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Disney World Annual Pass For Dvc Members

Lets Talk About The Dvc Annual Pass

NEW Disney World Annual Pass Details & DVC Member Reaction

Since most people reading this dont live in Florida, youll really choose between the top two annual passes.

The first one, the Disney Sorcerer Pass, is available for DVC members and Florida residents only. So, its like the old Gold pass.

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

For a price of $899 plus tax, youll get to visit the parks on most days, albeit with blackouts on select dates during holiday periods.

A fair assumption here is that the most expensive dates on the DVC Points Chart are likely to come with annual pass blackout dates.

On the plus side, youll get to hold up to five park reservations at once. I know that many of you book weekly stays at Walt Disney World.

As such, the limitation of five Park Passes seems restrictive and at least somewhat problematic.but its not!

Significantly, the announcement adds that Passholders staying at select Disney resorts like DVC ones! can book Park Passes for each day of their hotel stay!

Thats one less thing to worry about as we transition to a future with permanent Park Pass requirements as part of a standard Disney vacation.

The monthly bill for the Disney Sorcerer Pass is $63 per month after the $205 down payment.

Dining Discount Is Really 10% At Select Table Service Restaurants Excluding Alcohol

A quick scroll through the benefits page reveals that the 20% figure is barely ever available, 10% is really the standard, and most of the locations included are table service restaurants. Alcohol is excluded. Keep in mind you can roughly replicate this discount for free with the Chase Disney Visa card.

Those discount likely still price you out of getting value from the Disney dining plans, but if you are still interested in a dining plan, you can purchase one as part of a ticketless package. We suggest working with an agent when considering one of these packages.

Walt Disney World Annual Pass Renewal Discount

Renewing your annual pass usually comes with a discount of about 15%. For the Incredi-Pass, the renewal price is around $1,176 .

In most cases, it will make sense to seize the renewal discount, especially given the frequency of price increases. That said, if your schedule allows you to push your trips a few months each year, you might forgo the renewal and get a new annual pass. This requires thorough planning, though maybe not any more than is required to ensure you get value out of your annual pass.

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Park Reservation System Enhancement

Disney announced a while back that the Park Reservation System will be around for the foreseeable future. Therefore, Disney has been making enhancements to the Park Reservations calendar.

The new calendar will make its debut on September 8th as well. It will not only show park availability, but will also show booked reservations and blockout dates in order to streamline guests experience.

Ticket Bridging To Save On Your Walt Disney World Annual Pass

Walt Disney World to Hold Previews for Annual Passholders ...

Ticket bridging is the process of upgrading a discounted Disney World ticket to an annual pass in order to save money on the annual pass.

The process basically works like this:

  • Purchase a discounted Walt Disney World ticket

  • Go to guest services during your trip to upgrade your ticket to an annual pass

  • Guest services will work their Magic, and theyll credit your annual pass purchase with the pre-discounted price of your ticket

  • Pay the difference between the full value of your ticket and your annual pass

  • Confused? Lets say you didnt buy a discounted ticket. And lets say you paid $300 for a ticket and an annual pass costs $1300. You can go to guest services at any point during your visit and pay $1000 to upgrade to an annual pass.

    Now, lets say you instead got that $300 ticket for $250. When you go to upgrade to an annual pass, Disney guest services will give you credit for the full $300 price of the ticket. So youll pay an additional $1000 to upgrade, getting an annual pass for a total of $1250, or $50 off.

    Your annual pass will be dated retroactive to the first date you used your park ticket, but your Photopass benefit will not be retroactive. I complained to Disney about this and they gave me access to my Photopass photos from my trip. We bridged in June 2018 successfully with no difficulty.

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    Disney Pixie Dust Pass

    The entry-level Disney Pixie Dust Pass is the most affordable but comes with the fewest perks and the most blockout dates.

    How much does the Disney Pixie Dust Pass cost?

    The Disney Pixie Dust Pass costs $399 plus tax. Alternatively, you can pay a down payment of $205 then pay $19/month for 12 months. This comes out to $433.

    Can I get the Disney Pixie Dust Pass?

    Only Florida residents are eligible for the Disney Pixie Dust Pass.

    What are the perks of the Disney Pixie Dust Pass?

    • Up to three park reservations at one time.
    • Free standard Theme Park parking.
    • Park Hopper option.

    What are the Disney Pixie Dust Pass blockout dates?

    The Disney Pixie Dust Pass has the most blockout dates of any 2021 Disney World Annual Pass. Here is the full calendar of blockout dates:

    Disney World Annual Pass Discounts

    The above section should have done most of the work of helping you decide whether or not to get a Disney World annual pass. But whether you are still on the fence or just want to read more about what perks youll get, were going to discuss the discounts and the other perks of Disney World annual passes.

    You should always check the specifics at the Disney World websites passholder benefits page, because restrictions apply, but heres a look at some of the passholder discounts.

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    Things To Check Before You Begin

    First, lets confirm that your membership is linked to your Disney account. Open the My Disney Experience app and log in, if you arent already.

    The next step is to confirm that your phone number is correct and verified. Click the icon with the three stacked lines in the bottom, right-hand corner. Scroll down to click on My Profile and click on Account Settings to check if your phone number is verified. If its not, follow the verification steps. Wait a few minutes before continuing on to generate your card.

    Common Questions About The 2021 Disney World Annual Passes

    DVC101 | What are the Perks around WDW Annual Passes? – DVCguys explain

    Youve got questions. Weve got answers!

    The news has been out for barely a day, and already, forums, social media, and comments sections have been flooded with opinions and plenty of questions. Well do our best to answer these questions with what we know from scouring through Disneys available resources.

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    Renewing A Current Disney World Annual Pass

    Have an annual pass under the old program? Heres what these changes mean for you. Photo by Rain Blanken

    If you already have a Disney World Annual Pass, no need to panic. On Sept. 8, your existing Annual Pass will automatically get some park reservation upgrades.

    • Silver Annual Passholders: You will now get four park reservations at once.
    • Gold, Platinum, and Platinum Plus Annual Passholders: You will now get five park reservations at once.

    And when its time to renew, you dont have to worry about market prices of the 2021 Disney World Annual Pass program. Instead, youll get renewal prices. Just pick your preferred pass:

    Can I Get More Park Reservations If I Stay At A Resort

    When you stay on Walt Disney World Property as an Annual Passholder, you get a guaranteed park reservation. This does not count as one of your reservations through your pass.

    For example, if you have the Incredi-Pass with five park reservations and currently have four used up, you can book a stay at Pop Century with guaranteed park reservations and still leave that final park reservation up for grabs for another day.

    Still have questions about the 2021 Disney World Annual Pass program? Head to to join the conversation and make your question heard.

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    The Other Two Magic Keys

    All California residents can purchase the second-best MagicKey, the Believe Key. It costs $949 or $179 plus $65 per month.

    The Believe Key grants you the following amenities:

    • Theme park access for most days of the year
    • 10 percent discounts onfood, drinks, and merchandise
    • Ability to hold up to sixPark Passes simultaneously
    • 50 percent discount onstandard parking

    Youll have your choice of many more visitation dates withthe Believe Key compared to the Enchant or Imagine Key.

    However, many Saturdays remain unavailable, and some of thebusiest weeks on the annual calendar include total blocked-out periods.

    DVC members who dont live in California have only oneoption, and its the most expensive one, the Dream Key.

    This option costs a hefty $1,399. However, you can pay oneflat fee of $179 plus a recurring monthly charge of $102.

    For that price, you receive superior amenities. They are:

    • Theme park access for everyday of the year
    • Up to 15 percent discountson food and drinks
    • Up to 20 percent discounton merchandise
    • Free standard parking
    • Ability to hold up to sixPark Passes simultaneously

    As a reminder, you can book a Park Pass for any day when youhave a coinciding official Disney resort reservation.

    So, the Park Pass options I list are in addition to any DVChotel booking youve made.

    If you purchase during the first 66 days of the Magic Keyprogram, youll receive a special welcome package. The clock started onAugust 25th, but you still have some time.

    Disney World Announces New Annual Pass Program

    4 New Perks for Walt Disney World Annual Passholders and ...

    We finally have an answer to one of the most frequently asked questions weve received over the past twelve months. Walt Disney World Annual Pass sales will resume on September 8th, 2021!

    As part of the NEW Walt Disney World annual pass program, Florida residents, Disney Vacation Club Members, and guests can choose from four unique pass options:

    Some of the new highlights included in this update to the Disney World Annual Pass Program include:

    Current Annual Passholders will be able to continue to use their Annual Pass until it is time to renew. At that time you will be able to select from one of the four new options at a special renewal price. Also, beginning September 8th, current APs will also be able to hold more park pass reservations at one time!

    For more information, visit!

    Be sure to visit our website to request your room, browse our available confirmed reservations, and begin planning your magical stay at Walt Disney World or Disneyland today!

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    Getting Disney Magicmobile Pass

    DVC Members can now access their Membership Card via the My Disney Experience app by adding a Disney MagicMobile Pass to the digital wallet on eligible iPhones, Apple Watches, or Google Pay enabled Android phones.

    Most of us park veterans have a stash of MagicBands and probably havent given Disneys MagicMobile system much thought because everything is linked to our bands. But now that the blue cards are expired, its a great time to explore this new feature!

    What If I Live Just Outside Of Florida

    Some Georgia and Alabama residents may live a literal stones throw away from the border between them and Floridaand they might be much closer to Orlando and Disney World than, say, someone in Miami or Key West.

    Even so, only Florida residents are eligible for the Florida Resident Monthly Payment Program and the three tiers of passes that are reserved for Florida residents only.

    No exceptions, alas.

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    Walt Disney Worlds New Annual Passes

    Disneyland announced its new program first. Walt DisneyWorld followed suit soon afterward.

    Floridas version has altered some of the amenities. ThePhotoPass and the Water Parks and Sports options now cost $99 each.

    So, if you had both of those in the past and want to keepthem, you must add $198 plus tax to the prices Im about to discuss.

    Also, two of the four passes are only available to residentsof the Sunshine State.

    Disney has priced the least expensive option, the Pixie DustPass, at $399. Purchasers can make a down payment of $205 and then pay $19monthly.

    For that price, you receive:

    • Theme Park access on most weekdays
    • Ability to hold up to threePark Passes simultaneously
    • Free standard parking atthe theme parks
    • Up to 20 percent discountson food, drinks, and merchandise

    The new annual passes also come with the somewhat vaguelydefined access to bonus reservations.

    This means that Disney will sometimes show dates on theannual calendar when you can book a Park Pass that wont count against yourallotment.

    Lets say that you already have booked three Park Passes onthe Pixie Dust Pass plan. If you notice a bonus reservation date, you can bookit, too!

    You can also evaluate the blockout dates at this link.

    The next tier of the new system is the Disney Pirate Pass.Yarr. It costs $699 or $205 plus monthly payments of $45.

    The amenities are:

    Here are the applicable blockout dates.

    New Disney World Annual Passes Will Go On Sale September 8th

    Every Disney World Annual Pass Option – Florida Residents, DVC & Out of State!

    Posted on Disney MerchandiseDisney NewsDisney ParksDisney Services

    The day we have all been waiting for has finally arrived, new Disney World Annual Passes will go on sale September 8th! Disney teased the news about Annual Pass sales when the Magic Key Program was announced for Disneyland Resort , but we had little to go off of at the time. Now we have all of the information on the sale of new passes!

    Although previous Passholders were able to renew their Annual Passes throughout the last year and a half, new passes have not been available for purchase. There will be some changes to the Annual Pass tiers, so lets dive into everything you will need to know before buying your new pass.

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    More On Annual Passes At Disney

    At Walt Disney World, we recently saw a major change come to the Annual Pass system. Although the passes are currently not being sold, once they are available again they will not look as they have in the past. . Disney World recently put their Annual Passes on sale once again last September with a newly revamped program. The new passes work off four tiers: Disney Pixie Dust Pass, Disney Pirate Pass, Disney Sorcerer Pass, Disney Incredi-Pass. Each pass offers a difference in price point, block out dates, offerings, and Park Pass Reservations. When the passes ended up becoming blocked for purchase again in November, the Pixie Dust Pass was the only one available for Guests.

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    As we have described before, this is what the Annual Pass system will include for each tier at Disney World:

    Disneyland also updated their Annual Pass system to the Magic Key pass. There are four tiers to Disneyland√Ęs Magic Key Pass: Dream Key , Believe Key , Enchant Key , and Imagine Key . You can check out the various pass types on the Disneyland website here.

    Would you want to see Disneys Premier Pass return? How much would you want to pay for this pass?

    Disney World Announces Big Savings For Annual Passholders And Dvc Members

    Chip and Co Past Writers and FriendsPlease note: some posts may contain affiliate links which means our team could earn money if you purchase products from our site

    There have been discounts galore this week at Walt Disney World first for Disney Visa Cardmembers and now Disney has released added incentives to both their Annual Passholders and DVC members in the form of two offers that are sure to put a smile on the face of Disney regulars.

    Heres what we know so far:

    Annual Passholders- Get 13 months for the price of 12. Starting on October 1st, guests purchasing an Annual Pass will be able to get an extra month of park admission making their pass good for 13 months rather than 12.

    However, guests should note that this appears to be a limited time offer and passes must be purchased between October 2, 2016 and January 3, 2017 in order to qualify. The cost of the Annual Passes will vary in price with 5 different options to choose from: Weekday Select, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Platinum Plus. It would appear that the offer is available across all Annual Pass categories.

    Bigger Merchandise Discounts offered to Annual Passholders and DVC Members. Starting October 1, 2016, Annual Passholders and DVC Members will see an increase in the discounts that are extended to them. \

    Both groups will now receive:

    Now thru September 2017, Passholders and DVC Members will also be eligible for a 20% discount at the following Table Service and Quick Service locations:

    Magic Kingdom


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      Accessing A Temporary Card

      You also have the option to print a temporary DVC identification card by visiting: Log in to your Disney account then click View Temporary Card to generate your card. You can print this card and carry it with you. This temporary identification card will only give you a one-month timeframe to use it. If you use this method, make sure to check the expiration date before your trip to see if you need to generate a new temporary card.

      How To Get Your New Digital Dvc Membership Card: A Step

      New Annual Pass Pricing Increase for Disney Vacation Club ...

      Posted on Disney NewsDisney ServicesDVC OwnershipDVC Tips

      Attention all card-carrying DVC members! Disney has made some changes that you need to know about. Now that the blue-cards are expired , you may be wondering how to access your benefits, like discounts and access to the DVC Lounges. Disney is not providing replacement physical cards, instead, they are moving to a digital membership card.

      Beginning January 2022, there is a new process for DVC members to identify themselves. Your friends at DVC Shop are here to explain exactly how to get your new digital DVC card!

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