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Disney Cars Ride Disney World

Pirates Of The Caribbean

Tomorrowland Speedway ride-through at Disney’s Magic Kingdom theme park

Pirates of the Caribbean is the quintessential Disney dark ride and a masterful job of storytelling. Even though this ride is decades old, it continues to captivate generations of guests over and over again.

There are dozens of audio-animatronic figures throughout the ride as it tells a swashbuckling story of pirates invading a port town somewhere in the Caribbean. It mixes adventure, fright and comedic relief perfectly. Its so popular that it spawned a wildly successful film franchise.

Pirates is able to set the mood so well and the iconic music will be stuck in your head as you leave. Even though the Magic Kingdom version is the worst version of the ride worldwide, it still lands near the top of our list of best Disney World rides.

Fun Activities For The Car Ride To Disney World

Some people take a plane to get to Disney World but lots of people go by car. Here is a list of fun activities for your ride to Disney World or anywhere!

Do you have Netflix on your iPad or iPhone? Well now you can download shows and movies on Netflix in the car without using wifi. The thing is though you can only download certain shows. Here is how it works:

First when you click the Netflix app it asks you whos watching. Click on yours or whoever you watch Netflix from. Now you are on the home page. On the bottom click downloads. Now you are on a page that says My Downloads. Click the word Find Downloads. You are now on the page with everything you can download. Click next to a movie or show to download it.

Another fun game to do is find license plates. This is a really fun game! All you have to do is find license plates from different states. I found 39 out of 50 states when I did this game on my way to the beach a few weeks ago. I even found a Hawaii license plate!

You can also play the alphabet game. First you pick a theme. For example: food. Now if you are starting you would say a is for and in this case apple. Then another person would say b is for and so on.

The Guess That Music game is fun too! First you turn on the radio and hide the name of the song and singer with whatever you want! As long as you cant see the name of the song and singer!

I hope these activities are helpful in breaking the boredom of the ride to Disney World or anywhere.

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There you have it! Everything thatll be closed in Disney World in June. These are just the refurbishments, so make sure to check out our construction projects updates each month to see whats in the works at the Disney World parks! And keep following DFB for more updates on all the latest Disney news.

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Finding Nemo: The Musical

Finding Nemo: The Musical is unavailable in Animal Kingdom, and the original show actually wont be returning to this park. Instead, guests will be able to see Finding Nemo: The Big Blueand Beyond later this summer!

Finding Nemo: The Musical

The updated show is based on Finding Dory and will include some new sets and characters. Fans of the original show dont need to despair, though Disney has announced that some of the music from the previous show will be returning!

The Magic Carpets Of Aladdin

Disney World Orlando Hollywood Studios new cars ride

In the heart of Adventureland, the Magic Carpets of Aladdin is a landmark, rising up and dipping down to give its riders a view of the entire park.

This aerial carousel is based on the 1992 Disney animated hit, and is nearly identical to Dumbo . Both rides are fun, but Dumbo has the advantage of being one of the original rides at Magic Kingdom. Without that boost of nostalgia, the Magic Carpets of Aladdin ends up being a tier beneath.

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The Hall Of Presidents

If you are a fan of American history, The Hall of Presidents is for you. This attraction has animatronic figures for each president in United States history and is an impressive display seen together.

This one goes way back and continues to be an incredible feat by Walt Disney Imagineering and it doesnt get nearly the love it deserves. Its far more interesting than its reputation leads you to believe and definitely worth doing.

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

One of several still-standing, outdated celebrity crossovers is the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith in Hollywood Studios.

No more Captain EO? Gary Sinise has been replaced by Gina Tores in the Mission: SPACE intro? But Aerosmith? Yup, for some reason they are still at Disney.

A lot of this is because the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster wouldn’t really work without Aerosmith. Soaring along to “Dream On” and “Walk This Way” is unlike anything else Disney has to offer. The amount of music played from Aerosmith’s catalogue is also impressive, given this short ride only runs 90 seconds. Full of corkscrews, drops, and taking no time to slow down whatsoever, this is a true coaster.

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Art Of Animation Cars Section

Fans of the classic Pixar Cars films will fall in love with the Cars section of Art of Animation.

Disney Imagineers created a truly immersive resort experience that extends from the rooms all the way out into the courtyards surrounding the area.

Youll find all sorts of fun things to seeall of which will look quite familiar to Cars fans.

The details here are amazing!

Check out this guy:

Hey there, Mater!

Check out this pool!

The rooms in the Cars section of Art of Animation are what Disney calls Family Suites.

This style of room sleeps up to 6 adults and includes 2 bathrooms and a kitchenette.

This cute table converts into a bed:

As does this couch

The kitchenette area is small but provides a decent sized fridge, microwave, sink, and additional storage space.

Everywhere you look youll find fantastic Cars-themed details!

Cars Movie Things To Do & See

Full Ride: Radiator Springs Racers in Cars Land at Disney California Adventure POV HD

Here is a list of 6 Cars movie things to do at Disney World that you will love.

1. Lightning McQueen Racing Academy

The newest attraction at Hollywood Studios will blow any cars fan away both young and old. This is a short show but it’s got a whole lot of drive! Cars fans don’t want to miss this one!

This cute engaging show features Lightning McQueen live and in person, er– car, to demonstrate what it takes to be the best.

We get a lesson in quick thinking when Lightning’s simulator is sabotaged and he proves once again why he’s the best.

It’s amazing to watch Lighting talk and address the audience as well as driving on stage.

After the show be sure to watch for a Cars themed dance party among other features to check out.

2. Art of Animation

The first thing you will want to do is book your room at Radiator Springs in the Art of Animation resort. It’s the next best thing to checking in at the Cozy Cone. As a matter of fact, this value resort has family suites which provide plenty of space and floor to ceiling Car decor. every detail in your room will be Cars themed. And the added convenience of a hideaway bed in the dining nook is really cool. Outside you can see the buildings are made to look like radiator springs and there are Cars photo ops all over the grounds. It’s the perfect resort if you want to experience Cars at Walt Disney World.

3. Car Rides

4. Car Side Dining

5. Wonderful World of Animation Show

6. Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot

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Walt Disneys Enchanted Tiki Room

Another one of the only attractions remaining that Walt Disney actually had a hand in creating. In fact, all the audio-animatronics you love so much on other rides, started here in the Enchanted Tiki Room.

The song is catchy and the ride is a piece of Disney history. Its a must-do for anyone visiting for the first time and a Disney classic.

In The Same Vein Prince Charming Regal Carrousel Doesn’t Fit With The Rest Of The Park

Magic Kingdom’s Prince Charming Regal Carrousel is simply a carousel that is Disney-themed. Every time I walk past it and see people waiting to get on, I wonder why they felt the need to ride a Carrousel when they can do so at a local fair back home.

Disney World has so much more to offer than a Carrousel, which is why I would encourage visitors both big and small to skip it.

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Worst Rides At Animal Kingdom

TriceraTop Spin

TriceraTop Spin is another one of those Disney World rides that spin you around up in the air just like Dumbo and the Aladdin ride at Magic Kingdom. It is pretty boring and uninteresting, and unless you have tiny children, we recommend avoiding it.

Kali River Rapids

Like the Figment ride, it slightly pains me to add Kali River Rapids on the worst Disney ride list, but here it lands. It is the only water ride at Disney World where you get positively soaked. There is no way to go on Kali River Rapids without getting drenched like you stepped out of the shower or pool.

I personally love Kali River Rapids on a hot day but many people arent a fan which is why it lands on this part of the list. It is sadly one of the shorter options on this list of rides at Disney World which is why we put it on the worst category.

The lines are often long and then you go on the ride and you think this is it?! because it ends quite quickly! I dont want anyone to waste their time or valuable Fastpasses and then regret it later. That being said, it is a fun ride even if it is on the worst section of this list!

Primeval Whirl

This is actually the second shortest ride at Disney World overall! It is a carnival-style ride and I have actually ridden the exact same coaster at the Florida State Fair years ago. It isnt that it is a bad ride, it is just a shorter ride. We recommend never using your Fastpass for it.

Pixar Place In Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Test Driving Disneyâs New Cars Land

If your “Cars” fans are a bit older and want to experience the thrill of speeding around a track at high speeds, Test Track at Walt Disney World’s Epcot Resort is the perfect ride for them. “Cars” fans will definitely enjoy zipping around the longest and fastest ride in Walt Disney World!

Test Track takes riders through a mock-up of a real-life safety testing facility, with a few surprises thrown in for fun. This ride does have a height restriction, so use the rider switch program if your little one is not tall enough to ride.

If your child is tall enough and has already tried and enjoyed the Barnstormer and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, they may be ready to try Test Track.

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Best Disney World Rides

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There are a LOT of Disney World rides, and unless you plan to live at Disney World or spend multiple weeks visiting, it is going to be difficult to see and do everything! That is okay! As a lifelong annual pass holder for over 20 combined years, I will take you through the best rides at Disney and which it is okay to skip.

There are almost 50 rides at Disney World, and as Disney adds new rides with all the updates, there will be even more to choose from. The rides at Disney consist of everything from family-friendly Disney rides that are perfect for babies and small children, all the way up to major thrill rides that will excite even the harshest critic

First, this article is going to rank the best Walt Disney World rides overall by park so that you can plan accordingly. Then, we will go further and break it down to the best rides by age category ranging from small children to big kids of all ages!

We will also be including some things that we dont recommend heading to first on our list of rides at Disney World. This isnt to say that you should skip them altogether, we just dont want you heading there first and skipping some of the other fantastic rides and attractions that Disney offers!

If you are interested in reading more details about the rides for planning purposes, we have the following helpful guides:

Best Rides At Disneys Hollywood Studios

Star Wars: Rise Of The Resistance

Star Wars: Rise Of The Resistance is easily the best ride at Disney overall, right up there with flights of passage. You will be shocked, amazed, and thrilled when you ride this ride. It is up there with a legendary status for the best Disney World rides and shouldnt be missed!

Rise Of The Resistance is DIFFERENT and features a different boarding process and more! to see how! This is *essential* information or else you may leave without being able to ride this ride! Until things calm down, you are going to want to read the article above!

As soon as I entered the first part of the ride, I was entertained and interested. I was glad to see Star Wars characters that I recognized. I didnt recognize many people on Smugglers Run so this was great! By the time I had moved to the second portion of this 15 minute+ experience, I was welling up with tears. It was already SO SO SO well done! I couldnt believe it! 100% worth the hype and we were just getting started!

Then we proceeded throughout the experience, and it was an experience, and I continued to be in shock and awe!! I was BLOWN AWAY! The level of detail. The graphics. The immersive experience. It was insane. I was transported to Star Wars that I grew up with mixed with the newer Star Wars characters. You are NOT going to want to miss this Hollywood Studios ride!

Mickey And Minnies Runaway Railway


Toy Story Midway Mania

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Lightning Mcqueens Racing Academy

This hybrid attraction/show features a really cool Lightning McQueen audio animatronic figure, which teaches the audience how to race and that is by far the highlight. The special effects on the wrap-around screen are cool too.

We wouldnt really call it a must-do attraction, but its fun. Fans of the Cars franchise will love it and its fun both for kids and adults.

The Similarities Between Disney World And Disneyland

[HD POV] Disney-Pixar Cars Ride – Radiators Springs Racers Ride – California Adventure – Disneyland

Like Chip ‘n’ Dale, there are a lot of similarities between Disney World and Disneyland. You have the same Disney magic and a lot of the same rides. Magic Kingdom Park and Disneyland Park are the most similar in structure and type of rides. You enter the park to see a Mickey flower mural below the train station, walk down Main Street, U.S.A. toward the castle. Disneyland is home to Sleeping Beauty Castle, and Magic Kingdom has the much taller Cinderella Castle both castles recently got vibrant new paint jobs. The hub has paths that take you to many of the same lands with many of the same rides.

The exterior of Disneys Hollywood Studios matches that of Disneys California Adventure. But Hollywood Studios Tower of Terror still haunts Hollywood Studios , while the original ride has transformed into Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout! at Disney California Adventure. Hollywood Studios is the gateway to a galaxy far, far away, Star Wars: Galaxys Edge, whereas the same land can be found at the back of Disneyland Park. Youll find a lot of similar rides, but they might appear in different parks. Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios doesnt exist in California, but Toy Story Midway Mania! can be found in Pixar Pier at Disney California Adventure.

Park Tickets

Rides and Attractions Found at Both Properties

Even though both resorts have a lot of the same classic rides, you may notice minor differences between them.

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Guardians Of The Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind was announced in 2019 as part of a major EPCOT transformation. The coaster is currently being built at EPCOT in a land that will be called World Discovery and will take riders on an adventure with Peter Quill and the rest of the Guardians crew. With vehicles that rotate 360 degrees, this storytelling coaster will be a first of its kind for Disney World.

Cars Land: To Disney World Or Not To Disney World

One of the biggest successes at Disneyland has been the addition of Cars Land. Cars Land was completed in 2012 and was seen as the biggest reason why attendance at Disneyland has been on the increase. Cars Land consists of three rides along with three restaurants and three shopping areas.

Ever since its very popular opening, people have been asking the question: Should another Cars Land be built at Walt Disney World? Its a great question. Some of the people have even mentally carved out space within Hollywood Studios and mentally closed down attractions to make room for a proposed Cars Land.

Lets lay out the arguments for and against its addition.

For Its Addition

1) Its Insanely Popular

The easiest of all the arguments to make. When it was added to Disneys California Adventure, the wait times for Radiator Springs Racers was pushing three to four hours. People entered the park and headed straight back to Cars Lands to go on the attractions first thing in the morning. People on the East Coast were envious that Disneyland had such a popular attraction. Its a long flight, especially with smaller children, or a multi-day car ride to Los Angeles and get to Disneyland for the Cars Land Experience. Its easier, in their mind, to build a second Cars Land in Walt Disney World. Its a shorter flight/drive to Orlando than to LA.

2) Hollywood Studios needs a breath of fresh air

Against Its Inclusion

2) Cars Land is potentially competing with Star Wars Land

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