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Disney World Cost For Family Of 5

Less Than $3000 Budget

The Best $5 I’ve Ever Spent in Disney World

Lots of people plan amazing trips on budgets of $3,000 or less.

Here are some examples of you can do with that amount of money:

Example 1: Less than $3,0002 adults and 2 kids

How many nights do you typically stay?3 nights, 4 days
Where do you stay?
How many Quick Service meals do you eat per day ?1
What best describes your breakfast routine?On most days we either skip it or eat breakfast in our room with maybe 1 special breakfast at a restaurant per trip
What is your souvenir budget :$200 or more per person
What is your budget for extras ?$250-$500
TransportationWe fly and use Magical Express

How Much Is Walt Disney World Dining

Dining at Walt Disney World can vary greatly. Walt Disney World Resort is currently not offering Disney Dining Plans, which typically would cost $80 per adult and $30 per child daily for a base plan. That cost would go up for more deluxe plans. However, there has always been controversy over whether or not Disney Dining Plans saved guests money. Many guests preferred Disney Dining Plans simply for the convenience. However, Disney has made great strides to provide guests easier contactless ordering and payment for dining.

As a typical guideline, there are snacks, quick service and table service dining options. Snacks including churros, ice creams, fruits or veggies will typically be cost $5-$10 per item and can oftentimes be used as a small meal. Quick service dining options are available throughout all of the parks and typically cost $15 or less per meal. Table service restaurants vary the most. For example, Be Our Guest Restaurant serves a prix-fixe dinner menu for $62 per adult not including tax or gratuity. But, the 50s Prime Time Cafe serves dinner items ala carte for around $20 per plate.

While cost can vary greatly, you can budget it all in with a little pre-planning. The My Disney Experience app makes it so easy to look at menu prices beforehand so you can get a good idea of what you may be spending. At this time, you can make dining reservations for table service restaurants up to 60 days in advance.

Special Events And Add

If you havent realized it yet, well just tell you: Disneys first goal is making money. Whats more, theyre good at it. Thats why there are so many extra ways that Disney gets you to spend money on your vacations. These include special ticketed events, prime seating for fireworks and other events, and special tours and experiences.

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How Much Are Souvenirs At Disney World

Lets talk souvenirs and extras.

Do you need to buy a t-shirt or mouse ears or a purse while on your vacation? Probably not.

But will you want to? Definitely.

So, even if you dont think youll be tempted, it is still a good idea to budget some money for souvenirs.

Plus, there are all other sorts of fun extras that you might want to do like tours or dessert parties. Celebrating a birthday or an anniversary? Maybe youll want to do something special for that.

And finally, dont forget things like stroller or ECV rentals. Those little extras can add up, too.

Important note: Not all extras are available to book at this time. However, we do expect Disney to bring them back sometime in the future. Please check back often for updates.

Getting To And From The Airport

5 Best Disney World Accommodations for Large Families on a Budget ...

Disney has announced that their complimentary Magical Express transportation service will be discontinued in January of 2022.

Orlando International Airport is serviced by ride-hailing services including Lyft, Uber, and airport taxis.

Other transportation options include hotel shuttles and car rental services, with Alamo being our most recommended.

And next, as a replacement for Disneys Magical Express, Mears Connect will be offering shuttle service to the Disney Resort area beginning on January 1st of 2022.

Unlike Disneys Magical Express, Mears Connect isnt free, however.

Instead, there are two tiers of service: standard vs. express.

Standard service is a shared ride that makes a few stops en route to your hotel with waits of up to 20 minutes after checking in at the Mears reception area at the airport.

Express service provides a direct ride to your resort with no other stops and limited to no wait time.

You can find a list of current resorts that Mears Connect will pick up and drop off from, as well as pricing and the option to book your rides at Mears Connects site.

Additional planning tip: The resorts that Mears Connect services will appear in the drop-down menu when reserving. The list is expected to expand throughout 2022.

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Example: Cheap Disney World Trip In 2021

This trip example is for the family of four that wants to save as much money as possible without skimping on any of the fun. For this example, Im going to leave out flights and transportation. Dates chosen are in July for 5-nights.

Hotel Disneys All Star Movies Resort

Disneys All Star Movies is usually the cheapest Value resort at Disney. This title as the cheapest Disney World resort typically switches between Pop Century during the year, however.

So for five nights, your stay comes out to $964.77 for a standard room to 2 full-size beds.

Park Tickets

I opted for the 4-Day Base ticket without Park Hopper.

So for a family of four, tickets comes out to $1,705.60.

Food and Restaurants

To really save money, I recommend you skip any Table Service because they can be quite expensive. This hurts me so much to say since I love so many of the restaurants at Disney, but from a financial standpoint, it just doesnt work.

In general, Quick Service meals cost around $17 each with a free cup of water.

I think you should however get 1 snack a day which is around $7 or less.

So with 3 Quick Service meals and a snack, youre looking at $58 per person per day.

So that comes out to $1,392 for 6 days.

Additional Activities

Everything extra at Disney World costs extra so Im going to skip it. That includes mini-golf, shopping, Firework Dessert parties, and other similar activities.

Total Price = $4,061.77

Disney World Cost Calculator: Lodging

Lodging is a big determinant of your Disney vacation cost calculator.

Quite honestly, this is where you can either spend or save a huge chunk of money.

There are literally a ton of options when it comes to Orlando accommodation options, and prices can range from $100 a night to $800 a night or more.

Your individual selection will come down to your budget, space requirements, location, and availability.

Hotel accommodations are available in the following four categories:

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How Much Do Disney World Tickets Cost

Planning a trip to Walt Disney World in Florida isnt all fun and games. In addition to the fun stuff, like dreaming about the attractions youll ride and shows youll see, you also need to deal with a lot of logistics, especially regarding the cost of the trip.

Park tickets are often one of the most expensive components of a family vacation to Walt Disney World, so you want to do it right. But figuring out how much they cost, why they cost that much, what they include, and most of all, which ticket is right for your family is a confusing process.

Luckily, were here to help! In this guide, well tell you everything you need to know about Disney World tickets, including all the options and add-ons. Well also cover basic and in-depth information and answer FAQs youll be an expert yourself by the time youre done. Lets get started.

  • Which Ticket Is Right for Your Family?
  • To And From The Airport

    How Much Does It Cost To Go To Disney World Right Now?

    While flight prices are unpredictable for the purposes of this article, airport transportation costs are not. Disney no longer offers its Magical Express service, which used to transport guests and their luggage from the airport to their hotels. Unless youre renting a car, youll have to book a shuttle or pay for a taxi or rideshare.

    Shuttles typically cost around $30 for children and $40 for adults, roundtrip. Keep in mind that youll likely have to make multiple stops to drop other guests at their resorts.

    Rideshares vary depending on the time of day and the number of passengers. Most taxis and other services do not allow four guests to ride in standard vehicles, so youll need an SUV. An UberXL will be between $50-$60 one-way.

    Therefore, our family of four needs to add at least $100 to their vacation costs to get from the airport.

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    Is It Possible To See Disney World On A Budget

    If you really wanted to, you could also do Disney World on a budget. That said, its not like youd be savings tons of money. Sure you can cut down on food and hotel costs, but if youre going all the way to Disney World, you might as well spend. I personally recommend saving money while youre at home so you can spend it while youre in Disney. Think about it. Every time you decide not to eat out at home or to not buy something, you can use that money during your Disney World vacation.

    Disney World Cost Calculator: Souvenirs And Incidentals

    This one is really a big old question mark. Mainly because you just dont know what will come up during your trip. Trust me, I didnt plan on buying that tiny package of exorbitantly expensive bandaids on our last trip

    Disney World is a souvenir paradise, or purgatory, depending on your view. There are so many different stores filled with very cool souvenirs.

    It is extremely easy to go massively over budget once you get there. Temptation is everywhere.

    I highly recommend identifying the amount of money you are willing to spend on souvenirs per person before you even leave your house. It just makes it easier once youre there.

    Then add a little cushion to that number to cover the things you dont ever think about needing. Like bandaids.

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    Rules Applicable To All Dining Plans

    There are a few things that are true of every dining plan. First, dining plans are available to persons three and older. Kids under three cannot participate in the dining plan. They either have to share with someone or get a separate meal purchased for them.

    Second, children aged three through nine are categorized as children and must order from the childrens menu, where available. The reverse issue, children ten and over wanting to order from the childrens menu, is typically handled on a case-by-case basis.

    Third, dining plans are purchased per night as part of your entire package. Someone arriving at 11PM on Day 1 and checking out at 6AM on Day 4 gets the same number of credits as someone arriving at 9AM on Day 1 and checking out at 10PM on Day 4. Both would get three nights worth of meals.

    Relatedly, credits purchased on a package are shared by all those booked as part of the package. You can use each others credits, except that adults cannot use child credits and children cannot use adult credits.

    Fourth, when it comes to using credits, everyone is on their own. You can all dine together or you can go to separate dining locations. Fifth, everyone gets a refillable mug for use at any Disney-operated hotel at Walt Disney World Resort.

    Now, lets move on to the four dining plans, what they include, and what they cost.

    Getting To Walt Disney World: $1000

    How to Use Disney Mobile Ordering on Your Disney World Vacation ...

    I drove to Orlando ONCE from New England when I was 19 years old. It was my first and last time. It is not worth it to me to spend so much time in a car when I have a destination to get to. We are lucky to have a local airport that flies Southwest direct to Orlando. During off times , we can typically book flights for about $200 round trip. Additionally, as we tend to love Southwest and fly them as often as possible we can sometimes use points. As our trip was planned late and coincided with Easter that was not possible for this flight, but we were able to score $198 wanna get away flights with Southwest. As a family of five we had just spent our first $1000 of the trip.

    We also opted for the complimentary Magic Express through Disney. This service brings you and your luggage directly to your hotel. When we have ridden in the past, we have arrived at the airport early enough to hop on our resort bus and have our luggage delivered later. As our flight arrived at 11pm the porter part of the service was finished for the day so we had to get our own luggage off the belt and lug it to the Express line. Our family of five is working on traveling light. This was a burden.

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    Additional Ways To Save Money At Disney World:

    • Pack Lunch & Snacks – A single hot dog in the park is $10

    • Bring a Water bottle to refill OR ask Starbucks for an ice water – A single water bottle in the park is AT LEAST $4

    • Use the Disney World campus shuttles

    • Forgo the extras.but we chose to buy a few extras on Lathams birthday including 2 balloons , Lefous Brew , a hot dog , Dole Whips

    • Not buy souvenirs in the park shops. It was $87 for 2 t-shirts and 1 towel when we had to buy shirts and a towel to clean up throw up. Talk about some sticker shock. We bought all of our actual souvenirs at the Disney Outlet and Wal-Mart before we left for the trip.

    EpcotS Morocco

    When You Buy Your Ticket And Make Your Park Reservation

    When you go online to purchase your tickets, youll notice that you need to select the first day of your visit after choosing your type of ticket and the number of days. Youll also see those different days carry different price tags.

    Unlike in the past, it is now more expensive to visit a Walt Disney World park on a day in higher demand. In addition, you might save money by purchasing tickets well in advance.

    Although some dates will always be more expensive, it appears that others are less expensive if you buy six months or more ahead of your visit. The catch is that you cant make any changes to your ticket or park reservation, or you might have to pay a difference.

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    Pop Century Resort Basics

    Disneys Pop Century Resort is a value resort located near Epcot and Disneys Hollywood Studios. Non-discounted nightly room rates at Pop Century in 2021 range from $162 to $361 and in 2022 from $168 to $377. If you can snag a lower hotel rate, or a discount, Pop Centurys slight premium over off-property resorts will be more than made up for by the Disney spirit and convenience, in our opinion.

    Staying at Pop Century, you get the perks of any Disney stay. Youll have access to free transportation to and from the parks and Disney Springs. And when FastPass+ was around, you were able to make your FastPass+ reservations 60 days in advance rather than the standard 30.

    If youre considering Pop Century, you may want to read some of our other posts, including reviews of the other value resorts. We have a ranking of the Disney World value resorts. We also have a guide to all the hotels of Walt Disney World. Here are our reviews of all the value resorts :

    And if youd like to see where this resort falls overall, check out our complete Disney World hotel rankings.

    How To Book Your Walt Disney World Resort Vacation

    HOW MUCH does it COST to go to DISNEY WORLD in 2022?

    Theres never been a time where its been more important to book your Disney World vacation with an expert. With changes happening at a rapid pace, its important to book with someone who can help walk you through the entire process and answer any questions along the way. When you book your Walt Disney World vacation with Get Away Today, it includes our complimentary Concierge Service including detailed planning and price monitoring.

    Once we plan out the perfect itinerary for you, youll pay just $200 down to hold your vacation. Final payment is due just 30 days prior to travel and you can make as many changes before then with no penalty. To get started, you can either submit a vacation quote request online, book a , or you can call our agents at 855-GET-AWAY. We cant wait to help you plan the perfect vacation!

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    When Is The Best Time To Visit Disney World

    Our Disney World Crowd Calendar is the best tool to help you get the most out of your time in the parks. We break down park crowds, park hours of operation, ticket prices, and average temperature. We also break down the best time to visit Disney World based on specific times of the year and special events.

    Nights At Disneys Pop Century

    2 Adults, 3 Children , 4 Day Non-Park Hopper

    • Resorts and Tickets: $1695.15
    • Dining: Included in Resort and Tickets Package
    • Transportation
    • Total: $1695.15

    I ran the numbers for 2022 and Pop Century was not available. I checked prices for All Star Movies and the total came to $2,131.51, this does not include dining like our trip in 2013.

    This trip was years ago and I dont want to give the impression that cost is anywhere near this now BUT you can save a lot of money visiting Disney before your kids are over 3 years old.

    A lot of people wait because they want the kids to remember it but if you want to go and see your kids experience the magic of visiting Disney World it will be the least expensive Disney trip you will ever take!

    I will never forget dining with the princesses, watching the night parade, and eating a Mickey bar with my kids at that age. They may not remember but it is a memory I will cherish forever.

    Also be on the lookout for free dining offers. Disney has not offered them since the start of the pandemic but they will most likely bring them back in the next year.

    I hope this overview of a Disney vacation cost helps you plan your next Disney trip. We are always looking for ways to budget for our Disney trip and plan more visits!

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