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Disney World Park Hours November

Walt Disney World Park Hours Adjusted For November

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon ATTRACTION GUIDE – Walt Disney World – 2022

With the recent announcement of the holiday happenings at Walt Disney World, it would make sense that park hours would need to be adjusted for November. This is especially true since some of the holiday offerings will need to involve the evening hours, like the fun projections that will be shown on Cinderella Castle.

With that being said, the Magic Kingdom will see their park hours extended by one hour this November, beginning on November 6. Instead of the park closing at 6:00 p.m., the park will now be open from 9:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.

This isnt the only big change in park hours. You see, EPCOT will be shifting its hours back by an hour. This means that beginning November 26 EPCOT will be open from 12:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. This is a shift from currently being open from 11:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.

As of right now, it doesnt appear that Disneys Hollywood Studios or Disneys Animal Kingdom will see any adjustments to their park hours. Stay tuned to the site for any further adjustments, should they happen, at those two theme parks.

Best And Worst Holidays To Visit Disney World In 2022 And 2023

Let’s hop over to the holidays. These are popular times for families to make trips to Disney World, and rightly so. The Christmas holiday season especially, which runs from mid-November through the first of the new year at Disney World, is a wonderful time to visit because the parks are decorated and there are many fun special events. Many families love the atmosphere around the holidays, even with the extra crowds. The parks are most crowded around the following holidays:

  • New Year’s Day – Jan. 1
  • Easter – April 17, 2022, and April 9, 2023
  • Independence Day – July 4
  • Christmas – Dec. 25
  • New Year’s Eve – Dec. 31

If you’re thinking of visiting during these times, be sure to check out our tips and tricks for visiting during spring break, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The other holidays also see an increase in crowds, although they are less pronounced than the ones above.

  • Veterans Day – Nov. 11, 2022, and Nov. 10, 2023
  • MLK Day – Jan. 17, 2022, and Jan. 16, 2023
  • Presidents Day – Feb. 21, 2022, and Feb. 20, 2023
  • Labor Day – Sept. 5, 2022, and Sept. 4, 2023
  • Columbus Day – Oct. 10, 2022, and Oct. 9, 2023

Disney World Weather In November

The weather at Disney World in November is fairly warm and dry making it a great time of the year to visit. The average high for Orlando in November is 78 degrees with the average low being 59 degrees. However, this month tends to be one of the most unpredictable with some guests reporting cold temps during a November visit and others reporting hot days. Your best bet is to check the weather leading up to your stay and pack for all types of weather so you’re prepared.

Chances of rain in November are the lowest you typically see all year with only an average three days of rain in the month. For guests that love Disney World but are not a big fan of the rain, this makes November a great time to visit.

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So When Is The Best Time To Visit Disney World In 2022 And 2023

The very best times to visit Disney World in 2022 are …

  • The last week of April
  • Weekdays in the first half of May
  • The second half of August
  • Most days in September
  • Weekdays in November
  • Weekdays in December

Historically, September has been the very best month of the year to visit Disney World in terms of crowds because the kids have just returned to school. It is still our pick for the best month to visit, but it has become a more popular month to visit, most likely because of Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party , Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort and EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival. Do keep in mind that September is also the height of Orlando’s rainy season. You should prepare for daily afternoon thunderstorms and possibly even more rain.

The days after Thanksgiving leading up to the week of Christmas are also a good time to visit Disney World, although not as good as they used to be. With the popularity of Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party or 2021’s Disney Very Merriest After Hours, which is held on select nights in November and December, and other factors, those days are also getting busier.

The very worst times to visit Disney World in 2022 are …

    • The first half of August
    • The week of Thanksgiving
    • The week of Christmas through the week of New Year

    Walt Disney World Park Hours Updated For All Parks Through Nov 28

    Disney World Updates All Four Theme Park Hours Through ...

    Alright Walt Disney World visitors, Disney has updated their website to show parks hours through November 28, 2020! As you plan your holiday vacation to the most magic place on earth, here are the posted park hours.

    Magic Kingdom: As previously shared, park hours for Magic Kingdom are currently 9am 6pm. Beginning November 6, park hours have been updated to show Magic Kingdom will remain open for one additional hour making the park hours 9am 7pm.

    EPCOT: As previously shared, park hours for EPCOT are currently 11am 7pm. November 27 and November 28 have been updated to show a one hour shift back making the park hours 12pm 8pm.

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    How Our Crowd Calendars Work

    Ready to dive in? Jump down to the

    1. For each day of the month, we tell you on a scale of 1-10 how busy the entire Walt Disney World Resort is when compared to other days of the year.

    2. Then, for each park you’ll see the park hours and any special events that are planned.

    3. We also track refurbishments and closings .

    4. We have a handy feature that allows you to automatically add your Advanced Dining Reservation date to your calendar.

    5. And, one of the most useful features is the ability to be able to print the calendar so that you can have a paper copy for planning .

    International Food And Wine Festival

    Probably the most famous of all the Epcot festivals is the International Food and Wine Festival.

    Held every year in the fall, for 2021 we will see the dates extend from July 15 all the way until November 20.

    If you are a fan of good food and fun drinks, you’ll definitely want to plan to spend some time at Epcot during your trip.

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    Disney World In November Crowd Calendar

    The good news is that the crowds really don’t kick off until Thanksgiving week and into December. If you can avoid Thanksgiving week, you will avoid a big crush of crowds. Thanksgiving week is one of the busiest weeks of the year at Disney World. The moderate crowds combined with the mild weather makes November a great time to visit Disney World.

    Guests visiting the Magic Kingdom in November will have to be aware of Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. If you don’t have a party ticket, you will be asked to leave the park around 5pm on party days. It’s important to plan ahead for those dates so you have a plan in place for once the party starts. In the past the first start of the day before the Christmas party is actually low in crowd levels as many party goers don’t enter the parks until later in the day when their Christmas party ticket allows saving them the cost of a full day ticket. It can actually be a wise decision to start off the day early at the park hosting the Christmas party to beat some of those crowds.

    Read our Park Touring Strategy based on our recent experience at Disney World!>

    Park Hours Updated At Walt Disney World

    What Magic Kingdom Looked Like In The 90’s | RESTORED Disney Parks VHS (1991)

    by Professor Kelly Greer | Sep 13, 2021 | Homepage Featured, News |

    If you are planning a visit to the Walt Disney World Resort this fall, you may be waiting for more details about the theme park hours during your visit. Today, the park hours were updated through November 23, 2021.

    On most mornings throughout the months of October and November, the Magic Kingdom and Disneys Hollywood Studios open at 9:00 am. Epcot opens at 10:00 am and Disneys Animal Kingdom opens at 8:00 am. The closing times for each park vary slightly at the Magic Kingdom. Most nights the park closes at 8:30 pm or 9:00 pm. Epcot regularly closes at 10:00 pm. Disneys Hollywood Studios closes at 9:00 pm and Disneys Animal Kingdom closes at 7:00 pm.

    On October 1, the Magic Kingdom opens at 8 am and resort guests will be able to enter 30 minutes prior. This will be the perfect opportunity to start celebrating the 50th anniversary!

    Starting on October 1, the theme parks open 30 minutes early for all resort guests. Extended evening hours for guests staying at deluxe resorts are also updated through November 23. These hours are available on select nights at Epcot and the Magic Kingdom.

    If you love following along for the most up to date park information and news, follow us on Instagram @themeparkprofessor and TikTok @themeparkprofessor

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    Disney World Events In November

    Here are all the current events to know about impacting Disney World in November!

    Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary

    Disney World’s 50th Anniversary celebration kicked off in October marking the 50th year since opening day of Magic Kingdom. Be on the watch for anniversary themed celebrations!

    Thanksgiving at Disney World

    There are a variety of restaurants in Disney World that offer a traditional Thanksgiving meal for you to choose from. Enjoying Thanksgiving dinner at Disney World is a popular way to celebrate so make sure to book your reservation ASAP so you don’t miss out!

    Holiday Events & Celebrations at Disney World

    The holiday season officially begins on November 8th and runs until the end of December at the Walt Disney World Resort. This year will look different as Disney gets creative in bringing holiday magic to the theme parks while also maintaining health and safety standards. Read our full guide to celebrating the holidays at Disney World to find out everything about how each park celebrates, meet and greets, special events, food, and more.

    The Epcot International Festival of the Holidays

    The festival is a celebration of international holiday traditions from around the world. This festival experience includes an International Yuletide Extravaganza: featuring 11 holiday traditions of the 11 World Showcase nations, seasonal food from around the world, and holiday music from select singers/live bands. The festival begins on November 26th at Epcot.

    November Notable Dates In Disney World

    Well talk more specifically about crowds and events below, but we like to start with some dates to flag. If youre thinking about these dates for your visit, keep in mind that normal rules might not apply.

    Sometime in the first week of the month, you can expect most holiday festivities to kick off at Walt Disney World. Particularly, the first date of Very Merriest After Hours / Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party is usually about a week into the month.

    This Thursday is Veterans Day.

    This is Thanksgiving week, with Thanksgiving itself being Thursday, November 24.

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    Disney World Crowds In November

    Our position on Walt Disney World crowd calendars is that people often put too much weight into them, but thats its still good to know general trends as well as specific events that impact crowds.

    With a minor holiday early in the month and a major holiday to end the month , crowds in November are unpredictable on a day-to-day basis because everyones plans around those holidays, and many schools scheduled breaks, vary significantly.

    Looking a little more broadly, the bulk of November is slightly below average crowds, with the month as a whole being the seventh or eighth most crowded month of the year.

    A Friday Veterans Day in 2022 means that holiday could draw more vacationers than usual, which could bring a surge of crowds that weekend. Then the question becomes whether or not well get a dip in between the months holidays.

    Once Thanksgiving week arrives, youll need to expect very high crowds through November 28, the Monday following Thanksgiving.

    The Start Of Christmas At Walt Disney World

    Disney World Updates Theme Park Hours for November

    First, we have a post specifically about Christmas at Walt Disney World that will answer more of your questions. Secondyes, it really is that magical a time of year. Whatever the drawbacks of visiting during the holiday season, Disney makes the experience worth the trouble.

    The start of the holiday celebrations at the parks will be announced in advance, but youd roughly expect them to start around November 7, 2022. This is a typical first date of Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party / Very Merriest After Hours, which will likely have several parties throughout November.

      The hotels are the last to get decorations up, usually having all their decorations up two weeks into November.

      Once the festivities start, they continue until the last week of the year. While Christmas week itself can be a little different , theres no difference between visiting November 10 and December 10 in terms of holiday spirit at the resort.

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      Select Disney World Parks Will Open Earlier The Week Of Thanksgiving

      Are you thinking about going to Disney World for Thanksgiving?

      Heading into the Disney Parks is a great way to make the holiday a little extra special. And, this year, Disney is gearing up to welcome more guests by adding additional park pass availability and even extending hours at EPCOT. But, thats not the only place that you can get some extra park time on Thanksgiving Disney has extended hours at MORE parks on and around November 25th, 2021!

      According to Disneys website, Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and Disneys Animal Kingdom will open for additional hours this holiday season.

      At Magic Kingdom, hours were previously set to be 9am to 8pm on but now guests will have an extra hour, with the park opening from 8AM to 8PM on both dates.

      At EPCOT, park hours were extended by an extra hour for an additional week, so guests can enjoy the park from 10AM to 10PM November 21-27 .

      And, at Disneys Animal Kingdom, the hours have been extended from 8AM to 7PM to now be 8AM to 8PM November 21st through 27th.

      Park hours at Disneys Hollywood Studios will remain the same, however, opening from 9AM to 9PM the week of Thanskgiving.

      Keep in mind that park hopping hours begin at 2PM in all four theme parks, so you can make your way to whichever park youd like after this time . And, these hours could change again, so be sure to stay tuned to AllEars for the most up-to-date information!

      What Order Should You Visit The Parks

      Depending on the length of your trip, here’s how many days we recommend for each park:

      When it comes time to decide which days are best for each park, here are some general things to keep in mind:

      • Hollywood Studios is consistently the first park to reach capacity, primarily because of popular attractions like Rise of the Resistance and Slinky Dog Dash.
      • Magic Kingdom is the most popular park overall. It is also the park most first-time visitors think of when they think “Disney World”. Saturdays are the busiest, with mid-week typically the least busy.
      • Epcot hosts nearly year-round festivals, and those festivals are popular with both out-of-state visitors as well as with locals. And, since a lot of what the festivals are famous for are alcohol and food, the areas around the Festival Booths can be a lot busier than what you’d find during the daytime hours on the weekdays. If that isn’t the vibe you are looking for, you may want to skip Epcot during the nighttime on Friday and Saturdays.
      • Even with the new Park Pass system, Animal Kingdom remains one of the “easiest” parks to fit into a trip. You should be able to plug it in wherever it makes the most sense for you.

      We go into a lot more detail in our guide on The Best Days to Visit Each Park.

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      Quick Thoughts On November 2022

      A tale ofbetween one and three months. November is a tough month to plan. In 2022, we have Veterans Day on Friday, November 11 and Thanksgiving on Thursday, November 24. We know Thanksgiving week is one of the busiest weeks of the year, but a Veterans Day surge makes the early month busier too. Theres typically a gap of below average crowds in between these holidays, which basically breaks the month into three parts. But you might also see sustained crowds throughout.

      50th Anniversary Celebrations ongoing!The 50th Anniversary Celebrations will be in full swing.

      Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind will likely be open. The new Guardians of the Galaxy Coaster is confirmed for summer 2022. November is well after summer, so we expect the new coaster to be open by now, and we expect that any short term Guardians-related crowd surge should have passed.

      TRON could be open. With Guardians confirmed for summer 2022 and TRON still having no opening date, late-2022 is our best guess, and the latest rumors even suggest a delay to 2023 is possible. This opening will bring a surge in crowds.

      Expect other small updates, too. Festival of Fantasy is confirmed to return to Magic Kingdom some time in 2022, and a new cavalcade is coming to Magic Kingdom in early 2022. Id expect both of these well before November.

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