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Disney World 5 Day Pass Price

Upgrading Your Disney World Tickets While On Vacation

Prices at Disney World Just Keeps Increasing by The Day in 2022! | Full Complete Break Down

If you find you cant get enough of the Disney magic and cant bear to go back home just yet, you can tack on extra days to your Disney World tickets while on vacation. This will allow you to take advantage of cheaper rates even when youre in Orlando already.

Simply go to the ticket window at one of the Disney theme parks, to Guest Services inside the theme parks, or the concierge or guest relations desk at your Disney World Resort hotel. Tell them what youd like to do and theyll be happy to get it all set up for you.

A couple of caveats here. First, you must add days or upgrade within 14 days of first use. Second, you must have some entitlements remaining on your ticket. Meaning, if you bought a 4-day ticket, you should have been to the theme parks 3 times and have at least one admission remaining.

Discount Tickets For Florida Residents:

The policy on upgrading Florida Resident Disney Theme Park tickets varies slightly from other Disney Theme Park tickets. Guests may upgrade to a Florida Resident Seasonal Pass or Florida Resident Weekday Select Pass even if the Disney Theme Park Ticket was used during a block-out period.

WDWs Annual Pass Monthly Payment program is available to those purchasing or renewing a Florida Resident annual pass online or in person at the theme park ticket window or Disney Springs Guest Relations location, except on passes where noted below. Florida Residents make a down payment equal to the price of a non-discounted one-day Disney Theme Park base Walt Disney World ticket and then pay the remainder through 12 recurring automatic monthly payments scheduled for the year. Its interest and finance charge free. The contract purchaser must be able to provide valid proof of Florida Residency and be at least 18 years of age. Passes can be renewed up to 60 days before and 30 days after expiration.

Discount Disney Tickets When You Buy In Advance

Here at The Park Prodigy we are committed to helping you buy cheap Disney World tickets discounted from the gate price. All of our clients can save up to $50.00 off our Discount Walt Disney World Tickets, Disney World park hopper tickets and park hopper plus tickets simply by purchasing in advance.

Guests who need some additional help trying to decide on the best time to visit Disney World can use our Disney Crowd Calendar. Date based pricing has also allowed us to highlight specific times of the year where you can buy cheap Disney tickets compared to peak season.

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Tip : Stick To Just The Theme Parks Or Choose Your Options Carefully

This will obviously depend on your plans, but there are different types of park tickets you can buy. You can buy standard tickets that allow you access to 1 park per day. There are Park Hopper tickets that allow you to hop to multiple parks in one day. And there are also tickets that come with a water park and sports option. There are standard 1-park-per-day tickets that have a water park and sports add-on, and there are park hopper tickets that have a water park and sports add-on.

With this water park and sports option, youll get to visit the theme parks PLUS youll get a certain number of visits to a water park or sports-related option .

Toboggan Racers at Blizzard Beach

But, getting this water park and sports option will cost you. A 1-park-per-day ticket with the water park and sports option jumps from $109 for a single day to $179 for a single day. Thats a $70 add-on. But, note that the additional price decreases as the number of days on your ticket increases.

Youll also pay a bit of an increase for the park hopper version with the water park and sports add-on . Thats actually not too bad of an increase though at only $20.

Now, if you feel like youre actually going to take advantage of the water park and sports offerings, then this add-on could work out for you, especially considering the fact that a single-day ticket to Blizzard Beach Water Park alone costs $69 per adult and $63 per child .

Melt-Away Bay at Disneys

Where Is The Cheapest Place To Buy Disney World Tickets

The best Disney World tickets for 2016

It depends. There are several discount ticket brokers, and they have different prices for different dates. Keep in mind these companies often have their own deeper discounted deals that come and go.

If you want to know how to get the best deal on Disney World tickets, the answer is simpleshop around! So here are some of the companies we recommend you check out

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Picking Your Park Days

A lot goes into figuring out what days youll go to what park. This starts with figuring out how many days you need at each park. Magic Kingdom is the only park that absolutely needs a full day, and an extra half or second day is preferred. Each of the other three parks can easily fill a full day, but each has highlights that can be experienced in half a day .

If you want to know more about what the parks have to offer, weve got rides guides to all four parks :

    Early Theme Park Entry. If youre staying at a Disney hotel youll have access to every park every day for 30 minutes before other guests. This allows you to get a head start on the day, and even if you dont think 30 minutes is a big dealother people will, and youll usually want to be ahead of them in line! You can read more about Disney Worlds new Early Theme Park Entry offering here.

    Extended Evening Hours. Guests of deluxe Disney hotels will have access to extended evening hours at select parks on select dates. Note this is in addition to Early Theme Park Entry, discussed above, but this evening perk is restricted to deluxe hotels. You can read more about the new Extended Evening Hours perk for deluxe resort guests here.

    Buying Tickets From Disney

    The first way to buy park tickets is to get them directly from Disney. There is no difference in price between parks, and tickets to all 4 theme parks cost the same .

    Disneys price system is based on the dates you choose for your theme park admission. If you go during the off-season the tickets will cost less. If you go during the busy season, they will cost more.

    • Single-Day Adult park tickets in 2022 range from $109 to $159 each .
    • Single-Day Child park tickets in 2022 range from $104 to $154 each .

    That means on average you can expect to pay about $135 per adult and $130 per child for one-day tickets.

    Multi-Day Disney World park passes on the other hand reward you the more days you go and the longer your pass, the less you pay per day. This is always the best value.

    A One-Day Ticket starts at $109 per day, however, a 5-Day ticket starts at $90 per day, and a 10-Day ticket starts at only $54 per day. You can see the advantage of going for multiple days during your trip.

    Here are the 2022 prices for Multi-Day Park Tickets:

    • 2-Day Ticket Cost: $107 $155 per day
    • 3-Day Ticket Cost: $106 $149 per day
    • 4-Day Ticket Cost: $105 $141 per day
    • 5-Day Ticket Cost: $90 $121 per day
    • 6-Day Ticket Cost: $77 $104 per day
    • 7-Day Ticket Cost: $68 $92 per day
    • 8-Day Ticket Cost: $62 $83 per day
    • 9-Day Ticket Cost: $57 $75 per day
    • 10-Day Ticket Cost: $54 $69 per day

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    The Complete Guide To Disney World Ticket Prices

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    David Roark, Disney

    When Walt Disney World first opened in 1971, it included the single theme park, the Magic Kingdom. Today, the Florida mega-resort, located near Orlando, offers four theme parks and two water parks . Through the years, the prices of Disneys park passesalong with the variety of ticket options to access the many parkshave grown exponentially.

    The bad news is that the cost for a one-day, one-park ticket for ages 10 and older has skyrocketed to as high as $159. Fortunately, there are ways to bring the price of park passes downsubstantially in some caseswhich we will explore in our guide below. Its important to understand how Disney World’s ticket program works so that you can make informed purchasing decisions and get the best value for your ticket.

    Note that Walt Disney World is open 365 days a year. All of the theme parks are open every day , while the water parks typically take a winter break in the off-season.

    Pricing Disney World Tickets

    Should You Pay To Skip The Lines at Disney Worlds Hollywood Studios?

    Disney prices Walt Disney World tickets on a date-and-length based system. Discount ticket brokers also price tickets this way. Now, when you purchase a ticket it will:

    • have a start date at which it becomes valid

    • have an end datethe date by which your visits must be complete

    • have a set number of days you can visit the parks during that window.

    You choose the start date and the number of park days. The end date is automatically set by the system. Price is determined by the number of park days and the start date.

    So, for example, a five-day park hopper ticket with a start date of November 11 can be used on any five days during the eight-day range of November 11 through November 18. That ticket costs $646.81 for an adult directly through Disney and $609.52 through Undercover Tourist. Party and event tickets vary based on date and event but typically cost between $150 and $250 per person.

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    What Is A 1 Park Per Day Disney World Theme Park Ticket

    What Disney calls 1 Park Per Day ticketswhich to save a tree I will call base ticketsare tickets good for one park per day for between one and ten ticket days.

    On any base ticket day, you gain unlimited entrances and exits to one single theme park during its regular operating hours. So on one day you can go to Magic Kingdom, leave and return, and on a different day you can go to Epcot, leave, and return again. You can go to any one park on any eligible day until you hit the limit of the number of park days you bought.

    What you cant do with base tickets is go to two different parks on the same dayfor that you need the Park Hopper add-on, discussed below. For any given ticket length and eligibility period, base tickets are the least expensive tickets available to the general public.

    Regular Walt Disney World Ticket Prices

    Annual Pass prices last went up on August 30, 2021.

    This page lists the prices of standard tickets that you can buy at the gate. We list the full price, including tax youll pay if you buy in person at Walt Disney World. Youll pay less for some tickets when purchased in advance read below for more.

    There are discounts available on most of the tickets listed below. See our comprehensive list of discount sources for standard Walt Disney World tickets.

    Prices on this page include tax! Note that ticket prices quoted at do not include tax. On the Disney site the tax is added to the price during the ordering process, which is why the prices look lower than the prices below. Sales tax of 6.5% is charged regardless of where you buy the tickets.

    Special note:You will need a theme park reservation for the first Walt Disney World theme park you want to visit each day. Before buying tickets, check the park reservation calendar to make sure you can get into the parks you want to visit, then buy your tickets, link the tickets to MyDisneyExperience, then go back to the park reservation calendar to lock in your park reservations. If your plans change, you can change your park reservations later, assuming theres availability at the park you want to switch to. Park hopping is available from 2:00 pm until park closing read more about how Park Hopper currently works.

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    Park Hopper Plus Park Hopper Plus Option

    Park Hopper Plus combines the benefits of both the Park Hopperand the Water Park and Sports options together for anadditional $91 to $112 , depending on the number of park days.The number of “plus” visits to the Water Park and Sports venues equals thenumber of days on your ticket. For example, if you buy an 8-Day Park Hopper Plusticket, you get eight “visits.” You can’t change how many “visits” you get thenumber is fixed, and unused days arent refundable.

    Note that Park Hopper Plus costs less than $22 more than Park Hopper on its own if you are already planning to purchase Park Hopper and want to visit a waterpark only once, it’s a good value.

    If you buy a ticket but then decide later that you want to add the Park Hopper Plus option,you can do so. Note, though, that Disney doesnt prorate the cost: if you add Park Hopper Pluson the last day of your trip, youll pay the same price as if youd bought it before you left home.

    Standard Walt Disney World Ticket

    Matthew Rousu
    • 1-Day Walt Disney World Tickets: One Specific Date
    • 2-Day Walt Disney World Ticket: After first use any two days within a four day period
    • 3-Day Walt Disney World Ticket: After first use any three days within a five day period
    • 4-Day Walt Disney World Ticket: After first use any four days within a seven day period
    • 5-Day Walt Disney World Ticket: After first use any five days within a eight day period
    • 6-Day Walt Disney World Ticket: After first use any six days within a nine day period
    • 7-Day Walt Disney World Ticket: After first use any seven days within a ten day period
    • 8-Day Walt Disney World Ticket: After first use any eight days within a twelve day period
    • 9-Day Walt Disney World Ticket: After first use any nine days within a thirteen day period
    • 10-Day Walt Disney World Ticket: After first use any nine days within a fourteen day period

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    Tip : Consider How Many Days Youre Really Going To Need

    Planning to visit Disney World for 5 days? Thats great! But, that doesnt mean you need to buy 5 days worth of tickets. If you really want to save money, you could instead opt to buy only 3 days worth of tickets and spend the other non-park days doing FREE or lower-cost things.

    For example, you could spend one day at your resort enjoying the pool, doing resort activities, searching for hidden details, or just walking around. You could also go hop to other resorts and see what unique things they have to offer.

    Wilderness Lodge is a stunner

    Or, you could spend the day at Disney Springs . While a visit there might end up costing you a bit of money , it could end up being much cheaper than a full park day.

    So Much Merchandise!

    You could also opt to spend those non-park days doing lower-cost things like playing a round of mini-golf.

    Winter Summerland miniature golf

    Ultimately, the important thing is to think about your family, what they want to accomplish during the trip, and what your budget can realistically afford.

    Buying 3 days worth of tickets will be less than buying 5 days, but you will want to make sure that your family feels they can accomplish what they want to do during that time .

    Disney World Ticket Prices

    Note: to enter a Disney World theme park, you need not only tickets, but also a park reservation for that day.

    In 2018, Disney World moved to a new date-based ticket pricing approach.

    Disney World theme park ticket prices vary based on how many park days they are purchased for, as they always have prices now also vary depending on the first day of use they are eligible for. Moreover, both prices and eligible use dates can vary depending on which ticket type you buy, and even how you buy them.

    So you now have to make four decisions before buying your tickets:

  • Buying as part of a package or separately, and if separately, on-line or at the gate
  • Whether to go with a base ticket, a Park Hopper ticket, or a Park Hopper Plus ticket
  • The number of ticket days you want
  • Your targeted first day of eligible use of these tickets, and the first day they will actually be used to visit a parkwhich are not always the same dates
  • There are two bits of good news here. First, you can add features to a not-yet-expired version of one of these tickets, so if you start with a six day base theme park ticket, and then decide halfway through your vacation that you really needed an eight day Park Hopper ticket, Disney World will allow you to pay the price difference to upgrade your base theme park ticket. So the risk of buying too little ticket is low. Second, you have me to guide you through the process!

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    Cost For One Day At Disney World

    If you dont want to go to Walt Disney World for your whole vacation in Orlando, you can visit for just one day and the price will be significantly cheaper. How much does it cost for one day?

    • Park Tickets A one-day park ticket costs between $109-$159 depending on what time of the year you go. Lets split the difference down the middle.
    • Food This is very subjective and depends on how much you eat and where. If you are going for one day you probably will be only eating at quick service restaurants and snacks . Over a full day you have to figure $40-$50 per person).
    • Parking If you are only going to Walt Disney World for one day, you likely are taking a car to get there. In that case, you need to account for the parking fees at the theme parks.

    When you add up park tickets, food and parking, going to Walt Disney World for one day in 2022 costs between $180 $200 per person.

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