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Disney World 50th Anniversary Crowds

Disney Park Passes Selling Out During 50th Anniversary Celebration

Crowds arrive at Magic Kingdom for Disney World’s 50th anniversary

The problem is not only hotel availability, but also park reservations are hard to get.

Disney Park Pass reservations came online not too long ago for Disney Worlds 50th Anniversary, but you better book yours soon as celebration day availability is already filling up.

While the 50th celebration will be an event lasting many months, if you planned on going to the Magic Kingdom or other parks during the holiday season, you might not be able to get in depending on what type of ticket-holder you are.

Right now park passes for all guests are hard to come by with many ticket types sold out. Thats not to say that Disney wont make more available in the future. They have already added more park pass inventory multiple times and they could also increase park capacity in the coming months.

If you are planning to go during the 50th Anniversary, we suggest you start booking your hotel today as we are expecting hotel capacity to increase by then and most likely sell-out.

If you want to go to during the busier times of the year, you will have to be patient and wait for more availability to possibly open up. We suggest to keep checking for availability at the parks and see what happens.

First Look At The Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Cavalcade Float

by Holly Ramey·October 1, 2021

Happy 50th Anniversary, Walt Disney World! Other than the crowds, one of the first thing we were excited to se this morning as we made our way into the Magic Kingdom was the Mickeys Celebration Cavalcade float honoring the 50th Anniversary featuring some of the most beloved Disney characters!

Image Credit: Disney

The Walt Disney World 50th AnniversaryMickeys Celebration Cavalcade float features Mickey and Minnie Mouse, of course, along with Donald and Daisy Duck, Goofy, Pluto, and Chip n Dale. And to make this cavalcade even more magical, all of the characters are decked out in their new EARidescent party outfits!

Theres Donald Duck waiving at the crowds

And take a look at Pluto! How cute is he?!

Not to be left out is the always fabulous, Minnie Mouse! She sure does look beautiful in her EARidescent party costume.

And, if you havent seen it yet, here is a look at the Elite Eight all shining bright in their costumes featuring the color of Walt Disney Worlds 50th Anniversary EARidescent!

The Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Mickeys Celebration Cavalcade will travel through the Magic Kingdom at various times throughout the day. Guests can check the exact times each day through the My Disney Experience app as well as electronic boards throughout the Park.

*Vacation must be a minimum of 3 nights with a 3-day ticket

Watch Out For Party Days

One thing that can ruin your park strategy is the hard-ticketed parties in Disneys Magic Kingdom. These after-hours events only let in guests with a special ticket for the event and the Magic Kingdom closes at 7 pm on those nights.

The two main parties to be aware of are: Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party, which takes place from August through October, and Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party from November to December. Both of these events are held three times per week in Disneys Magic Kingdom.

These events are usually packed themselves, so not a good idea if you are trying to avoid crowds as much as possible. The first party of the year is usually packed, and then crowds fall off a bit, only to reach peak levels in the days before the actual holiday.

Its also important to know when the parties are being held so you dont show up to the Magic Kingdom at 5 pm, thinking you have the rest of the night, only later to find out the park closes at 7 pm.

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Early Theme Park Entry And Extended Evening Hours

While not as exciting as a new attraction or fireworks show, the 50th also kicked off the start of a couple of other resort-wide changes.

First, the previously announced Early Theme Park Entry debuted on October 1.

This new on-site benefit lets all guests of Walt Disney World Resort hotels enter all 4 theme parks 30-minutes early. This replaces the now retired Extra Magic Hours that were a staple of the Walt Disney World theme parks for years.

In addition to Early Theme Park Entry, guests of Disney Deluxe, Disney Deluxe Villa Resorts, and other select hotels have an additional opportunity to enjoy the parks outside of normal operating hours.

These new extended evening hours will be available on select nights, and at select parks.

Th Anniversary Enhancements At Disney Resort Hotels

PHOTOS  The First Signs of the WDW 50th Anniversary ...

Staying at a Disney Resort hotel is the ultimate way for your family to celebrate together. No matter which Disney Resort hotel you select, youll find some enhancements for the anniversary. In the lobby and other areas youll find 50th anniversary decorations. There are special television selections too, in addition to the already kid-friendly programming. Its one of the perks I love about Disney hotels for families, is the plethora of kid-friendly TV channels. And, your room key will have a little sprinkle of 50th anniversary magic too!

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Changes To 50th Anniversary Plans Since Park Closures

Since the Walt Disney World closure happened back in 2020, you may be wondering: How does this affect the 50th Anniversary celebration? Are they still going to have the celebration as scheduled? Will it get delayed? Will the attractions originally planned for the 50th get built-in time, or even built at all?

First of all, we want to ease your minds, at least to a degree. Disney Worlds 50th Anniversary obviously is still happening, though its true some things might be a little different than how the company originally planned them to be.

This closure couldnt have come at a worse time for the company and it has put a huge financial strain on management. Not only were all the domestic parks closed, but all Disney theme parks in the entire world were forced to shut down for months. Because of these closures, the company lost tens of millions of dollars each day by not being open.

The problem isnt only the short-term loss in revenue, but many analysts are predicting it could be up to two years before attendance is back to normal in Disney World.

Because of this, Disney has had to reduce their budget for current and future construction projects in the parks right now. This includes many new attractions they were hoping to have ready in time when guests arrive at Disney World for the 50th Anniversary.

Last year, Chapek also announced Disney was also spending significantly less money on new projects in 2021, and we are assuming 2022 as well.

When Are The 2022 Disney World 50th Anniversary Celebration Dates

    The Walt Disney World 50th anniversary celebration will officially begin October 1st, 2021. Now its important to keep in mind that this is not only the 50th anniversary of Magic Kingdom, but the birthday of the entire Walt Disney World Resort. This isnt the first time Disney has rolled out the red carpet for a birthday milestone.

    Guests have celebrated the Walt Disney Worlds 10th anniversary, 15th anniversary, and the 25th anniversary. We have also seen some amazing birthday celebrations at Disneyland which Disney has used as a benchmark for how long the Disney 50th anniversary dates will last.

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    Visiting Disney World Summer 2022

    May 31, 2022 October 1, 2022. Unpredictable and hot, summer 2022 is my least favorite time to be planning a trip right now. Since we know Guardians will debut sometime in the summer, its going to take a while to sort out how touring has changes as a result. Crowds might unexpectedly increase as people rush to see the newest thing.

    If more things debut during this time period, its going to be a lot to manage. Summer prices can be low, and you can lock those in now. Summer crowds can be low, but theyre always subject to change if something new debuts. And in any case, light crowds with a new ridewhich might be on a virtual queue, how quick do you need to try to join that? if you miss it should you pay for the individual Lightning Lane? is the ride reliable enough that you can save it for late in the day?can still be tricky to navigate.

    For many families this will be the only time that makes sense to visit, though. No worries, you can still have a good time. Theres basically two things you need to do. The first is to accept that a new ride debut could be tricky to navigate. The second is to . If something new debuts, well be sorting out touring strategies in our instagram stories when it does.

    How Our Disney World Crowd Calendar Is Organized

    WATCH: Crowds arrive at Magic Kingdom for Disney World’s 50th anniversary

    Our 2022 Disney crowd calendar gives you the option to look at each park individually. This allows you to organize our crowd calendars by:

    • The Magic Kingdom crowd calendar
    • Our EPCOT crowd calendar
    • The Hollywood Studios crowd calendar
    • Our Animal Kingdom crowd calendar

    We also include extra magic hours, and special events in our 2022 Disney crowd calendar to help you make the most of your vacation.

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    Th Anniversary Character Experiences

    Kids and kids at heart love seeing Disney characters in the theme parks. While most traditional meet and greets are no longer offered, a few character meet and greet experiences have returned. These modified experiences still utilize social distancing, without autographs and hugs. This makes it easier to get that must-have selfie with Mickey Mouse at the Magic Kingdom.

    A new calvacade debuts at Magic Kingdom debuts February 11, 2022. Starring nearly 30 of your favorite Disney and Pixar friends, this super-sized cavalcade features Nick and Judy from Zootopia, Baloo and King Louie from The Jungle Book, José Carioca and Panchito from The Three Caballeros, plus Merida, Moana, The Incredibles, and more including the Magic Kingdom debut of Miguel from Coco in his mariachi best. And over at Disneys Animal Kingdom, Mickey, Minnie, and friends float along the Discovery River with a new 50th anniversary song and decorations.

    Magic Kingdom Parade and Stage Show are Back

    Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade returns to Magic Kingdom Park beginning March 9. This parade is a favorite among Disney fans, especially thanks to the fire-breathing Maleficent Dragon float. The parade starts in Frontierland, whereas Main Street is more popular simply because of its traditional setting. I suggest Frontierland, with the sun at your back, to avoid crowds.

    Wait Until You See The 50th Anniversary Crowds

    by Melissa Roden·October 1, 2021

    Your MickeyBlogger is coming to you LIVE! from Magic Kingdom this morning where you would naturally expect crowds to be big huge.

    However, I guess post-pandemic, we lost sight of just how huge!

    We are inside the park this morning where it is an absolute sea of people. Standing at the HUB where Cinderella Castle is, you can see people as far back as the eye can see!

    If youve been following along with us all morning you wouldve seen the crowds congregated outside of Walt Disney World waiting to get in.

    However, it looks even larger than that with everyone congregated in the HUB waiting for the 50th Anniversary fun to begin.

    Well be coming to you LIVE! from the Magic Kingdom all day.

    We can predict very long lines for attractions and large crowds throughout the day.

    However, weve got a sneaking suspicion that this wont dissuade people from having an incredible time!

    Here we are looking over toward Adventureland.

    Prior to entering the gridlock at the Plaza Gardens, we did stroll up Main Street to shops like the Emporium that were simply wall-to-wall people.

    Above is the view looking toward Tomorrowland!

    Greg and Elyssa took time to pose with beloved cast member Melly during the quiet before the storm!

    In the video above, you can see the crowds entering the park before the sun has even risen!

    Can you believe that this is the view from inside the Emporium!?

    Melissa Roden

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    Why Crowds Calendars Arent Always 100% Correct

    As great as a good Disney World Crowd Calendar can be, it is not the end-all-be-all to Disney vacation planning. Dont think you can just pick a time when the calendar tells you the parks should have fewer people and think thats all you need to do to have a successful Disney trip. Crowd calendars are just one part of the planning.

    You cant count on them 100% as there are just too many variables that can change at a moments notice. In the past, everyone thought that the crowds for Star Wars: Galaxys Edge would be off the charts in Disneyland and Disney World and there would be lines outside the parks all day. It turns out that was completely wrong advice and the resorts on both coasts had one of the lightest Summer attendance ever.

    The weather can turn a park from heavy crowds to empty in a matter of days. Whenever there are hurricanes in Disney World, the parks turn into a ghost town for days before and after the storm hits. You cant predict the weather and you have to go with the flow.

    Then theres what happened in 2020 with parks closing and guests having to reschedule for a future date or completely cancel their vacations due to economic hardship. 2020 was on pace for one of the busiest years in Disney World in recent memory, and things changed overnight and it became the year with the lightest crowds ever once the parks reopened.

    Disney World 50th Anniversary Celebration Merchandise Food And More

    PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom &  Disneys Hollywood Studios 7 ...

    No party is complete unless guests eat treats and depart with a goodie bag. In this case, it’s a bag full of purchased “souvenEARS” from the event. You can find most 50th merchandise at the Emporium at Magic Kingdom or World of Disney at Disney Springs. Creations Shop at EPCOT and Island Mercantile also have a small selection of 50th merch. With multiple collections highlighting the 50th logo, the new castle look, retro-themed designs and, of course, the “EARidescent” color scheme, there’s something for everyone. Clothing, hats, ears, pins, plushes, frames, sippers, popcorn buckets oh my! As you might imagine, these specialty items are in high demand. Keep an eye out for boards outside of retail locations showcasing which items are in stock and which are sold out.

    Disney World Resort hotel guests can find new refillable cups just for the occasion and even special, limited edition MagicBands themed to each resort .

    In October 2020, Disney World announced a special 50th celebration license plate for Florida-registered car owners. Proceeds of the license plate go to Make-A-Wish of Central and Northern Florida.

    From hand-dipped Mickey premium ice cream bars to decadent chocolate mousse, and Filet Mignon with Walt’s Hash to the EARidescent Sip-a-bration , your taste buds will have a party of their own.

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    Latest Disney Crowd Calendar Update

    Weve updated our Crowd Calendar to reflect the latest crowd expectations for early 2022 and beyond.

    As if planning a Disney crowd calendar in 2022 wasnt already hard enough, things got a whole lot more difficult with the closure of the Disney World parks last year. In order to predict what could happen for the rest of this year, we have to take a good look at what has happened so far since the reopening phase started.

    Since crowd levels have been rising since the parks reopening, we will address whether or not we expect to see the same increase in 2022 or if they might drop back down to where most predicted.

    Just a word of caution, since the parks reopened, any traditional Disney World crowd calendar has been thrown out the window as it has been extremely difficult to predict attendance with any reliability up to this point.

    Some of our predictions for 2021 came true , however, with so many unpredictable factors, we also got a lot wrong. Any estimates for 2022 should be taken with a grain of salt as this year has been harder than ever to understand crowds.

    2021 was an interesting year to say the least, and we had no idea how crowd levels would react throughout the year. There were a lot of unknown factors in play such as the current health crisis, the economy, and guests willingness to travel in general .

    Here is are the graphs for EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom:

    Looking forward to 2022, there are many factors that will determine the crowd levels

    Disney World 50th Anniversary Entertainment

    Disney World is 50 and fabulous. Nothing screams “party” like Walt Disney World entertainment! Here are all of the fabulous entertainment offerings hoppening at each park.

    Magic Kingdom

    At Magic Kingdom, a new nighttime spectacular kicks off the birthday celebrations. Disney Enchantment takes you through a journey filled with adventure, wonder and empowerment that inspires you to believe in magic. Catch characters from newer films such as “Onward,” “Coco,” “Raya and the Last Dragon” and “Soul,” as well as your favorites from classic stories throughout Disney history. We felt like there was a good balance of old and new animated films represented. And of course, Lily’s favorite part was “Into the Unknown” from “Frozen 2.” The show features a new original song called “You Are the Magic,” enhanced lighting, fireworks and, for the first time ever, projection effects that extend from Cinderella Castle all the way down Main Street, U.S.A. And don’t worry your favorite fairy can still be seen soaring through the sky! The show reminded us a lot of Happily Ever After, so other froggy fans should hopfully enjoy it as well.

    Mickey, Minnie and their friends the EARidescent Eight will also celebrate with a new “Mickey’s Celebration Cavalcade” throughout the day, featuring the new 50th anthem, “The Magic is Calling.” And there’s also a short welcome show at the beginning of each day welcome to the party!


    Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park

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