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Disney World All Star Movie Resort

Good Rooms In Building 4 Of 101 Dalmations

All-Star Movies Resort: Disney World’s Cheapest Hotel Has CHANGED

Like Building 1, Building 4 also has the advantage of being close to Cinema Hall. But on the downside there aren’t many good views in this Building. Good views in Building 4 include rooms 4X01-4X10, and 4X58-4X64.

Bad views in building 4 include:

  • Rooms 4X16-4X26, which show a service area.
  • Rooms 4X41-4X48, which shows mostly foliage and an unflattering angle of the building.

What Are The Resorts Closest To

This doesnt always matter to guests, but sometimes people think about what parks and destinations are closest to their chosen resort. What are the All-Star-Resorts closest to? They are considered to be Animal Kingdom resorts because they are closest to the Animal Kingdom.

The Animal Kingdom is about five minutes away, and Disneys Hollywood Studios and EPCOT. The distance from both the All-Star Music and All-Star-Movies to Hollywood Studios is about seven to ten minutes away. The distance from them to EPCOT is about twelve to fifteen minutes away.

The furthest park is the Magic Kingdom, but honestly, the Magic Kingdom is the furthest destination away from most of the resorts. Unless you are staying in the deluxe Disney World monorail resorts, most of the resorts are far away from the Magic Kingdom.

Inside Walt Disney World Resort A Five To 10

Disney All-Star Movies is one of three adjacent “All-Star” properties located on the far western end of Walt Disney World, near Animal Kingdom. It’s relatively isolated from many of the park’s most popular areas, Magic Kingdom and Downtown Disney, making the shuttle rides longer in many cases and less convenient, especially for families.

Like most Disney resorts, Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort is set back from the main roads. It’s quiet, but like just about any Orlando resort, there isn’t anything to do, eat, or see within reasonable walking distance.

  • Free bus transportation to Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Downtown Disney
  • 15- to 20-minute drive to SeaWorld and Wet ‘n Wild parks
  • 20-minute drive to Universal Studios and Universal’s Islands of Adventure
  • 15- to 20-minute drive to International Drive, a 14.5-mile road parallel to Interstate 4 that’s full of hotels, strip malls, outlet shops, and restaurants
  • 30-minute drive to Orlando International Airport

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Comparing Orlandos Value Resorts Part : Disneys All

by Shane· Sep 10, 2021

This summer, I was able to take my first major vacation in a while, and where better for a theme park fanatic to visit than Orlando? However, the costs of flights, park tickets, transportation, accommodations and food can quickly add up, so its important to save money whenever possible when planning a trip like this. An area where I typically opt to cut costs is hotels, I really only need a place to sleep for the night, and to store whatever souvenirs I gather during my trip of course. So, when planning my Orlando trip, I knew I wanted to stay at a value resort for both the Disney and Universal parks. You can of course save even more money by staying off the resort property, but I believe the benefits of staying at a park-owned resort are definitely worth it. Lets take a look at some of the other amenities and see how these affordable accommodations stack up.

This is Part 2 of my series on covering Orlandos value resorts. In Part 1 I reviewed my experience staying at Universals newest resort, but in this edition well be moving down International Drive to the most magical place on Earth, Walt Disney World. Specifically to the All-Star Movies Resort, one of the newly renovated Disney resorts. In the summer of 2019, I stayed at the All-Star Sports Resort, which was not renovated at the time, and given the similarities between the two resorts, I can make a fair comparison on the differences before and after the renovation.

The Table Bed folded out

Shopping Recreation And Things To Do At All

Archer Luxury Travel: Disney

All-Star Movies gift shop is Donald’s Double Feature, and sits just off the lobby, between the check-in area and the food court. As you’d expect from Disney, Donald’s Double Feature has a decentcollection of souvenirs ranging from small trinkets such as keychains and pens, to embroidered jackets and Disney princess dresses. Prices for these items are about what you’d payin the theme parks or Disney Springs.

Donald’s Double Feature also sells basic pharmacy items such as sunscreen, aspirin, allergy and cold medicine, baby diapers and formula, shampoo, and the like. And Donald’s Double Feature hasDisney-branded cookies, chocolate, coffee tins, and similar items, if that’s what you’re looking for. Prices for these items are considerably higher – about double – than what you’d probably payat home.

While the Reel Fun Arcade is located just off the Cinema Hall lobby.

Walkers, joggers and runners will find a 1-mile-long, paved jogging trail that connects All-Star Movies Resort, All-Star Music Resort and All-Star Sports Resort. This path is located at the front of Cinema Hall, along Buena Vista Drive. You won’t find a gym, fitness center, indoor pool, or spa at All-Star Movies.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Disney’s All

What are the Disneys All-Star Resorts?

These hotels are within Disney’s ‘Value’ hotel category and are classed as 3* properties. They are Disney themed properties and perfect for those on a budget. Themes include the fun of the movies, music and sports so there’s something to appeal to everyone!

Are Disney theme park tickets included when booking Disneys All-Star Movies Resort?

Walt Disney World tickets are not included in the hotel cost but you can add these to your order when you book your hotel and take advantage of the discounted bundle price. The tickets will then be collected locally at your hotel when you check in.

How far are the parks from Disneys All-Star Movies Resort?

Taking advantage of Disney’s complimentary resort transportation, you can be at any of the Disney parks within 25 minutes, with the closest being Blizzard Beach at just 15 minutes.

What is a preferred room at Disneys All-Star Movies Resort?

These rooms are close to the cinema hall, dining, shopping and transportation. All amenities are the same as the standard room type but you will find yourself closer to the action.

How much is parking at Disneys All-Star Movies Resort?

Standard overnight parking is currently $15 per night but prices can change. This is payable locally.

Does Disneys All-Star Movies Resort have a microwave in the room?

Does Disneys All-Star Movies Resort have a fridge in the room?

Yes there is a mini-refrigerator in all rooms .

When did Disneys All-Star Movies Resort open?

How Transportation Works At The All

Transportation can be slightly different at times than in other resorts. The bus transportation system is the only transportation out of the All-Stars. Because all the All-Star-Resorts are in the same section, the buses can sometimes travel to all three of the resorts in order to pick up passengers that might be waiting for a bus.

Usually, this is not the case. Each resort usually has its own buses to take guests to the park they want to. However, there have been times when I get on a bus and they travel to each of the All-Star-Resorts to see if any other guests need transportation. This can sometimes happen during non-busy times of the day, which is not first thing in the morning or in the evening. More people are trying to get to the park as early as they possibly can, so buses are running like crazy throughout Walt Disney World. But, during the middle of the day, when people are not traveling as much, sometimes the buses will travel to all three resorts if there are not a lot of guests at their designated stop.

Another option that these resorts offer, as does any resort, is driving yourself. This, obviously, cannot happen unless you choose to drive to Walt Disney World. However, there are perks to doing this if you wish to take this up. Whenever you drive and park at a Walt Disney World resort, you do have to pay for parking there each night you stay. However, whenever you drive, you have the option of driving to the parks which takes less time than waiting for a bus.

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How Long Is The Bus Ride From All

Buses tend to arrive at the Disney bus stop at Cinema Hall around every 20 minutes, so keep this in mind when planning out your day, especially when there are plenty of people waiting for the bus. Once youve had a seat, you can expect the journey to the Magic Kingdom to take between 20 to 25 minutes.

Well, all you shoestring travelers and Disney film fans, weve reached the credits for our whirlwind tour around the All-Star Movies Resort at Disney World. With larger-than-life icons of beloved Disney movie characters and cheap rooms that dont skimp on the essentials, its the perfect stay for small families, especially those with young children and those looking for Disney magic at wallet-friendly prices.

While youre there, make the most of your time at Walt Disney World with our 1-day plans for Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. Then, save even more cash by booking our discounted Walt Disney World tickets.

Have you ever stayed at All-Star Movies? Which of the movie-themed areas is your favorite to stay in? Are you excited to try the refurbished rooms? Let us know in the comments!

What Are The All

Disney’s All Star Movies Resort Overview | Walt Disney World

The first thing to realize when it comes to these two resorts is that they are in the same section, but they are two different resorts. That might seem a little confusing at first, but heres what I mean:

The All-Star-Resorts include three different resorts that have the same type of layout. The All-Star Movies resort, All-Star-Music resort, and All-Star-Sports resort are all in the same area, known as the All-Star-Resorts, and they are each themed to represent Movies, Music, and Sports.

However, they are each their own separate resort. They are so close, in fact, that you can walk from one to the other very easily. I have actually gone for walks throughout all three of them, and it does not take long at all to walk through all of them.

That is whats interesting about these resorts you can easily go and explore the other All-Star-Resorts if you are staying at one of them. As someone who loves to resort hop, the All-Stars are one of my favorite places to explore. The magic is truly brought back to the rooms whenever you stay in a Walt Disney World Resort. The theming is absolutely impeccable.

You have the option of getting things to go or eating your food in one of the many seating options they provide. The fun thing is that you can eat either inside or outside, whatever you want! They provide breakfast options from 7 to 11 AM. After you eat your meal, you can stop by Donalds Double Feature, which is the wonderful gift shop at the resort.

  • Calypso
  • Jazz
  • Broadway Show Tunes

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Good Rooms In Building 3 Of Mighty Ducks

Building 3 also offers nice views of The Duck Pond Pool. Good views in Building 3 include rooms 3902-3903, and 3X04-3X10.

Bad views in building 3 include:

  • Rooms 3X18-3X24, which shows mostly foliage, an electrical box and an unflattering angle of the building.
  • Rooms 3X40-3X50, which show a service area.
  • Rooms 3X59-3X64, which looks at the side of a maintenance building.

The Duck Pond Pool

Staying At The Disney All

Theres no better way to save a few bucks on vacation than by opting to stay at a more modest hotel, and the same thing is true at Disney World. Value resorts offer all frills-free accommodations with all the necessary comforts and larger-than-life theming made for families with young children. While the Art of Animation Resort may be the most obvious choice when it comes to affordable Disney magic, Disneys All-Star Movies Resort is also filled with character. Disney characters, that is!

Similar to its sister resorts, All-Star Music and All-Star Sports, each area of Disneys All-Star Movies Hotel is inspired by a Disney movie. Stories-high icons and colorful exterior treatments make this whimsical hotel an ideal place to snap some selfies or the perfect family photo. Keep in mind that as the All-Star Resort opened way back in 1994, some of the films featured may not be familiar to kids these days, but that doesnt make the hotel any less enjoyable.

The Toy Story section is easily the most impressive. There youll find characters like supersized versions of Woody, Buzz, Rex as well as some massive blocks and green army men on patrol. With its black-and-white spots and a stampede of puppies, kids will also enjoy the 101 Dalmatians area.

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Arrival & Our Room At All

We arrived via Uber from our nearby apartment . Since Disney has ended their Magical Express shuttle service from Orlando International Airport youll have to find your own way from the airport if youre flying in.

We had checked in online via the My Disney Experience App around 11AM, but our room was not ready by the time we arrived around 12:30PM. A Cast Member greeted us when we entered and suggested we might get a room more quickly if we went to the check-in desk.

We already knew this option to be a possibility, having done this successfully at our last All-Star stay. Nonetheless, we wanted to put online check-in to the test, so we said wed prefer to wait and headed to lunch.

We received notice around 4:00PM that our room was ready.

This seems reasonable for someone who checked in online and failed to visit the desk on arrival. Disney seems right to assume those people are at the parks into the evening.

The All-Star Resort rooms are mid-refurbishment right now, and the Movies rooms are now completely refurbished. Of the recent refurbishments of the Disney World hotel rooms, Ive felt several fall into a middle ground where theyre too bland and minimalist without being sleek and functional.

While the new rooms at the All Stars are light on theming, theyre also highly functional. That is a trade that Im more than happy to take.

Other Recreation At The Disney World All


Unlike the deluxe and moderate resorts, Disneys All-Star Movie Resort and other value hotels keep things simple with a streamlined menu of recreational offerings. Theres no better place to catch alfresco screenings of family-friendly flicks than at this Disney movie resort, so be sure to check out Movies Under the Stars at The Reel Spot neighboring the World Premiere Food Court. Kids will also enjoy climbing around on the playground between the Toy Story and Fantasia sections of the hotel or testing their luck at the Reel Fun Arcade. Adults staying at All-Star Movies can run the stress of the day away and keep their workout schedule intact along a one-mile jogging path through Disneys All-Star Resort.

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One Hundred And One Dalmatians

One Hundred and One Dalmatians
Theatrical release poster
$303 million

One Hundred and One Dalmatians is a 1961 American produced by and based on the 1956 novel by . The , it was directed by , , and from a story by , and features the voices of , Cate Bauer, , , , and . The film’s plot follows a litter of puppies who are kidnapped by the villainous , who wants to make their fur into coats. Their parents, Pongo and Perdita, set out to save their puppies from Cruella, in the process of rescuing 84 additional ones that were bought in pet shops, bringing the total of Dalmatians to 101.

The film was originally released in theaters on January 25, 1961, and was a box office success, pulling the studio out of the financial slump caused by , a costlier production released two years prior, and became the . Aside from its box office revenue, its commercial success was due to the employment of inexpensive animation techniquesâsuch as using during the process of âthat kept production costs down. Disney would later release a live-action remake titled in 1996 and its sequel in 2000. A animated sequel to the 1961 film titled was released in 2003. A live-action reboot titled directed by was released on May 28, 2021 in theaters and on with .

Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command is an animated television series produced by and co-produced by that is a spin off of the Toy Story franchise, and was led from the computer/traditionally animated direct-to-video film , depicting the in-universe Toy Story series on which the Buzz Lightyear toy is based. The series takes place in the far future, featuring Buzz Lightyear voiced by , a famous, experienced Space Ranger who takes a crew of rookies under his wing as he investigates criminal activity across the galaxy and attempts to bring down Evil Emperor Zurg once and for all. It aired on from October 2, 2000 to November 29, 2000 and on from October 14, 2000 to January 13, 2001.

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Basics Of Disneys All

All-Star Movies is one of the three All-Star resorts at Walt Disney World . These are Disneys lowest-priced value hotels, and theyre all near each other and roughly equivalent in quality. Non-discounted nightly room rates at All Star Movies in 2021 range from $118 to $285 and in 2022 from $123 to $297. Deal prices can get closer to $100 per night.

Staying at All-Star Movies, you get the perks of any Disney stay. Youll have access to free transportation to and from the parks and Disney Springs. Youll also have access to Early Theme Park Entry and the ability to book your individual Lightning Lanes at 7AM .

If youre considering All-Star Movies, you may want to read some of our other posts, including reviews of the other value resorts. We have a ranking of the Disney World value resorts. We also have a guide to all the hotels of Walt Disney World. Here are our reviews of all the value resorts :

And if youd like to see where this resort falls overall, check out our Disney World hotel rankings.

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