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Disney World 4 Day Pass

Disney World Ticket Deal For Floridians

Disney announces 3 day discounted ticket | Connections to Annual Passes!

Walt Disney World has released a new ticket deal for Florida residents that offers discounted 2-day, 3-day, and 4-day park weekday tickets for locals. This post shares info & details about the limited-time offer, plus commentary about this promo and the return of Annual Passes, and historical comparisons.

As a quick recap, Walt Disney World previously released discounts of up to 25% off rooms at Walt Disney World for Florida residents and Annual Passholders now through March 2022. Theres also another resort discount that covers travel dates through July 7, 2022but this ticket deal doesnt run that long.

If you are looking for a resort discount to accompany this ticket deal, be aware that availability is limited. Not just in terms of eligible resorts, but more so which hotels even have availabilitymany are incredibly limited in the next few months.

As for this ticket discount, Florida Residents can purchase a 2-Day Disney Weekday Magic Ticket for $149 plus taxor choose a 3 or 4-Day Disney Weekday Magic Ticket. These flexible tickets can be used at any one of the 4 theme parks on consecutive or non-consecutive days throughout the offer period, subject to Disney Park Pass availability.

You can also choose a Disney Weekday Magic Florida Resident Tickets that includes these options:

Heres a visual chart that might make the info easier to digest:

How Much Will Disney World Hotels Cost

Unless you live nearby or get an Airbnb rental, you will need to stay at a hotel in or around Disney World.

The question then becomes, should you stay on-property at a Disney-owned hotel or should you save a few bucks and stay off-property?

One thing you should know is that non-Disney, off-property hotels are usually cheaper, but staying at one doesnt necessarily mean youll save money by so.

When you factor in the extra money youll spend on transportation, the extra time traveling to and from the theme parks every day, and missing out on Extra Magic Hours, free airport transportation, and the other perks Disney hotel guests receive, is it really worth it? We would argue no.

Walt Disney World has three tiers of on-property hotels: Value, Moderate, and Deluxe. As you may have guessed, Disney Value Resorts are the least expensive , Deluxe Resorts are the most expensive , and Disney Worlds Moderate Resorts are somewhere in the middle.

Disney Deluxe Resorts tend to be closer to the theme parks and have bigger rooms, and better pools and restaurants.

The rooms of Disney Value Resorts are smaller, transportation is mostly via bus , and the restaurants are more like food courts. That said, Value Resorts are great for families and budget-conscious travelers because they are affordable and situation you inside Disney World.

If you want an upgrade from Value but dont want to drop an arm and a leg, check out the Disney Moderate Resorts. They are really nice!

Florida Resident Disney World Ticket Discounts

In order to qualify for Florida Resident ticket and annual pass discounts, you have to show proof of residency such as a valid Florida drivers license or Florida state ID card, showing a Florida address. These tickets and passes are also controlled using a biometric finger scan, to prevent them from being transferred to non-Florida residents. Disney has the system down to a science trust us, you really cant buy or use these tickets unless you actually live in Florida!

If your primary ID is from a different state, but you do own a residence in Florida, even one you only use part of the year, you can generally buy Florida resident tickets and passes by showing, for each adult, an ID from another state plus a recent utility bill or bank statement in the same name , addressed to your Florida residence. Timeshares are not considered residences for the purposes of buying Florida Resident tickets and passes.

The only exception is small children since Disney cant reasonably require them to show residency through an ID, its technically possible for Florida residents to buy Florida resident tickets for non-resident kids. For instance, if Grandma and Grandpa live in Florida, they could accompany their grandkids who live outside Florida to Walt Disney World, and buy the kids Florida resident tickets.

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Florida Resident Tickets

  • 4-Day Florida Resident Ticket:
  • Florida Resident Sorcerer Pass

    Florida Resident Pirate Pass

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    Adding Days To Disney World Ticket Before Your Vacation

    The most painless way to add days to your Disney World tickets before your vacation is to do it through the My Disney Experience app. Click on My Tickets in the mobile app and choose the Change Ticket option. Youll be prompted to select the tickets you want to change. The next screen will bring up options such as changing the date, the number of days, and the ticket type. You can use this screen to pick a 7-day standard ticket instead of a 5-day one. Or upgrade from a standard ticket to a park hopper ticket.

    When youre done, click on Check Out. If theres a price difference, you will be prompted to pay the extra amount, so keep your credit card handy. Thats it. Youve successfully added days or upgraded your Disney World ticket in a matter of minutes.

    You can also make changes by calling the Disney helpline on 407-939-5277 and speaking to guest services.

    Is It Worth Adding Days To Your Disney World Tickets

    Walt Disney World

    If youre going to stay longer than you previously planned and will visit the Disney theme parks on your extra vacation days, its totally worth adding days to your Disney World tickets. For example, lets say you purchased a 7-day standard ticket and paid $492 per adult. Now, say you want to upgrade to an 8-day ticket instead and have an extra days admission to one of the Disney parks. Purchasing a separate 1-day admission ticket will set you back by over $100. Upgrading to an 8-day ticket will only cost you $26 .

    Again, remember, youll need to do this while you still have some entitlements remaining. Meaning, if you enter a Disney theme park for the seventh time on a 7-day ticket and then go up to Guest Services to add a day, it will be declined because you have effectively used up all your admissions already. So, dont wait until the last day to upgrade your Disney World ticket.

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    Do The Math For Water Park And Sports Option And Park Hopper Plus Tickets

    Make sure that you would visit enough of the water parks and sports attractions to justify the additional cost of a Water Park and Sports Option ticket. You would certainly get a great value if you went to the water parks or attractions every day of your visitbut if you’re only planning to go to one water park, the extra cost would not be worth it. Instead, purchase an à la carte ticket to visit one of the water parks for $64 and be ahead of the game.

    Meanwhile, the difference in cost between the Park Hopper and the Park Hopper Plus tickets is generally only about $20. That makes the Park Hopper Plus Option a good value for visitors planning to visit even one of the water parks.

    Returning To A World Of Magic

    Get ready to rediscover Walt Disney World Resort. Heres what to know before you go.

    • For assistance with your Walt Disney World vacation, including resort/package bookings and tickets, please call 939-5277.For Walt Disney World dining, please book your reservation online.
    • 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM Eastern Time. Guests under 18 years of age must have parent or guardian permission to call.
    • Start planning your dream Disney VacationView Videos
    • Sign Up Successful Thank you for signing up! You should begin to receive news and special offers very soon.

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    Discount Tickets For Florida Residents:

    The policy on upgrading Florida Resident Disney Theme Park tickets varies slightly from other Disney Theme Park tickets. Guests may upgrade to a Florida Resident Seasonal Pass or Florida Resident Weekday Select Pass even if the Disney Theme Park Ticket was used during a block-out period.

    WDWs Annual Pass Monthly Payment program is available to those purchasing or renewing a Florida Resident annual pass online or in person at the theme park ticket window or Disney Springs Guest Relations location, except on passes where noted below. Florida Residents make a down payment equal to the price of a non-discounted one-day Disney Theme Park base Walt Disney World ticket and then pay the remainder through 12 recurring automatic monthly payments scheduled for the year. Its interest and finance charge free. The contract purchaser must be able to provide valid proof of Florida Residency and be at least 18 years of age. Passes can be renewed up to 60 days before and 30 days after expiration.

    Discover Disney Ticket Now Available To Purchase

    One-day tickets at Disney World now more expensive

    ORLANDO, Fla If you have not visited Walt Disney World recently — now is the time to take advantage and go.

    Florida residents can now purchase the discover Disney ticket for just $199, plus tax. This means residents can visit all four of the theme parks now through June 18 for just under $50 per day. The special offer can be used on consecutive, or non-consecutive days, and is subject to blackout dates.

    The Florida Resident Discover Disney Ticket is a great way to experience the fun and excitement happening across the Walt Disney World parks in early 2021, officials said on Disneys blog.

    Here is a breakdown of the Florida resident discover Disney ticket offer:

    • 2-Day Ticket: $75 per day, $149 per ticket: Ticket valid Jan. 4 through March 11, 2021 subject to the following blackout dates: Jan. 16-18 and Feb. 13-15
    • 3-Day Ticket: $60 per day, $179 per ticket: Ticket valid Jan. 4 through June 18 subject to the following blackout dates: Jan. 16-18, Feb. 13-15, March 26 – April 11 and May 28-31.
    • 4-Day Ticket: $50 per day, $199 per ticket: Ticket valid Jan. 4 through June 18 subject to the following blackout dates: Jan. 16-18, Feb. 13-15, March 26 – April 11 and May 28-31.

    The new ticket offer does include park hopper options.

    To manage attendance, guests are required to have valid theme park admission and make a park reservation for each day of their visit through the Disney Park Pass system.

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    Are Disney Park Hopper Tickets Necessary

    Disney Park Hopper tickets are 100% worth it in most cases. Especially if youre following our Disney World 4 Day itinerary. For those of you who may be asking What is a Park Hopper Ticket at Walt Disney World? you are certainly asking a good question and one that can be so difficult to understand when planning your first WDW vacation. A park hopper ticket is an add on option to any Walt Disney World ticket that allows you to visit multiple parks on the same day and hop from park to park all you want to. Essentially, it allows you to visit all 4 Disney parks in one day.

    Would I recommend visiting all four parks in one day? No, probably not, in most cases. However, visiting two parks in one day is a really good plan for shorter days in case you overlooked something in one park or missed your favorite show due to rain or some other issue. The park hopper ticket option also gives you the amazing opportunity to manage your time more effectively and allocate time at the parks you enjoy the most while still being able to visit all four parks on a short stay.

    Its also worth noting that the park hopper and park hopper plus option are different. Ultimately, the park hopper plus option includes access to Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. I would not recommend visiting water parks on a 4 day trip. For longer trips and summer trips it can be an incredible option and an amazing way to escape the heat for a day or even a few hours.

    Upgrading Your Disney World Tickets While On Vacation

    If you find you cant get enough of the Disney magic and cant bear to go back home just yet, you can tack on extra days to your Disney World tickets while on vacation. This will allow you to take advantage of cheaper rates even when youre in Orlando already.

    Simply go to the ticket window at one of the Disney theme parks, to Guest Services inside the theme parks, or the concierge or guest relations desk at your Disney World Resort hotel. Tell them what youd like to do and theyll be happy to get it all set up for you.

    A couple of caveats here. First, you must add days or upgrade within 14 days of first use. Second, you must have some entitlements remaining on your ticket. Meaning, if you bought a 4-day ticket, you should have been to the theme parks 3 times and have at least one admission remaining.

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    Resorts And No Parks Days

    If you have some free time, or if youre planning a meal at one of Disneys hotels, you may want to set aside some time to explore their resorts. This is particularly a good idea if youre planning a future visit and want to scope out the hotel.

    You can easily visit the monorail hotels by riding the monorail between them. You can easily visit the Boardwalk hotels by walking between them, particularly while walking between Epcot and Hollywood Studios.

    And if you want a full day of relaxation , you may want to set aside time for a no parks day. This is a day where you dont go to the parks, instead focusing on the other activities your resort and Walt Disney World have to offer.

    Discover Disney For $50 A Day

    Walt Disney World Four Day Pass 1990s Ticket/Car Parking ...

    Heres an overview at what the Florida resident Discover Disney ticket looks like:

    • 2-Day Ticket $75 per day, $149 per ticket
    • Ticket valid Jan. 4 through March 11, 2021 subject to the following blackout dates: Jan. 16-18 and Feb. 13-15
  • 3-Day Ticket $60 per day, $179 per ticket
  • Ticket valid Jan. 4 through June 18 subject to the following blackout dates: Jan. 16-18, Feb. 13-15, March 26 April 11 and May 28-31.
  • 4-Day Ticket $50 per day, $199 per ticket
  • Ticket valid Jan. 4 through June 18 subject to the following blackout dates: Jan. 16-18, Feb. 13-15, March 26 April 11 and May 28-31.
  • The Florida Resident Discover Disney Ticket is a great way to experience the fun and excitement happening across the Walt Disney World parks in early 2021.

    Disney parks blog

    You can use the ticket however you want! Get it for 2 days, 3 days, even 4 days at Walt Disney World.

    One important note: The new Florida-resident Discover Disney ticket is for one park per day.

    That being said, you can add-on park hopper options if you want for an additional cost.

    Nows the perfect time to experience the wonder. With so much to see and do, come immerse yourself in the magic of Walt Disney World theme parks with this great ticket offer.

    Walt Disney World

    Find out more about the Discover Disney $50 a day 4-day ticket pass here.

    Have a magical day!

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    Disney World 4 Park Magic Tickets

    Hello Disney Friends! Today we have some exciting news to share about the Disney World 4-Park Magic Tickets promotion.

    What is the 4-Park Magic Ticket?

    As you probably know, theres very little downside to Disney World vacationsother than the cost, of course. Thats why any time Disney offers a significant discount we perk-up and pay close attention. Today we are announcing one such time.

    This week, Disney has announced its latest ticket offering: the 4-Park Magic Ticket. We think this promotion will appeal to lots of people because 1.) it will save them some cash, and 2.) because it gives them a chance to explore each one of Disney Worlds magical theme parks.

    Details of the Disney 4-Park Magic Tickets

    Here are the details of the new ticket promotion:

    • Walt Disney World Resorts Four-Park Magic Ticket is already available for purchase.
    • For just $89 per day, the ticket will allow Guests to see all four of Disney Worlds theme parks: Disneys Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios.
    • Unlike Park Hopper tickets, the 4 Park Magic Ticket allows ticket holders to enter one theme park per day and each theme park once.
    • The ticket prices start at $356 in total .
    • Ticket prices vary slightly based on the dates you select.
    • Disney states that Guests must select a start date on or before Sept. 30, 2020.
    • Tickets will expire seven days after the start date you have selected.

    Are the water parks included? Yes, sort of

    How Long To Visit Walt Disney World

    To start, we have a few posts for shorter visits that go through some of the decisions youll be making on a shorter visit:

      For a first visit, we recommend at least three full days. Thats four nights, and with the arrival and departure days, five days. Obviously this is better if you can fly in very early and out very late. With three days, you can spend two full days at one park each, and split the third day between the remaining two parks.

      Four full days plus one travel day is better. If flight prices work out, consider flying in one night earlier than planned and staying at the cheapest Disney room you can find. Wake up the next morning, tell them to send your bags to the Disney hotel you booked the rest of your trip at , and go enjoy the parks.

      Five full days, or four full days plus a solid half day , is ideal. This will allow you full days at each park and an extra half day at Magic Kingdom.

      Weve done ten-day vacations at Walt Disney World and month-long Airbnb stays off property. Theres really no amount of time wed say is too long. After six to eight days, youll need look beyond the standard plan though, and to things like water parks, spa / no parks days, and backstage tours.

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