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Disney World Park Maps Mailed

Get A Free Magic Kingdom Park Guide Map In The Postal Mail

Walt Disney World Customized Maps

Would you like to get a free Guide Map sent to you in the mail? A real glossy map, printed on real paper, with great Disney design and graphics? Now you can.

As an annual passholder, I have the good fortune of being able to visit the Magic Kingdom quite a bit. And when I go, I pick up an extra Guide Map or two. Ive decided to share my stash with you.

How Long To Visit Walt Disney World

To start, we have a few posts for shorter visits that go through some of the decisions youll be making on a shorter visit:

    For a first visit, we recommend at least three full days. Thats four nights, and with the arrival and departure days, five days. Obviously this is better if you can fly in very early and out very late. With three days, you can spend two full days at one park each, and split the third day between the remaining two parks.

    Four full days plus one travel day is better. If flight prices work out, consider flying in one night earlier than planned and staying at the cheapest Disney room you can find. Wake up the next morning, tell them to send your bags to the Disney hotel you booked the rest of your trip at , and go enjoy the parks.

    Five full days, or four full days plus a solid half day , is ideal. This will allow you full days at each park and an extra half day at Magic Kingdom.

    Weve done ten-day vacations at Walt Disney World and month-long Airbnb stays off property. Theres really no amount of time wed say is too long. After six to eight days, youll need look beyond the standard plan though, and to things like water parks, spa / no parks days, and backstage tours.

    What Do I Need To Know Before Going To Disney World

    Here are 9 main things to know about Disney World before going:

    • There are 4 Theme Parks in Disney World: Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom
    • There are 2 Water Parks: Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon
    • 25 Resort Hotels to stay in.
    • There are countless Outdoor Activities to do such as swimming, fishing, golf, boating, and more.
    • WDW has 5 golf courses and 2 mini-golf courses.
    • Disney Springs is the nighttime entertainment hub with dozens of first-class restaurants and shops
    • You can catch a Dinner Show at Mickeys Backyard BBQ, Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue, and Disneys Spirit of Aloha Show
    • It is a self-contained city with its own fire department, water treatment, waste disposal and power generation.
    • Disney World is HUGE at 25,000 acres. That means travel time can be long between two places.

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    Walt Disney World 2022 Planning Guide: Experience More Save Money At Disney

    Our Walt Disney World Planning Guide is here to help you plan your entire Walt Disney World vacation from start to finish- all while saving you as much money as possible at Disney.

    In this planning guide you’ll find links to our most helpful Walt Disney World planning articles including tips, money saving hacks, packing lists, and more!

    Each of our Walt Disney World planning guides are updated regularly. We recently went through a large overhaul of our content to discuss the COVID-19 impact on Walt Disney World and how to stay safe during your visit.

    Common Questions:

    We have free planning resources like a printable packing list PDF and planning guide for people who sign up for our free Mickey Visit planning newsletter. Our newsletter subscribers also get exclusive discounts from Disney’s largest travel partner.

    Get exclusive access to prices on hotel & tickets just for Mickey Visit subscribers. Don’t miss our travel hacks newsletter!

    Where Is The Best Place To Buy Cheap Disney World Tickets

    Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

    The easiest way is to purchase them directly from Disneys website or through your travel agent. In terms of 3rd party vendors, who often sell them cheaper, you should only buy from an Authorized Disney Ticket Wholesaler likeUndercover Tourist. Make. sure you understand the refund policy, if any, and how to activate the tickets. Reputable Disney ticket sellers will provide shipping costs, sales tax and any service charges up front.

    Never purchase tickets from sites like Ebay or other online marketplaces. There is no way to verify if the tickets are valid until you try to link them to your My Disney Experience account.

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    Learning About Genie+ And Lightning Lanes

    Lightning Lanes are Disneys new skip the line system for Walt Disney World rides, having replaced the old FastPass+ system.

    At each park, most or all of the rides have Lightning Lanes, and they can be broken into two groups. Most of the Lightning Lanes are included in Genie+. Guests who pay for Genie+ will be able to select one Lightning Lane slot at a time, and theyll visit these throughout the day.

    Each park also has two individual Lightning Lanes. These individual Lightning Lanes are not a part of Genie+. To access these, guests buy specific timeslots for these rides.

    Were building out are Genie+ and Lightning Lane content, and it can be found at:

      Important Information On Holidays Genie+ And More

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      Understanding Magic Kingdom Lands

      There are six lands in Magic Kingdom: Main Street USA, Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Liberty Square, Adventureland, and Frontierland. Each land houses all of the rides and attractions at Magic Kingdom!

      Main Street, USA is home to tons of entertainment options. Meet the jolly residents of Main Street, listen to the Main Street Philharmonic, watch the Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade, and dance along with the Move It! Shake It! Dance & Play It! Street Party. It is also home to some Magic Kingdom Quick Service options!

      Tomorrowland aims to provide a glimpse of the wonders of the future. Basically, youll get a lot of monster-related and space-related activities. Take part in the Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor or Stitchs Great Escape to get your dose of Disneys friendly monsters.

      As for the space part of Tomorrowland, head to Space Mountain, Astro Orbiter, and Buzz Lightyears Space Ranger Spin. You can even continue the space theme into a meal at Cosmic Rays Starlight Café!

      If you continue around the circle, Fantasyland is up next. This Magic Kingdom land is filled with rides and restaurants inspired by everyones favorite Disney animated movies. Ride Peter Pans Flight, spin around in a beautiful teacup at the Mad Tea Party, and get the thrill of a lifetime on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. As for dining, stop by Cinderellas Royal Table, the Be Our Guest Restaurant, or The Friars Nook.

      Resorts And No Parks Days

      Park Maps: Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World 50th Special

      If you have some free time, or if youre planning a meal at one of Disneys hotels, you may want to set aside some time to explore their resorts. This is particularly a good idea if youre planning a future visit and want to scope out the hotel.

      You can easily visit the monorail hotels by riding the monorail between them. You can easily visit the Boardwalk hotels by walking between them, particularly while walking between Epcot and Hollywood Studios.

      And if you want a full day of relaxation , you may want to set aside time for a no parks day. This is a day where you dont go to the parks, instead focusing on the other activities your resort and Walt Disney World have to offer.

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      Walt Disney World Maps Parks And Resorts

      Although Walt Disney World park and resort maps are readily available at many locations on Walt Disney World property, sometimes it is helpful to look at a map before you get there. Here we have Walt Disney World maps to assist you with your trip planning. You can use these maps to help you with your daily park planning, finding your way around, or even to understand your resort layout better.

      The Walt Disney World maps for the resorts are particularly handy when making room requests for your stay. Use the map to find resort amenities most important to you and decide if a room request will help you stay closer to your desired location.

      Printed Maps Of Walt Disney World

      The printed version of each parks map is available at the respective parks main entrance, as well as select Disney guest service locations. Most Disney-owned and operated hotels will have the park maps, whereas nearby hotels not operated by Disney will generally have one booklet for Walt Disney World which contains a smaller version of the maps for each of the parks.

      Disney Springs has a Welcome Centerwhich is similar to Guest Relations in the parksas well as a Ticket Center. You can generally pick up the full version of each parks map there as well. Disney is encouraging guests to utilize the MyDisneyExperience app for maps and information to help cut back on paper usage.

      Whether you prefer to use a paper map in hand or view things electronically, you will save yourself lots of time and stress by getting familiar with Walt Disney World beforehand. Take some time to view each park and any other areas you plan to attend so that you can be familiar with the layout before you get there.

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      What Else To Do

      Your imagination is really the limit here. Most first-time visitors only know about the theme parks, Disney Springs, and the water parks. Thats just the surface of what Walt Disney World has to offer. There are tours, golf, fishing, nightlife, shopping, fireworks cruises, babysitting, spas, and much more. An exhaustive list would ultimately be longer than the rest of this already long blog post!

      Most of our favorite things are couples or adult-oriented, which you can read about on our Walt Disney World for Adults page. Honeymooners should read our Walt Disney World Honeymoon Tips article. Here are some other posts that cover other stuff at Walt Disney World, and other ways to improve your vacation, that dont really fit the categories above:

      If all of this is really overwhelming, we recommend contacting an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner and letting them do the work for you. This is Disneys term for their affiliated travel agents, and the huge upside to them is that they dont charge for their servicesDisney pays them directly at no cost to you! Click here to get a vacation quote from our recommended no fee Authorized Disney Vacation Planner.

      Disney World Resort Hotels

      Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

      Staying On-Site Benefits

      • Location Resorts are located near the Disney theme parks which means less travel time each day. You can also go back to your hotel for a nap in the afternoon before heading out once again later.
      • Park Pass Reservations More reservations are allocated for Disney Resort guests and are still available closer to the arrival date.
      • Genie+ Staying at a WDW resort hotel means you can make your Individual Lightning Lane reservations at 7:00 am, before guests staying off-site.
      • Early Theme Park Entry You will have extra time in the parks in the morning before the general public arrives.
      • Transportation Disney includes free transportation to and from the theme parks, Disney Springs, and other hotels. Free airport shuttle service is no longer provided through Disneys Magical Express, and youll have to use the Mears Connect Shuttle, taxi or a ride-sharing service like Uber or Lyft.
      • ThemingMost Disney World hotels have unique theming that you and your kids will love.
      • The Disney Bubble There is something magical about stepping into Walt Disney World at the beginning of your vacation and then not stepping out until the end. You feel tucked away inside this magical world that you never want to leave.

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      Google Maps Walt Disney World

      If you need to get familiar with the overall layout of Walt Disney Worldparticularly the roadsGoogle Maps is another great tool. If youre going to be driving around Disney property, this is a great way to learn where each park is located in relation to each other. Use your hotels address to plug into Google Maps and get to know its location. No matter where youve chosen to stay, its helpful to get comfortable knowing where your hotel is in relation to the rest of Walt Disney World.

      When you click on the link for Walt Disney World on Google Maps, youll see multiple bookmarks of important landmarks. You can also use the Street View function to see how things look when standing on the streets themselves. Google Earth is best for this kind of exploration, but if you want to look around the streets near certain destinations, like your hotel, Google Maps is a great tool.

      How Much Do Walt Disney World Tickets Cost

      Unfortunately there is no easy answer to this question. Prices depend on a number of factors: the date you wish to use your ticket, the number of park days you want, whether or not you want to park hop, whether or not you want to add water parks and sports features, and the ticket holders age.

      With all these variables in mind, heres a general overview what a basic Walt Disney World ticket will cost, without any add-on options or sales tax. This is just to give you a general idea of cost, but keep in mind specific dates and add-on options may be significantly higher.

      • 1-Day ticket from $109 per day

      • 2-Day ticket from $107 per day

      • 3-Day ticket from $105 per day

      • 4-Day ticket from $103 per day

      • 5-Day ticket from $88 per day

      • 6-Day ticket from $75 per day

      • 7-Day ticket from $76 per day

      • 8-Day ticket from $61 per day

      • 9-Day ticket from $56 per day

      • 10-Day ticket from $52 per day

      To get an exact price, contact your travel agent or use the Walt Disney World ticket calculator.

      Disney usually raises ticket prices at least once per year, usually by about 8%. There is no warning as to when ticket prices will increase but it historically speaking, it happens in January, February or March.

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      Secure Internet For Your Entire Trip

      Although several places in Orlando have free Wi-Fi, the connection is not always good and mainly, in several situations where you will be moving from one place to another we recommend that you have internet to use gps on your cell phone for example.

      We recommend that you travel with an international cell phone chip to have the best connection and internet throughout your trip and of course, with our indication you still get a discount on this super need for your trip!

      Just use the discount coupon: partiudisneyparks in your buying international travel chip here and receive the chip in your home before your trip!

      Free Disney Games & Downloads Screensavers Printables & More

      Theme Park Map Monday Walt Disney World 2010 Episode 5 Theme park maps from across the years & world

      The links in this section go to official Disney-operated sites that offer freebies. Many of the sites were set up by Disney to promote a certain movie when it was released. If you find one of the sites below is now dead, please let us know.

      Movie/TV Promo Sites

      Most of the sites below were set up by Disney to promote a certain movie when it was released in the theaters or on DVD, or a Disney Channel show. Disney often keeps the older sites going for years, but sometimes they suddenly shut one down or stop supporting it. If you find one of the sites below is now dead, please let us know.

      • Disney Movies Use this page to search for FREE Disney movie-related activities, games and downloads. Some are duplicated below others are not easy to find except through this link.
      • Disneynature Born in China site has a downloadable educators guide and activity packet.
      • Disney/Pixars The Good Dinosaur has a sketching tutorial video.
      • Disneynature Penguins site has a downloadable activity packet and educators guide.

      Theme Park Promo Sites

      The sites below were set up by Disney to promote various theme park celebrations or the opening of new theme park attractions. Disney often keeps the older sites going for years, but sometimes they suddenly shut one down or stop supporting it. If you find one of the sites below is now dead, please let us know.

      General Disney Promo Sites

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      When Youre In The Parks

      Assuming you know how many days you want to spend in each park, the next thing you need to do is choose the attractions that are most important to you. Make a list of the ones you absolutely NEED to go on and prioritize those first.

      Once you have your list, you will know which ones to prioritize when making your Genie+ reservations. When you have those it will be easier to map out the park and decide what order to do the attractions in.

      We recommend looking at the park maps and doing the rides systematically. If you are in Adventureland for Jungle Cruise, then do the other rides on that side of the park while you are there. It will save you valuable time instead of walking back and forth multiple times.

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