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Disney World Epcot Japan Store

Favorite Places To Shop In Epcots World Showcase At Walt Disney World

Epcot’s Japan Pavilion Shop – Shopping with Jenna – Walt Disney World 2019

Posted by: Stacy Milford December 10, 2021

Guests visit EPCOTs World Showcase in Walt Disney World to travel the world without ever leaving Orlando. Whether its food, culture, architecture, or merchandise youre after, youll find country-specific elements in each World Pavilion.

We love that Cast Members throughout the World Showcase actually hail from the countries they represent, so you can even strike up a conversation with them to learn even more about your favorite destinations. Here are a few of our favorite places to shop in The World Showcase.

Wdw Epcot Japan Pavilion Mitsukoshi Gift Shop

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The Famous Little Shop In The Japanese Pavilion What Can We Buy There

We Brazilians love the famous souvenirs.

No matter where we go, we always bring some gift from the place to our friends and family, going to Disney so you can’t even imagine the amount of options we’ll find, especially here in the Japanese pavilion.

In addition to the typical attractions and restaurants, another differential of this pavilion is its little shop, or rather, “shop”, after all, it is one of the largest in Disney parks and considered by many visitors to be the best in the entire World Showcase.

It’s Mitsukoshi, which is actually a huge chain of department stores that exist in different countries.

If you, like us, like to follow various channels on Youtube or are always following the curiosities of the moment, you must have already seen some video of people tasting typical Japanese food, sweets or delicacies.

Now imagine that you can find all this in this store, pretty cool right? There we can buy the famous snacks.

Chocolates of various types and flavors, candies, chewing gum, teas, sweets and sweets very different from what we are used to.

And even if you’re the type who doesn’t like buying souvenirs, a visit to Epcot’s Mitsukoshi is worth it just to get to know the diversity of products present there.

Have you ever thought What should a supermarket be like in Japan?” Or else “what do Japanese stores usually sell? We can quench this curiosity with a visit to this store.

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Epcot Japan Pavilion Merchandise At Mitsukoshi Department Store

June 3, 2018 ~ 5 minutes read

Our tour of Japan concludes with a look inside the Mitsukoshi Department Store, which is probably Epcots most popular shopping destination outside of MouseGear in Future World. Just in case youre trying to keep your bearings, well begin our walk around the store through the entrance with the arrow pointing to it on the lower right corner of the picture. If youre looking for the Kawaii exhibit based on Japans cute culture then youll head straight through the Pavilion and take a left just before entering the store. I have a post with pictures of just about everything in that exhibit here. Straight back is also the portion of Mitsukoshi with the sake bar, which I recommend as part of the overarching Japan Pavilion update. Above Mitsukoshi is where youll find Teppan Edo, which I recently reviewed in detail in this post. Tokyo Dining, which well take a look at separately, is also up there.

Mitsukoshi is huge and stocks something like 50,000 individual products that are constantly selling out and then changed to something else. You could spend most of the day here and probably still miss half the stuff as one of the thousands of colorful products catch your eye and pull you away from another display. The 125+ pictures in this post were taken over the course of 45 minutes on two different days.

Mitsukoshi comes from a storied past, part of which is explained in some artwork near the front of the store.

That means Pokemon, of course.

Food And Drink At Epcot Mitsukoshi Department Store


One of the highlights at the Mitsukoshi Department Store is the large selection of Japanese foods. The sweets and confectionary are very popular with our kids. Our daughter loves the Ramune Sodas that to open you have to push a marble stopper down into the drink.

In the past we have tried sweets and chips from Mitsukoshi and you will find lots of interesting flavors to try. We always enjoy purchasing interesting snacks from World Showcase during our Disney World vacations. If you are going to pay Disney World prices for snacks you might as well take something interesting back to your hotel room.

You can also purchase sake and plum wine from the Sake Bar area at the back of the store. I personally have never been a Sake fan so I tend to try the Japanese beers that you can find at the kiosks located outside of the store.

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Epcot Japan Pavilion Facts

by Lex Mancini | Jan 26, 2022 | WDW Blog

These Japan Pavilion facts are almost better than fresh sushi. Almost.

Every cultural pavilion at EPCOT includes impressive detail that often remains a mystery to even the most dedicated Disney fansbut the Japan Pavilion has to take the cake for the most jam-packed with cultural easter eggs and authentic products and food.

Keep reading for an inside scoop on all the must-sees, must-tastes, and experiences you just cant pass up at the EPCOT Japan Pavilion!

Kawaii The History Of Cute

The Bitsuju-kan Gallery is so cute these days. Photo by Courtney Reynolds

When you step through the torii gate of the Japan EPCOT Pavilion you enter the world of cute! Or kawaii in Japanese. Kawaii is deeply embedded in Japanese culture, adding a little extra fun to even the most mundane parts of everyday life.

In this mini-museum, you can see a myriad of insanely adorable kawaii items and learn all about the history of kawaii in Japan and how it emerged.

Pika Pika Teapot! Photo by Courtney Reynolds

The kawaii movement started after World War II as a distraction from wartime. Nowadays, cute memorabilia is used by individuals of all genders and ages, and kawaii products can be seen anywhere from grocery stores to on the side of airplanes, to pink bunny barriers in construction sites. Check out the Bijutsu-Kan Gallery for the history of cute, and then get your own adorable kawaii merch in the Mitsukoshi store.

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Epcots Japan Pavilion Mitsukoshi Department Store

Im planning to write an article about my favorite stores in Walt Disney World so I started thinking about them where theyre located, what type of merchandise they carry, and why I love them. Im still going to write that post, but in the middle of all that thinking.I couldnt get my mind off the ONE most fantastic store in the World. It really deserves its very own place in the limelight without being grouped in with other great, but, lets face it, lesseror maybe I should say, more mainstream or ordinary stores.

If youve visited Walt Disney World but passed up the opportunity to visit the Mitsukoshi Department Store in Epcots Japan Pavilion I can understand how that could happen, but I need towellpoint out the error of your ways. The store isnt out there, up front with attractive window displays designed to draw you in. The understated entrance gives no hint of the riches to be found inside a treasure trove of unimaginable variety. Do NOT pass through the World Showcase without taking at least a few minutes to look around at this huge and fascinating collection of Japanese goods! Ive been in Mitsukoshi many times, but every time feels like the first and I always discover some new section I didnt know existed.

There is literally something for everyone at Mitsukoshi and if its souvenirs youre after youre guaranteed to find special and unique treasures for everyone on your list!

Have you been to Mitsukoshi? What did you think?

Amazing Things About The Japan Pavilion At Disney Epcot

EPCOT JAPAN STORE Full Walkthrough Tour at Walt Disney World

Around the World Showcase at Epcot, each of the eleven pavilions brings the unique style and culture of their respective countries to share with the Walt Disney World Guests. The Japan Pavilion has been a World Showcase destination since the park opened in 1982, and since then, guests routinely add it to their must-do list as it has become a fan-favorite pavilion. Filled with Japanese architecture and iconic cultural offerings, there are so many things to see and explore in the pavilion. As a tribute, we have put together a list of the ten most amazing things about the Japan Pavilion in Epcot.

10 Koi Pond

Along the steps ascending to Katsura Grill, the koi pond is full of fish content to swim all day and grow to their full potential. A softly falling waterfall keeps the water flowing while the rocks and plant-life give the koi pond a sense that it has been there for ages. There is a secret amid the water in the form of a Hidden Mickey, which can be seen in the center of a metal grate collecting water to be returned to the top of the waterfall.

9 Sake Tasting Bar

Editors Note: At this time, the sake tasting bar may not be available.

8 Pick A Pearl

Editors Note: At this time, the pick a pearl experience is not available.

7 Tokyo Dining

6 Bijutsu-kan Gallery

5 Matsuriza

4 Katsura Grill

3 Architecture

2 Teppan Edo

1 Mitsukoshi Department Store

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What Are The Attractions Of The Japan Pavilion At Epcot

Inside the Japan pavilion you can enjoy Matsuriza, which is an incredible drum show that lasts from fifteen to twenty minutes in length.

This show shows visitors a bit of Japanese culture and customs, through this presentation that involves music and dance.

Disney always prepares presentations like these for us in its parks, which take place outdoors and we can see and feel up close.

If you’re passing by when the show starts, we’re sure you’ll be enchanted with the choreographies and the rhythm of the artists and to make it even more beautiful, everything is done with a large Japanese temple as a backdrop, it’s impossible not to stop and take some photos or record a video of memory.

Another famous attraction at the Japanese pavilion is picking pearls from oysters, called the “Pick-A-Pearl” , very different right?

This kind of game follows the fortune cookie tradition a bit, it works like this, for a fee, you can choose an oyster among the dozens that are kept in an aquarium.

Each oyster has a different pearl, of different sizes and Colors different, it’s up to your luck and intuition to make the best choice.

This pearl can be turned into a type of necklace for you to leave already wearing this prize or you can just keep it and take it home.

If you choose an empty oyster, rest assured, you get another chance, no one leaves this attraction empty-handed.

Pop Culture Merchandise At The Japan Store At Epcot

There are a lot of famous Japanese Pop Culture properties that you will inside the store such as Nintendo, Pokémon, Hello Kitty and Sega. You will find T-shirts, clothing, toys and action figures for all sorts of famous Japanese properties. Some you will be very familiar with such as Super Mario and others less so unless you are a big fan of anime.

You will find quite a selection of Funko Pops too based on characters from famous Japanese properties.

If you have a member of your family who is a Pokémon fan they will love it. But be prepared as they may not want to leave the store empty handed.

My one tip would be to check prices before you purchase anything that you may be able to get easily outside of Disney World. On our last trip I very nearly purchased a Sonic the Hedgehog figure for my games room, but I found it on Amazon for a lot less money. There will be items you wont find so easily, but it is always worth checking.

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A World Showcase Of Unforgettable Shopping At Epcot Japan Pavilion

The Japanese store at Disney

by Steven Miller, Manager, External Affairs

This month, I visited Japan Pavilion for my series about shopping in World Showcase at Epcot. I first visited the country of Japan in 2002. It was incredible, and Ive been dreaming of returning to Japan since that first visit. Its no surprise then that I visit Japan Pavilion during every visit to Epcot.

A five-story pagoda surrounded by lush gardens and a koi pond stands near the entrance. In the distance, guests see the towers of a stylized castle that looks similar to Himeji Castle in Japan. The Mitsukoshi Department Store is located on the first floor of a building found on the west side of the pavilion. This two-story building is reminiscent of an Imperial ceremonial hall in Japan. The second floor is home to one of my favorite restaurants in Epcot, Teppan Edo, where Teppan chefs cook traditional Japanese dishes right at your table.

I was fortunate to visit the store before the shop was open. I love the impressive interior space with red ceilings and exposed wood beams. The shop extends the entire length of the pavilion and wraps around to the Bijutsu-kan Gallery which currently houses an adorable exhibit about cute culture in Japan.

This shop is my go-to store for all things Japanese . They have an eclectic mix of pop culture items, home décor, kitchenware and accessories. The shop also contains fine pearl jewelry, books, decorative clocks and much more.

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Discover The Japanese Pavilion At Epcot And Be Enchanted By The Place

With World Showcase Disney managed to amazingly show a little of different cultures around the world. Among the eleven pavilions, the Japanese one is, without a doubt, very special.

It is one of the most beautiful, has a huge store with different products, has attractions that show a little of the customs of Japan and has fantastic restaurants that will make your hunger very happy.

If you have the chance to visit Epcot, miss a few minutes in this pavilion and gain photos, videos, memories, experiences, sensations and memories to last a lifetime.

We hope again that this post has helped you in your research for your trip to Disney or Orlando.

As a way to help us maintain the blog, we just ask you to help us by sharing this publication and subscribing to our social networks as , or Youtube channel.In addition to helping us, we are sure that there you will find hundreds of useful posts for your trip!

Mitsukoshi At Epcot Japan Pavilion

From the impressive décor, which features red ceilings with exposed wood beams, to the authentic items available for you to browse and purchase, the Mitsukoshi Department Store is a popular stop for visitors to Epcot. In addition to the unique apparel, such as kimonos, Japanese handbags and scarves, an entire area within the store is devoted to snacks and candies in flavors that will surprise and delight you. Youll also find a Sake Bar at the Mitsukoshi store, where you can sample a variety of samples.

The Mitsukoshi Department Store is located on the ground floor of the Japanese Pavilion, which is reminiscent of an Imperial ceremonial hall. It extends the length of the pavilion, leading guests to the Bijutsu-kan Gallery, where youll find an exhibit of displays that focus on Japans renowned culture of cute.

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The Architecture Tells A Story

Illuminations: Reflections of Earth, view from the Japan Pavilion. Photo by Cliff Wang.

There is a very special element of spirituality weaved into the architecture in the Japan Pavilion. The large red torii gate in the water represents transition in Shinto and Buddhist beliefs.

The Goji-no-to Pagoda is another landmark that has poetic and spiritual meaning. If you look closely you will notice that the Pagoda has five different roofs. Each one symbolizes the different essential elements in the Buddhist religion, including, water , wind , fire , earth , and void .

The blue pagoda is a replica of a 7th-century Japanese temple and includes calming pools and gardens with native maples, various trees, and bamboo. The sense of serenity and calm that the garden gives is unmatched and will definitely leave you feeling very zen.

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