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Disney World Early Check In

Could Lead To Early Check

Disney World Vacation 2017 Early Morning at Pandora Animal Kingdom to check out the CRAZY LINES

While Disney doesnt guarantee that your room will be ready before 3:00 pm, using the Online Check-In does sometimes speed up the check-in process.

Since using this service tells Disney ahead what time youll be arriving at the hotel, they usually will try to have your room ready as soon as possible. They have dedicated staff to help with the check-in process, and if they know you are coming, this sometimes leading to an early check-in

Packages Vs Room Only Reservations

  • If you have booked a Disney World Vacation PACKAGE meaning you purchased your room + tickets or room + tickets + dining plan youll need to check-in before you go to the parks. If you dont check-in before you go to the parks your tickets and your dining plan will not work.
  • If you have a ROOM ONLY reservation, you do NOT need to check-in before you go to the parks. Since your tickets arent attached to a room, they are already activated and you can head to the parks whenever you are ready.

When it comes time, checking in can look like a couple of different things:

Are Early Theme Park Entry And Extra Magic Hours The Same Thing

Sort of, but there are differences.

Extra Magic Hours were times that the parks would open to onsite guests outside of the normal operating schedule.

That part sounds an awful lot like Early Theme Park Entry.

But, unlike Early Theme Park Entry where every park is open 30 minutes early, Extra Magic Hours could be in the morning or night, only covered one park per day, and were either 1 hour or 2 hours long .

As you can imagine, because Extra Magic Hours were only at 1 park per day, it significantly affected crowds.

In fact, we rarely recommended people visit a park with Extra Magic Hours because those parks would, nearly without fail, be the busiest.

But, since it is daily and at all 4 parks, Early Theme Park Entry allows guests to be a lot more flexible with how they plan their days.

Plus, instead of concentrating park goers to 1 park, it should spread people out between *all* of them.

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Early Entry Eligible Disney Owned Hotels

  • Disneys All-Star Movies Resort
  • Disneys All-Star Music Resort
  • Disneys All-Star Sports Resort
  • Disneys Art of Animation Resort
  • Disneys Pop Century Resort
  • Campsites at Disneys Fort Wilderness Resort
  • Disneys Caribbean Beach Resort
  • Disneys Coronado Springs Resort & Gran Destino Tower
  • Disneys Port Orleans Resort French Quarter
  • Disneys Port Orleans Resort Riverside
  • Cabins at Disneys Fort Wilderness Resort
  • Disneys Animal Kingdom Lodge
  • Disneys Beach Club Resort
  • Disneys BoardWalk Inn

You Get Lucky And Your Room Is Ready When Arriving At Disney World Before Check In

Ask for Your Check Early

Finally, you might get lucky, and your room is ready for you. It is possible for this to be happen and if it does you can get inside unpack and get ready to enjoy everything Disney World has to offer. If you arrive very early, it is likely that your room will not be ready, but you never know. You might get lucky.

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Arriving At Disney World Before Check In Doesnt Need To Be Stressful

Arriving at Disney World can be stressful, especially if it is your first time but it does not need to be. There is plenty to see and do upon arriving at Disney World Before Check in Time. Hopefully, some of our suggestions above have given you some ideas for your Disney World Arrival Day.

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What About Declining Housekeeping Services

People that opt to decline housekeeping services will need to visit the front desk to do that but you dont have to request it immediately upon arrival or even at check-in anytime that first day works.

In-person can be thought of as the traditional way of checking in.

You go inside and find the counter. Maybe wait in-line for a bit and then give the person working there your information.

They do that type type type thing on their computer.

After all the clicking and the typing they give you some maps and maybe a flyer or 2 and then send you on your way.

Even if check-in time isnt officially until 3 or 4 pm, you can still go ahead and check-in before then.

Your room may not be ready but youll be officially checked-in and Disney will text you your room number when it is ready to be occupied. And, as long as you have your MagicBand or a cell phone on you, you shouldnt have to go back to the counter.

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Which Resorts Are Eligible For Early Theme Park Entry

All onsite resorts, plus a few offsite resorts that are typically included in special things are eligible for this new benefit.

That includes:

  • Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel
  • Walt Disney World Swan Hotel
  • Walt Disney World Swan Reserve
  • Shades of Green® on Walt Disney World® Resort
  • Signia by Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek
  • Waldorf Astoria Orlando
  • B Resort & Spa Lake Buena Vista
  • DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Orlando
  • Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace
  • Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista
  • Holiday Inn Orlando
  • Wyndham Garden Lake Buena Vista
  • Wyndham Lake Buena Vista

What Is Disney Online

DISNEY WORLD 2021 December | Travel day to Disney World and Check in to All Star Movies

How many times have you been on vacation and arrived at your hotel, only to find a giant line in the lobby of guests waiting to check in? What if I told you you didnt have to ever face that problem again? Enter the Disney World Online Check-In service.

Any guest staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel has the option of skipping the traditional check-in process when arriving, and instead of checking in ahead of time from home!

With Disneys Online Check-In you start the process from your electronic device at home. Then once your arrive and your room is ready, you will receive a text notification telling you that your room is ready.

In the meantime you can explore your hotel, visit one of the Disney theme parks or grab a bit to eat while you are waiting. In some cases, the Online Check-In even helps get your room ready faster than usual.

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Magic Kingdom Early Theme Park Entry Touring Strategy

Magic Kingdom has the most attractions of any park, but you can see by the list above that Early Theme Park Entry only includes attractions from 2 lands: Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. That means several other popular attractions that typically see long waits arent available until the park officially opens.

If you are planning your time, heres what we *think* will be the best options for Magic Kingdom Early Theme Park Entry. Keep in mind that 2 of the 3 attractions we list do have height requirements.

  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
  • Space Mountain
  • Peter Pans Flight

How To Use It How Does Online Check

Now that you have everything ready, we are ready to start the Online-Check process.

In order to access Disneys Online Check-In, you need to log in to your account in My Disney Experience. This can be done in the app on your cell phone or mobile device, or by going online to the website using a computer.

Here are the steps to complete the process:

  • Log in to your My Disney Experience account in the app or on the website.
  • Go to the My Plans section in My Disney Experience.
  • Confirm your email address and phone number for notifications when the room is ready.
  • Add your arrival time.
  • Add your credit card for charging privileges.
  • Set your MagicBand PIN. This 4-digit code is used for charging things to the room.
  • Select your Service Your Way settings.
  • Make special room requests
  • Agree to policies / Finish Online Check-In
  • Here are some screenshots that will help you see exactly how to do the online check-in process:

    First login to the My Disney Experience :

    This is the screen you see when you want to start the online check-in process:

    Set your email address and mobile phone number for notifications:

    Set your arrival time:

    Make any room requests:

    You can choose if you prefer to have your room ready quicker or have your requests fulfilled:

    Set your and review everything:

    Thats it, youre done! Now just wait to get your notification that your room is ready.

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    New Important Requirements: Walt Disney World Resort Reservations

    As Walt Disney World® Resort reopens, Park attendance will be strictly managed through a new Park reservation system. Guests who do not have an advance Park reservation will be denied entry. To enter a Park on a particular day, both a Park reservation for that day and a Ticket valid for Park admission on that day are required. This applies to Park Tickets included with or added to a Costco Travel package. Prior to purchasing your Costco Travel package, it is recommended all Guests check the Park Availability Calendar at . Next, immediately after purchasing your Costco Travel package, it is recommended all Guests create a profile at Link any Resort Room Reservation and Ticket Reservations using the Walt Disney World Ticket confirmation number provided in your Costco Travel documents. Then, make Park reservations via My Disney Experience for each day you plan to visit the Parks. In addition, it is recommended all Guests visit There, they can view important information about Park reopening, reservations, limitations on benefits, features, experiences, new safety measures, etc. Please note: All policies are subject to change and are outside the control of Costco Travel.

    Visit The Premium Outlets

    Ask for Your Check Early

    You could also visit the Premium Outlets. We would suggest going to the Vineland Premium Outlets as they are located close to Disney Springs. This can be a good opportunity to hit the Disney Character Warehouse and grab some Disney Merch Bargains for gifts or even to use during your vacation. You can save some money too. There are some great stores to visit at the Outlets such as the Levi Store, the Nike Store and Michael Kors. You can find out more about the Vineland Premium Outlets here.

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    Magicband Or Credit Card Problems

    If you followed the directions above, you should have got your MagicBands delivered to you in the mail before you left home. For the most part they work just fine as is, but it has happened to us multiple times that when we get to the hotel, our MagicBands dont work and we cant open the room.

    Its also very common for there to be a problem with how your credit card is linked to your MagicBand. Then when you try to buy something, you find that it doesnt work at all.

    Both of these problems mean that you are going to have to stop by the front desk in the lobby to get them resolved anyway. The worst-case scenario is when you think your MagicBands are working and you show up at the theme park only to have a problem. Waiting in line there to resolve it is a nightmare.

    We recommend you check them before leaving your hotel. We usually buy something small in the gift shop like a bottle of water just to make sure everything is working properly.

    Your Magicbands May Not Be Linked Properly

    This is the MOST COMMON complaint I get from clients who check-in online! Not visiting the front desk when you arrive at the resort can lead to occasional problems with the way that MagicBands work during your visit. Common problems can include, not having a credit card properly linked meaning you cant charge items to your bands, the dining plan not being fully activated, or MemoryMaker not being linked to your band properly. If you wait until you arrive at the theme parks to discover that theres a MagicBand problem then you may have to wait in the lengthy theme park guest relations line for a fix. Instead, as I mentioned above, I recommend popping by the front desk BEFORE you head to the parks for the first time to make sure everything is working properly.

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    Questions About Disney Resort Accommodations Vacation Packages & Discounts

    Jump to:

    When will new Disney resort discounts become available?

    We wish we knew! The resort and vacation package discounts are somewhat unpredictable. Only Disney knows when the next ones will come out. We have no crystal ball we cant predict what Disney may decide to do.

    However, you can get a general idea of the historical trends. To assist you in planning future trips for which discounts have not yet been released, check out our chart of release dates for the deepest discounts .

    In addition, here are some general observations about future discount availability:

    When offered, room only discounts for the general public, Annual Passholders and Florida residents are usually relatively last-minute. Dont expect to get a big discount way in advance typically the discounts are released 2-4 months in advance. Sometimes the discounts are restricted to certain resorts or room types.

    Vacation package discounts are sometimes released a little earlier, but seldom more than 6 months in advance.

    Naturally, Disney only offers discounts on its resorts when it has a significant number of rooms to fill. Therefore the most popular dates and resorts are typically not discounted.

    Some additional observations:

    When will next years Disney resort room rates or vacation package prices be released?

    Is it possible to use more than one discount for the same Disney resort reservation?

    Thanks to Alex B for suggesting this topic.


    What Are The Pros And Cons With Early Online Check

    ASMR | Disney World Resort Check-in | Animal Kingdom Lodge

    Guests visiting for the first time often ask whether they should utilize the online check-in or simply check-in as normal when they arrive at the resorts. There is no right or wrong answer to this question but to help heres a quick rundown of the pros and cons Ive encountered when using the service.

    For those who are new to planning a Walt Disney World vacation, Disney gives all guests staying at an on-site resort the ability to check-in online up to 60-days in advance via your My Disney Experience account. Guests opting to use the service are able to provide details in advance which will speed up the check-in process so that your first memory of arriving at Disney is not waiting in long lines.


    1. Let Disney know in advance when youll be arriving Technically, the check-in for the resorts isnt until 3 pm. So what does that mean if you are arriving before 3?! The online check-in service located on the My Disney Experience app allows guests to notify Disney on when they plan on arriving at the resort. For those arriving before 3 pm, this means that whenever possible, Disney may expedite the cleaning of your room so that you are able to check-in before 3 pm. However, please be aware that this may not always happen or if you are traveling in a large party with multiple rooms you may not get rooms close to each other. Regardless of when you check-in, Disney will send a text message directly to your phone when your room is ready.


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    You Can Check In Even If You Arrive Early At Disney World

    So, after a long journey you have finally arrived at Disney World, but you are early. That is absolutely fine you can still check in at reception or online. Your room might not be ready, but you can still check in.

    It is worth noting that when you book your vacation that you highlight your estimated arrival time either through your travel agent or during online check in. This gives Disney the opportunity to try their best to have your room ready for you when you do arrive,

    Also do remember that if you are using MagicBands and you may need to collect them from reception on check in.

    You can find out about getting to Disney World from Orlando MCO airport here.

    Guide To Early Theme Park Entry At Disney World

    Many long-time visitors are very familiar with the old Extra Magic Hours, but for the 50th Anniversary, Disney has announced that they are scrapping EMHs and are going with a new system called Early Theme Park Entry.

    Heres how it works:

    In this article

  • As of October 2021, guests of Deluxe and Deluxe Villa resorts have access to extended evening hours at either Magic Kingdom or Epcot.
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    Missing Out On Specific Rooms Or Free Upgrades

    One of the things that worry clients the most about online check-in is that you cant request specific rooms or you may be taking yourself out of the running for a FREE upgrade! I agree that there is something pretty darn magical about getting a FREE upgrade at Disney World. In my many trips to the Mouse, sometimes Ive been surprised by an upgrade when I check-in and other times Ive asked only to be turned down. This little extra sprinkling of pixie dust is NEVER a given. Though going through the online check-in process may mean rolling with whatever room youre assigned, it DOESNT necessarily mean youre out of the running for upgrades or room requests. For upgrades, it never hurts to stop by the front desk at your resort even if youve checked-in online. For specific room requests supplement your online check-in requests by contacting Disney or your travel agent prior to your visit!

    For more information about the online check-in process check out this handy video from Disney:

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