservation

    The promise of a Disney World vacation is so exciting that even submitting your payment is thrilling or daunting, depending on how much it’s costing. Hey, it’s all part of the experience. At least Disney makes it as easy as possible to finalize your payment. Visitors who plan to buy park tickets, hotel reservations and plane tickets separately have to pay for each one upfront, but those travelers who book Disney World vacation packages can pay their full balances over time.

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