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Disney World Original Ticket Price

Water Park And Sports Option

Disney World raising ticket prices

Adding the Water Park and Sports option to your 1 Park Per Day ticket allows you admission to Disney’s twowater parks , as well as some of thesports-centric spots on Disney World property.

The locations and options you can choose with this ticket are: Typhoon LagoonWater Park, Blizzard Beach Water Park,ESPN Wide World of Sports, Oak Trail Golf Course ,Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf, and Winter Summerland Miniature Golf.

For an additional $74.55 per ticket you get a setnumber of visits based on the length of the ticket you purchase. For instance,buying a 4-day park ticket entitles you to 4 visits to a water park or sportslocation. You can’t change how many “visits” you get the number is fixed, andunused days arent refundable.

If you buy a ticket but then decide later that you want to add the Water Park and Sports Option,you can do so. Note, though, that Disney doesnt prorate the cost: if you add Water Park and Sportson the last day of your trip, youll pay the same price as if youd bought it before you left home.

What First Eligible Day Should Be Targeted For These Disney World Tickets

Because usage periods for all ticket lengths greater than one day are longer than the number of ticket days, and because average daily prices can be different from day to day, some may find ticket savings by picking as their first eligible day a date somewhat earlier than the first day they plan to be in a theme park.

Some of the most extreme examples of this are just before holidays. If you are committed to the parks the three days beginning 2/10/21, a three day ticket that begins 2/20 will cost you $366.55. But a three day ticket whose first day of eligible use is 2/8 can also be used for the three days beginning 2/10, and will cost $337.52. Thats a savings of about $30 per ticketor $120 for a family of four.

Note that this wont work if you are buying a packageif you have a package, your first day of eligible use will be set as the day you check in to your hotel.

A Brief History Of Walt Disney World Ticket Price Increases

The price to get into a Walt Disney World theme park has increased almost every year since 1971, and now, a one-day, one-park ticket to the Magic Kingdom costs $99, making it the most expensive Disney park in the world.

The same ticket to get into Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios or Disney Animal Kingdom also went up $4, to $95.

That’s a far cry from even a decade ago, when tickets in 2004 cost $52, nearly half the price of a Magic Kingdom ticket today, according to the unofficial Disney theme park guide website

If you think that’s low, go back 20 years to 1994, when Disney increased its one-day ticket prices to $36.

But for a real shocker, take a look at the price of admission on Day 1: In October 1971, a one-day ticket to the Magic Kingdom cost just $3.50.

That may seem like next to nothing, but at the time, both Disney World and Disneyland in California sold books of tickets guests needed to get on rides. Each attraction was rated AâE. An A-ticket would get you a ride on Cinderella’s Golden Carousel, while the most popular attractions, like Space Mountain and the Haunted Mansion, were E-ticket rides.

Disney dropped the ticket book system by 1982, but even then, the price of admission was still just $15 to get into either the Magic Kingdom or the newly-opened EPCOT Center.


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Disney Ticket Cost In 1980

Adults: $7.50-8.00Juniors: $4.50-5.00Children: $4.00-4.50

This year the costs for tickets were raised twice in one year! In March, tickets were raised by .50 cents to $7.50. Again, in November ticket prices were raised another 50 cents to $8.00. The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride opened. The cost to build this ride was $17 million. This was the last year in which ticket prices were raised in the two digits.

The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad 1980

How To Save Money On Disney World Tickets

How Much Did a Disney World Ticket Cost the Year You Were ...

Disney’s date-based pricing scheme is the most complicated system it has ever used for ticket purchases.Its so complicated, in fact, that we wrote a computer program to analyze all the options and to lookfor loopholes in the new pricing rules. Our Park Ticket Calculator aggregates ticket prices from Disney and a number of online ticket vendors. Answer a few questionsrelating to the size of your party and the parks you intend to visit, and the calculator will identifyyour four cheapest ticket options. Itll also show you how much youll save versus buying at the gate.

The program will also make recommendations for considerations other than price. For example,Annual Passes might cost more, but Disney often offers substantial resort discounts and otherdeals to Annual Passholders. These resort discounts, especially during the off-season, can more than offset the price of the pass.

The Ticket Calculator will automatically use all of the tips below, and more.If youre interested in doing this yourself, heres what to consider:

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Disney Ticket Cost In 1973

Adults: $4.50Juniors: $3.50Children: $1.50

A year later ticket prices were increased again. In the two years that Disney World was open, it had around 20 million visitors. Each age now paid 75 cents more for admission than the previous year. By the end of the year, the Pirates of the Caribbean, the Plaza Swan Boats, the Richard F. Irvine Riverboat, the Tom Sawyer Island, and the Tom Sawyer Island Rafts attractions opened. The Disney Inn and the Gold Resort hotels opened as well.

The Complete Guide To Disney World Ticket Prices

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David Roark, Disney

When Walt Disney World first opened in 1971, it included the single theme park, the Magic Kingdom. Today, the Florida mega-resort, located near Orlando, offers four theme parks and two water parks . Through the years, the prices of Disneys park passesalong with the variety of ticket options to access the many parkshave grown exponentially.

The bad news is that the cost for a one-day, one-park ticket for ages 10 and older has skyrocketed to as high as $159. Fortunately, there are ways to bring the price of park passes downsubstantially in some caseswhich we will explore in our guide below. Its important to understand how Disney World’s ticket program works so that you can make informed purchasing decisions and get the best value for your ticket.

Note that Walt Disney World is open 365 days a year. All of the theme parks are open every day , while the water parks typically take a winter break in the off-season.

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Whats The Price To Add A Day To Disney World Tickets

Back in the olden daysthat is, before October 16, 2018it was pretty straightforward to figure out the extra cost of a ticket a day longer. Adding a sixth through a tenth day cost a flat $10.65 per ticket per day.

Now that prices vary so much over the course of the year, you can only know for sure the costs of adding days by comparing tickets of varying lengths with the same start days. On average, the cost to add days six through ten is around $15-20 per day, but for any specific date, it can vary from five dollars or less to more than $45 per day.

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Park Hopper Plus Park Hopper Plus Option

Disney World is raising their ticket prices, again.

Park Hopper Plus combines the benefits of both the Park Hopperand the Water Park and Sports options together for anadditional $91 to $112 , depending on the number of park days.The number of “plus” visits to the Water Park and Sports venues equals thenumber of days on your ticket. For example, if you buy an 8-Day Park Hopper Plusticket, you get eight “visits.” You can’t change how many “visits” you get thenumber is fixed, and unused days arent refundable.

Note that Park Hopper Plus costs less than $22 more than Park Hopper on its own if you are already planning to purchase Park Hopper and want to visit a waterpark only once, it’s a good value.

If you buy a ticket but then decide later that you want to add the Park Hopper Plus option,you can do so. Note, though, that Disney doesnt prorate the cost: if you add Park Hopper Pluson the last day of your trip, youll pay the same price as if youd bought it before you left home.

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Disney Ticket Cost In 1999

Adults: $44.00Children: $38.75

The Journey Into Your Imagination, the Rock N Roller Coaster and the Test Track attractions opened. The Disneys All-Star Movies Resort opened and Disney began celebrating its Millennium Celebration. The celebration ran for fifteen months carrying over to 2000. Ticket prices increased by $2.00.

Ecpot Test Track Opening 1999

What Are The Prices Of These Disney World Tickets And How Do They Vary

If you buy Base, Hopper, and Hopper Plus tickets, the price of the tickets will vary based on the length of the ticket, whether it is for someone ten or older or three to ten years old at the time of their visit , and, new as of October 2018, when the first day of eligible use is.

Prices per day typically go down with longer tickets compared to shorter tickets with the same first eligible day. While the new date-based pricing means how much they go down will vary over the year, typically the least expensive days to add are days six through ten, each of which costs on average over 2021 on average $20 per day to add, with a range of around $5 to $50 a day to add a day. The first ticket day, and days two through four, cost an arm and a leg. Day five is in between.

Tickets for kids three to nine cost ~$5 to ~$25 less per ticket than tickets for those ten and older, with the larger saving applying to longer tickets.

More profoundly, the ticket price also varies depending on the first start date. In the longer ticket lengthsfive days and longerin 2021 prices for tickets of the same length vary over the course of the year on average about $175thats a $700 difference for a family of four. See the table for the price range by length for base tickets.

Basically, tickets are more expensive during the times when it is most convenient for families with school-age kids to go, so they will be typically higher during holiday periods, common vacation periods, and over weekends.

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Disney Ticket Price History

Disney Ticket Price History goes something like this A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away

Oh boy, Dad sure loves Star Wars, in fact in 1977 when A New Hope came out well, I guess thats not important right now, so Ill try to get focused and regale you with a tale of tickets past, tickets present and maybe even tickets future.

Ticket Cost In 2016 And Beyond

March 2020 at Walt Disney World

Value: $97.00Regular: $102.00Peak: $114.00

2016 is the year that Disney introduced seasonal pricing based off demand. The ticket prices will rise during peak season and fall during low season. This new tiered pricing starts at $97 for the value season and can go up to $124 during peak season.

So how much higher do you think Disney World tickets prices will go? With the current expansions going on and talks of future expansion, that question may not be answered for a very long time. So live in the moment and soak up the wonderful experiences that so many are having at the magical world of Disney.

To read more details on tiered pricing change read our article below:

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Disneyland 55 Standards On Disneyland 2020

So, lets say Disneyland didnt change anything about their pricing. Forget the inclusion of more intense E-ticket attractions, forget the overall increase in park quality, forget the outrageous increase in California taxes, and forget the increased demand relative to the rather stagnant park capacity. Lets assume Disney merely corrected for inflation and kept its PPA average, which would be $2.19 a ride today.

The Disneyland Resort currently has 90 attractions divided into two parks, and we have more on the way with Avengers Campus opening this summer. Using our PPA average and the now-$ ten admission fees for both Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park, it would cost an adult $217 to have the unlimited access offered by Disneylands Park Hopper ticket.

$217. The highest price guests will pay for a Disneyland Park Hopper this year is $209, and the lowest theyll pay is $159.

The Walt Disney World Theme Parks

With the 7, 14 and 21-day Disney World tickets you can come and go between these Disney Parks as many times as you like!

You can even hop between parks on the same day, using the free transport that connects all the Disney Parks and Disney Resort hotels.

Magic Kingdom

The first ever park to open at what is now the Walt Disney World Resort, Magic Kingdom Park is the world’s most-visited theme park with over 19 million visitors every year!

With the iconic Cinderella Castle at its centre, the original Disney park has 6 themed lands to explore, with classic attractions, enchanting fireworks, musical parades and beloved Disney characters all waiting for you….

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Heres How Much It Cost To Go To Disney World The Year You Were Born

Known as one of the worlds most popular and beloved destination resorts, Disney World hosts more than 48 million guests every year. At least 20.9 million of those guests pass through the flagship Magic Kingdom alone. If you want to visit the wonderful world of Disney in Florida, youre going to have to purchase tickets and the cost of entry continues to shift. The famous park recently announced that ticket prices will be exclusively based on dates rather than a standard general admission fee, which might have some families rethinking the cost to stay at Disney World.

GOBankingRates examined how admission fees have changed since the theme park opened in 1971 through 2020, according to data from Then, GOBankingRates used the Bureau of Labor Statistics inflation calculator to determine the yearly rates adjusted for inflation. Prices for Disneyland tickets or entrance fees for other theme parks were not considered all data is for the price of general admission tickets to the Magic Kingdom at Disney World only. Admission prices between 1971-81 include sales tax, and prices after 1981 do not. All in all, The Most Magical Place on Earth certainly sells some of the priciest theme park tickets around the globe.

When Disney Tickets Expire

Disney increases ticket prices for its Florida and California theme parks

Along with the introduction of date-based pricing, Disney shortened the amount of time you have to use your tickets. Previously, all tickets expired at midnight 14 days after first use. Now, a ticket’s use period begins on the “start date” chosen at the time of purchase, and the time until expiration varies based on how many days youre visiting the theme parks and water parks, as shown below:

Ticket Days
14 Days15 Days

For example, if you purchase a 4-Day 1 Park Per Day theme park ticket and specifyyoull start using it on June 15, 2022, you must complete your four days of theme parkvisits by the end of June 21, 2022. After that, the ticket is expired, even if you dont use it.

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Park Hopper Plus Option

Park Hopper Plus tickets are almost identical to Water Park and Sports Option tickets in that they include visits to the same water parks and sports attractions. The difference is that they also allow park hopping among the theme parks.

If you’re only going to be here for one or two days, we do not recommend this option. Even the most proficient multitasker would find it challenging to visit multiple theme parks plus water parks or other attractions in such a short amount of time.

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Disneylands First Ticket System

When Uncle Walt created Disneyland his model was state fairs and midways which sold individual tickets to rides. Walt didnt want to sell individual ride tickets so he devised a system that rated the rides by popularity. The more popular a ride, the more it would cost.

Disney sold ticket books with 5 levels of Disney ticket prices. A tickets were for the cheap rides. The rides that no one really wanted to ride on. B tickets were a little better all the way up to the top of the line tickets the E tickets. Youll still hear that term today. When a great new ride is introduced at one of the Disney parks some old guys will call it an E ticket ride. That means that its a a top of the line or headliner ride.

There were several different ticket book plans. Lower priced tickets could be grouped together and exchanged for higher priced tickets. You could even buy individual tickets.

Over the years, Disney discovered that the ticketbook program was very innefficient and the tickets were easy to counterfit. Several thousand dollars worth of counterfit tickets were found in Anahiem shortly after Disneyland opened. Uncle Walt also noticed that every afternoon cast members were picking up hundreds of tickets and leftover books. It was messy and costly.

Its real hard to believe now, but the prices of tickets sold in the ticket books never changed. Disney did raise prices on the separate admission cost but the actual A, B, C, D and E tickets never changed in price.

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