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How To Contact My Disney Experience

A Lesson in Customer Service from Disney World | How to Ensure Employees Give Great Customer Service

My Disney Experience Contact Information

Listed below are our top recommendations on how to get in contact with My Disney Experience. We make eduacted guesses on the direct pages on their website to visit to get help with issues/problems like using their site/app, billings, pricing, usage, integrations and other issues. You can try any of the methods below to contact My Disney Experience. Discover which options are the fastest to get your customer service issues resolved..The following contact options are available: Pricing Information, Support, General Help, and Press Information/New Coverage .

NOTE: If the links below doesn’t work for you, Please go directly to the Homepage of Disney

75% Contact Match

A better way to Contact apps

You can now contact My Disney Experience customer service directly via Email using our new site –

When Am I Going To Be Picked Up For My Return Flight

For Standard service, your return transportation will be scheduled to meet you, at your resort, up to three hours in advance of your domestic flightâs departure time or up to four hours of your international flight’s departure time. Your confirmation email and 24 hour notification will supply you with the time of pick up.

For Express service, your transportation will be scheduled to meet you, at your resort, two hours before your domestic flight or three hours before your international flight.

Have Common Courtesy Seriously

  • Project a positive image and energy
  • Be courteous and respectful to Guests of all ages
  • Go above and beyond to exceed Guest expectations

Your customers may pay a handsome fee while on your property.

Either way, we say, make it worth their time.

This part is where the Guest contact aspect of the customer experience enters the stage.

Dont have service standards in place?

Never let it ruin your magical moment.

The Seven Dwarfs have you covered.

Disneys Seven Service Guidelines

  • Be Happy make eye contact and smile!
  • Be like Sneezy greet and welcome every customer. Spread the spirit of Hospitality. Its contagious!
  • Dont be Bashful seek out Guest contact.
  • Be like Doc provide immediate service recovery.
  • Dont be Grumpy display appropriate body language at all times.
  • Be like Sleepy create dreams and preserve the magical Guest experience.
  • Dont be Dopey thank every Guest!
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    Questions About Disney Resort Accommodations Vacation Packages & Discounts

    Jump to:

    When will new Disney resort discounts become available?

    We wish we knew! The resort and vacation package discounts are somewhat unpredictable. Only Disney knows when the next ones will come out. We have no crystal ball we cant predict what Disney may decide to do.

    However, you can get a general idea of the historical trends. To assist you in planning future trips for which discounts have not yet been released, check out our chart of release dates for the deepest discounts .

    In addition, here are some general observations about future discount availability:

    When offered, room only discounts for the general public, Annual Passholders and Florida residents are usually relatively last-minute. Dont expect to get a big discount way in advance typically the discounts are released 2-4 months in advance. Sometimes the discounts are restricted to certain resorts or room types.

    Vacation package discounts are sometimes released a little earlier, but seldom more than 6 months in advance.

    Naturally, Disney only offers discounts on its resorts when it has a significant number of rooms to fill. Therefore the most popular dates and resorts are typically not discounted.

    Some additional observations:

    When will next years Disney resort room rates or vacation package prices be released?

    Is it possible to use more than one discount for the same Disney resort reservation?

    Thanks to Alex B for suggesting this topic.


    Exceptional Service Is The Only Option

    Walt Disney World Contact Number

    Its quite simple, yet for some reason, we all have a little trouble with this sometimes.

    Take a trip down Main Street, and youll immediately be enveloped within the magical experience.

    For those of us working to create this on our properties, it can be a bittersweet moment.

    Two things will happen.

  • Youll see how well Disneys standards are executed by Cast Members.
  • You might get frustrated with the fact that you and your team could be delivering a higher quality of service to your customers.
  • Understanding the moments and memories that take place on your property may light a little fire for you to strive to deliver a world-class service environment.

    Your class is in session, and we found a few things Disney does to provide service so good, even adults are kicking and screaming when they leave.

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    Pay Attention To Detail

    To say that Walt Disney was a stickler for detail is an understatement. He was obsessive about getting everything just right and encouraged everyone who worked at Disney to approach things the same way. He even succeeded in creating an ambient sound system throughout the park, so the sound levels would be the same everywhere. A simple sound system just wasnt enough for him.

    Park designers also determined the exact distance that an average person would carry a piece of trash before tossing it aside. Based on what they found, they then spaced out the trash cans to be that exact distance from one another.

    Heres another example: Each of Disneys hotel doors have one peephole for adults and another one for children.

    Thanks to Walts influence, Disney focuses on all those little details that are probably not even consciously noticed by guests, but add to the overall experience and help to exceed expectations.

    Takeaway: Remember that its the little things that add up and make all the difference.

    Create A Magical Experience

    Disney is all about creating experiences. But not just any experience. They create magic. Anything less is unacceptable.

    As is mentioned in Be Our Guest, every single company out there is customer-facing: everyone needs to know how to create service magic.

    Furthermore, we are in a new age of competition that they called the Experience Economy. Goods and services are simply props to engage the customers in this new era. Customers want memorable experiences, and companies must become stagers of experiences.

    Disney claims that its cast members are onstage whenever they are in front of guests and offstage whenever they are out of guests sight. This is because they create a show for their guests, which starts the minute the guests set foot on park grounds and only ends when they leave. When cast members are onstage, they have got to look the part and be ready to create that show.

    Disney also knows that experience includes the setting and objects within that setting. Its every single little detail, from the landscaping, lighting and design to the smells, music and general ambiance.

    Takeaway: Think about what you can do to create magic for your customers. And pay close attention to the details.

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    Dreams Are Made Of Safety

    • Practice safe behaviors in everything you do
    • Always act to put safety first
    • Speak up to ensure the safety of others

    Take anything out of the equation if it could potentially harm your customers and team.

    Dont even make it a possibility.

    As a proactive leader, you must decide whether a project will require too much time and money to complete safely.

    You must end that fairy tale before it even gets started.

    What We Can Learn From Disney Customer Service

    Customer Service Expert’s Top 7 Disney Quotes for CS

    Have you experienced the art of Disney Customer Service? 70% of Disneys first-time visitors return to the theme park. Do you think that this is just because of the fun rollercoasters and Mickey Mouse costumes? Or because of the remarkable experiences and high-quality service that they provide their customers with? Im going to go with the latter.

    I recently finished the book, Be Our Guest: Perfecting the Art of Customer Service by the Disney Institute and Theodore Kinni. Even though it was published nearly two decades ago, insights from the book remain relevant to this day. In this blog post, Id like to share with you exactly what those insights are.

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    Where Do I Board Mears Connect

    You will board Mears Connect on level 1, ground transportation level, in terminal B, at Orlando International Airport. Look for the Mears Connect reception area. On your return trip, you will board Mears Connect at your resort, just ask the front desk personnel where Mears Connect picks up at your hotel.

    Best Bites: Halloween 2021 At Walt Disney World Resort

    by Aubrey Gravante, Public Relations Director, Disney Parks

    With Halloween right around the corner, were digging up an eerie early look at our most dreadfully delicious Best Bites of the year, especially for Disney Parks Blog readers!

    Whether its frightful favorites like Sea Witchs Brew or a creepily creative mummy-approved cupcake, theres a cauldron of terrifyingly terrific treats to enjoy this season at the Walt Disney World Resort. If you dare check out our special guide of scrumptious sweets and treats:


    • Disneys Animal Kingdom Lodge Sanaa and Sanaa Lounge
    • Sea Witchs Brew Vodka, raspberry liqueur, blue Curaçao beverage syrup, muddled berries, and edible glitter served in a Collins glass with a blue glow cube
    • Disneys Art of Animation, Disneys Pop Century Resort, Disneys All-Star Movies Resort, and Disneys All-Star Music Resort Food Courts
    • Spooky Apple Spiced Spider Cupcake Vanilla cupcake with apple filling and spiced buttercream caramel drizzle
    • Disneys Contemporary Resort Contempo Café
    • Mini Halloween Cake Halloween sprinkle cake with candy bar custard and chocolate glaze
    • Disneys Old Key West Resort Goods Food to go and Conch Flatts General Store
    • Poisoned Delight Violet white chocolate mousse dome with an apple insert and fresh apple cake covered in a white chocolate glaçage
    • Disneys Wilderness Lodge Roaring Fork
    • Going Batty Cupcake Chocolate cupcake with ganache icing and sugar cookie bat

    Disney Springs

    • The Ganachery

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    Get In Touch With The Disney World Complaint Department

    A trip to Disney World is anything but cheap, so if you’ve encountered an issue with your stay or any of the services provided, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact the resort’s customer support and voice your complaint.

    You can email the company using the online form on Disney World’s website, or you can use the Disney World phone number 939-7277 for annual passholders and 800-2006-0809 for regular customers.For ticket issues, call 828-3600.

    Customers report waiting for almost half an hour on hold and some state that nobody at the resort picked up the phone after multiple attempts. On top of that, you’ll likely get a generic response from a customer representative, who will also prompt you to contact the company again if the issue persists.

    If you don’t want to spend hours on hold or call Disney World repeatedly only to get generic answers, you can file an official complaint by mail at:

    Walt Disney World ResortAttn: Guest ServicesP.O. Box 10000Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-1000 US

    The company takes about 40 days to respond to a written complaint, and they ask customers to provide detailed information on their complaint, so be sure to write a detailed statement. Attach copies of all previous correspondence with the company, such as emails or letter communications.

    Walt Disney World ComplaintsContact Info

    Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-1000 US

    Are Your Disney World Customer Service Complaints Being Ignored Sue Disney World In Small Claims Court

    Disney World Orlando Florida Number

    If you still can’t resolve the issue with the company, you may want to take legal action.

    The problem is that you can’t directly sue Disney World, as it’s a registered business name in the state of Florida. Instead, you’ll have to file a complaint against the corporate entity that owns Disney World: Walt Disney Parks and Resorts U.S., Inc.

    This company owns and operates Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, Disneyland in California, and several other amusement parks throughout North America.

    To start the legal process against the company, you can file a complaint with your local small claims court. You can do so through the court’s online form or by filing the complaint with the court’s clerk in person.

    You are also required to draft a professional demand letter and send it to the company, notifying them of your intent to sue. The demand letter needs to include the following information:

    • Your name and contact information
    • The legal name and address of the defendant
    • The type of claim you intend to file in court
    • Your demand for relief and the amount of money you seek from the company, including all accompanying documentation.

    In the letter, you must also ensure that you include a detailed description of your complaint above and provide evidence showing that Disney World has violated a law or committed an illegal activity related to customer service.

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    Start Your Vacation To Walt Disney World Resorts With Transportation Provided By The Sunshine Flyer

    The Sunshine Flyer brings the era of 1920s rail travel to the start of your vacation. The Sunshine Flyers buses will bring you and your family from Orlando Airport to Disney World® Resorts on a late model, premium motorcoaches with a theme centered around old-fashioned passenger cars and train locomotives. From the bus designs to drivers and staff dressed as 1920s rail conductors and engineers, the Sunshine Flyer experience starts shortly after you step off the plane.

    Each motorcoach will be wrapped either as a 1920s era locomotive or passenger car. No two vehicle designs will be the same, providing a distinctiveness for each Sunshine Flyer ride, giving first time riders and returning guests a new experience and photo opportunity each time they ride The Sunshine Flyer.

    Sunshine Flyer Service Faqs

    Sunshine Flyer is in the Main Terminal Building on Terminal B, Level 1 in the Ground Transportation area.

    Take the train from your aircraft gate and you will arrive on Level 3 of the Main Terminal Building. Proceed to Terminal B and take the elevator or escalator down to Level 1. Baggage claim is located on Level 2.

    Once you check in at Sunshine Flyer, we will direct you to your motorcoach.

    When the guest enters the Sunshine Flyer staging area the guest will not wait more than 20 minutes to board the bus, and the ride to the resorts is scheduled so the last stop will not take more than 65 minutes

    Full refund if cancelled 72 hours in advance, full credit towards future tickets if cancelled under 72 hours.

    The day before you check out, youll receive a confirmation email advising you of the motorcoach departure time, which will be approximately 3 hours prior to your scheduled departure time for domestic flights and 4 hours prior to your scheduled departure time for international flights.

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    Are Walt Disney World And Gethuman Affiliated

    GetHuman and Walt Disney World have no relationship whatsoever. GetHuman has been a forum for customers to share tips with each other since the early 2000s and continues to be a resources to over 50 million US customers per year, as well as consumers around the globe. Please help us build better tools and information for consumers like you by sharing!

    Walt Disney World Contact Info

    Enjoy More Time In The Parks

    A new style Customer Experience: The MyMagic case of Disney world

    Starting October 1, 2021, guests receive a 30-minute jump on their Disney day with early theme park entry at all 4 Walt Disney World theme parks. And, you can enjoy this benefit on each day of your stayin any park, subject to capacity. Guests can also enjoy extended evening hours to experience select attractions, shops and dining after regular park hoursin select theme parks on select nights. For early park entry, and extended evening park hours, youll need valid admission, a park reservation and your Resort ID.

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    Walt Disney World Resort Direct Restaurant Phone Numbers

    Some restaurants that are in Disney World but which are not owned by Disney have direct phone numbers. Some of them might take reservations directly, in addition to taking them by the Disney system.

    Chef Art Smiths Homecomin 560-0100

    We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with The Walt Disney Company, Disney Enterprises, Inc., or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates. The official Disney web site is available at All Disney parks, attractions, lands, shows, event names, etc. are registered trademarks of The Walt Disney Company.

    How To Contact Disney Plus Customer Service Number Usa

    • Pin

    Disney+ is the best streaming platform for Disney fans like you and me. But sometimes, you just need a little bit of help getting going. Maybe you run into a snag. Or you see an error message. Whatever the issue is, you can get help right away from the support team at Disney Plus. Find out how to contact Disney Plus customer service number USA below!

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Walt Disney World

    On this page youll find answers to dozens of Walt Disney World frequently asked questions, including information about vacation planning, tickets, hotels and more!

    Jump to:

    Help! Where do I start?

    If you have never been on a Walt Disney World vacation , its understandable why you might feel overwhelmed by all of the information on this site. The best place to start is with the step-by-step planning guide.

    When are the best times of year to go to Walt Disney World?

    WHEN you choose to visit can make a substantial difference! Its not as big a difference as it used to be, as Disney has done a lot of work on spreading attendance across the year. They put special events, parties, festivals and promotions to fill up the hotels and parks during the traditional off season, making the slow seasons not as slow as they once were. That said, paying attention to dates is still worth it. Even if you have very limited times you can go, choosing the best possible options for arrival and departure date might reduce the average attendance across your trip by 10% or more if you can just avoid one super busy day, and thats absolutely worth it.

    The BEST times to go to Walt Disney World are:

    • During special events that interest you. Bear in mind that events held on major holidays usually attract significant crowds, however.

    The WORST times to visit Walt Disney World are:

    In short, dont waste your money.

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