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Disney World Park To Park Transportation

Parking At Walt Disney World When You Have Park Hopper

A Walt Disney World 4-Park Transportation Challenge!

If you are driving to the parks and plan to utilize park hopper, here are some tips for Parking At Walt Disney World When You Have Park Hopper.

5. If you plan to drive from park to park, make sure you hang onto your parking ticket. You can show it to the Cast Member at the second park and you wont be charged again.

4. You can use the Disney transportation to get from park to park. To hop between Epcot and Magic Kingdom, you take the monorail. Buses run between the rest of the parks.

3. If you have time, leave your car at the Disney Park where you plan to end your day. This way when you are hot and tired, you dont have to travel to get to your car.

2. If you leave your car at the park where you started your day and choose to use Disney transportation to hop, make sure you allow yourself time to get back to your car before the park closes. Ask the bus driver when the last bus will run to the park where you started your day and plan accordingly. You could always take a taxi back to your car if you miss the last bus.

1. Park your car at the TTC and walk over to the Polynesian Village Resort to take a bus to either Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom . If you are starting your day at the Magic Kingdom or Epcot, you will need to take the Monorail.

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Walt Disney World Transportation Review

I like Disney bus transportation. I like it because it allows me to kick back and relax, without worrying about renting a car, navigating on foreign roadways, or breaking the Disney bubble and transporting me back to reality. This Disney bubble is an important thing for us. Really important. Because of it, we are unlikely to regularly rent a car at Walt Disney World.

On the negative side, the buses can be inefficient, especially for getting from resort to resort, and they arent exactly the paramount of futuristic or cutting edge transportation methods, and have poor and too few routes. On the plus side, the buses dont cost anything extra, and are becoming increasingly efficient. Moreover, when used in tandem with an occasional Uber or Lyft, its very easy to travel to Walt Disney World without renting a car.

The bus system at Walt Disney World is not perfect. There have been occasions where weve waited 45 minutes for a bus to show up at our resort heading to a particular park, and in the meantime, 4 showed up for a different park. There have been other times where lines have been so long in the morning that it has taken three separate buses to consume the line in front of us. Other times still, we take multiple buses to get from hotel to hotel for a meal.

Take The Bus Between Parks

If you have a park-hopper ticket that allows you to visit multiple Disney parks in one day, make use of free bus transportation options between the parks. Comfortable, air-conditioned buses travel to all Disney theme parks and properties. Simply park your car in the theme park lot and use Disneys buses to travel between theme parks. Walt Disney World visitors are welcome to take the buses to the Disney Springs shopping area or any of Disneys resort restaurants.

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Resort Activities And Recreation

With online check-in and direct-to-room service now a thing, you might forget to stop by the front desk at your resort. You totally dont want to do that! The resorts always have something going on, and the front desk will have a schedule of whats happening. Dont suffer from FOMO . Find out whats going on!

Driving To Parks At Walt Disney World

A Walt Disney World 4

One big perk of driving to Walt Disney World is that you can drive to and from the parks. Parking at Disney World parks costs $25 for standard parking and $45 or $50 for preferred parking.

Guests of Disney hotels enjoy free theme park parking as a perk of their stay. Most Disney World annual passholders also get free parking.

A few years ago I was a real sass about bus transportation at Walt Disney World. I still think it’s far from perfect, but at least in my experience it has improved significantly. That said, you’ll still occasionally see horror stories about incredibly long waits.

What’s more, transportation problems are sometimes unavoidable. If youve ever tried to take the bus to a park about 45 minutes before open, you might notice the bus line goes from zero people to multiple busloads in just a few minutes.

The bus stops only accommodate one bus at a time. In mornings, youll usually have at least one mobility scooter per bus. It winds up taking a while to load these buses and get them to the parks.

In our experience, the parking lots at the parks open at least 30 and often an hour before the park opens to the first guests .

For these reasons, having a car makes it much easier to control your arrival time for rope drop at Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios. Relatedly, on most days these parks have pretty efficient operations at the end of the day, so you shouldnt have an awful time getting out of the parking lot.

As for Magic Kingdom…

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How To Get Between Parks At Disney World

Situated just 20 miles southwest of Orlando, Florida, Walt Disney World encompasses an area thats about the size of the entire city of San Francisco. It contains four major theme parks as well as a few smaller attractions such as water parks and the Disney Springs shopping area. Visitors need not worry about any problems getting around the massive resort, though. Whether you prefer to travel by car, bus, monorail, boat or train, moving between theme parks at Disney World is simple and often fun.

Transportation And Ticket Center

The Transportation and Ticket Center is the transportation hub for all of Walt Disney World.

The TTC is where you park if you drive to Magic Kingdom. It is also the only place you can catch the monorail to Epcot.

If you plan to take a taxi or Uber/Lyft to Magic Kingdom, this is the official drop-off spot for that, as well as being the place where some of the offsite buses drop off guests for Magic Kingdom.

You can also purchase tickets here, snag the ferryboat to Magic Kingdom, and even grab a cup of coffee or snack from the Joffreys stand.

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Disney Park To Park Transportation

My trip was last minute and wasnt able to get the Disney resort for my budget hence I am staying outside. My resort provides free shuttle to only epcot and other close by park but not to Magic Kingdom where we want to go. Hotel suggested that I use their shuttle to Epcot and then use disney bus or other service to get to Magic Kindom. Is it a reliable way or should I just take my car and park there? I don’t want to spend on parking if the shuttle option works for me. If its feasible how long usually those buses or means of transportation works between parks. We will be spending 2 days at Magic Kingdom and at least one of the day we will be watching fireworks so will be at park little late. I am going to be there end of February.


If the shuttle drops you at Epcot you could easily take the monorail over to the MK. You’ll transfer monorails at the transportation and ticket center but that’s really easy and quick to do. I would leave the car at the hotel.


I don’t know how long their shuttle takes, so add the time it takes to get from your hotel to Epcot to the following:

Walk from shuttle to monorail station – maybe 2 minutes

Waiting time at monorail station – up to 10 minutes

Monorail ride Epcot to Disney’s Transportation & Ticket Center – 8 minutes

Exit train, walk to other monorail platform – 2 minutes

Wait for next train – up to 10 minutes

Ride monorail to Magic Kingdom – 4 minutes

Going From Value And Moderate Resorts To Theme Parks

What’s Going On With Disney World Parking Prices $$ and Transportation?

Until the Disney Skyliner opened up in September of 2019, guests staying at all Value and Moderate resorts only had 1 option to get to all 4 parks: bus.

But, now guests at Caribbean Beach, Art of Animation, and Pop Century have the option to take the Disney Skyliner to Epcot and Hollywood Studios.

Note: Disney frequently has bus service to and from Epcot for Art of Animation guests.

Guests staying at those resorts wishing to go to any other park will have to take a bus.

And, for guests at all other Value and Moderate resorts, the only option for all 4 parks is bus.

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Forms Of Disney World Transportation

As you can imagine, the size of Walt Disney World makes good transportation a must.

To help you get around, Disney uses several different forms of transport within its system:

  • buses

You might also consider going to that link on your phone and adding it to your home screen to pull it up easily during your trip.

Rent A Car Or Take An Uber

Consider renting a vehicle if you prefer to get from one theme park to another with greater privacy. Its also a good idea if you plan to explore the greater Orlando area beyond Disneys theme parks. However, if you drive to a Disney theme park, its necessary to pay for a parking pass each day you visit. Alternately, if you dont want to take Disneys buses and other transportation options with crowds, take an Uber or taxi between theme parks.


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New Transportation Option Coming To Walt Disney World Resort

by Professor Kelly Greer | Dec 20, 2021 | Homepage Featured, News, Trip Planning, Uncategorized, Walt Disney World |

The start of the new year brings an end to Disneys Magical Express. This transportation option that brought guests back and forth between Disney resort hotels and the Orlando International Airport comes to an end on December 31, 2021. However, there are still plenty of ways to ensure your smooth travels during your vacation. Another new transportation option is coming to the Walt Disney World Resort.

Disney World Skyliner Gondola System


The newest addition to the free theme park transportation list is the Skyliner. If youre heading to Disneys Hollywood Studiosor if EPCOTs International Gateway is your goal, the Skyliner can make your trip a little more scenic. Connecting to Disneys Caribbean Beach Resort, Disneys Pop Century Resort, Disneys Riviera Resort, and Disneys Art of Animation Resort, the Skyliner can be a quick alternative to resort buses, although waits can get a little bit long at park opening and closing.

The Skyliner is a great way to park hop!

The Skyliner is also an awesome way to travel between EPCOT and Hollywood Studios. And if you just want to head to the Boardwalk resort areafor some evening dining or entertainment, the Skyliner can get you in fairly close proximity to a walking path or boat access.

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Bus Transportation At Walt Disney World

Did you know that Walt Disney World has a bus fleet the size of Atlanta? For many, the first ride of a Walt Disney World trip is on a bus the Magical Express! It’s a complimentary service right from the airport to your Walt Disney World Resort hotel. There’s service back to the airport from your hotel at the end of your trip, as well. You can see all of the deets about Disney’s Magical Express here. The Magical Express will be ending its service at the end of 2021, though there will be third-party buses available for an additional cost.

Each Walt Disney World Resort hotel offers complimentary bus service to and from the theme parks and Disney Springs. Direct bus service between theme parks and Disney Springs is currently suspended, so you’ll need to hop to a hotel first and transfer.

If your goal is to be at the theme parks upon opening, we suggest using a ride-sharing service or arriving early at the bus stop to catch one of the first buses of the day. However, if you arent in a rush to head out of your hotel room, the lines will eventually simmer down after park open.

Choose Your Vacation Dates

Choosing WHEN to visit Walt Disney World is probably the most important factor of the planning process. When you visit will determine your resort costs, ticket costs, crowd levels, weather, and which festival, parties, and events youll have access to. Of course, if youre shoving your vacation into a Spring Break, Holiday Break, or Summer Vacation, the odds are not in your favor. But, you can still make it work. Check out our Year of Walt Disney World Events story to get a glimpse of whats happening in the parks every month.

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How Far Away Is Mco Airport Is There A Free Shuttle From The Airport

Transportation is easy using the Disney Magical Express provided as a free service from Disney World. In order to use the Magical Express just contact the Disney Reservation line to set it up. The MCO Airport is 22.5 miles away and takes about 30 minutes to travel to the Fort Wilderness Campground in Disney World. In the US call 407.939.1936 or in the UK call 0800.16.90.730 and get your Magical Express ready for your pickup.

Locating The Disney World Entrance Sign

Express Transportation Disney World Park Hopping Backstage Transfer to Skip Lines

Did you know that there is more than 1 of the big Welcome to Walt Disney World gateway signs?

Its true!

All of the main entrances to Walt Disney World have the giant signs.

Dont get confused if you feel like you keep going through them. Youve probably just made a loop and are going back into or out of the Walt Disney World Resort on a different road.

Heres where you can find those iconic entrance archway signs you see in all the photos:

Entrances with archways:

  • World Center Drive / Epcot Center Drive
  • World Drive

It is important to note that stopping to photograph the signs is not allowed. If you want a picture make sure to have your phone or camera out and ready.

Try this:

Use burst mode on your phone to snap a rapid series of pictures so you will have several to choose from.

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How To Get Around Disney By Bus

Every Disney World Resort Hotel offers free bus transportation to each of Disney World’s four theme parks, both water parks, and Disney Springs, a vibrant dining and shopping district. Buses are air conditioned and operate on continual loops from each park’s opening time to closing time, so the time you will wait depends on how recently the last bus left.

Keep in mind that Disney World is a very big place, about the size of San Francisco. The time it takes to get from your hotel to your destination depends on proximity, and bus rides can last anywhere from a few minutes to about half an hour.

Transportation From Disney Moderate Resorts

Caribbean BeachResort Disney World Transportation Map

Due to its large size, the Caribbean Beach Resort runs an internal shuttle bus loop throughout its grounds to bring guests to other parts of the resort. External bus transportation to all Disney theme parks and water parks is also available throughout the resort. There are 8 locations to catch external buses: outside of Port Royal, across from Trinidad North, Trinidad South, Jamaica, Aruba, Barbados, Martinique, and at the Custom House.


  • Animal Kingdom Bus .
  • Epcot Bus .
  • Hollywood Studios Bus .
  • Magic Kingdom Bus .
  • Water Parks Bus .
  • Disney Springs Bus .

Coronado SpringsResort Disney World Transportation Map

Coronado Springs is a moderate Disney Resort in the Animal Kingdom section of Disney World. Its also in close proximity to Blizzard Beach and Hollywood Studios. Buses provide transportation to theme parks, water parks, Disney Springs, and the Boardwalk area. Bus stops can be found at El Centro, Casitas, Ranchos, and Ranchos and Cabanas.


  • Animal Kingdom Bus .
  • Epcot Bus .
  • Hollywood Studios Bus .
  • Magic Kingdom Bus .
  • Water Parks Bus .
  • Disney Springs Bus .

Fort WildernessResort Disney World Transportation Map


Port Orleans Resort Disney World Transportation Map

Port Orleans Resort has two distinct hotels themed to look like the Old South and New Orleans Riverside and French Quarter, respectively.

Port Orleans Riverside

Port Orleans French Quarter

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Planning Your Walt Disney World Vacation

The very best way to book your Disney World resort vacation is to create a travel package by working with a travel agent.

We work with Get Away Today, Disneys travel partner of over 30 years. We negotiated an exclusive rate just for our readers which you can secure by either visiting their website directly and putting your vacation together yourself, filling out our VIP concierge support here , or calling 1 438-2929 and asking for the Mickey Visit rate.

Long Distance Universal Seaworld Etc

10 Places To Visit In Acadia National Park

In order to get to Universal Studios Orlando, Disney Resort Guests will need to arrange for either a taxi, limo, rental car, or Uber. Taxis and limos can be anywhere from $80 to $120 round trip.

There is an Alamo Rent a Car kiosk just off the Shades of Green lobby where you could rent a car for the day or more if you have other excursions planned.

Those who rent a car will also have to pay for parking:

  • Universal $25

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