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Disney World Dining Plan 2021

Will The Disney Dining Plan Return In 2022 Everything We Know

2021 Walt Disney World Trip Planning Part 2: Dining Plan | Disney Dining Plan Considerations

Ever since Disney World closed and reopened a few months later last year, things have been pretty different.

Restaurants, resorts, and attractions have all been slowly reopening as things somewhat return to normal. Certain offerings have been suspended while health and safety regulations change frequently. One of the most missed things at Disney World is the dining plan, and today, were asking the question: will it return in 2022?

Encouragement Of Mobile Ordering

Walt Disney World offers Guests the option to Mobile Order. What is Mobile Ordering? Mobile Ordering is a quick and efficient way to get food, snacks, or drinks at Walt Disney World. All you need to do is use your My Disney Experience app to Mobile Order food at your favorite Disney World dining locations. Not all dining at Disney World offers Mobile Ordering, but more locations are added often as Disney encourages Guests to utilize this service.

At select Table-Service restaurants at Disney World, you may also be able to Mobile Order your food! Check your My Disney Experience app for the latest information on which restaurants are offering this service.

Tips For Securing The Perfect Dining Reservation

Like we mentioned earlier, the best way to improve your odds of getting your first choice Advance Dining Reservation is to be ready to book right when your ADR window opens up for your trip 60 days out. Reservations become available at approximately 5:45AM EST, so youll want to make sure you set your alarm that morning!

Cinderellas Royal Table

When it comes time to book, book those mega-popular restaurants first before the reservations are gone. These include but are not limited to Ohana, Cinderellas Royal Table, Space 220, Chef Mickeys, and California Grill, though a number of other restaurants could have fluctuating demand throughout the year.

California Grill

Searching for reservations at non-peak times may increase your odds of success. If you dont mind eating a late lunch or an early dinner, you may find more options to be available. And if you ultimately cannot find your top choice restaurants, keep checking! Plans change all the time, and last-minute reservations may pop up as other guests adjust their own dining schedules.

Be Our Guest Restaurant

You may want to consider backup choices if your top picks arent available you may find a new favorite restaurant! For example, if you cant find a reservation at Chef Mickeys, consider Topolinos Terrace!

Monorail passing by Chef Mickeys in Disneys Contemporary Resort

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What About The Best Snack Credits

After seeing the Table Service and Quick Service charts above, many people wonder why we dont have one for snacks.

The reason is simple: there are just way too many to track and the list changes constantly.

However, this spreadsheet of confirmed snack credits that was created by others is the best source for snack credit info.

In general, you are getting a good value for your snack credit if the item costs $5 or more.

The most valuable snack credits are often for specialty cupcakes, items at Epcot festival food kitchens, and Starbucks drinks .

Can I Book The Dining Plan For Just The Adults In The Family And Just Share With Our Kids

BREAKING: Disney Dining Plan Will Return to Walt Disney ...

The Disney Dining Plan must be booked for EVERYONE on the Reservation. There is a difference in pricing for kids and adults , and children under 3 do not need a dining plan.

Additionally, all Guests must have the SAME Dining Plan. You cannot book the Deluxe Dining Plan for one guests and the Quick Service Plan for the rest.

Kids under 3 can eat off their parents plates, or at a buffet you can get them their own plate. However if you want anything extra like milk or a kids meal youll have to pay out of pocket. Youre free to bring in snacks and items for them as well!

That said, portions at Disney are very generous, so you often can share with your toddler without any issue.

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Who Can Get The Dining Plan

If you think the dining plan is right for you, you must be staying at a Disney World resort to buy it. If you are buying a package through Disney you will be given the option of adding the dining plan when you buy online.

If you are buying your tickets elsewhere, fear not! You can still call Disney to add the dining plan to your package.

If you are a DVC member you can also call to have the dining package added to your reservation.

Walt Disney World Cancels Dining Plan Into 2021

Walt Disney World has cancelled the Disney Dining Plan into 2021. Those that had already booked packages with the dining plan began receiving emails informing them of the cancellation of the Disney Dining Plan they had selected.

The main reason for the cancellation of the Disney Dining Plans is because Walt Disney World will not be able to guarantee dining reservations for Guests to fulfill their entitlements that they have pre-purchased. Some restaurants might not even reopen at this time.

We are hearing that this is the currently play through September 2021. SavEars booked in February 2021 also received the email.

Disney World is working on a new system for dining to handle the current requirements of social distancing.

Disney World has also currently suspended character meals.

Here is the information that is being sent to Guests:

For resort hotel guests who purchased the Disney Dining Plan:As we plan for the reopening of our Disney Resort Hotels and Theme Parks, we are keeping the wellbeing of our Guests and Cast in mind. And were here to help you as we introduce new measures focused on delivering an enjoyable and magical experience for everyone who visits. Unfortunately, these new measures have also required us to cancel any dining reservations, experience reservations and FastPass+ selections you may have made.

Select third party operated restaurants and certain other experiences may not be cancelled.

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To Make Trips Feel All

This is why we like using the Dining Plan on our Disney World trips with our families. When your food is pre-paid, it can make your trip more fun when ordering isnt about checking prices so closely and worrying about the tab.

If you are looking for that all-inclusive feeling, adding one of the Disney Dining Plans to your vacation is the best way to achieve that.

Disney Dining Plan Yet To Return To Walt Disney World 6 Months After Announcement

Best Disney World Restaurants for your Disney World 2021 Planning!

Though it was announced that the Disney Dining Plan would return to Walt Disney World, it remains suspended with no immediate signs of returning six months later.

The Disney Dining Plan was suspended in March 2020 when the parks closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It did not return when the parks reopened as dining was limited. No information regarding a return has been released since June 30th of this year.

As always, keep following WDWNT for all of your Disney Parks news, and for the absolute latest, follow WDW News Today on , , and .

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Use Your Dining Credits Wisely Disney Dining Plan Calculator

There are strategies you can implement to get the most value out of the dining plan you choose.

Menu items tend to be more expensive at lunch and dinner, so it would be wise to use your snack credits during breakfast .

Table Service meals generally have higher out-of-pocket costs and, quite frankly, higher-quality food. Plus, lunch and dinner Table Service meals include a dessert item.

If you are on the Disney Standard Dining Plan, use your Table Service credit for dinner and your Quick Service credit for lunch .

If you are on the Disney Deluxe Dining Plan, you have the choice of 3 Quick Service OR Table Service meals. Extract the most value out of your plan by eating the majority of your meals at Table Service restaurants .

How Do I Keep Track Of My Credits

Disney makes it very easy to keep track of your credits.

You can also find your Disney Dining Plan balance inside of the My Disney Experience app under the My Plans section.

Select your resort reservation and you should then see an option for Dining Plan.

If you ever find that the credit balance isnt accurate , make sure you talk to your server .

Or, if youve already left, a Cast Member at your resort will be able to help you.

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Maximize Every Credit You Spend

When it comes to Table Service credits, you should be spending them as effectively as possible. And that means ordering the most expensive thing on the menu each and every time you sit down for a Table Service meal.

This also raises a question of whether Signature meals requiring two Table Service credits are worthwhile, and the answer really depends. Technically, youll get more food by sticking to the one-credit options. Those Signature restaurants will, in theory, give you higher quality and a more luxurious experience, but that is where their value resides. If high-quality eats and full dining experiences arent your thing, Signature meals likely arent worth the credits for you.

Types Of Dining Plans And What They Include

Disney World Dining Changes for 2021

There are four different dining plans offered by Disney:

  • Quick Service Plan
    • 2 Quick Service credits per day, 2 Snack Credits per day, 1 Resort Refillable Drink Mug
  • Regular Dining Plan
    • 1 Quick Service credit per day, 1 Table Service credit per day, 2 Snack credits per day, 1 Resort Refillable Drink Mug
  • Disney Dining Plan Plus
    • 2 Meal Credits per day for Quick Service or Table Service, 2 Snack Credits per day, 1 Resort Refillable Drink Mug
  • Deluxe Dining Plan
    • 3 Meal Credits per day for Quick Service OR Table Service, 2 Snack credits per day, 1 Resort Refillable Drink Mug

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Deluxe Disney Dining Plan

Finally, the granddaddy plan is called the Deluxe Disney Dining Plan. This higher-end option will give each member in the group 2 snacks per night but offer 3 meal credits per night. The kicker here is that the 3 meal credits can be used interchangeably between quick-service locations and table service locations, so it offers a lot more flexibility. This deluxe plan will cost $119 per adult per night and $47.50 per child per night. All of the prices Ive just mentioned include tax but not the tip. Youll have to cover that part out of pocket when you dine at the restaurant.

You can choose any of the three plans no matter which hotel you stay at. You can choose to save money on the hotel and stay at a value resort and splurge on food and get the deluxe dining plan. There are times when Disney runs a special promotion and you can get the Dining Plan for FREE. When you see this offered it usually means that the hotel you are staying with may limit you to only a specific level of the dining plan.

Still Trying To Decide

If you havent thought much about where you want to eat yet, you can still get a good idea as to which Disney Dining Plan will make the most sense by thinking about how your family eats.

Do you prefer sit-down meals or would you prefer to be in the parks and on the rides? Do you know that youll definitely want to have breakfast with Mickey at least 3 times or do you imagine youll be grabbing fruit in the parks as you hustle between attractions?

If all that feels too overwhelming right now, the plans that provide the greatest flexibility might be the best option for you.

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So What Is So Difficult To Find

There are a few table service restaurants that have been known for years as spots where it is pretty difficult to find an Advance Dining Reservation. This was true before the closures and it remains true to this day! Amongst all of our searches, we had a hard time finding much, if any, reservations for restaurants like Cinderellas Royal Table, California Grill, Ohana, and another new EPCOT restaurant,Space 220.

Florida Red Snapper from Space 220

However, as we were digging, we DID manage to find a lunch reservation for 2 at 11:40AMfor Ohana 60 days in advance! So in some instances, they are available you might just have to click around for a few minutes to see if it pops up.

These reservations are not impossible to find, but they are still tricky to come across and require a little extra planning. Next, well tackle a few tips that we can provide to make your reservation search process a bit smoother!

Disney Dining Plan Returning Soon With Pre

2021 Disney World Planning 101 – Watch Before You Plan Your Disney Trip

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The Disney Dining Plan is returning soon! Guests can enjoy Delicious Pre-Paid Meals, Mobile Ordering and Specialty Beverages Too!

Here are the details including the new Dining Plan for 2021!

Quick Service Dining Plan

Dine at any of our 100+ Quick-Service locations where you can stop and enjoy 2 casual meals per day. Just order and find a seatno dining reservations required! This fast and easy meal plan is perfect for Guests who are on the go.

Everyone in the party ages 3 and over receives the following:

  • 2 Quick-Service Meals
  • 2 Snacks/Nonalcoholic Drinks
  • One Resort-Refillable Drink Mug*

*Refillable mugs are eligible for refills from full-service beverage islands at any Disney Resort hotel Quick-Service location.

Important Information

  • Beverages are included with each meal. Guests under 21 years of age may choose from a variety of nonalcoholic beverages. Guests 21 and older and older may substitute for beer, wine and cocktails.
  • The specific number of meal options and snacks are determined by the number of nights included in the package stay. However, meals can be rolled over and redeemed in any order throughout the vacation.

Related New Dining Experiences returning to the Disneyland Resort

Disney Dining Plan

Everyone in the party ages 3 and over receives the following:

Important Information

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Types Of Dining Plans

Quick Service Dining Plan

  • 1 non-alcoholic/alcoholic drink per meal
  • 2 snack credits
  • 1 Table service meal credit
  • 1 quick service meal
  • 1 non-alcoholic/alcoholic drink per meal
  • 2 snack credits
  • 3 table service or quick service meal credits
  • 1 non-alcoholic/alcoholic drink per meal
  • 2 snack credits.
  • 2 table service or quick service meal credits
  • 1 non-alcoholic/alcoholic drink per meal
  • 2 snack credits

What Happens If Limited Capacity Continues In The Parks

If limited capacity operations are to continue at Disney World, then there are a few possible scenarios.

  • Disney World continue the suspension of the Dining Plan.
  • The Dining Plan is offered only to guests staying at a Disney World Resort possibly free.
  • The Dining Plan is offered as a paid upgrade only.

My prediction would be the second option and that the Dining Plan would be used to bring people to Disney World as part of a vacation package and ensure that the resort is as busy as it can be even at limited capacity. This is all speculation though of course.

Take a look at the Snacks I think you should try at Disney World here

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What Does It Cost

The dining plan rates are based on the plan that you pick:

  • Quick Service Plan $55/day per adult, $26/day per child
  • Regular Dining Plan $78.01/day per adult, $30.51/day per child
  • Disney Dining Plus Plan $94.60/day per adult, $35/day per child
  • Deluxe Dining Plan $119/day per adult, $47.50/day per child

Free Dining Forecast & Rumors

DIGITAL Disney World Snacks Restaurant List / Disney Snack ...

While were reasonably optimistic about the return of the Disney Dining Plan sometime in early 2022, our expectations are not the same for Free Dining. There are several reasons for this.

First, the Disney Dining Plan will likely only return in paid form for at least a few months, giving Walt Disney World time to test and adjust the program and manage restaurant capacity. Going from nothing to Free Dining is like having your first time driving being in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Accordingly, theres likely to be a lag between the announcement of the Disney Dining Plan returning and Free Dining being offered again. If we had to guess, there will be a gap of at least a few months. Given that its already late November 2021, that would put the return of Free Dining in around March 2022 at the earliest if the Disney Dining Plans comeback were announced next week.

Whenever that announcement does happen, Walt Disney World will assess forward-looking booking trends and occupancy rates to determine what level of discounting is necessary and whether its feasible to offer the Disney Dining Plan. If that were to occur right now, it wouldnt be good news for Free Dining in 2022.

As weve said repeatedly, Walt Disney World does not offer discounts out of corporate generosity. Deals are used to incentivize on-site stays, fill unsold rooms, and increase hotel occupancy numbers. And thats a problem right now.

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Why Isnt It Available

The dining plan was halted when the parks closed in March 2020, and it hasnt resumed since. When the parks opened back up later that summer, the dining plan didnt come back because restaurant capacities were limited and because not all the dining locations had reopened yet.

At the time, it definitely wasnt fair to pay for the plan if there was a chance that you wouldnt be able to get the dining reservation you wanted or find a Mobile Order window because of closures and capacities. There were also some major menu changes and supply issues during that time, so it wouldnt have been a full value.

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