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Disney World Art Of Animation Suites

Disney’s Art Of Animation Resort Shopping

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort | Walt Disney World
  • Ink and Paint Shop in the Animation Hall Building for sundries and souvenirs.

  • Groceries – You can save time and money by having snacks, and bottled water delivered directly to the resort by Garden Grocer – Click HERE for more information. Regular hotels rooms do have mini-refrigerators but do not have microwaves or coffee makers. Family Suites have mini-refrigerators, coffee makers and microwaves.

Art Of Animation Family Suites Pros

The Big Blue Pool is the largest Walt Disney World Resort pool, and it is a zero-entry pool, which is a big bonus for my little Nemos who dont have lucky fins and arent good swimmers. There are 2 other pools, too, at the resort.

Landscape of Flavors is a pretty good food court. They have different quick-service options other than your typical pizza and hamburgers. Covid has changed some of the options and selections though.

In my opinion, the transportation is better at Disneys Art of Animation Resort. They have one dedicated resort bus stop, and it does not share with other resorts. Also, you have interior rooms inside a building compared to outside walkways at Disneys All-Star Music Resort. Perhaps one of the biggest PROS is access to Disney Skyliner.

If youre going to be visiting Epcot and Disneys Hollywood Studios and wont have a car, this transportation option is fantastic, even if Im not super keep on flying high in the air. Its way better than the buses. Anything is better than the buses.

The rooms are definitely more themed than All-Star Music, so that could be a pro or con to some people. If you have fans of a specific movie, then it might be fun for them to engrossed in all that magic!

Are Disney World Family Suites Worth It

The Disney World Family Suites are awesome! This is a good budget Disney World accommodation for larger families. I would even recommend them to smaller families where parents just want some privacy. 2 TVs, 2 bathrooms, a kitchenette, more square footage.

You get all the amenities of staying on-property like Extra Magic Hours, Disneys Magical Express, free transportation to and from the theme parks, and added activities like pool parties and movies by the pool.

If the price were equal, Disneys Art of Animation Resort Family Suites may win just to Disney Skyliner access, but the price is not equal. So my budget and length of stay would determine which resort I chose. I would also ask, is theming important? Do I need queen-sized beds versus full-size beds? Its hard to beat the value of the renovated All-Star Music Family Suites.

So which Disney World Family Suites would you choose?

And if youd like to save even more money on souvenirs, here is the best Disney outlet closest to Walt Disney World.

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Top Pick: Cars Themed Family Room

Everyone in our family loved staying in a Cars themed Family Suite at Disneys Art of Animation Resort. In addition to having tons of space, including a separate room for the parents, the art and special furnishings really made it! One of the sleepers was hidden inside the vinyl bench seat of a classic car.

The other hidden bed was actually created by folding down the dining table, and on the other side was art depicting a sleepy Mater. Such a fun, special place to stay. I love the Art of Animation Resort! And the areas all around the Cars themed buildings are so much fun, including the Cozy Cone Pool, rubberized play spaces, all the best Cars characters and more!

Parking Details At The Art Of Animation


Driving to Walt Disney World means that youll have a vehicle with you that youll need to park. You can use your smartphone with the My Disney Experience app to access the parking area . While parking at Disneys Art of Animation Resort has a fee of $15/ day, its actually a pretty good deal when you consider a few things:

  • You save money by not having to fly to Orlando
  • You can drive yourself to the theme parks instead of using resort transportation
  • You have a vehicle in case you want to leave the Disney World berm

Wait, why would I want to drive myself to the theme parks? Yes, there is resort transportation that gets you everywhere you need to go from the AoA Resort, but sometimes its nice to not be with other people. If you have a day where you plan on park hopping, particularly between Disneys Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios or EPCOT, having your own car is nice.

Your daily parking fee while staying as a Disney World resort hotel also grants you parking access at the theme parks . And considering that staying at a value resort means your parking is cheaper than at other resort hotels. $15/day for parking vs paying $25/day is a nice savings for the convenience of not having to get an Uber or Lyft to anywhere.

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Riding The Skyliner To Epcot Hollywood Studios And Other Resorts

If its been a few years since youve been to Walt Disney World, youll see something new: the Skyliner! A gondola / cable car system, the Skyliner connects Disneys Art of Animation and Pop Century Resorts to several other resort areas and parks. Walking past the Big Blue Pool, youll come to the Skyliner boarding area, which then continues onto the Caribbean Beach Resort area. Here you can get onto the line to either EPCOT or Disneys Hollywood Studios or another hotel.

Keep in mind that if youre planning on using the Skyliner as your primary means of transportation around Walt Disney World, it DOES NOT go to either Disneys Animal Kingdom or Magic Kingdom parks. For those parks or to get to Disney Springs from Art of Animation youll need to take resort buses or your own vehicle.

PS: if youre anxious about small spaces or heights, the Skyliner is NOT for you. The gondola cars may stop randomly or even swing a bit. If you think youll freak out, dont even board the transport. Should the Skyliner stop or get stuck for any amount of time, you dont want to have a panic attack stuck in mid-air with your family. That said, I love the views from the Skyliner and do recommend it.

Is The Art Of Animation A Good Resort

We think so! Sure, it isnt the cheapest resort at Disney World and it doesnt have all the bells and whistles of a deluxe resort or the immersive design of the moderates. However, thanks to the riot of colors and over-the-top theming, Art of Animation has oodles of pixie dust and charm. The rooms are simple yet comfortable and downright adorable, although the exuberant details might be too much for some people. Plus, all of the giant characters sprinkled throughout the parks make for ideal backdrops for that perfect family photo.

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How Many Pools Does Disneys Art Of Animation Resort Offer To Guests

There are three pools at Disneys Art of Animation the Big Blue Pool, the Cozy Cone pool, and the Flippin Fins Pool. Disney World describes the Big Blue Pool as:

Just keep swimming in the largest hotel pool in all of Walt Disney World Resort.

Inspired by the Disneyâ¢Pixar âsplash hitâ Finding Nemo, this huge, zero-entry pool contains over 308,527 gallons! Guests can relive the story of their favorite clown fish alongside giant set pieces of Nemo, Crush and other beloved characters from the film.

For the little ones, Schoolyard Sprayground is home to pop-up jets, gushing water and more familiar faces from Finding Nemo, while Squirtâs Righteous Reef is a Nemo-themed playground perfect for kids who prefer to stay dry during playtime.

For refreshing snacks and beverages, drop by The Drop Off pool bar conveniently located nearby.

And lastly, Disney describes the Flippinâ Fins Pool as:

Make a splash in the Flippin Fins Poolâor let your cares drift away as you lounge poolside. Based on the Disney animated classic The Little Mermaid, this 103,642-gallon pool features the âUnder the Sea Orchestraâ conducted by Sebastian and whimsical set pieces based on popular characters from the film.

Pool lifts and other access options are available for guests with disabilities or limited mobility. Pool hours and lifeguard availability vary by pool and are subject to change.

Comparing Art Of Animation And Fort Wilderness For Value

The “Cars” Wing of Disney’s Art of Animation Resort | Walt Disney World

When youre trying to choose a resort for your Walt Disney World vacation, you are taking into consideration countless aspects of your travel plan, from location to resort amenities. A family Disney vacation is a HUGE expense and you really do want to be sure that youre making the best decisions and getting the most bang for your buck. Thats where the value level resorts really do come in handy. Comparing staying at Art of Animation versus other value level resorts, I think AoA is the clear winner.

In direct comparison to Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground, I think either is a great choice DEPENDING ON YOUR FAMILY.

  • Where Art of Animation comes out ahead is with the family suites and pool areas.
  • Where Fort Wilderness has the upper hand is the proximity to Magic Kingdom, being fully surrounded by nature, and the ability to really come in under budget if youre camping.
  • If you are considering a Fort Wilderness Cabin vs an AoA Family suite, the cost is going to be very similar and they sleep the same number of people.

One other option on Disney property that is comparable is Disneys All Star Music Resort. This hotel also has family suites and lands just below Art of Animation in nightly cost. I prefer the overall resort, transportation and theme of AoA over All Star Music, but if budget is key youll save on average more than $100 per night at All Star Music in the same room type.

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All Star Music Disney World Family Suites

Disneys All-Star Music Resort is also a fun resort! They have large musical instrument icons like guitars, drums, saxophones, and maracas. The family suites are approximately 520 square feet. There are 2 pools at this resort and a water play area for smaller children.

It is within walking distance to Disneys All-Star Movies Resort and Disneys All-Star Sports Resort, so weve gone exploring to other resorts, and the kids enjoyed it.

Rehaussez Votre Sjour Avec My Disney Experience

Commencez votre enregistrement, voyez votre numéro de chambre, rendez-vous directement à votre chambre et découvrez tellement plus grâce à lapplication utile. Lapplication My Disney Experience vous permettra même de déverrouiller la porte de votre chambre dhôtel Disney avec votre téléphone!

My Disney Experience est un outil pratique pour gérer vos vacances. Il vous permet, entre autres, de consulter vos plans existants, dajouter de nouveaux plans, de commander de la nourriture, dafficher des photos, de consulter lhoraire des parcs et dobtenir des indications, y compris les options de transport.

Maintenant également disponible dans lapplication My Disney Experience, le service Disney MagicMobile est une autre façon pratique et sans contact daccéder aux fonctionnalités des bracelets MagicBand et de la carte Key to the World, comme lentrée dans les parcs thématiques, avec un iPhone, une Apple Watch ou un téléphone Android admissible.

Et ce nest quun aperçu de la façon dont lapplication My Disney Experience peut rehausser votre séjour au Walt Disney World Resort! En savoir plus sur lapplication My Disney Experience.

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Enhance Your Stay With My Disney Experience

Start your check in, see your room number, head directly to your room and discover much more with the helpful app. The My Disney Experience app will even allow you to unlock your Disney Resort hotel room door with your phone!

My Disney Experience is a handy tool for navigating your vacation, including reviewing your existing plans, adding new plans, ordering food, viewing photos, checking park schedules, and getting directionsincluding transportation options.

Also now available in the My Disney Experience app, Disney MagicMobile service is another convenient, contactless way to access MagicBand and Key to the World Card features, like theme park entry, through the power of an eligible iPhone, Apple Watch or Android phone.

And thats only the beginning of how the My Disney Experience app can enhance your stay at Walt Disney World Resort! Learn more about the My Disney Experience app.

Room Types And Facilities


The Little Mermaid Standard Room

Sleeps 4, Bed Type: King or queen Bathtub/shower combination, Private bathroom, Satellite television, Air conditioning, Refrigerator, Television

Cars Family Suites

Sleeps 6, Bed Type: Queen and sofa bed Bathtub/shower combination, Private bathroom, Satellite television, Separate Shower, Air conditioning, Separate Bath, Refrigerator, Television

The Lion King Family Suites

Sleeps 6, Bed Type: Queen and sofa bed Bathtub/shower combination, Private bathroom, Satellite television, Separate Shower, Air conditioning, Separate Bath, Refrigerator, Television

Finding Nemo Family Suites

Sleeps 6, Bed Type: Queen and sofa bed Bathtub/shower combination, Private bathroom, Satellite television, Separate Shower, Air conditioning, Separate Bath, Refrigerator, Television

Family Suites

Sleeps 6, Bed Type: Queen and sofa bed Bathtub/shower combination, Private bathroom, Satellite television, Separate Shower, Air conditioning, Separate Bath, Refrigerator, Television

Little Mermaid Std – Not On Offer

Sleeps 4, Bed Type: King or queen Private bathroom, Bathtub/shower combination, Television, Satellite television, Refrigerator, Air conditioning

Cars Family Suites Tickets Inc

Sleeps 6, Bed Type: Queen and sofa bed Private bathroom, Bathtub/shower combination, Separate Bath, Separate Shower, Television, Satellite television, Refrigerator, Air conditioning

Lion King Family Suites Tickets Inc

Finding Nemo Fam Suites Tickets Inc

Family Suites Tickets Inc

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Art Of Animation Family Suites

The remaining three sections of rooms at Disneys Art of Animation all use the family suite model. This type of room allows for a maximum of six adults all in one space, while providing living spaces that are more distinctive and additional bathroom space. Disney found success with these suites for families with younger children, or even older kids that need a bit more room. Additionally, the incredible theming of each area brings a beloved Disney film to life, perfect for your little Mousketeers.

Am I Travelling With Kids

If this is a solid yes, we recommend the family suites, unless your kids are little or dying to stay in the Little Mermaid rooms. Growing up, if my parents could have had the ability to get their own room, give my sister and me our own beds, and had a bathroom all to themselves, Im willing to bet they would have done it.

Family suites, with their incredible decoration, also bring that each bit of magic that kids love. They will only be into this sort of thing for a period of time, so take advantage of it while you can.

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Check In / Check Out At The Art Of Animation

The lobby area of Disneys Art of Animation Resort is really unique and absolutely captures the fun of Disney animation. From wildly colorful backdrops to countless animation film cells and sketches covering the walls, youre immersed in Disney from the start.

Like all the other Walt Disney World Resort hotels, you can actually check in via the My Disney Experience app and you never even have to stop by the front desk. The room locks are set up with RFID sensors to allow you to unlock your room with your smartphone, and this is great if youre visiting Disney World during COVID. If you like though, you can also check in at the front desk and get the full scope of information for staying at Disneys Contemporary Resort and get tangible room keys.

Download MDE App here: Android / iOS

I still always stop by the front desk when were at Disney World because things are always changing, especially if youre visiting Disney World during COVID, so its nice to get specific information and recommendations from cast members.

Tip: if youre staying at the AoA Resort during the holidays, be sure to visit the lobby for the Christmas decorations. They do an amazing job showcasing the animation process via ornaments and colorful trees.

What Is My Budget

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort – Family Suite Tour | Walt Disney World

Normally I would put this higher on the list, but at Art of Animation, the previous two points rank higher in terms of rooms. However, you dont want to forget this piece. Even with children, you might find that the family suites are a bit out of budget. We get it they can get up to $500 a night, which is hefty for a value resort. If thats the case, go with the standard room and bunk your kids in the same bed. Again, you can only put four people in a standard room, so that might make your decision for you. On the other hand, if youre trying to save money and everyone is down to share a bed, the standard rooms are the way to go.

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Standard Rooms At Disneys Art Of Animation Resort

If you know the history of Disneys Art of Animation, you know that originally was supposed to be the second section of Disneys Pop Century Resort across the lake. However, with the attacks on September 11, the tourism industry in Florida took a hit. As a result, the project stalled out, leaving the partially completed buildings sitting there like a ghost town.

Around a decade later, after the success of the family suites at All-Star Music, Disney decided to revisit this area and convert it into a new resort Disneys Art of Animation.

However, since a section of the resort had already been built in the same value-room style over at Pop Century, rather than gut those buildings and begin again they keep a block of standard rooms. These rooms make up the Little Mermaid area over at Art of Animation.

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