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Disney World Island Of Adventure

Universal Studios Vs Islands Of Adventure Ticket Prices

Disney World Vacation 2011 – Day 10 – (2 of 3) – Islands Of Adventure
  • Islands of Adventure or Universal Studios One Day Base Tickets: Starting at $109.00
  • Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure One Day Park-to-Park Tickets: Starting at $169.00
  • Islands of Adventure or Universal Studios Two Day Base Tickets: Starting at $212.00
  • Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure Two Day Park-to-Park Tickets: Starting at $265.00

Storm Force Accelatron Doesn’t Do The X

The wait times for Storm Force Accelatron aren’t usually too bad, but that’s only because people are spending their time doing other things. It’s not an awful experience. It’s an acceptable, family-friendly teacup-clone, even if it’s a bit more dizzying than it needs to be. But it doesn’t make for a memorable time, either, and while you’re waiting for it to end in your spinning seat with your chin in your palm, you’ll have plenty of time to think about all the better X-Men rides that could have been.

The story is fine, we suppose Magneto is up to no good and Professor X and Storm need your help to stop him but is this really the best they could do with such a great comic book franchise? What about a thrill ride where Phoenix launches you into the air with her mind? Or something with Angel and flying? Or some kind of Cyclops alien-shooter thing? The possibilities seem endless, so it’s puzzling that the only X-Men-themed ride is so unimaginative. It feels like they forgot to include these iconic characters in the park and just shoehorned them in here to check a box off a list. Don’t waste your time unless you’ve hit everything else first.

Universal Studios Vs Islands Of Adventure Price

Are you trying to decide if you should visit Islands of Adventure or Universal Studios Florida based on price? Luckily for you, this should be an easy one as ticket prices are identical between the two parks. Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios ticket prices both start right around $109.00 for a one day base ticket. Their two day passes are also sold to really give you access to both Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure. So if youre looking to visit Islands of Adventure two days in a row you can still simply shop for a Universal two day pass which starts at $106 per day, per person.

As you can see the pricing shouldnt really make a difference when deciding between Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure. We will however say you might want to consider the difference between the base tickets and the park-to-park tickets if you do decide that you simply need to visit both parks. This ticket can be extremely helpful especially when trying to visit Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure Orlando in one day.

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Things You Didn’t Know About Disney World

Think you know everything about Walt Disney World Resort and its four world-class theme parks Disneys Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot, Disneys Hollywood Studios and Disneys Animal Kingdom Theme Park? Think again! Even the biggest Disney World fanatic will be amused, intrigued or surprised by some of the 50 fascinating Disney World facts listed below . . . 1. Walt Disney World Resort encompasses 30,500 acres, making

Harry Potter And The Forbidden Journey

Universals Islands Of Adventure

Height: 48/122cmRide Type: Flying Benches

Full disclosureI ride Forbidden Journey once a trip to make sure I remember the ride. Otherwise, it is far too nauseating for me. Usually when Im testing different park strategies, Ill just wait in the line and exit at the very end. This is the only ride I do this regularly on.

The ride vehicle is basically a two-person seat attached to the end of robotic arm that waves / bobs / weaves you around the screens and limited animatronic sets. It doesnt go fully upside down, but you spend significant portions on your back.

The actual storytaking you on an adventure through the grounds of Hogwartsis pretty cool. And the ride is definitely a unique experience.

Riding It: Wait up to an hour for this in the afternoon. The Forbidden Journey queue is actually one of the better spaces in Universal, and about 20 to 30 minutes of the queue is fully indoors. Since I dont love the ride, Ill sometimes just wait in the queue to experience it.

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Hogwarts Express Hogsmeade Station

Height: All HeightsRide Type: Enclosed Train Ride

Important: You need Park-to-Park privileges to ride the Hogwarts Express because it connects Universal Studios Florida to Universals Islands of Adventure. You cannot ride if unless you have a ticket that grants you access to both those parks on the same day.

Hogwarts Express is a really neat ride. The train connects Diagon Alley to Hogsmeade . In concept, that might sound like any number of other train rides at competing theme parks.

In execution, Universal takes the concept and runs with it. During your journey, the cabin is completely transformed to take you on an adventure as if youre actually riding the Hogwarts Express between these two destinations.

Riding It: Because it transports you to the other park, theres often no perfect time to ride the Hogwarts Express . If you have two days, use the Hogwarts Express late and watch the nighttime show at the opposite park from where you spent most of your day.

Otherwise, you should be able to time it to avoid waiting more than 30 minutes, but if its your last big thing you might just need to enjoy the line midday.

If you save it for late, make sure you mind the hours of both parks. If, for example, Halloween Horror Nights is going on at Universal Studios Florida, the Hogwarts Express will stop running in both directions by about 5PM.

Universal Rides Vs Islands Of Adventure

When breaking down Universal vs Islands of Adventure rides, here are some of their most popular ones to give you a feel of what to expect when visiting:

Universal Studios:

  • The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man
  • The Cat in the Hat
  • The High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride!
  • The Incredible Hulk Coaster
  • Poseidons Fury

Are you looking at the ride list above and having a hard time deciding between the two parks? Well luckily it is totally possible to visit Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios and get a ton done. We find that one of the easiest ways to pick the best time to visit Universal is to compare thecheapest Universal Orlando ticket prices. The cheaper the tickets the more likely it is that the parks wont be as crowded during that time of year.

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Islands Of Adventure Vs Universal Studios For Adults

Universal Orlando is an amazing place for adults to enjoy some of Orlandos most popular attractions. With the newest Universal Orlando ride the VelociCoaster there is so much to see and do between the both Universal Studios Vs Islands of Adventure. But which one is the best for your Universal Orlando adults trip? And we do find Islands of Adventure to be the best park for adults when deciding between the two. The main reason is Islands of Adventure has three of the best rides in all of Universal Orlando with the Incredible Hulkcoaster, the VelociCoaster and of course Hagrids Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure.

What To Eat And Drink

NOW OPEN: Jurassic World VelociCoaster at Universals Islands of Adventure

The food is generally quite good throughout Universal Orlando, and Islands of Adventure is no exception. The full-service Mythos Restaurant, which boasts wild architecture themed to the Greek Gods, is particularly good. The varied menu includes everything from pad Thai to grilled lamb chops. The menu at Confisco’s Grille, located near the front of the park, is perhaps even more eclectic. The food is on par with Mythos, but the restaurant is generally less busy.

Because everything is so close to one another, you could easily leave the park for a meal at CityWalk and return. One of our favorite restaurants there is The Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen for its huge menu filled with tasty dishes, creative and scrumptious milkshakes, and a whimsical steampunk theme. Other good choices include Bigfire, which features delicious wood-charred dishes, and Vivo Italian Kitchen, which gives guests scissors to cut their pizzas.

We strongly recommend that you make advance reservations for Universals full-service restaurants or you may find that youll either have a really long wait or be shut out all together. Reservation info is available by clicking on the restaurant of your choice at Universal Orlandos Web site.

You havent truly visited Islands of Adventure until you have tried Butterbeer, the incredibly popular Potter-themed beverage. It comes in a variety of forms, all of which are delicious and addictive.

Courtesy of Universal Orlando Resort

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Will Disney World Ever Reopen Discovery Island

There have been rumors of Discovery Island reopening over the years, but it seems unlikely. At one point, there were stories about the island becoming a honeymoon resort. At another time, some said that it would become another theme park modeled after a video game. Most of this is hearsay without any official statements to back up the claims.

Looking at the most recent footage, its hard to imagine Walt Disney World returning to the island to restore the attractions of its Discovery Island years. Clearing the island and rebuilding from scratch seems most logical, but disposing of all the abandoned materials on the island would be costly. Perhaps Disney has determined to ignore the island and let nature take its course. This has paved the way for people like Seph Lawless to criticize Disney for not taking responsibility to clean the wreckage.

Its hard to tell what will become of the island, but as of now, Discovery Islands attractions remain, slowly decaying and sagging under the weight of overgrowth, as they have been for the last 20 years.

Universal Studios Or Islands Of Adventure: Food At The Parks

This was another category that I thought was very difficult. There are places I really enjoy at both parks and I shared our favorite places to eat at Universal Orlando in a previous post.

Universal Studios has a handful of sit down restaurants as well as numerous options at Springfield U.S.A. One of my favorite meals comes from the Taco Truck outside Moes at Springfield U.S.A. They also have Leaky Cauldron which is a great choice for Harry Potter fans.

Islands of Adventure has Mythos as well as many counter service dining options. Mythos has won awards for being one of the best theme park restaurants in the country. We tried Mythos during a visit and liked it, but it is very pricey and not really a great choice if you are riding rides all day.

Islands of Adventure also has Green Eggs and Ham at Seuss Landing. This has been at Seuss Landing for years but recently re-opened serving Who-Hash and other Seuss themed meals. I really hope Green Eggs and Ham stays open because it was a hit for everyone in the family.

Even though Islands of Adventure has Green Eggs and Ham, Universal Studios wins this one because of its options for sit-down and counter service plus its variety of options for everyone.

Winner: Universal Studios

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Beloved Franchises You Cant Find Anywhere Else

And while Disney World is where youll find Mickey Mouse, princesses, and other Disney and Pixar characters, Universal Orlando is also home to some beloved franchises. Of course, theres Harry Potter, but theres also Seuss Landing, which is themed after Dr. Seuss books

attractions and meet and greets with characters from Jurassic Park

an entire area dedicated to The Simpsons (which, ironically, is a program that belongs to Disney

and more! If youre a fan of these other franchises, Universal is the better option because you wont find them at Disney World!

What Is The Difference Between Universal Studios Florida And Islands Of Adventure


The main difference between Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure is the different concepts. Universal Studios is based on TV shows and movies, and is known as the theme parks where guests ride the movies. Islands of Adventure, on the other hand, is where the fantasy and thrill rides mainly are. So when debating on Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure, you may want to think about the difference between universal parks and which theme sparks a bigger interest to you and the group.

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Islands Of Adventure Theme Park Dining

Full Service Restaurants:

Mythos Restaurant DIS RecommendedMythos is billed as “the best theme park restaurant in the world” according to While Mythos is a good restaurant, calling it the “best theme park restaurant in the world” is a bit of a stretch. The food here ranges from okay to better than okay – it never rises to the level of excellent, nor does the service. The prices are consistent with what you would find in any sit-down theme park restaurant – expect to pay between $25 and $30 per person for lunch.

Confisco’s Grille- DIS RecommendedA bit more casual than Mythos, we consider Confisco’s a better choice for families looking for a nice sit down meal at a more reasonable price. The menu is varied, food tends towards better than average , and the prices are more reasonable than what you’ll find at Mythos. A character breakfast is held here Sun-Thu from park opening until 10:30am.

Universal Meal Deal

Port of Entry

  • Confisco Grille – Sandwiches, Burgers and Salads
  • Croissant Moon Bakery – Deli Sandwiches, Paninis, Freshly Baked Pastries
  • Cinnabon – Cinnabon® Classic Cinnamon Rolls, Caramel Pecanbon® Rolls, and Cinnabon Stix®
  • Arctic Express – Ice Cream

Discount Islands Of Adventure Ticketscall Now 321

The Islands of Adventure theme park, in Orlando, Florida, is the spot for serious adventure seekers of all ages.

On five incredible islands Marvel Super Hero Island, The Lost Continent, Jurassic Park , Seuss Landing, and Toon Lagoon youll discover fantastic new worlds with something for everyone in the family.

Universal’s Islands of Adventure is the world’s most technologically advanced Orlando theme park, where visitors meet five distinctly themed attraction islands featuring the most cutting-edge rides, attractions, and interactive shows ever created.

Discover each Island of Adventure with the map above! As creative mentor, Steven Spielberg makes sure you live, breathe, and Feel the escapade, including some of the most astonishing roller coasters and thrill rides in the universe.

Islands of Adventure get your heart pumping like no place on earth. Only Florida attraction can provide this.

Different Disney discount tickets are sold.

The sale of such cheap Disney tickets more visitors can afford to enjoy.

Put on your 3-D glasses for an eye-popping, pulse-pounding, first-of-its-kind 3-D Spiderman adventure ride.

Careen-ing through the streets and vacillation high above the city, you’ll see, hear and in reality FEEL the action.

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, the Cat in the Hat, Dueling Dragons Roller coasters, Jurassic Park, River Adventure Popeye as well as Blutos Bilge-Rat Barges are the attractions that the visitors can enjoy here.

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How Much Do Tickets To The Two Universal Parks Cost

Ticket prices are generally consistent between these parks, starting at $109.00 for a one-day pass to either park for an adult. Their two-day pass lets you choose one park each day for $106.50/day, while passes beyond that are at least full access to both parks.

The two-park pass starts at $164.00, valid for a one-day trip, and scales down to $65.80/day for a five-day pass. Children are generally a few dollars less per day, but the difference isnt big enough to matter for most vacationers.

Annual passes start at $349.99 and scale up to $624.99 for the premier option.

For more information on current ticket prices that are not reflected above, see the park tickets page.

Seuss Landing Oi Fun Facts

The BEST and WORST Rides in Universal’s Islands of Adventure

Many Seuss characters can be found throughout Seuss Landing keep your eyes peeled as you walk through this area and see if you can spot:

  • Sneetches playing in the water by Sneetch Beach
  • the Lorax standing outside the house of the Once-ler
  • a lonely egg from Horton Hatches the Egg, ready for someone to sit for a spell
  • the Zax ByPass, where two Zax are determined to never move out of each others way
  • multicolored fish in McElligots Pool
  • Dr. Seuss himself, near the police officers vehicle thats close to the Mulberry Street Store

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About Universal Orlando Resort

Universal Orlando Resort takes your vacation to the next level! With three amazing theme parks, you wont miss the fun. As you stay at some Orlando hotels or vacation home rentals, you can grab your things and head to the parks with your whole gang! From blockbuster movies to splashing around with Popeye or even casting a spell, its an unforgettable experience. Its days and nights of endless fun and laughter for every member of the family. Vacation like never before here at Universal Orlando Resort.

Dont forget to purchase your theme park tickets or your Universal Studios vacation packages.

Jurassic World Velocicoaster Has Got Some Real Teeth

The queue and the visible setpieces around Jurassic Park’s VelociCoaster are nothing to write home about. It’s about velociraptors, everyone’s favorite dinosaurs ever since “Jurassic Park” made them famous, so there’s plenty of those to see and hear as you move through the line. Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt make predictable but welcome appearances about halfway through, and go on a bit about how they’ve built a roller coaster around raptors and how that might not have been a great idea.

It’s fine enough to keep you pleasantly entertained as you inch towards the loading platform, and you’ll certainly appreciate the air conditioning, as the whole queue is indoors. Eventually you’ll get to the coaster, though, and to say it makes the rather underwhelming queue experience worth it is an understatement. Prepare for high speeds, killer loops and twists, and big, fast drops. It’s as solid a roller coaster as you’re likely to find just about anywhere, and a must-ride for first timers to Universal and repeat visitors alike.

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