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Disney World Build A Droid

Star Wars Droid Factory

Becoming Droid Parents! Building a Droid at Droid Depot Galaxy’s Edge Walt Disney World

Whether they are merchandise to the Jawas of Tatooine, servants to the Evil Galactic Empire or friends of the Rebel Alliance, droids of all different types populate the Star Wars galaxy. From Astromechs, to Protocol or even Assassin Droids, there are many different colors and styles of each droid class. Each droid is different and has their own unique personality. At the Star Wars Droid Factory, Guests can build and name a Star Wars droid that is uniquely their own.

May the Force by with Youand your Droids!

Wave 1

In 2015, Disney decided to once again revisit the Droid Factory concept. The first wave of a new series was released during Star Wars Celebration Anaheim and consisted of entirely new Astromech bodies. As explained by the Disney representatives onsite, Disney purchased the rights to the Droid Factory and Build-a-Droid name and concept from Hasbro to use in the parks. To this end, Disney sculpted the molds themselves and designed them to be fully compatible with the previous series. They feature a significantly different sculpt than Hasbros Droid Factory bucks and are less screen accurate than their predecessors. The domes, however, are not new sculpts and are reused and repainted from the previous line.

  • R2 Domes
  • R2 Bodies white
  • R2 Bodies colored
  • R7 Bodies white
  • R7 Bodies colored
  • Astromech Hats

The first wave of hats included an Imperial Officers cap, a sombrero, black Mickey Ears and Oswald the Rabbit Ears .

  • R2-D2 The Droid, The Myth, The Legend!

What Is Droid Depot

Droid Depot is a special experience from the Walt Disney Company where guests can build their very own droid. Its located in Star Wars: Galaxys Edge in Disney Worlds Hollywood Studios theme park in Orlando, Florida.

It is close to Savis Workshop and the Ronto Roasters restaurant, just before you get to the Millenium Falcon: Smugglers Run attraction.

The Droid Depot is designed like an industrial depot in the Black Spire Outpost.

The workshop is stocked with chips, other tech items, accessories, and manuals Essentially everything you need to build your own unique droid.

There is also a Disneyland Droid Depot in Star Wars: Galaxys Edge at the Disneyland Park in Disneyland Resort, California. The experiences at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland are similar.

Is Building A Droid Worth It

Everyone wants to know if building your own droid in Galaxys Edge is worth it. The answer totally depends on how much you like droids. Honestly $99 is a lot for a toy, but to us, the experience inside Droid Depot is so cool that it helps make up for the high cost.

You are getting a toy yes, but it is super cute and can be used either as a decoration piece you keep on your shelf, or it can even be used with the remote and played with on a consistent basis.

We think they are a blast to play with and they are a big hit with kids!

Ultimately we think its worth it to build a droid in Galaxys Edge and its one of the coolest experiences you will have during your visit.

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How Much Personality Does Your Droid Need

In the adjacent store, you can choose an additional personality chip for your droid. This changes the sounds that your droid makes and how they react. Fortunately, youre not going in blind on this the above picture shows the unit set up to let you listen to the various sounds before purchasing. The personality chip is $14.99.

Add Ons You Can Buy For Your R2 Or Bb Unit

Make Your Own Droid with Disney

Having chosen a BB unit, our options for customizing are limited. If you create an R2 unit, the merch world is your oyster. You can buy all manner of attachments, like his tools for hacking computers and even his drinks tray from Return of the Jedi. There are also a range of decals to add new colors and looks to your R2.

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Disney Magic Kingdoms Arrives On Android Ios And Windows Phone

Announced at the 2015 D23 Expo, Disney Magic Kingdoms – a collaboration between mobile game publisher Gameloft and Disney Interactive – is now available onAndroid, iOS, and Windows Phone devices.

“Disney Magic Kingdoms will allow players to build the theme park of their dreams by recreating and placing iconic attractions in a fun animated landscape,” the company stated back in August. “With influence from the Disneyland Resort in California, Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, Disneyland Paris and more, the game reimagines Disney Parks for mobile, letting fans experience an authentic and magical experience anytime, anywhere.”

Walt Disney has afforded Gameloft its huge roster of famous characters for the game in a bid to attract children of all ages and likes. Apart from the standard Mickey Mouse and Cinderella, players can also get access to Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, Mike Wazowski from the Monsters franchise, and others. You will face foes such as Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent, Tangled’s Mother Gothel and Toy Story’s Emperor Zurg in your quest “to rid the kingdom of evil”, Disney said.

As with all Gameloft games, there are microtransactions in Disney Magic Kingdoms. You can buy gems to speed up your in-game progress with the help of in-app purchases, ranging from Rs. 10 to Rs. 6,200 per item.

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Droid Depot Experience Review

My son built a droid on trip to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge this past summer and he absolutely loved every minute of it. I made a bargain with him on our trip that this time he would do the droid and I would do the lightsaber. I timed this so we did them on the same night so that he didn’t feel left out when it was time to head over to Savi’s Workshop.

The building area is in the back along the wall

Make sure to look up to see all the details!

I made the reservation via the app, they began offering online reservations right after we arrived, and was easily able to grab the reservation I wanted. When we checked in, I heard other people asking if they had openings and they did. So it seems like while a reservation is recommended, you may have good luck walking up and getting to build your droid on the spot. Anyone can walk around the store but only builders can go behind the gates to look at the droid building up close.

After we checked in, we paid right away and were asked which unit we were building: BB-Series or R-Series. Both cost the same price but they will give you a corresponding basket for the one you pick that will tell you which pieces you need.

The R-Series droid

The BB-series droid

The basket we were given to put our pieces in

We felt it was a great selection of colors and options

Next time, I’m making a purple BB-series..

The R-series has a few more pieces than the BB-series but it just added to the fun for us.

It’s aliiive!

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How To Make Reservations To Build A Droid At Galaxys Edge

Youll need a My Disney Experience account. You can start this on the Walt Disney World website or download the My Disney Experience app. Youll need the app for a lot more than this, so go ahead and get that set up. You can find a deep dive on MDE here.

Find the search button at the bottom of the app screen. Click it and type Droid Depot in the search bar. The following screen will have a button that says Check Availability.

Select your date range and the number of people building. Hopefully, youll get a good range of times as long as you book early enough.

Moms Tips:

*If at first you dont succeed, try, try again. I was striking out with lightsaber ressies for our last trip, but I kept checking every day, a few times a day. I finally snagged them for the last sessions of the day. I dont know if they added spots or if someone cancelled, but keep trying.

*The site says that walk-ins may be accommodated based on availability, so if youre desperate, its worth a shot.

*Only the builder and one guest are permitted and one of them has to be 14 or older. The guest cannot build a droid they need to have their own ressie. A word about this there is a railing a little bit of a distance away from the area where you build, so an additional person can stand there and view the participants, take pictures, etc.

How Do I Make A Reservation To Build A Droid

BUILDING A DROID at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge | Walt Disney World

To build a droid you will first want to make advanced reservations. This is an extremely popular stop in Hollywood Studios, and spaces are limited. You can make a reservation in advance on Disney Website. Reservations can be made 180 days in advance.

You will be required to use a credit card to hold your reservation, but you will not be charged at the time of booking. However, you will be charged the entire price of the droid if you are a no-show to your reservation. So if you can’t make it be sure to cancel online, call Disney to cancel, or stop by Droid Depot in person to cancel.

If you are unable to find any open reservations, you can check for availability in person. There will be a number of walk up spots open, but they are first come first serve and are not guaranteed. I would recommend you arrive to the park early if you plan on trying to do a walk in Droid build.

When you arrive you will see 2 lines. One for advanced reservations, and one for walk in guests. If the line is long you’ll see a Cast Member with a sign showing the estimated wait time for building a droid.

Keep in mind your reservation is for one person plus one guest. Your entire party will not be allowed to watch the build. Cast Members will make exceptions for small children who would otherwise be left unattended, but it is at their discretion.

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Using The Droid Depot Mobile App

The new Droid Depot app brings a BB-series or R-series droid to life for unlimited fun at home.

It was released in 2020 and is available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

In addition to interacting with elements at Star Wars: Galaxys Edge, this Disney experience app allows your customized droid to interact with you at home!

If you havent gotten around to building your own droid at Disney World yet, you can enjoy a virtual experience with these indispensable sidekicks through the app.

You can create a whole collection of R series and BB series droids, sync up your virtual Star Wars: Galaxys Edge droid and join the resistance. You can customize them, program them, pilot them, and play games with them using the Droid Depot mobile app.

Currently, the Droid Depot app is only available in the US and Canada.

If you want a physical droid to play with but cant make it to the Disney parks just yet, there are pre-made droids available on Just sync them with the app when they arrive and youre ready to go!

Disney World Maps And Wait Times By Undercover Tourist

Need help planning your day? Disney World Maps & Wait Times gives you special insight about WDW that you may not have picked up in your own planning.

Why do we like this app?

My favorite part of the 365- Day Crowd Calendar which allows you to see the best days to visit specific Disney Parks.

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Star Wars Droid Factory Exclusives

At Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2015, Disney revealed their plans for exclusive Droid Factory figures. These figures come pre-assembled and are completely compatible with all other BADs.


R2-D60 is unlike any other Astromech in the galaxy. As a spy for the Rebel Alliance, R2-D60 lives on Coruscant and serves different members of the Imperial Senate. His droid build is similar to other classic R-series droids, but features a frosted R2-style dome and a silver metallic paint finish. Join R2-D60 on his adventure across the galaxy. May the Force be with Youand your Droids!

The Astromech Droid figure was created to commemorate 60 years of magic at the Disneyland Resort.

Available during Disneylands Diamond Jubilee this figure stands out just as the description states as being the only R2 unit with a frosted semi-see-thru dome.

  • R2 Domes
  • R2-D60 A Rebel spy working within the Imperial Senate.

This figure retailed for $12.95.

Holographic R2-D2

Whether he is delivering a secret message to Obi-Wan Kenobi or saving the classic heroes of the Rebel Alliance from the trash compactor on the Death Star, R2-D2 is always ready for any mission. For the first time, R2-D2 is portrayed as his own holographic transmission action figure. What secret information does R2 carry this time? Join R2-D2 on his adventure throughout the galaxy.

May the Force be with youand your Droids!

  • R2 Domes
  • Holographic R2-D2 The droid hero of the Saga projected in holographic form.


  • R4 Domes


Where Is The Droid Depot In Disney

Droid Build

So, where is the Droid Depot in Disney World? The first step is to make your way to the Black Spire Outpost at Star Wars Galaxys Edge located in Disneys Hollywood Studios. It can be a little tricky once inside as there arent many signs pointing to the Droid Depot 2022 however if you do get lost be sure to ask a Disney Cast Member for some help.

Youll get to explore the planet and possibly even stop by and see the Millennium Falcon for a quick photo-op. The Droid Depot is right across from the main stage area, where Chewy and Rey like to hang out and meet guests. Make sure to note that most of the signage in Star Wars Galaxys Edge isnt in English! It is in the language Aurebesh, which is the native language of the planet Batuu. Therefore, when you find the sign for the Galaxys Edge Droid Depot, it might not be as obvious as you think it is! But, if youve found the place with Star Wars droid parts hanging from the ceiling, youre in the right place.

Once you are inside Droid Depot, there will be two lines of people. One for guests who made a reservation to build a droid 2022 in advance and another for guests who do not have a reservation but would still like to build a droid.

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Plan Ahead For Transport Home

If you are flying home from Disneyland or Walt Disney World, think ahead about how you will transport your droid home. We did not have any extra space in our luggage for them, so the droids became a carry-on item for each kid.

We flew Southwest Airlines home, so we didnt have to worry about carry-on restrictions, but I know some airlines or ticket options limit you to a personal item, and that is it.

How To Make A Reservation For Droid Depot

To make a reservation for Droid Depot, you may check available dates on the Disney app. Reservations for Droid Depot can be made up to 60 days in advance .

I highly recommend that you make advanced reservations for this very popular and fun experience. You can try your luck without a reservation .

But, be prepared for a long line and long wait time. You can also try same-day reservations through the Disney app.

On the other hand, an advance reservation ensures you can access the experience at a predetermined time with little to no wait time.

Take note that the activity is limited to the builder. This means that you need to make a reservation for each person who will be building a droid.

According to Disneys policy, one guest can accompany each builder. So, if you are in a party of 4, and 2 people want to build a droid, the other 2 people in your party can accompany them as guests.

However, the guests cannot participate in the construction of the droids. If you make a reservation for all 4 people, then you can bring 4 more people as guests.

You will need a valid credit card to make your booking at Droid Depot. This is to hold your reservation. Payment will need to be made when you arrive at the location.

You can check availability in the My Disney Experience app or the Disneyland app . Droid Depot reservations are not transferable and you cannot sell or barter them.

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What Is Involved In Building Your Own Droid At Droid Depot

Building your own droid at Droid Depot in Star Wars: Galaxys Edge is an experience in itself! Disney Parks Blog describes the experience as:

Where else in the world do you get the chance to build your very own custom Astromech Unit that you can take home with you? Thatâs right, Droid Depot at Star Wars: Galaxyâs Edge! While exploring Black Spire Outpost, you and your friends can swing by the Droid Depot for a chance to create one of the galaxyâs most indispensable sidekicks.

Check out cast members building their own droid below: ab_channel=DisneyParks

Select your choice of a BB-series or an R-series, then choose from a colorful variety of components to customize the droid, activate it, then youâre in business! Whether heading to the far corners of Wild Space or wandering around Star Wars: Galaxyâs Edge, be sure to bring your personal droid â the ultimate travel companion for all your Outer Rim adventures.

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