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Disney Gift Cards For Disney World

Best Method Part : Disney Gift Card Deals At Bj’s And Other Wholesale Clubs

Using Disney Gift Cards at Disney World

BJ’s is a wholesale club that offers a variety of discounts on Disney gift cards of different sizes. As of September 2019, the sweet spot looks to be a $100 gift card for $95.99, or 4% off. You can see that if you catch the prices during a sale, you might get up to 6% off:

At these rates, youll need to spend at least $250 on Disney gift cards just to break even on your membership. Of course, if you shop at BJs anyways, the membership might be worth it anyways.

Occasionally youll get so lucky to see a category like Wholesale Clubs get 5% back on a credit card like the three discussed above. In that case, you could purchase $1000 in gift cards from BJ’s for $959.90. You spent $10 on your annual membership. Youll get $48 in cash back on the card for this purchase, for a net spending of $921.90 or an 7.8% discount.

This trick works anywhere that has both a 5% rotating category and where you can find Disney gift cards deals. Sam’s Club is the most notable other popular option for finding Disney gift card deals. As always, we have to disclaim here that your mileage may vary.

That 7.8% isnt a huge discount, but its a really solid baseline for an easy method, assuming you have either the Chase Freedom or a Discover card that participates in the 5% cash back program. We dont call this the best because it is always the biggest discountit definitely isnt. But the combination of ease and discount size is unbeatable.

Sams Club Disney Gift Cards

Like BJ Wholesale, Sams Club offers a 4% discount on Disney Gift Cards for its members.

Membership at Sams Club is comparable to BJs Wholesale in that if you dont already have a membership you can get one for as low as $40 through Groupon.

Military families can get a $10 gift card to Sams Club when they join which makes it a better deal than BJ Warehouse.

If you have their premium membership then you will get 2% cash back .

Top 10 Q& a About Disney Gift Cards

Disney gift cards are a great gift idea for Disney lovers out there. In a lot of cases, they also make sense to purchase to use for upcoming vacations. If you are curious about gift cards, here are your top 10 questions answered about Disney gift cards:

10 What can I use Disney gift cards for at Walt Disney World?

Just about everything. Most of the locations at Walt Disney World will accept Disney gift cards. A good rule of thumb is to notice if they take electronic payments. If they do and are a Disney-owned location, they typically also accept gift cards. Not only that, you can use the gift cards at restaurants, recreation around Walt Disney World, your resort package stay, dining plan, etc. You can even pay the balance of the charges you made back to the resort using Disney gift card funds.

9 Do the gift cards expire?

No. The funds are available for use until they are completely gone. There are also no fees acquired at any point for maintaining a Disney gift card with a balance.

8 How do I pay for my Disney vacation with multiple gift cards?

7 How do I check my balance?

You can call the number on the back of your card and reference the numbers on the back. You can also check your balance online from the Disney Gift Card site at . When you make purchases, the remaining balance should also be on your receipt at many locations.

6 What is this discounted gift cards thing I hear people talking about?

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Can Disney Gift Cards Be Used At Disney Restaurants

Disney gift cards are accepted at all Disney owned and operated food locations where credit cards are accepted, including all Quick Service and Table Service restaurants.

Pro Tip: Its best you make reservations before dining in one of Disneys delicious restaurants. However, if you plan far ahead, you may forget about all the reservations you made where they are and what times. Using a Disney reservation finder will help you keep track of your future meals.

How To Manage Disney Gift Cards

Discount Disney Gift Cards: The BEST Deals &  Where To Get Them!

The last thing you want to do is keep up with tons of Disney Gift Cards. Instead each time you buy one, combine your Disney Gift Card to one card and trash the other.

This can be done on the Disney Gift Card website.

Log in and go to Manage Cards at the top of the page. From there, hit Transfer Balance.

Choose the card you want to be the main Disney Gift Card and transfer the balance of the other gift cards to the main card.

The most you can put on one card is $1000.

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Cash In Credit Card Cash Back

If you have been earning cashback dollars or points with your credit card company during the year, cash those babies in to offset the cost of your Disney vacation! No amount is too small to make a difference. Depending on the length of your earning streak you may be able to get a park ticket, pay for a night of your Disney Resort stay or pay for a table service dining experience entirely with cash back from credit card purchases you already made.

When it comes to booking your Disney vacation, take a look at your credit card policies and perks prior to booking. This will help you understand any added protection your card ensures. Some credit card companies offer trip protection or limited trip protection on vacations booked on their card, under certain circumstances. Take a glance at your favorite card to see what perks you may enjoy on vacation and how you might be protected.

Sams Club And Discounted Disney Giftcards

When it comes to saving money at Disney, those in the know will tell you that one little way to save a few dollars is to pay for things with discounted Disney gift cards. You can save between 4 and 5% every day with Disney gift cards.

Sams Club is one of the places with an everyday discount on Disney gift cards. You can save around 4% by purchasing them there. Sometimes they run special promotions where you can save as much as 10%! Last years deal was so hot that it sold out in minutes.

Even 4% adds up when you are paying Disney prices. For example, if you are spending $5000 on a room, tickets, and meals, thats a $200 savings!

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Cash Back Portals And Apps

There are a plethora of apps and shopping portals designed to save you money on everyday purchases. They either work by physically clicking through a portal on desktop or mobile site so that cookies can track your activity, or by linking your credit or debit card to the app so it can register when that card was used at a participating merchant and award points or cash back. is my usual resource to quickly analyze which traditional shopping portal is offering the most cash back or points on purchases but again keep in mind gift cards are typically excluded in the terms and conditions though sometimes cash back or points are still awarded. Keep your eyes peeled on Dosh, Swych, Fetch Rewards, Ibotta, Drop and Rakuten apps among others for cash-back stacking opportunities.

Mickey Mouse Sunbathing Disney Gift Card

Tips For Using Disney Gift Cards at Walt Disney World

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Mickey will make every day feel like a vacation with this Disney Gift Card. As Mickey relaxes on a sun-kissed tropical beach, your loved one can enjoy deciding what to spend their gift card on. Available in a choice of denominations, it’s the perfect present for any occasion.

  • Give the gift of Disney Magic with a Disney Gift Card so your family and friends can purchase their favorite Disney merchandise. It’s simple for you and perfect for them!
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  • Redeemable at, Disney store, Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, and more
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Best Method Part : Rotating 5% Cash Back Categories

Different credit cards offer different rotating categories in which they’ll give you 5% cash back or points back for spending in those categories. Here is the Chase Freedom Calendar for 2019:

And the current Discover Calendar:

And finally the Citi Dividend calendar:

If you can buy gift cards at any of these places, youll usually get 5% back. Companies are always trying to devise ways to exclude gift cards from promotions like this, so your mileage may vary. Remember, for Chase Sapphire Reserve cardholders that is effectively 7.5% back.

If you’re going to spend that $1,500 anyways, you’re not really saving on Disney gift cards by buying them first . You ideally want to make your Disney gift card purchases in categories you would not otherwise get the bonus in.

For example, lets look at January to March. In that quarter, Discover had 5% back at Grocery Stores and Citi had 5% at Home Depot and Gas Stations.

Now, lets say my local grocery store and local Home Depot both sell Disney Gift Cards. Since I never shop at Home Depot and will definitely spend $1500 on groceries this quarter, I want to go use my Citi Dividend card to buy $1500 in Disney Gift Cards at Home Depot.

Pay For Your Disney Vacation

Disney Gift Cards can be used to pay for your trip to any Disney location. Simply buy Disney Gift Cards, or use the ones people gifted you when you make payments for your trip. If you have multiple gift cards you can combine them on the Disney Gift Card website. If youre using a Disney Travel Planner ask them about using Disney Gift Cards as payment.

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How To Save Money On Your Disney Trip With Disney Gift Cards

Many families travel to Disneyland and Walt Disney World on a budget so we aim to provide as many budget tips as possible here on Mickey Visit! One of my favorite budget tips is one I use quite often and the best way to save money on Disney gift cards. There’s a few ways to do this and you don’t even have to use a credit card to do it. Keep reading to find out how I save $5 for every $100 spent on the trips I take to Disneyland.

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Disney Gift Card Hacks

5% off Disney Gift Cards &  Other Entertainment Cards with REDcard

Some people might be hesitant to carry around stacks of gift cards and worry they might get lost. Luckily, there’s ways around that to make it more convenient.

Once you purchase your gift cards head over to the Disney Gift Card website and make an account. Once your account is set up you can register your gift cards to the account and then you can transfer balances between them right from the website. Each card can hold a maximum of $1000 on it at a time and there are no service fees. Disney gift cards also never expire!

One thing I like to do is buy three physical gift cards in the store and then buy e-gift cards online for the rest of our spending money. Then I register my physical gift cards on the Disney Gift Card website. I load all my money onto two separate cards and divide the balances into two categories: shopping and dining. This way I can keep my money organized and it also helps me to stay within my budget if I know my shopping money is only set for a certain amount on this card. This also works great for kids. If my son earns money for a trip, I give it to him on his own personal gift card so once it’s gone- it’s gone!

As for the extra card on my account, I keep that on there as a backup. It’s a good rule of thumb to do this because if you happen to lose your other gift card with your money you can quickly log into the Disney Gift Card website and transfer the funds onto a different card.

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Best Deals On Disney Gift Cards

  • Warehouse Clubs such as BJs and Sams Club sell discounted Disney Gift Cards, for members. Shoppers can typically save 4% off face value on Disney Gift cards. However, the membership fee must be factored in as well. BJs offers an online only membership for just $10 yearly. This could be worth it, if you plan to use for more than just buying Disney Gift Cards. If you already have a membership to either, start using this to save now! Examples of pricing below . Look for promotions, earning as much as 8% off select times a year. Otherwise savings are typically at 4% off.
  • Raise is a website offering discounted gift cards, including Disney! The savings are not as good as the Warehouse Clubs 4% off, most of the time. Set an alert to be notified when new Disney gift cards are added to the site and you may get lucky. However, if you have never purchased on Raise before, you can get $10 off your first purchase of a discounted Disney Gift Card . This is a great pay to get paid $10 for purchasing a Disney gift card right now!
  • Target remains one of the best savings for buying Discounted Disney gift cards with its 5% off Redcard savings. Large purchases can cause more headache than its worth, keep daily purchasing limit to $500 and you shouldnt have any issues. Order a Disney eGift Card online and there is no worry about the physical card getting lost in the mail! . You can no longer use a Target gift card to purchase a Disney Gift card .
  • How To Use Disney Gift Cards Online

    All you have to do is visit,,, and to use your gift card to purchase tickets. If youre looking for Disney merchandise, visit and use your gift card at checkout!

    Travel tip: We suggest registering your card on the Disney website. This way, if you lose a physical gift card with a balance remaining, you can go online to your Disney account and transfer the funds of the lost card to another card.

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    What Can I Use A Disney Gift Card For At Walt Disney World

    Question: What can I use Disney Gift Cards to pay for while on my vacation to Walt Disney World?

    Answer: Basically anything! There are a few things that are cash only , but other than that, everything is free game! That includes your actual vacation package as long as you have booked through Disney, or a Disney Travel Agency like World of Magic Travel!

    If you are going to use gift cards to pay for your vacation package just know that you, or your travel agent, will need to call them since only two forms of payment can be entered online.

    When youre in the parks, gift cards can be used for meals, gratuity at meals and souvenirs. With the new Magic Bands you can even charge purchases to your room and then go down to the lobby each night and apply the gift cards to your room as payment. That way you dont need to worry about losing your Disney Gift Cards while exploring the parks or Downtown Disney.

    My name is Alissa and I am a Writer for Chip and Company. Im also an Independent Consultant with World of Magic Travel, the preferred agency of Chip and the Disney Addicts. Email me today at to book your next Magical vacation to your favorite destination.

    Let our friends at Destinations to Travel help you! Just fill out the form below and someone will be in touch!

    Discount Disney Gift Cards

    What To Bring To Walt Disney World: Disney Gift Cards
    • Home
    • Discount Disney Gift Cards

    If youre looking to purchase discount Disney gift cards youre in luck! Weve got the best places and ways to buy discount Disney gift cards listed right here. Disney gift cards are great when youre looking to use for a Disney vacation or just a gift for someone. Theres so much you can do with them!

    Using Disney Gift Cards

    You can use Disney gift cards almost anywhere Disney! Disney Cruise Line, Aulani, Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and any Disney Store including the online one. With so many uses available theyre great to have on hand, especially if you can get a deal on them.

    If you have a Disney gift card and youre wondering what part of your vacation you should use it on listen up.

    Disneyland Resort

    Because you can get discount Disneyland tickets and Disneyland packages here and save big over gate price, theres not reason to use your gift card on them . Its better to save on your tickets and package than to pay full price just to use a gift card. There are plenty of other ways to use it.

    Once youve arrived at Disneyland you can use your gift card for purchasing food in the parks, merchandize in the stores, or even pay any incidentals on your hotel room bill if youre staying on property at any of the 3 Disneyland Hotels. If you decided to upgrade your tickets to add a day or upgrade to an annual pass you could use your gift card for that too.

    Walt Disney World Resort

    Aulani, A Disney Resort and Spa

    Disney Cruise Line

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