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Disney World Out Of State Annual Pass

Can I Buy A Disney World Annual Pass Right Now

Walt Disney World suspends sale of most annual passes

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You may be saying Wait! Pump the brakes. I thought you couldnt get a Disney annual pass right now? You would be correct. The Disney World website has currently paused the sale of annual passes. However, it is likely that the suspension of sales was because parks were filling up over the holidays and due to the 50th anniversary and Disney trying to control capacity.

Currently, only sales of select annual passes and renewals are taking place. Namely, the lowest tier Florida resident pass which applies blackout dates and restricts access during the busy holiday season. We expect to see new sales of annual passes resume in the first quarter of 2022. Originally many sites and social media accounts were forecasting them to start back up after the holidays. Personally, I think it will be at least February so that they have a chance to asses Omicrons impact on their operations and assess cast member coverage.

Annual Passes: Know Before You Go And Park Reservations

We are pausing new sales of select Annual Passes. All current Passholders can continue to renew into any of our four pass types at their renewal rate and continue to visit using their pass. We will continue to evaluate the return of new sales for these passes. Please check back here for the latest updates.

For important information about park reopening, reservations, limitations on benefits, features, experiences and offerings and new safety measures view Know Before You Go.

To enter one of the parks, each Passholder is required to have a theme park reservation in addition to valid admission. All reservations are subject to availability and applicable pass blockout dates.

Tips And Date Ideas For Annual Passholders

Which pass is right for you as a couple?

If youre a Disney couple, you may want to chat about which Annual Pass options make the most sense for you as a couple. For example, when the new prices and levels came out, I was tempted by the Pixie Dust Pass so that I could save money. I have the flexibility to visit the parks on a weekday once in a while. But it quickly hit me that my husband and I would miss out on quality park time together on the weekends.

Park Reservations and Park Hopping

Park Pass Reservations are required, so that means no more popping into the parks whenever you feel like it. Hopefully, the new integrated calendar makes impromptu visits to the parks easier than theyve been with the current system. If you and your honey thrive on spontaneity, you may get a little frustrated with having to make reservations anytime you want to go into a Disney theme park. But, lets say the park you want is not available, which may happen if youre booking a reservation last minute. You can park hop to your preferred park. You just have to enter the park at which you have the actual reservation first. Park hopping is currently available anytime after 2pm.

Linking your Disney Accounts

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Disney World Suspends Sales Of Most Annual Pass Types

On Sunday evening, November 21, Disney World suspended the new sales of most annual pass types.

When we went on the annual pass page on the Walt Disney World website, this is what we found:

Taking a closer look we can see that new sales of the Disney Pirate Pass, Disney Sorcerer Pass, and the Disney Incredi-Pass have all been paused at this time and none are available.

The only annual pass that is still available for new sales is the Disney pixie Dust Pass, which is the most limited pass and only available to Florida Residents.

This does not come as a surprise as when new Disney World annual passes went back on sale on August 30, 2021, Disney stated in the press release: some annual pass types may be unavailable for purchase at any time. This is one of those times.

This pause on new annual pass sales does not affect renewals on existing annual passes. If yours is coming up for renewal in the next few weeks, you will have no problem renewing it.

Why did Disney choose right now to suspend sales of new passes? Its likely that with the holiday season coming up, they realize that the parks are going to be near full capacity through the end of the year, and selling even more annual passes to guests would only complicate things more.

Looking at the park pass reservation system, we can see that availability for the parks is dwindling in November and December.

While Disney hasnt commented on when sales will reopen, its likely the pause will last through the end of 2021.

Upgrade An Eligible Ticket

Is a Disney Annual Pass Worth It in 2018? Disney Annual ...

Starting Sept. 8, you can upgrade an eligible ticket into a select Annual Pass in person. At a later date, youll be able to upgrade an eligible ticket on the website or via the My Disney Experience app.

If you purchased an eligible theme park ticket, you can apply the entire price paid into a select Annual Pass. Eligibility rules apply.

Keep in mind that if you upgrade an existing ticket to an Annual Pass, your park reservations will automatically cancel and youll have to rebook with the Annual Pass. Disney World recommends upgrading on last day at the park.

As for Genie+, all we know regarding Annual Passholders is that at launch APs will be able to purchase Genie+ on the day of their visit.

At this time, there are no Passholder discounts available for Disney Genie+ or individual attraction Lightning Lane purchases.

Per Disney, As always, we will continue to explore new offerings for Annual Passholders and Magic Key holders in the future and value their feedback.

Be sure to read our Frequently Asked Questions post, where we dive into all of the details we know so far about Genie+.

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Water Park & Sports Option

You can add on the Water Park and Sports Option for an additional $99 plus tax for the year.

For the duration of your Annual Pass, this add-on gives the Passholder admission to select Disney World experiences including:

  • Disneys Blizzard Beach Water Park
  • Disneys Oak Trail Golf course
  • FootGolf at Disneys Oak Trail
  • Disneys Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf Course
  • Disneys Winter Summerland Miniature Golf Course
  • Disneys Typhoon Lagoon Water Park
  • ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

Can I Get More Park Reservations If I Stay At A Resort

When you stay on Walt Disney World Property as an Annual Passholder, you get a guaranteed park reservation. This does not count as one of your reservations through your pass.

For example, if you have the Incredi-Pass with five park reservations and currently have four used up, you can book a stay at Pop Century with guaranteed park reservations and still leave that final park reservation up for grabs for another day.

Still have questions about the 2021 Disney World Annual Pass program? Head to to join the conversation and make your question heard.

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What Is A Walt Disney World Annual Pass

Annual Pass is the general term for Disney World tickets that last for 366 days versus those that last for a certain number of gate entrances or entitlements.

There are actually 4 different types of Annual Passes available , and they all have slightly different eligibility requirements, blockout dates, and of course, prices.

Three Or More Times A Year

Walt Disney World resumes selling annual passes

If you are planning on doing three or more trips to Walt Disney World with 3 or more park days for each trip, then a Walt Disney World Annual Pass will most likely make sense for you. Also, I want your life.

Have a great time, and tell us about your travels in the if you get a chance so we can live vicariously through you.

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Comparing The Four Disney World Annual Passes

Were going to start with a simple chart comparing the four types of Disney World annual passes. Then were going to discuss each one and analyze whether or not it might be worth it for you, partly by comparing it to the passes most similar to it. Heres a broad look at the four passes:

161 Days $424.94

If youre not a DVC member or a Florida resident, you just have to decide whether you want an Incredi-Pass or no pass at all. DVC Members can choose between the Incredi-Pass and the Sorcerer Pass and Florida residents can choose between all four passes or no pass at all. Now, lets talk about each pass, starting with the one most readers will be looking at.

Disney Has Gone After Pocketbooks In 2021

For fans of Disney, it has been a rough time to visit the Happiest Place on Earth since the start of the pandemic. Following the reopening of the parks in July of 2020, restrictions from the state of Florida, the federal government, and from Disney corporate included a variety of changes to entry, lines, social distancing, capacity, and permissions.

Many of the included features of Disney World Annual Passes were discontinued to comply with these shifting standards. Of those, a reservation system went into place removing free access for pass holders to multiple parks at will, some forms of park transportation, hours of operation, photo pass inclusion, and fast pass access to avoid lines at attractions.

As guests returned to the theme parks, Disney operates four plus two water parks in the Orlando area, many of these features did not return to the annual passes. Open-air trams that bring guests from the parking lot to the park gates as well as inter-park buses have gone away and not yet returned. The Genie+ pass was added for access to prior included fast passes with some popular rides requiring additional payment for Lightning Lane rides.

Management has not been shy about its desire to rid itself of low-margin guests in favor of out-of-town guests that stay in its resorts and return more revenue on a per-day basis.

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Explain Blue Card Dvc Members And The Sorcerer Pass

At this time we arent sure but its likely that only Blue Card DVC members will be able to purchase the Sorcerer Pass. Blue Card DVC members are those who have a blue membership and the only way to get that is by either buying it directly from Disney or buying a membership under the old rules .

Its possible that other members can get the Sorcerer Pass, but well update you when we know for sure.

Walt Disney Has A New Way To Make Even More Money

Should You Buy a Disney Annual Pass?
  • Publish date: Feb 14, 2022 12:18 PM EST

Walt Disney – Get Walt Disney Company Report operates its Florida theme parks like a discount airline. The basic price of admission goes up or down based on demand and buying a ticket gets you in the door and that’s it. If you want any extras — everything from food to the ability to cut the line at popular rides — you will pay extra.

It hasn’t always been like this at Disney World and the company’s three other Florida theme parks. Dynamic pricing — where tickets cost more on days with higher demand — began in 2016 and that kicked off a slow change in how the parks operate.

Most recently that involved the company getting rid of its free FastPass+ program, which allowed everyone to cut the line at a few rides per day in favor of the paid Lightning Lane and Genie+ programs.

Those paid programs have clearly benefited the company’s bottom line, according to Chief Executive Bob Chapek’s remarks during Disney’s first-quarter earnings call.

“In the quarter, more than a third of domestic park guests purchased either Genie+, Lightning Lane, or both,” he said. “That number rose to more than 50% during the holiday period. While demand was strong throughout the quarter at both domestic sites, our reservation system enabled us to strategically manage attendance. In fact, their stellar performance was achieved at lower attendance levels than 2019.”

Dan Kline/TheStreet

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Annual Passholder Room Offers

Annual Passholders regularly have access to special Disney hotel offers. These usually have substantial overlap with publicly available discounts, with the annual passholder benefit being slightly expanded dates or an extra 5-10% off. This isnt a huge margin, but it does make some of the cheapest dates at Disney World even cheaper.

Disney World Annual Pass: Everything You Need To Know

by Timothy Moore | Aug 31, 2021 | Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, WDW Blog, WDW News

The 2021 Disney World Annual Pass program details have finally been unleashed. Get info on pricing, tiers, perks, blockouts, add-ons, and more.

Sales of most Annual Passes are currently paused as Walt Disney World manages capacity limits. Florida residents are still able to purchase the Pixie Dust Pass with the most blockout dates.

Upon the COVID-19 closures of Walt Disney World and Disneyland , Disney paused its various Annual Passholder programs. Earlier in August, Disneyland announced a totally revamped Magic Key program, with special perks for California residents.

And Disney World? It took a little longer to get the official announcement, but Disney did tease us with a promise that wed get the goods before the 50th anniversary celebration on Oct. 1.

And get the goods we did. New Disney World Annual Passes go on sale Sept. 8, 2021.

The updated 2021 Disney World Annual Pass program is comprehensive, with a lot of updates, changes in pricing, and confusing processes, especially if you are not a current Annual Passholder.

Thanks to readers like you, were able to keep our site free of disrupting ads. Please consider subscribing to our print edition if youd like to support us directly, and feel free to sign up for our free newsletterso you never miss out on the latest at Walt Disney World!

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Disney Annual Pass Terms & Conditions At Walt Disney World Resort

Walt Disney World® Resort Annual Pass Terms and Conditions

Passholders are eligible to make a park reservation for any date on which their Pass is not blocked out, subject to availability and conditions set forth above. Pursuant to the benefits and rules of the particular Pass, a Passholder may make and hold up to the number of park reservations allowed for their Pass type. Once the maximum number of park reservations is made, another park reservation may not be made until a currently held park reservation is used or cancelled. Passholders should cancel any reservation that will not be used prior to the date of the reservation. Theme park capacity may be limited from time to time due to various reasons including, but not limited to, Acts of God, governmental direction or guidance from health experts. Some Pass benefits and features may not be available during periods of limited capacity. Also, park experiences and offerings may be modified and are subject to limited availability or even closure.

A Passholder assumes all inherent risks associated with all rides and attractions and must obey all safety signage, instructions and rules.

Entry into the Walt Disney World® Resort constitutes consent for Disney to use any film, video or reproduction of the image and/or voice of a Passholder for any purpose whatsoever without any payment to the Passholder. Disney is not responsible for lost or stolen property.


Do You Typically Purchase Souvenirs

Every Disney World Annual Pass Option – Florida Residents, DVC & Out of State!

If you like to bring home a bit of the magic in t-shirt, mug, decor, or plush form, you can save 20% off of most merchandise purchases with your AP. Keep in mind, the Disney Visa gives you 10% off most purchases, so if you have a card, then the AP gives you less value.

I do not typically calculate this discount into my overall savings because it is difficult to predetermine what might catch your eye. If you love to shop for all things Disney and know your budget, you might get a lot of mileage out of this benefit.

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How Much Do The New Disney World Annual Passes Cost

If you are purchasing a new 2021 Disney World Annual Pass without a renewal, heres what youll pay for each tier:

  • Disney Pixie Dust Pass: $399 plus tax
  • Disney Pirate Pass: $699 plus tax
  • Disney Sorcerer Pass: $899
  • Disney Incredi-Pass: $1,299

If you are a current Annual Passholder, heres what youll pay to renew your Disney World pass:

  • Disney Pixie Dust Pass: $339 plus tax
  • Disney Pirate Pass: $594 plus tax
  • Disney Sorcerer Pass: $765 plus tax
  • Disney Incredi-Pass: $1,104 plus tax

Sample Ap Savings Calculations

Lets suppose I were going on a trip during the value season. I would deduct my expected savings form the cost of my AP.

  • AP $ 1,191.74
  • Park Tickets for my first set of dates: $540.08
  • Memory Maker: $169
  • Projected Food Savings: $80
  • Villains After Hours Tickets Savings: $120

The total savings is $909.08. which is less than the cost of an AP. However, this means that if there were an AP discount for $282.66 off of my desired resort , I would break even on the cost of the AP in ONE trip.

If I were staying offsite, or could not take advantage of a room discount, then it would NOT make sense to purchase an AP for ONE trip. On the other hand, the math for this scenario indicates that it is DEFINITELY worth it to have one AP if I had a similar second trip planned during the year.

The moral of the story is that if you are a Disney fan, then your math teacher was right: you will use math in real life. If nothing else you can put those math skills to use in Disney Life.

If youre curious to see what other AP discounts and perks are available, head HERE.

Does having a Walt Disney World Annual Pass for every member of your family or an Annual Pass for just ONE member of the family make sense under Disneys new pricing structure? Join the discussion on the KtP Facebook page by and let us know! Also, let us know if you need some help doing some AP math.

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