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Cost Of A One Day Ticket To Disney World

How Much Should You Budget For Disney World Extras

One-day tickets at Disney World now more expensive

If youre looking for more than just the average Disney World vacation, there are plenty of options you can add on to enhance your experience. Certain services like Disney PhotoPass will capture all of your magical moments and allow you to download high-quality images from Disney photographers. If you want to skip the lines, then Disney Genie+ may be you for! Disney World now offers a paid service that allows you to skip the lines.

Each of these experiences requires for guests to have their own valid admission into the Disney theme parks. If you are looking to participate in any of these, you will have factor it in the the total cost to go to Disney World. Which is smart to budget for beforehand.

Discount Disney Tickets When You Buy In Advance

Here at The Park Prodigy we are committed to helping you buy cheap Disney World tickets discounted from the gate price. All of our clients can save up to $50.00 off our Discount Walt Disney World Tickets, Disney World park hopper tickets and park hopper plus tickets simply by purchasing in advance.

Guests who need some additional help trying to decide on the best time to visit Disney World can use our Disney Crowd Calendar. Date based pricing has also allowed us to highlight specific times of the year where you can buy cheap Disney tickets compared to peak season.

Walt Disney World Theme Park Parking

Resort guests can utilize free transportation from their resort to any of the parks on Disney Property, or they can drive to the parks themselves . But if youre staying off property or a local visiting for the day, youll pay a daily parking rate to visit.

Parking at any Walt Disney World theme park varies by type:

  • Preferred Parking: $45 to $50 per day
  • Standard Parking: $25 per day
  • Oversized Vehicle Parking: $30 per day

If you are park hopping, you only have to pay for parking once.

Note: Parking at Disney Springs is free, but guests are technically not allowed to park in the Disney Springs garages and take transportation to theme parks to eschew parking costs.

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Water Park And Sports Option

For about $70 more, you could upgrade your 1 Park Per Day ticket and get a Water Park and Sports Option ticket. In addition to being able to visit one theme park per day, you could also visit Disneys Blizzard Beach Water Park, Disneys Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, the NBA Experience at Disney Springs, ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, the 9-hole Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course , and Disneys two mini-golf courses. The number of visits to these additional attractions is based on the number of days purchased for the 1 Park Per Day ticket. For example, a four-day ticket includes four visits, while a six-day ticket would include six visits.

Transportation From The Orlando Airport

2016 Walt Disney World Ticket Increase and Seasonal Pricing on 1

If you are arriving in Orlando by plane, you need to figure out a way to get from the airport to your hotel. Your options will depend on whether or not you are staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel or not.

Staying On-Site: If you are staying at a Disney World hotel, your options are limited compared to what they once were. Disneys Magical Express has been discontinued which means Disney no longer offers a free shuttle service to the resorts.

As a replacement, you can take the Mears Connect Shuttle from the airport, but it isnt free. For One-Way transportation, it costs $16 per adult and $13.50 per child. For Round Trip service it is $32 per adult and $27 per child.

If that doesnt interest you, you can use one of the transportation suggestions for staying off-site listed below.

Staying Off-Site: This one is more complicated and it depends what your plans are for your trip. You can rent a car, take a taxi, or use a ride-sharing program like Uber or Lyft. Obviously, these all cost money and are not ideal if you are on a strict budget.

  • Taxis are by far the more expensive choice and will cost around $50-$60 each way plus tip depending on where you are going.
  • Uber is a much cheaper option and will cost between $25-$30 each way.

Some off-site hotels offer free shuttle service to and from the Orlando International Airport, so make sure to ask when booking your room.

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Frustrated Fans Are Voicing Disenchantment Over Price Hikes And Fees On Services That Were Once Free

Matt Day has spent much of the pandemic indoors with his family watching Disney animated films, moving from Brave to Frozen to Moana to Encanto. The 33-year-old senior marketing manager recently started pricing a May family trip to Disney World so his kids, 2 and 4, could experience some movie magic in real life.

Even though his 2-year-old is young enough for free admission, Day said, the cost of tickets for three days would amount to $1,455 if his family wanted to visit multiple parks in one day. A hotel on the sprawling Walt Disney World Resort around Orlando would set them back at least $500 a night. In all, his estimates placed the trip between $4,000 and $5,000, with the family driving from Bowling Green, Ky. an incredible investment, he said in an email.

I understand inflation and all of those things. I understand cost increases, he said. I always had the impression that Disney was a family-vacation destination, and that impression is why I was surprised to see how expensive it truly was and how out of reach it is for most American families.

Complaints about the price of a Disney vacation may sound like a tale as old as time. But as masses return to the worlds most popular theme parks following pandemic closures, they are finding fees attached to perks that used to be free. And some of the most frustrated fans are voicing new levels of disenchantment.

Factors That Will Determine How Much Money Will Your Disney World Trip Will Cost

A Walt Disney World family vacation is almost always a magical and memorable experience. But it can also be a significant expense.

How much it will cost depends on many factors, but it comes down to your particular situation and the decisions and compromises you make. Most families spend anywhere between $3,000 to $6,000 on a Disney World vacation, but how much costs will depend on how long you stay, where you stay, what dining plan you choose, car rentals, theme park tickets, souvenirs, and other such factors.

This Disney World vacation expense guide will cover the bases for you. So lets get started

All ticket prices mentioned below are accurate for Disney vacations in June 2020. This is subject to change.

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How Much Are Walt Disney World Resort Tickets

There are three main types of Walt Disney World Resort tickets. Base Tickets are your most economical choice and allow you to visit one of the main four theme parks each day of your stay. Park Hopper Tickets allow you to visit multiple parks on the same day for an upgraded cost. Although Park Hopping was not available for most of 2020 travel, it returned with revised procedures on January 1, 2021. Now that Park Hoppers are available again at Walt Disney World Resort, you can expect to pay anywhere from $78-91 more per ticket to upgrade to a Park Hopper from a Base Ticket. The third ticket option is a Park Hopper Plus Ticket, which is the most expensive, but also offers the most variety. This Walt Disney World ticket allows you to visit all four theme parks, as well as bonus activities such as miniature golf and the Disney Water Parks during your visit. This ticket type when available is typically only a few extra dollars per day to upgrade to from a Walt Disney World Park Hopper Ticket.

When looking at prices of Walt Disney World tickets, youll of course pay more for a longer ticket. However, the price per day goes down significantly with longer length Disney World tickets. For example, a 1-day ticket for one park in 2021 starts at $109, but a 7-day base ticket for 2021 starts as low as $67 per day – a $42 per day discount! Or even better, a 10-day base ticket starts as low as $52 per day – thats less than half price!

Walt Disney World Ticket Validity Length

Disney World raising ticket prices

Any discount Disney ticket you buy at is good for a certain number of admissions. It is important to understand those admissions do nor have to be used consecutively.

All Walt Disney World tickets which are 2 days or longer are valid for a few extra days longer than the number of admission days. This allows guests to take a break throughout their trip to do other things that Disney has to offer.

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Disney World Cost Calculator: How Much Does A Disney Trip Cost

We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. Please click my disclosure policy to learn more.

One of the biggest Disney planning questions is how much does a Disney vacation cost? Unfortunately, there are so many variables this question is hard to answer. Thats part of the reason I put together this Disney World cost calculator for you.

I think we all know by now that a Disney World vacation is EXPENSIVE. Just how expensive depends on a lot of different factors. And these factors are different for absolutely everyone.

If you want an accurate idea of how much YOUR Disney vacation will cost, you need a Disney cost calculator. But more on that later. First, lets look at the factors to determine how much a Disney vacation costs.

  • Your Thoughts
  • Getting Around Disney World

    Once you get to Walt Disney World, you need to know how to get around. Disney has their own complimentary transportation system guests can use and if you have your own car, you can park it at the hotel, or drive it to the parks.

    Transportation costs are sneaky at Disney World, and all the fees and parking can really add up quickly. Here are your options

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    Walt Disney World Ticket Price History

    In the past, Disney typically raised their ticket prices each year in August .

    In 2007 and 2008 they added $4 to the price of a one day ticket and in 2009 added $5. In 2010 they added another $3, a further $3 in 2011 and then $4 in 2012.

    However in 2012 and again in 2013 they raised their prices in June immediately after Universal Studios raised theirs. In 2013 for the first time ever, they set separate prices for a one day admission to Magic Kingdom. A one day ticket to Magic Kingdom increased by $5, whereas the other Disney parks only saw a $1 increase.

    In February 2014 they raised prices again with another $4 on single day admission tickets and in February 2015 they added another $6 to the Magic Kingdom and $3 to the other parks.

    In February 2016 they introduced tiered seasonal pricing for the first time for one day tickets. The low Value season prices stayed the same as their 2015 prices but the mid Regular and Peak season prices rose by as much as $19. Multi-day prices rose by between $10 and $35.

    In February 2017, one day ticket prices increased between $2 and $5 and annual passes went up between $10 and $40. Disney also started putting expiry dates on all tickets. Tickets purchased in February 2017 will now expire on December 31, 2018 latest.

    Again in February 2018, one day ticket prices increased between $2 and $5 and all annual pass prices rose. Tickets purchased from February 2018 will expire on December 31, 2019.

    Standard Theme Park Ticket

    Matthew Rousu

    Currently, Standard Theme Park Ticket pricing for Disney World starts at $109 for those ages 10 and up. Now, keep in mind that this is just where pricing starts and depending on the time of year that youre planning to visit or even what day of the week youre purchasing a ticket for, the cost may be well above $109.

    To give you a sense of just how much were talking, heres the current pricing for one-day park tickets in July 2021.

    But, there are still some ways to save on your tickets. Disney has a pricing structure that decreases the cost of your daily ticket based on how many days you plan to visit. For comparison, heres the price of tickets in the same month if youre purchasing tickets for 3-days.

    The tickets can be used on non-consecutive days, but there is a time limit to when you can use them . So, you are tied to the dates you choose in some sense.

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    What Does The Disney Cost Calculator Do

    The goal of the Disney cost calculator is not only to let you automatically get an idea of your potential Disney trip cost, but to give you options to play around with different category combinations.

    With so many different resorts, ways to approach dining, park tickets options, travel options, and more, making a change to any one area can make a huge difference in your overall Disney trip cost.

    Our Discount Disney World Ticket Benefits

    The Park Prodigy is an authorized Disney travel agency which means we sell the exact same tickets you would buy at the theme parks. Plus you will receive all of the added benefits of buying discount Disney tickets from our small business!

    You will still be able to log, and create an official Disney account if you dont already have one, and enter the Disney World ticket confirmation number sent by The Park Prodigy. This will allow you to make your theme park reservations for your visit to Walt Disney World.

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    Disney World Ticket Information


    The Walt Disney World Resort theme park ticket pricing structure is based on an interactive calendar based on dates chosen by the purchaser. In some aspects, it’s easy to see exactly how much tickets will cost you, but if you don’t know the exact dates you plan on visiting, this system can prove to be a bit difficult. We’ve done our best to lay out the nitty gritty.Tickets for Walt Disney World are no longer priced on a value, regular, and peak season scale. Instead, Walt Disney World single-day and multi-day tickets are now priced based on the date guests intend to visit. The multi-day ticket pricing will be based on the arrival date chosen at the time of purchase. As an example, a one-day ticket varies in pricing from $109 to $159 per day depending on the exact dates that are chosen to visit a theme park and which additional options are chosen. The prices are subject to change at any time without notice, but the charts below show a range of what you can expect to pay per day depending on the length of ticket you purchase. It’s also important to not that these are the advance-purchase prices waiting to buy your park tickets until you arrive at the gate will be more expensive. Multi-day tickets decrease in price per day, so the more days you visit a theme park, the less it costs per day.

  • 1-Day Ticket Valid only on the specific date selected at the time of purchase
  • 2-Day Ticket Any 2 days within 4 days

    What Is The Disney Genie

    Disney World News — New Ticket Prices and an Awesome Rumor

    The Disney Genie will tell you the lowest wait times for each ride you select to include. Disney Genie will also offer tips to help decide when to do each attraction. This also will be useful when makingdining reservations, since the Genie is also programmed to have perfect time saving tips for those.

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    Other Access And Privileges:

    Early Theme Park Entry & Extended Evening Theme Park Hours:

    Starting October 1st, guests will be able to enjoy more fun with a 30-minute early entry to any Walt Disney World theme park, every day. Guests will also be able to enjoy extended evening hours on select dates.


    Shades of Green has regular bus transportation to get our registered guests to all of the Walt Disney World® Theme Parks, water parks, and Disney Springs. Guests must show a Guest ID card and photo ID or a state-issued photo ID before being allowed to access Shades of Green bus transportation. See more about our bus schedules.

    There is a separate fee to park at all Walt Disney World® Theme Parks. Read more about Walt Disney World® Theme Park parking options. Please note that Shades of Green does NOT participate in Disney Magical Express transportation to/from Orlando International Airport.

    Memory Maker:

    Disney PhotoPass® Service lets everybody in your family get in the picture. Disney PhotoPass® Service photographers are all around Walt Disney World® Theme Parks and will snap photos for you. With Memory Maker, you can view and download them all for one price. Eligible guests can get a discount on the Memory Maker, but you have to verify eligibility and purchase at a Guest Services location in one of the Walt Disney World® Theme Parks.

    How Much Is Walt Disney World Dining

    Dining at Walt Disney World can vary greatly. Walt Disney World Resort is currently not offering Disney Dining Plans, which typically would cost $80 per adult and $30 per child daily for a base plan. That cost would go up for more deluxe plans. However, there has always been controversy over whether or not Disney Dining Plans saved guests money. Many guests preferred Disney Dining Plans simply for the convenience. However, Disney has made great strides to provide guests easier contactless ordering and payment for dining.

    As a typical guideline, there are snacks, quick service and table service dining options. Snacks including churros, ice creams, fruits or veggies will typically be cost $5-$10 per item and can oftentimes be used as a small meal. Quick service dining options are available throughout all of the parks and typically cost $15 or less per meal. Table service restaurants vary the most. For example, Be Our Guest Restaurant serves a prix-fixe dinner menu for $62 per adult not including tax or gratuity. But, the 50s Prime Time Cafe serves dinner items ala carte for around $20 per plate.

    While cost can vary greatly, you can budget it all in with a little pre-planning. The My Disney Experience app makes it so easy to look at menu prices beforehand so you can get a good idea of what you may be spending. At this time, you can make dining reservations for table service restaurants up to 60 days in advance.

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