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Disney World Fast Pass 2021

How Much Does Maxpass At Disneyland Cost

2021 Disney World Fast Pass Plus 101 & TIPS !! Help SKIP The Lines On Your Next Disney Trip!

MaxPass at Disneyland costs $20 per person per day.

If you want to upgrade to Disney MaxPass, which allows you to reserve FASTPASS from the free Disneyland app and with slightly better restrictions than the paper-ticket system, youll need to pay $20 per ticket per day. MaxPass covers both parks, but youll still need park hopper to visit both parks.

We have a guide to FASTPASS and MaxPass if you need to know more. In our Disneyland planning guidewe highly recommend paying for the MaxPass upgrade. Among other things, it saves you the trouble of going back and forth between FASTPASS distribution kiosks. Youll also be able to grab reserved space for Fantasmic and World of Color from your phone.

For the most part, MaxPass wont impact the return time on your FASTPASS. If everyone else is grabbing return times for the end of the day, yours is also going to be for the end of the day.

How To Book Your Disney World Fastpass+ Reservations

When your booking window opens up, you can use the My Disney Experience app or website to book attractions.

If youre staying onsite, you should book FastPass+ in order of difficulty, not chronological order.

This will allow you to get the harder ones first and then go back to snag the others later.

These are the difficult ones you should try to get first:

  • Flight of Passage at Animal Kingdom
  • Frozen Ever After at Epcot
  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Magic Kingdom
  • Slinky Dog Dash and Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run at Hollywood Studios

How Much Does Fastpass At Disneyland Cost

FASTPASS at Disneyland is free to all ticket holders. That means you can still grab your short wait on Radiator Springs Racers and Space Mountain for free!

Thats rightDisneyland’s traditional, paper-ticket based FASTPASS system is free to use! You can simply scan your theme park ticket at the FASTPASS machine to retrieve a FASTPASS for the ride. No cost! Unlike in Walt Disney World, however, there is a simple way to pay for a leg up on the FASTPASS competition.

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Stacking: A Complicated But Powerful Strategy

Stacking is holding multiple Lightning Lane reservations at the same time. For exampleHollywood Studios opens at 9AM. At 8AM, I book Slinky Dog Dash for 2PM. I can make my next booking at 11AM, two hours after the park opens.

At 11AM, I book Rock n Roller Coaster for 12PM. I now have two Lightning Lanes booked:

  • 12PM-1PM Rock n Roller Coaster

  • 2PM-3PM Slinky Dog Dash

Big congratulations me. I have stacked.

Stacking sounds really cool, and it is potentially really powerful. Heres a completely made up example of what people are dreaming of when they think of stacking.

Lets say a Magic Kingdom opens at 8AM and closes at 10PM, decently long hours but nothing unheard of. Peter Pans Flight runs out of Lightning Lane slots quickly, so that at 9AM youre booking a 6PM-7PM slot.

You wait two hours and at 11AM book Jungle Cruise for 5:30PM to 6:30PM. You wait two more hours and at 1PM book Haunted Mansion from 4:30PM to 5:30PM. You wait two more hours and at 3PM book Pirates of the Caribbean from 5PM to 6PM. You wait two more hours and at 5PM book Magic Carpets of Aladdin from 5:05PM to 6:05PM. Now its 5PM and youre holding:

  • 4:30 – 5:30 – Haunted Mansion

  • 5PM – 6PM – Pirates of the Caribbean

  • 5:05 – 6:05 – Magic Carpets of Aladdin

  • 5:30 – 6:30 – Jungle Cruise

  • 6PM – 7PM – Peter Pans Flight

Those are some good rides, and Magic Carpets, with little to no waits, all in succession. This is why people want to stack. Here are some thoughts about stacking.

What’s Included With Disney Genie

Disney Fast Pass 2021: Ultimate Guide + Free Printable ...

Every park visitor will have access to Disney Genie though the My Disney Experience and Disneyland mobile apps.

One of its highly-touted features is the ability to create custom itineraries for guests.

“Just tell Disney Genie what you want to do and it will do the planning for you,” a Disney Park press release said, noting that the tool aims to “take the guesswork out of ‘what’s next.'”

Guests can also use Disney Genie to join virtual queues, see current and forecasted attraction wait times, mobile order food, make reservations at restaurants and more.

There’s even a virtual assistant to help along the way.

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When Can I Make Individual Lightning Lane Selections

Pandora in Animal Kingdom

This is a bit more confusing

If you are staying at an on-property Disney resort, you can start buying Individual Lightning Lane reservations at 7 am the day of your visit.

Keep in mind that you can only purchase two Individual Lightning Lane selections each day.

If you arent staying on property, then you will have to wait until the park opens.

And to find out what time the parks open during your visit, check out this Disney World calendar.

How Do The Lightning Lanes Work At Disney World

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

First, there are two different types of Lightning Lane attractions at Disney World.

In a perfect world, Disney would have given them distinct names to keep confusion down. Unfortunately, we dont live in that perfect world!

First, purchasing Genie+ for the day will allow you to use the Lightning Lane at more than 40 attractions across the four parks.

These are called the Genie+ Lightning Lane attractions.

Whether you purchase Genie+ or not, you can also buy access to the Lightning Lane at the eight most in-demand attractions.

These are called the Individual Lightning Lane attractions.

Genie+ wont work to get you access to the Lightning Lane at these eight rides. You have to pay individually for these attractions.

To help with confusion, Im going to explain these one at a time. Ive also color-coded the terms throughout the post to help you keep them straight!

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How Do I Book Fastpasses At Epcot

You can book your FastPasses 60 days or 30 days in advance using the My Disney Experience App or online at Disneys website. If you cannot use the My Disney Experience App or the website, you can use one of the three FastPass+ kiosks located inside Epcot.

  • Future World West
  • Future World East
  • International Gateway

If you are looking to save time and be more efficient, we recommend skipping the kiosks in favor of your phone to book and modify all FastPasses at Epcot.

Disney Genie Transforms The Disney Park Experience

Do THIS At Disney World 2021! Disney World Fast Pass & Vacation Planning

The free version of Disney Genie will help you plan your day at the parks. You can choose what attractions you want to experience that day, and the algorithm will do its thing and let you know the best times to head to the queue of those attractions.

Many of us enjoy visiting the parks without a plan, and the absence of the FastPass itinerary will help bring back that spontaneity that we remember from the old days at Disney parks. This time, you have the help of technology to recommend when to visit your favorite attractions at the best times to reduce wait times.

The paid version, called Disney Genie+, costs $15 per day at Walt Disney World and $20 at Disneyland. This version includes unlimited access to the Lightning Lane for most of the current FastPass attractions. Lightning Lane reservations are made one at a time. For example, if you have Space Mountain reserved for 1:00 PM, you cannot make another Lightning Lane reservation until after that time.

The $15 charge for Walt Disney World also includes unlimited Photo Pass downloads with the new special effects in each photo. You also have access to audio experiences throughout the park. It is unknown what the audio will be, but history about these specific locations is a possibility.

Like all changes that come to Walt Disney World and other Disney parks, let us wait and see before we determine how horrible or wonderful this new experience turns out to be.

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Rides/attractions With A Height Requirement

Before booking any FastPasses at Epcot, you should be aware of the height requirements if children are in your party. This list is subject to change, but here is the current list as of May 2020.

  • Mission: SPACE At least 40 inches / 102 centimeters
  • Soarin At least 40 inches / 102 centimeters
  • Test Track At least 40 inches / 102 centimeters

Disney World Debuting New Paid Fastpass

Disney is making major changes to the way you plan your vacation and were unpacking all the details.

The new Disney Parks planning service, Disney Genie has FINALLY gotten an official release season and weve learned a lot more details. The new service will offer guests different levels of services to help plan a personalized itinerary in both Disney World and Disneyland. But, what is Disney Genie and more importantly how much will it cost?

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Biggest Disney World News Of 2021

As a year-end post, we thought it would be interesting to recap and review the 10 most popular Walt Disney World news of 2021. Technically, most of these are the least popular stories if judged by reader reactions and prevailing sentiment, but they were the most read.

It was a big bounceback year for Walt Disney World, and one of transition. The year started out slowly enough, with 2021 having a pronounced winter off-season before things quickly kicked into high gear as pent-up demand resulted in a scorching spring and summer for the parks. That cycle then repeated itself for fall and the holiday season, with the kickoff month of the 50th Anniversary being quieter than anticipated.

The news likewise had its ups and downs, with Walt Disney World working to restore normalcy and bring back closed resorts, restaurants, entertainment, and more. The unpredictable environment posed challenges to that, as did the companys delays in aggressively returning regular aspects of the experience. Almost none of this is reflected in the top 10 headlines below. While return announcements were popular, they were overshadowed by the more seismic shifts to the guest experience

Good Morning America 50th Reveal About a month later, ABCs Good Morning America teased the first major sneak peek of Walt Disney Worlds 50th Anniversary, revealing that it would be an 18-month celebration featuring the Beacons of Magic, new character costumes, and more.

How To Reserve Fast Passes For Your Trip In 7 Steps

Disney Fastpass: Secrets, Strategies, and Tiers (March ...

Fast Passes are your ticket to skipping long lines on popular rides and experiences so basically theyre amazing. If you plan on going to Disney for any length of time, pre-planning your Fast Passes is definitely worth it. Follow these steps if you are new to Fast Passesand watch for extra special bonus tips at the end of the article if youve already got the hang of FastPass+ basics.

Step 1 Sign up for a Disney account. Because Disney sites are all connected, you may already have one and not even realize it. Go to the general Disney website and either sign up or log in.

Step 2 Download the My Disney Experience app. If you prefer, you can make your Fast Pass Reservations online from the website. However, if you have a smart phone or device that you plan to bring to the parks with you, you will want this app for SO many reasons, including the ability to change your Fast Passes on the go. So go ahead and do it now.

Step 4 Browse available Fast Passes. On the MDE app, youll need to go to the menu and choose FastPass+, then Choose New FastPass+ Experiences. If you choose to do it on the website, youll need to click on My Disney Experience and choose FastPass+, then click New FastPass+. From there, follow the prompts to choose the date and park youll be planning for. Note, you can only plan for one park per day.

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Final Word About Disney Fastpass

For the most part, using Disney FASTPASS to get on a ride at any of the Disney theme parks is a good idea. Just remember that if you lose your admittance or re-admittance ticket, you are out of luck. Make sure you check the stand-by time before you select your FASTPASS as that line may be shorter than your wait for your return time.

Basic Rules Of Genie+

Theres a lot of confusion about the Genie+ rules, but the underlying system is really not so complex.

You purchase Genie+ in advance of your trip or at the start of the day. If you purchase in advance, youll need to buy Genie+ for the entire duration of your ticket. Alternatively, you can buy it any time after midnight for the day. Typically, I buy day-of at about 6:45AM. Genie+ is good for the calendar day only. It isnt good for 24 hours. If you buy it at 6PM on Tuesday, your access will end when the parks close Tuesday night.

Everyone who plans to use Genie+ Lightning Lanes needs Genie+. If there are four people in your group, all four need Genie+ in order to use the Genie+ Lightning Lanes. Usually, itll make sense to have one person making bookings for all four of you at the same time every time, but you also could all make your own individual bookings.

You can make your first Genie+ Lightning Lane booking for the day at 7AM. It doesnt matter if youre a guest of a Disney hotel or not, all guests can make their first booking at 7AM.

You can make Genie+ Lightning Lane bookings through the Genie Tip Board in the Disney World app. There are different ways to get to the booking screen, but my preference is just to find the ride I want on the Tip Board in Disney Genie and tap into it there.

Now, weve saved the big confusing question for last

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How To Buy Fastpass+

Guests that stay in the Club Level rooms listed below and have 3+ day park tickets get the option to purchase FP+ ahead of time.

The cost for this perk is $50/person/day and you must purchase a minimum of 3 days.

But, not everybody on your reservation has to participate. If you only want to purchase additional FastPasses for a couple people you can do that, but keep in mind that everybody that wants to ride will need to have their own FastPass in order to do so.

Guests that purchase additional FastPasses receive:

  • Three additional FastPass+ selections per day. FastPass+ attractions and entertainment experiences, the number of selections you can make and available arrival windows are limited.
  • The opportunity to reserve these three additional FastPass+ selections in more than one theme park when a valid Park Hopper option is also purchased with the ticket.
  • A booking window of up to 90 days in advance for these three additional FastPass+ selections and the ability to book them at multiple top-tier attractions. Guests may not repeat the same FastPass+ attraction during a single day.
  • The ability to book your regular 3 FastPasses at the same time at the same time you book the 3 purchased FastPasses. You can only do this for the same days you have purchased FastPasses but it is a nice perk to book all 6 at once a full 90 days out.

Guests must be staying in one of these rooms to participate:

Standby Fastpass+ And Single Rider Lines


Every attraction can have up to 3 different types of lines:

  • Standby this is the regular line, the line with the longest waits, and what you use if you dont have a FP+ or access to the Single Rider option
  • FastPass+ only people with current FP+ reservations can use this line, it has the shortest waits, and while you dont really skip the line when you use it, your waits are far less than when using the Standby Line.
  • Single Rider A few attractions at Disney World have Single Rider lines which are exactly what they sound like: lines for people riding alone or for those that dont mind sitting away from their party

If you want to save the most amount of time, your goal is to utilize as many of the FastPass+ lines as possible at the attractions that have the longest waits.

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A Smart Fastpass Strategy Will Allow You To Enjoy World Showcase At Your Own Pace

As mentioned earlier, World Showcases generally opens a few hours after Future World. That means you are going to want to complete Future World in the morning or early afternoon so you have as much time to explore the countries in World Showcase as possible. A good FastPass strategy will let you do that, so we highly recommend using the tips above.

Depending on whether you are snacking, drinking, or just browsing, your time at each country will vary. Canada, China, France, and The American Adventure all have videos, so you should take that into consideration when planning. Mexico has a ride, while Frozen Ever After is located in the Norway Pavilion. A deep dive in each country could take over an hour, while 15 minutes in each may be enough for you.

To Skip The Line At Disney Get Ready To Pay A Genie

For the first time, line-skipping privileges at Walt Disney World in Florida will cost $15 per person, an added cost for what is already an expensive destination.

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By Brooks Barnes

Walt Disney World in Florida is permanently retiring its free, line-skipping FastPass system and for the first time will charge $15 a person for the privilege, opening up a potentially colossal new revenue stream. Before the pandemic, the No. 1 theme park at the resort, the Magic Kingdom, attracted 21 million visitors annually.

Disney World introduced FastPass in 1999. The decision to retire that offering and join theme parks like Universal Orlando and Seaworld Orlando in charging for speedier access to rides reflects the era: Consumers have become increasingly accustomed to paying surcharges for special access and perks, many of which used to be included in the base price. The airlines have led the stratification.

Disney World, a 40-square-mile megaresort that has six separately ticketed parks, can be especially daunting to navigate, and Disney knows that people will spend more money and time at the complex if they find the experience less overwhelming.

MyMagic+ cost at least $1 billion to develop and introduce, in part because it required a lot of hardware, including the equipping of 28,000 hotel room doors with radio frequency readers.

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