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Disney World Orlando Parking Fee

Dont Drive A Car To Walt Disney World

New Overnight Parking Fee At Disney World Hotels

Ok, so we realize this is the most obvious solutions and one that some people cannot avoid, but if youre to avoid Disney Parking Fees, then dont drive! The beauty of living in todays world is that you really dont need a car at Walt Disney World. If youre already paying to stay on property at Walt Disney World, then youre receiving the perk of the Magical Express . Plus all the Disney transportation you need to get from park to park while youre there.

You Might Miss The Best Hours Of The Day

Additionally, sometimes Disney Springs opens up after the theme parks do. That would mean we wouldnt be able to show up until well after the theme park opens.

Personally, opening time is my favorite part of the day because it is the best time to go on rides due to the short lines. We didnt want to miss out on that awesome time each morning.

Disney Parking Fees Tips

If youve thought it through and decided that bringing a car to Walt Disney World may just be your best bet, then here are a few things to remember.

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Valet Parking Is Free For Disability Parking Permit Holders

At Disney Worlds Deluxe Resorts and Villas, Valet Parking is free for disability parking permit holders. Valet Parking is $33.00 per day without a disability parking permit. Free Valet Parking still requires a dining or room reservation at the Resort. Its not required, but you should tip the Valet Parking attendant too.

Valet parking did not return to Walt Disney World Resort hotels when they reopened. However, the service continued to be available for Guests with disabilities who required parking assistance. The Disney Grand Floridian Resort & Spa was the first to offer Valet Parking to all Guests again at the beginning of May.

All Deluxe and Deluxe Villa Resorts are now offering Valet Parking again. I spoke with Guest Services today. The Guest Services Cast Member indicated that Valet Parking would soon be available at all Moderate Resorts. The Coronado Springs Resort is already offering this convenience. I guess its due to being a convention hotel.

Fly To Mco And Take Disney Transportation

Disney World Parking: Everything You Need To Know

Meeting Mickey at MCO

My second recommendation is to fly to Orlando International Airport and take advantage of free Disney transportation to get around.

You might be surprised at how affordable it is to fly your family to MCO, especially if you use points and miles to help pay for the trip!

I regularly fly to Disney World for almost free thanks to the Southwest Rapid Rewards credit card. Ive earned huge signup bonuses that have taken my whole family to Florida and back many times. Learn all about flying to Disney World for practically free on Southwest in this post.

If flying Southwest isnt practical for you, you can earn free points and miles with lots of other airlines. Or you can find a cheap fare with one of the many low-budget airlines that now fly into MCO.

Once you arrive, you can take Disney Magical Express to your resort from the airport and use Disney transportation to get around. We never rent a car when we are staying on Disney property because of the excellent complimentary transportation. And now no car = no parking fee!

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Parking Prices At Walt Disney World

Its an annoying additional cost that can add up. Parking at all four Walt Disney World theme parks is charged per day. You can park hop if you have park hopping privileges on your ticket, and you do not pay for parking again that same day.

  • Preferred parking $45-$50 per day depending on seasonality
  • Standard parking: car or motorcycle $25 per day
  • Oversized Vehicle Parking: Shuttle, Limo, Camper Trailer, RV, Bus or Tractor Trailer $30 per day

Sales tax is included in the above parking prices. Annual passholders received complimentary standard parking. Passholders receive a discount on preferred parking. They can pay the difference between standard parking and preferred parking.

Guests of Walt Disney World Resort hotels receive complimentary parking at the theme parks. They do, however, have to pay for parking at their hotel. Parking prices vary by hotel class:

  • Disney Value Resorts $15 per night
  • Disney Moderate Resorts $20 per night
  • Disney Deluxe and Deluxe Villa Resorts $25 per night

Disney Vacation Club Members are not charged for resort parking when staying at a Disney Vacation Club Deluxe Villa or Resort Hotel using their Vacation Points.

Parking is free at both of Walt Disney Worlds water parks. Standard parking is free at Disney Springs, with valet parking available for $20 gratuity is not included in the price. There are three valet parking locations for Disney Springs:

Disability Parking At Walt Disney World

Disability parking at Walt Disney World is necessary. Many Disney World visitors depend on it. In addition, Disney must comply with the requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990. Accordingly, its infrastructure and policies for Guests with disabilities are well defined.

Ill address a particular issue in this post. Its all about disability parking at Walt Disney World. Ill also insert some of the other facts about Walt Disney World parking into this article. I hope youll find these helpful.

In the United States, sixty-one million or approximately 26% of adults live with some form of disability. Almost 14% of those adults have a mobility disability, such as difficulty walking or climbing stairs. Accessible parking is essential to those with these disabilities. Disney does its best to provide for them.

Disability parking spaces are abundant at Walt Disney World. Youll find them at all parking lots or garages where Guests could park. They are closest to the entrances of all theme parks . Also, youll find them at all Resorts and other Disney facilities. Guests visiting the Magic Kingdom have to park at the Transportation & Ticket Center .

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Park For Free At Disney Springs Then Use Disney Transportation

As I previously mentioned, parking at Disney Springs is 100% free unless you want to valet your car, in which case youd be better off paying to park at the theme parks. But how do you get to the parks from Disney Springs? Heres how.

You have a few options to get to the theme parks from Disney Springs for free, all of which include using the free Walt Disney World Bus Service. This could require a bit of walking and a lot of time, but it is free parking.

First, after parking, youll need to walk to one of two areas.

If you dont want to walk as far and dont mind transferring buses, youll want to walk to the Disney Springs Town Center bus stop located between the two parking garages.

Next, youll hop on a bus to a Disney resort. Why? Disney buses wont head directly to the theme parks from Disney Springs until 4:00 PM. In order to cut down on time, dont just head to any resort.

Instead, head to the following resorts based on your theme park destination.

  • Heading to the Magic Kingdom? Take a bus to the Contemporary, Polynesian or Grand Floridian resorts. Then, hop directly on the monorail to the Magic Kingdom.
  • If you dont mind a bit of a walk, you can skip the monorail and take a walk to the park from the Contemporary resort.
  • Heading to EPCOT? Take a bus to the Yacht and Beach Club, Swan or Dolphin resorts. From there, you should be able to take a ferry to EPCOT or take a bit of a walk to the International Showcase entrance.
  • Driving To Parks At Walt Disney World

    Disney World Resort Parking Fees?!

    One big perk of driving to Walt Disney World is that you can drive to and from the parks. Parking at Disney World parks costs $25 for standard parking and $45 or $50 for preferred parking.

    Guests of Disney hotels enjoy free theme park parking as a perk of their stay. Most Disney World annual passholders also get free parking.

    A few years ago I was a real sass about bus transportation at Walt Disney World. I still think it’s far from perfect, but at least in my experience it has improved significantly. That said, you’ll still occasionally see horror stories about incredibly long waits.

    What’s more, transportation problems are sometimes unavoidable. If youve ever tried to take the bus to a park about 45 minutes before open, you might notice the bus line goes from zero people to multiple busloads in just a few minutes.

    The bus stops only accommodate one bus at a time. In mornings, youll usually have at least one mobility scooter per bus. It winds up taking a while to load these buses and get them to the parks.

    In our experience, the parking lots at the parks open at least 30 and often an hour before the park opens to the first guests .

    For these reasons, having a car makes it much easier to control your arrival time for rope drop at Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios. Relatedly, on most days these parks have pretty efficient operations at the end of the day, so you shouldnt have an awful time getting out of the parking lot.

    As for Magic Kingdom…

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    Parking For Disney Vacation Club Members

    Members of Disney Vacation Club are not charged for standard overnight self-parking at DVC Deluxe Villas, regardless of whether they pay with vacation points or another payment method. If members choose to stay at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel using vacation points, they will also not have to pay for parking.

    DVC members staying at Walt Disney World Resort hotels other than Deluxe Villas are charged for standard overnight self-parking if they do not choose to use vacation points.

    What If You Are Not A Disney Hotel Guest

    If you are not staying at a Disney Resort, can non guests visit Disney resorts? The simple answeryes! I personally have visited many of the resorts at which I was not staying just for the different food options. If there is space to park, you typically can park at the resort you are visiting for a few hours for free. If there is no space, you may need to park elsewhere and use Disney transportation.

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    All About Parking At Disney World In 2022

    Last Updated on February 22, 2022 by Snezana Grcak

    The Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando is a massive entertainment complex with the most popular theme parks in the world. Parking at Disney World parks and resorts is no joking matterthe daily prices go up to $50! Fortunately, the Parking Access team will give you all the info and some Disney World parking tips to help you save time and money. Whether you plan to drive to the resort or fly to Orlando and then rent a car, use our helpful guide to have a hassle-free Walt Disney World vacation.

    Parking At The Resorts

    Disney World Parking Fees for Hotel Guests

    If youre driving yourself around Disney World and you decide to stop in at a resort that you are not a guest at for some dinner or a bit of shopping, youll be allowed to park for free for a short window of time IF there is parking space available. If not you will be directed to park somewhere else and use Disney transportation to visit. This isnt usually a problem if you have an Advanced Dining Rerservation and a confirmation number.

    If you are staying at a WDW resort and need to park your car overnight, youll be charged accordingly at check in when you get your parking permit. Parking for guests used to be free, but sadly not anymore. At Value resorts youll pay $13/night, at Moderates youll pay $19/night, and at Deluxe and DVC resorts a whopping $24/night.

    Once you get through the traffic, the parking lots are pretty easy to use. Photo by Laurie Sapp

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    Parking At Disney Springs & Espn Wide World Of Sports

    Standard self-parking is complimentary at the Disney Springs shopping district, in both Lime and Orange Garage parking structure, etc. There are also surface parking lots and more for Disney Springs parking, so please follow signs to available areas the district can easily become crowded for events or holidays.

    Valet parking is available at a charge of $20 per day, and payment will be collected at the time of car pickup. If you are using Disney World Resort Hotel transportation, you can arrive at Disney Springs or ESPN by Disney Transportation Bus, which is complimentary.

    Standard parking is complimentary for all Guests at ESPN Wide World of Sports.

    Do you ever pay for parking at Disney World park or resort? What are your tips for parking for free? Leave us a comment below!

    Do You Have To Pay For Parking If An Uber Driver Drops You Off

    No! This is one great reason to use Uber or Lyft to get to/from the Disney World theme parks .

    You wont have to pay any fees for Disney World parking if you use Uber or Lyft to get to the parks.

    When your driver goes through the gates, they are given a 30-minute pass for dropping off or picking up passengers. Your driver doesnt have to pay for parking and doesnt pass the parking charge on to you!

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    Are You Planning Multiple Visits To Walt Disney World

    If your planning several trips to Disney, then you should consider becoming a passholder. Annual passholders, premium passholders and premier passholders, include free parking to all the Disney theme parks.

    In fact, these benefits are a good way to save money by simply avoiding the cost for parking at Disney World. If you are planning on multiple trips to Disney World, then you will need to read my related articles:

    Pros And Cons Of Parking For Free At Disney World


    The main benefit of parking at Disney Springs is the free cost. However, what you dont pay with money you will pay with your time.

    Parking at Disney Springs and taking the bus over to resorts to board another form of transportation can take away at least 2 hours from your day. Plus, Disney Springs usually doesnt open until 10 a.m. which is too late for you to start your theme park day.

    If youre a frequent reader of this blog, then you know that one of my top tips for Disney is to get there early!

    Parking this way will not do that for you.

    Although Disney doesnt offer any parking discounts and the thought of paying the $25 is tough to swallow, it will make your day much easier.

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    Universal Studios Pick Up Area

    Guests at the end of the day will be able to get catch a taxi or bus in the same area as where they have the Universal guests drop off.

    The Universal Studios Orlando guest pickup location, if looking to get picked up by a friend or ride-share company, this area is back on the fifth floor of the parking garage. This is a great way to be able to avoid parking at Universal if you dont mind public transportation or have a friend in the area.

    For a complete list of Universal Orlando ParkingLots check out their official page!

    Is There Disability Parking At Disney World

    Yes, there is disability parking available throughout Walt Disney World. You will need a valid disability parking permit and parking fees will apply.

    If you have a disability permit and are using an electric scooter, wheelchairs, or other mobility devices can park in the designated Disability Parking spots in each of the four theme parks.

    Guests able to walk a short distance will be asked to park in a standard spot and walk to the trams, though you can request a spot at the end of the row to minimize walking.

    Designated Disability parking is also available at Disney Springs, Disney Resort Hotels, and Disney Water Parks.

    I hope this post answered all of your questions about Disney World parking!

    Please let me know if there is something I missed or you have any further questions in a comment below or join the discussion in

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    Where Is The Parking At Disney World

    There are separate parking lots for each of the four theme parks at Disney World: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom.

    The parking lots at Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom are directly adjacent to the theme parks. You can walk from your car to the front entrance of the park or take the free trams.

    The Magic Kingdom parking lot is located across the Seven Seas Lagoon from the theme park at what is known as the Transportation and Ticket Center .

    It is NOT possible to walk to Magic Kingdom from the parking lots you must take the monorail or a large ferry boat from the TTC to get to the front entrance

    I suggest planning for 20-30 minutes to get from your car to the front entrance to Magic Kingdom via monorail or ferry. Trams are also available to bring you to the TTC from your car.

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