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Day Pass For Disney World Orlando

What To Pack For A 3

Walt Disney World suspends sale of most annual passes

Now that you know what days to go to the Disney Parks, youll want to know what to pack. First off, you must have comfortable shoes!

And no not flip flops or Crocs.

Youll want a good pair of sneakers. Have your go-to sneakers that you know are always dependable and are wonderful for walking MILES in, because your days will be filled with 8+ hours of walking each day.

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Disney Day Bag Essentials

Get Your 3-Day Packing List for Disney World Below!

Park Hopper Plus Option

Park Hopper Plus tickets are almost identical to Water Park and Sports Option tickets in that they include visits to the same water parks and sports attractions. The difference is that they also allow park hopping among the theme parks.

If you’re only going to be here for one or two days, we do not recommend this option. Even the most proficient multitasker would find it challenging to visit multiple theme parks plus water parks or other attractions in such a short amount of time.

Discount Magic Kingdom Tickets Aaa And Caa Ticket Discounts

AAA and CAA Discounts on Disneys Magic Kingdom Magic Your Way Tickets

AAA and CAA discounts on selected Magic Your Way tickets are available in advance through most, but not all, AAA and CAA offices. Different AAA/CAA chapters offer different tickets. FYI:some in the Western US and Western Canada may not sell any Walt Disney World tickets at all.

Auto Club South Discounts on Florida Resident Tickets, Seasonal and Annual Passes

Auto Club Southoffices in Florida offer an additional discount on 1-Day and 3-Day Magic Your Way Florida Resident tickets and the Florida Resident Platinum and Platinum Plus Passesfor AAA members.

The nearest office to Disney World is located at 7339 West Sand Lake Road, Suite 424 in Bay Hill/Orlando. Call 351-5610 for hours and directions. Note: Passes must be purchased in person unless you are a member of Auto Club South, in which case some passes can be purchased online after logging into the Auto Club South website. You will be sold a voucher that must be redeemed at a Disney World ticket window, with proper Florida resident ID required. Note: Auto Club South e-ticket vouchers are emailed to you, and it may take up to three days for the email to arrive.

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Getting To And From The Airport

Disney has announced that their complimentary Magical Express transportation service will be discontinued in January of 2022.

Orlando International Airport is serviced by ride-hailing services including Lyft, Uber, and airport taxis.

Other transportation options include hotel shuttles and car rental services, with Alamo being our most recommended.

And next, as a replacement for Disneys Magical Express, Mears Connect will be offering shuttle service to the Disney Resort area beginning on January 1st of 2022.

Unlike Disneys Magical Express, Mears Connect isnt free, however.

Instead, there are two tiers of service: standard vs. express.

Standard service is a shared ride that makes a few stops en route to your hotel with waits of up to 20 minutes after checking in at the Mears reception area at the airport.

Express service provides a direct ride to your resort with no other stops and limited to no wait time.

You can find a list of current resorts that Mears Connect will pick up and drop off from, as well as pricing and the option to book your rides at Mears Connects site.

Additional planning tip: The resorts that Mears Connect services will appear in the drop-down menu when reserving. The list is expected to expand throughout 2022.

Walt Disney World Water Parks

Walt Disney World 1 Day Ticket Orlando Florida
  • Typhoon Lagoon
  • Blizzard Beach

The Magic Kingdom was the first of the Walt Disney Worldparks built and continues to be the number one theme park in the world.

I know youre probably thinking that this is way too much information than what you thought Disney had.

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Cost Of Fastpass & Maxpass At Disneyland

UPDATE: Genie+ and Lightning Lanes are coming to Disneyland in fall 2021. Details have not been announced, but we expect the system to be very similar to the old MaxPass system, just without the underlying FASTPASS system. This section will be updated once details of Genie+ at Disneyland are released.

How Much Does Premier Access At Shanghai Disney Resort Cost

Disney Premier Access is the most direct paid Fastpass system around. You simply pay for the right to ride a ride at any point during the day. The price has varied frequently over the past year, and it varies depending on whether you purchase an individual ride or a set, but Disney Premier Access costs roughly $20 per ride.

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Discount Tickets For Florida Residents:

The policy on upgrading Florida Resident Disney Theme Park tickets varies slightly from other Disney Theme Park tickets. Guests may upgrade to a Florida Resident Seasonal Pass or Florida Resident Weekday Select Pass even if the Disney Theme Park Ticket was used during a block-out period.

WDWs Annual Pass Monthly Payment program is available to those purchasing or renewing a Florida Resident annual pass online or in person at the theme park ticket window or Disney Springs Guest Relations location, except on passes where noted below. Florida Residents make a down payment equal to the price of a non-discounted one-day Disney Theme Park base Walt Disney World ticket and then pay the remainder through 12 recurring automatic monthly payments scheduled for the year. Its interest and finance charge free. The contract purchaser must be able to provide valid proof of Florida Residency and be at least 18 years of age. Passes can be renewed up to 60 days before and 30 days after expiration.

How Much Will Food Cost At Disney World

Dec. 3 declared ‘Walt Disney World Day’ in Orange County

Eating is a huge part of every vacation. At Disney World, food isnt exactly cheap but you can make it work to fit your budget. Guests can either pay-as-they-go or choose a Disney Dining Plan.

Which makes more sense depends on your appetite, priorities, and how much you are willing to spend.

If you are a light eater or wish to bring your own food , then you may just want to go it alone without a Disney Dining Plance. However, most guests do in fact opt for one of the four dining plans.

Every single Disney Dining Plan now comes with the option that includes non-alcoholic specialty beverages . One beer, wine, or cocktail comes with each meal. This is very welcome news to many adults and not as exciting to others.

There are currently 4 different tiers of Disney Dining Plans. In 2020, the Disney Dining Plan cost from $55 $119 per adult, per day, and $26 -$47.50 per child, per day.

Below we detail how much each Disney Dining Plan costs and what they offer.

Quick Service Disney Dining Plan

This is the lowest tier of Disney Dining Plans. QSDDP is usually included with the Free Dining promotion at the Disney Value and Moderate Resorts.

Each person on the room reservation is eligible to receive:

  • two counter-service meals
  • two snacks
  • a refillable drink mug

The cost of the Quick Service Plan is $55 per adult, $26 per child ages 3-9

Standard Disney Dining Plan

This plan is usually included with Free Dining at the Disney Deluxe and Deluxe Villa Resorts.

Disney Dining Plan Plus

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Use The Disney Fastpass+ To Skip The Lines

FastPasses are also important to do right away. The Disney FastPass+ system is essentially a way to reserve your rides before your Disney trip.

FastPass+ is limited to select attractions and entertainment events but can be used across the Walt Disney World Resort theme parks.

FastPass+ can reserve your time slot for select rides and other attractions for either 30 days or 60 days depending on whether or not youre staying at a Disney Resort Hotel.

If youre a hotel guest, you can use your FastPass+ to make reservations up to 60 days in advance.

If youre a ticket or Annual Passholder booked elsewhere for your stay, you can reserve your slot for up to 30 days before your trip.

Disney World Travel Insurance: Is it Worth It?

The Good News:

Reserving time slots early is FREE and you can reserve up to 3 attractions per dayusing FastPass+. And youre not limited to just rides either. FastPass can be used on all sorts of select entertainment attractions.

The full list is available online and in the My Disney Experience app.

The Not So Good News:

You can only use your FastPass+ at one park per day.

This means that on any given day, once you start reserving your FastPass+ at one of the following parks, you can only use it for 3 select rides, entertainment attractions, or other eligible experiences that day.

Walt Disney World Tickets Expiration Dates

All multi-day Disney Theme Park Base tickets expire whenever all of the days are used up OR based on the number of days of tickets purchased, whichever comes first. Walt Disney World tickets will have an expiration date that corresponds with the number of days of tickets that have been purchased. Guests will no longer have 14 days to complete their ticket use, like they did before. Now, if for example, you purchase a four day Walt Disney World ticket, youll have a seven day window to use your tickets in.

Keep in mind, you dont have to use your park tickets on consecutive days, if you dont want to. For example, if you purchase a 3-day ticket, you could visit the Magic Kingdom and Epcot on the first two days of your vacation, visit Daytona Beach on days 3-4 of your vacation, and return to Walt Disney World to visit Disneys Animal Kingdom on day 5 of your vacation. If you return to Walt Disney World on day 6 of your vacation, in this example, however, your Disney Theme Park ticket is no longer valid, even though, technically, there is still one unused day.

Expiration dates for the Walt Disney World tickets will be:

For an extra fee that is dependent on the total number of days of tickets you are purchasing, you can add on the ability to purchase a Walt Disney World ticket with a flexible start date that means you dont have to choose the specific first day you want to visit the parks. Those tickets are valid for 14 days after first use.

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Where To Stay In Walt Disney World

The most convenient places are the resorts on Disney property. The Walt Disney World Resort has over twenty hotels, including Value, Moderate, Deluxe, Deluxe Villas, and a campsite, for theme park guests to choose from.

If youre vacationing on a budget then youll save money by booking a Disney Value Resort or an offsite Orlando vacation home averaging $150 per night.

Disney World In One Day

Disney World Orlando New Florida Resident Discount Offers ...

How do you even begin to contemplate exploring everything Disney World has to offer in just one day? The entire Disney World resort covers 40 square miles, essentially the same size as the city of San Francisco! Trying to accomplish as much as possible in just one day requires plenty of planning, research and a strong desire to achieve the goals you set.

We figured that we had about a 12-hour window to explore Disney World so rather than trying to visit all four parks, our challenge was made a little easier when we decided to visit just three. Easy right? Ok, maybe not given the vast size of these parks and having to take into consideration travel time between them etc. More on that aspect later.

Anyone visiting Disney World for the first time will certainly want to visit the iconic theme park, Magic Kingdom. Its pretty much a given that everyone needs to experience the magic at least once so this was at the very top of our list of must-see parks.

As avid world travelers, the World Showcase at Epcot was another area we just had to experience so this was second on our list and the intriguing prospect of taking a Kilimanjaro Safari meant that Animal Kingdom was added to our itinerary.

After figuring out where we wanted to go and organizing times for must-see attractions using our Fast Pass privileges, we established the following tentative schedule to experience Disney World in one day!

Morning Magic Kingdom

Afternoon Epcot

Evening Animal Kingdom

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Walt Disney World Ticket Pricing

The calendars below show the price per day, ranging from one 1-day Walt Disney World ticket before tax to one 10-day Walt Disney World ticket before tax. As you will see, Walt Disney World ticket pricing will fluctuate not only depending on the specific date that is chosen, but also depending on the number of days that are looking to be purchased. This calendar is designed to give you a range to understand what the minimum/maximum amount that a Guest would be paying per day for their ticket.

As a reminder, the more you play, the less you pay per day. That means that the 1-Day tickets will be the most expensive PER DAY price and the 10-Day tickets will be the least expensive PER DAY price.


Should You Get A Disney Travel Agent Or Do Your Own Planning

Planning an epic trip to Disney World can be stressful, but a cure for the stress is using an authorized Disney Planner or Travel Agent.

A Disney travel agent is a specialist in all things Disney. They stay up to date on all the upcoming attractions and customize your itinerary based on all the interests of you and your family.

Many agents even attend a special Disney college to make sure they know the best way to put your package together.

Most travel agencies do not charge you to plan your vacation. Disney covers all agent fees themselves.

So, whether you book through them or do it yourself, theres no extra cost for the service!

A thorough conversation with your agent is usually all youll need to completely customize your vacation. If youre traveling with family, just let your agent know, and theyll be sure to include family-friendly events.

The reason I prefer top Disney Agents is because they are an earmarked agency with Disney. This means Disney recognizes them as an official agency.

As Laura explains in episode 27 oftheThemeParkHipster podcast, this also means Disney is more likely to honor special requests from them because of their legitimacy.

For a free service, I think thats pretty cool.

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Factors That Will Determine How Much Money Will Your Disney World Trip Will Cost

A Walt Disney World family vacation is almost always a magical and memorable experience. But it can also be a significant expense.

How much it will cost depends on many factors, but it comes down to your particular situation and the decisions and compromises you make. Most families spend anywhere between $3,000 to $6,000 on a Disney World vacation, but how much costs will depend on how long you stay, where you stay, what dining plan you choose, car rentals, theme park tickets, souvenirs, and other such factors.

This Disney World vacation expense guide will cover the bases for you. So lets get started

All ticket prices mentioned below are accurate for Disney vacations in June 2020. This is subject to change.

How Much Do Individual Lightning Lanes Cost

Families scramble as Disney World halts sale of most annual passes

Individual Lightning Lanes cost between $7+tax and $15+tax for one person to ride the ride one time , depending on the ride and day. When purchasing, youll select a specific time slot to ride.

Through the free Walt Disney World My Disney Experience app, you can purchase Genie+ and manage your Lightning Lane reservations.

If you want to learn more about Genie+ and Lightning Lanes, we have a suite of posts:

    Paying to stay at a Disney hotel gets you better Lightning Lane access. Guests who stay at Disneys hotels at Walt Disney World or select other hotels can purchase their individual Lightning Lanes at 7AM, as opposed to when the park opens. This perk of staying at a Disney hotel means these guests will have the best access to Lightning Lanes for the most popular rides, like Rise of the Resistance and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

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    Disney World Cost Calculator: Buying Tickets

    Park tickets will account for a large portion of your Disney World cost calculations.

    Disney World considers children to be between the ages of 3 9 years old. Any person age 10 and older needs to pay adult ticket prices, and those 2 and under are free.

    Disney World ticket prices also vary based on the season, how many days youll visit the parks , and if you plan to travel between parks on a given day .

    They can be purchased directly through Disney and can often be found bundled in Disney World packages that include resort accommodations.

    Disney park tickets can also be purchased at discounted rates from authorized wholesalers, such as our favorite, Undercover Tourist.

    Additional planning tip: Dont forget to account for Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon water park tickets if you plan to venture to one or both of Disneys two water parks.

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