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Disney Top Of The World

Where Are All The Disneylands And Theme Parks Located

Disney – On Top of the World

There are six Disney resorts in California, Florida, Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, and China with a total of twelve parks. They are:

    This post contains a ranking of the individual parks, not the resorts. Thus, there’s no discussion of hotel count and quality, transportation around the resort, dining options outside the parks, or anything else beyond the individual parks.

    Again, if youd like to cut straight to the rankings, click here. If you stick with us until then, though, youll learn in our opening to this post how we think about theme parks and get some important background about what went into our rankingsbut it’s going to be a long ride.

    Some Foods Are Banned Sort Of

    How often have you been walking down a street, only to find a foot stuck to the sidewalk by a nasty, sticky blob left behind by somebody else? Thats right, chewing gum. Its pretty unpleasant when you step in it, or happen to put your hand on a bench straight into some unwanted minty not-so freshness.

    Thats why, to keep sidewalks, benches and rides gunk free, Disney World has a strict policy preventing them from selling chewing gum onsite. However, although you cant buy it while youre there, you are allowed to bring your own into the park. So if you want to freshen up, make sure you pack some in your bag just make sure you put it in the trash can when youre done. Actually, speaking of trash cans

    What Is Top Of The World Lounge Like

    When we arrived, the lounge was still fairly empty since it was still early in the evening. We found a table near the windows overlooking Magic Kingdom and looked over the menu. Several Cast Members were available to assist guests. We asked opinions on the drinks available and were happy with the recommendations. The appetizers are made for sharing, so you could easily make a meal out of several appetizers!

    Outside of the lounge, a wide high-ledge balcony allows guests amazing views of the area. This is beautiful in the daytime and affords a unique view of the nighttime fireworks shows in the evenings.

    While we were dressed nicely for an upcoming dinner at California Grill, we also saw people in the lounge in shorts and t-shirts, having just come over from a day in the parks. There is no dress code or age limit for visitors to Top of the World. The lounge is a popular place for families, especially during the fireworks.

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    Who Can Visit And How Do Guests Access Top Of The World Lounge

    According to Walt Disney World, Disney Vacation Club Members staying at any Disney-owned-and-operated hotel at Walt Disney World Resort may enjoy access to this exclusive space just outside Magic Kingdom park. Disney Vacation Club Members and their guests staying on that Members reservation are allowed to visit the lounge.

    During a recent visit to Walt Disney World, my husband and I enjoyed pre-dinner drinks at Top of the World. After arriving in Bay Lake Towers main lobby, we proceeded down the hallway toward the elevators. Once there, we checked in at the podium located near the elevators that would take us to the lounge. We presented our blue Disney Vacation Club membership card and the Cast Member scanned my MagicBand. She then escorted us to the elevator, where we rode to the 16th Floor. Once there, we exited the building and made our way to the lounge entrance around the corner from the elevators.

    The Original Top Of The World Lounge

    Top of the World Lounge Access for Members

    Continuing with todays theme of The Contemporary Resort, we go back in time to the original Top of the World Lounge. When The Contemporary opened in 1971, what we know as California Grill was The Top of the World Lounge. The lounge was more of a supper club where guests could listen to popular music acts of the era. There was no Wishes or fireworks show. As a result, there was no outside view area. The evening entertainment was the show inside. It varied from acts like Mel Torme to Phyllis Diller. The dinner cost was between $9.50 and $13.50 while there was a $5 cover charge in 1972 which had risen to $7.50 by 1982. There were two seatings for dinner 6:30 pm for the 8:30 pm show and 9:30 pm for the 11:30 pm show.

    In the mornings, the Top of the World served a daily breakfast and lunch buffet. On Sundays, a brunch buffet was served.

    As the resort moved into the 80s, the club became more of a lounge and less of a supper club. Areas to watch the fireworks over the Magic Kingdom were added. The Top of the World Lounge closed in 1993 and reopened in 1995 as California Grill.

    When Bay Lake Tower, in the early 2000s, was constructed the lounge on the top floor was named The Top of the World Lounge as an homage to the original lounge from the 70s.

    Information for this article was gathered from:

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    Celebrate At Top Of The World Lounge

    Make your next special event over-the-topat the Top of the World Lounge! A professional team of Disney event planners will help you create the perfect private event for this exclusive venue.

    One-of-a-Kind OccasionsLet the creative experts at Disney help you make extra-special memories for the most important events in your life. Family and friends will always remember the bridal shower, gender-reveal party, birthday bash or holiday gala overlooking the Magic Kingdom park.

    Youll work with planners to select the details like décor, food and entertainment to realize the vision of your ideal soirée.

    Check on Special Member Savings!Members can now save 10% on standard culinary catering menus.* Call Member Services at 800-9800 for more information and to book a festive party designed just to your specifications by a professional team of Disney party planners.

    *Important Information About This Offer

    All The Disney Parks In The World Ranked

    Weve been fortunate to be able to make visits to each and every Disney theme park in the world. Over the course of those visits, and for countless hours in between, we discussed and debated how wed rank the different parks. In this post, we set out to rank the 12 Disney Theme Parks Around The World.

    Ranking posts are a bit silly in concept, but were fans. Weve ranked all the iconic castles of the Disney parks, and weve ranked all the rides at Walt Disney World.

    And if youre interested in actually visiting all of these places, we have a Six Disney Resorts in Six Years post where we outline how wed plan to visit each of Disney theme park resorts over the next six years.

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    Top Of The World Lounge Reopening

    nickys said:The food at TOTWL comes from The Wave. With that closing for a refurbishment, it might be theyll wait until The Wave re-opens.On the other hand they could open the observation deck which would need minimal staffing. And that could be done almost without any notice.

    Disney Dead Head said:I agree on the Observation Deck. I actually just got off the phone with BLT Guest services and they “NOPE” no plan to even open the deck once again DVD and DVC have let owners down. and continue to take our dues.

    Although this was the four days, not just July 4th. But yes, for the time being they might just limit it to those staying at BLT.Ill be interested to see if it remains open.

    Winnie The Pooh And Tigger Too

    The BEST of the Holidays in Walt Disney World!
    Winnie The Pooh and Tigger Too
    Theatrical release poster

    Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too is a 1974 based on the third chapter of and the fourth and seventh chapters of by . The featurette was directed by , produced by , released by , and distributed by on December 20, 1974 as a double feature with the live-action feature film . It was nominated for an , but lost to .

    Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too was the third animated featurette in the film series, in which it was later added as a segment to the 1977 package film . A soundtrack album was released simultaneously and featured such songs as “The Honey Tree” and “Birthday, Birthday”. The film’s title is a play on the slogan “” made famous during the .

    It featured the voices of as the narrator, as Winnie the Pooh, as Tigger, as Piglet, as Christopher Robin, as Roo, as Kanga, and as Rabbit.

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    Contemporary Resort Of The Past

    Please Help Walt Dated World Shops at the ContemporaryBay ‘n Beach: Contemporary Man: Contemporary Woman:Fantasia:Kingdom Jewels, Ltd: Plaza Gifts and Sundries: The Spirit World: Restaurants at the ContemporaryCoconino Cove: GroveCooking with MickeyConcourse Grill: Concourse Steakhouse:Contemporary Cafe: Dock Inn: Grand Canyon LoungeGulf Coast Room: Mesa Grande Lounge: Monorail Club Car: Pueblo Room: Terrace Buffeteria: Grand Canyon TerraceTerrace Cafe: Top of the World: Top of the World Supper ClubBroadway at the TopContemporary Memories and PicturesContemporary Etc.Fiesta Fun CenterFood and Fun CenterOlympiad Health SpaContemporary Information From 1972Walt Disney World Resorts

    Hidden Secrets And Details Abound

    As you are enjoying your visit and wandering the parks of Disney World and surrounding resorts, keep your eyes peeled for the thousands of Mickey Mouse logos hidden in secret spots all over the place. Can you spot them in the paintings? What about the railings, ornaments, and even in the restaurants? It takes a truly good eye to notice all of them!

    For more secret details, head to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and once you get to the Captains Quarter, look out for a truly shiver-me-timbers-inducing detail a real human skull!

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    What Are The Highlights Of Top Of The World Lounge

    The view, of course! Seeing all of Magic Kingdom from this level was spectacular. During the Happily Ever After, the evening fireworks show, many people leave their tables to head out to the large balcony area to get a better view. Top of the World will play the music from the show over speakers on the balcony. Watching the show from this high up doesnt allow you to see the amazing projections on the Cinderella Castle as well as you would from inside the park, so if you have never seen the show within Magic Kingdom, be sure to see it there if you have a chance!

    When it comes to the menu options, the Seven Layer Cake gets amazing reviews, along with the highly recommended Bay Lake Sunset drink. We have also heard that the pretzel is enormous and can serve as a meal in itself!

    What do you think? Have you ever visited Top of the World Lounge? Do you have any recommendations?or on or !

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    What Is Top Of The World Lounge

    10 Best Restaurants at Disney World Florida

    Disney Vacation Clubs Top of the World Lounge is a lounge located on the 16th floor of Bay Lake Tower at Disneys Contemporary Resort. This area is specifically designed for and available to members of the Disney Vacation Club to enjoy drinks and light bites to eat. It also offers an incredible view of the Magic Kingdom, including the nighttime shows at the park. The lounge is open most evenings from 6:00 pm until midnight. It is occasionally closed for private, hard-ticket events, such as the New Years Eve celebration, so be sure the check the Walt Disney World website for hours prior to your visit.

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    Top Of The World At The Contemporary Resort

    The Top of the World wasnt always a Disney Vacation Club members-only lounge. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, the Top of the World was the premiere dining and entertainment spot in all of Walt Disney World, especially during the years when the Magic Kingdom would close at 6:00pm and there wasnt much else to do.

    Lets take a look at Walt Disney Worlds original signature dining location!

    Brown leisure suits, ruffled dresses, strappy heels, shiny jumpsuits and feathered hair were all but required at the Top of the World in the 1970s. A glass-enclosed eatery on the 15th floor of the Contemporary, the Top of the World offered views that stretched 30 miles in every direction while offering the finest in dining and entertainment in Central Florida. Where else you could you enjoy Roast Duck with Orange Sauce, Veal Romanov and Rose Petal Salad while being entertained by the likes of Carol Lawrence, Jack Jones and Phyllis Diller? And no, the dining plan wasnt offered at the time!

    A little background on the Top of the World from our favorite Disney historian, Dave Smith:

    Walt Disney World News

    As you settled in for your evening meal and entertainment, your server would take your drink order. Interested in any of the following?

    People even ate at the Top of the World in the daytime! From the 1977 title.

    We turn to Dave Smith, again, to learn about the California Grill:

    The Art of Walt Disney

    Operations Quality & Customer Service

    If a park has a lot of good rides, but they never work, its not very good. If it has a lot of good restaurants, but they all always have linesagain, not good. We dont give away many sh*t happens points because frankly, things go wrong more at some parks than others because they just arent as well-run.

    At Disney parks, customer service tends to be excellent. Even veterans of both Disneyland and Walt Disney World can’t agree on which destination has better cast members, but most everyone agrees they are, on average, great. There is variation amongst the Disney parks, and we’ll make some note of it in the rankings.

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    Top Disney World Attractions Perfect For Everyone

    by Kristin Sabol·January 18, 2022

    It can be hard planning a Disney World vacation and trying to please everyone. Especially if you are traveling with a large family or a big group. Do you have an assortment of ages, interests, and likes? Want try to keep everyone together for some Disney Vacation fun?

    The good news is Disney World was designed with the family in mind and there are a lot of great options to experience together! So, read on for the Top Disney World Attractions Perfect for Everyone!

    Note: We Cant Wait To Get Back

    Top 50 Walt Disney World Attractions | Episode 6: 25-21

    Its been an interesting couple of years here. We would have liked to have gotten back to the international resorts in 2020 or 2021, but thats been challenging for the obvious reasons and the less obvious .

    So, its been a while since weve been to any international Disney park, and some of these are coming up on a half-decade since our last visit. Time flies when youre covering a new tweak at Disney World every 6 weeks with your life seeing two life-altering disruptions in the middle, I suppose.

    Were planning to get back to Disneyland Paris in 2022, with plans to visit the Asian resorts in late 2022 / 2023. Obviously these plans are aspirational, but Zoe already has one international trip done , so we fully expect more on the horizon.

    All that said, we obviously lack some subjective expertise in these parks. We could leave this post in an old form, but then its full of inaccurate information. We could update just the parks weve visited recently, but thats maybe even worse. So instead were going to do our best with the past experience we have and the wonders of the internet, which enable us to learn a lot about changes we havent seen yet.

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    Turtle Talk With Crush

    Looking for a ride that everyone can enjoy together at EPCOT? Then head to the Seas pavilion for this fan-fave.

    Guests get to have fun and interact with Crush as he cruises down the East Australian Current.

    The fun-loving turtle from Finding Nemo answers crowd questions, tells jokes, and interacts with everyone in the theater. So much fun!

    Theme & The Castle Parks

    This brings us near to the close, but with one challengethe challenge of evaluating the theme of the different castle parks. Disneyland, as the original castle park, is the only one with a truly unique theme. Just as all philosophy has been said to be footnotes to Plato, you might say that all the castle parks are just interpretations of Disneyland.

    International castle parks are particularly challenging to evaluate. Disneyland is explicitly dedicated to the ideals, dreams, and hard facts that created America. It would be awkward for the international parks to take a shot at better execution on that theme.

    Shanghai Disneyland, indeed, clearly eschews that theme altogether. That park substitutes Treasure Cove for Frontierland . It also replaces Main Street, U.S.A. with the ill-conceived Mickey Ave. The park is left, sadly, without much of a theme.

    If you read the dedications of the international castle parks, they reflect the problem here. Unable to claim to be about America, theyre left sort of being about fun/joy/imagination.

    Disneyland winds up being the clear winner here, because it has and exemplifies a theme that is something more than fun and imagination. In truth, we’re not sure if that impacted its position in our rankings. What we can say is that when we talk about castle parks, we’re sort of forced to put bigger questions of theme to the side.

    Here’s how we rank all the Disney parks, worldwide

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