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Cost Of 4 Day Hopper Pass Disney World

How Can You Avoid Wasting Your Money

5 Tips to Save Money on Your Next Disney World Trip!

It makes sense that youd want to get the most for your money, so there are a few different strategies you can put into play. First, youll want to make a game plan before your trip.Know whats on your to-do list and take a look at a park map before you arrive. The less time you spend hanging out and deciding what to do, the more you can get done .

Know what your must-dos are before you arrive.

Next, youll want to make sure that you arrive at the park on time like we mentioned earlier, sleeping in will cost you! Get to the park before it opens to experience rope drop, where you can be among the first guests in line at the attractions. Youll have the shortest wait times, so you wont be wasting time in line.

Who doesnt want short wait times?

Also, you may want to consider taking your breaks IN the park. Many guests choose to leave the parks midday to rest back at the hotel. If youre gone from the park for three hours, a family of four is paying $144 for that time. Of course, if youre exhausted we certainly dont recommend denying your family a chance to rest , but instead of leaving try taking your break in-park.

The American Adventure is a long show in an air-conditioned theater, the perfect choice for a midday break.

Confused About Disney Waterpark Option

I’m looking to buy the park hopper tickets for our trip to Disney. We are planning on 3 days in the parks and then 1 day at a Disney waterpark. Do I have to buy the 4 day park hopper with the waterpark option or should it be the 3 day park hopper with the waterpark option? I don’t plan on going back into the theme parks the day we will be at the waterpark. Hope this makes sense.

I am not 100 % in this but I THinK you are looking for the 3 day with water park fun and more option. Now, if you want to go to more than one park in a day and also a water park you would buy 3 day with park hopper and water park fun. Maybe some of the experts can weigh in on this?

Buy a 3 day Base Magic Your Way Ticket

Just buy a 1 day Waterpark ticket at the gate if only planning to visit once

The Waterpark and More Option on a 3 day ticket would give you 3 Waterpark visits

Keep in mind it is only about $10 to add a 4th day and even less for days 5 – 10. Disney Tickets are priced so the more days you Play, the less it costs per day ­čÖé

Thanks for the responses. I’m planning on park hopping the three days. Then going to a waterpark on the fourth day. So what it looks like I should do is buy the 3 day park hopper and then just go into the waterpark on the fourth day and buy the ticket there? Thanks everyone for your help, I appreciate it!

You can buy a separate Water Park Ticket at the Gate. You do not need the Waterparks and More Option added to your Magic Your Way Ticket with Park Hopper option

Walt Disney World Increases Prices On Park Hopper Ticket Add

In addition to increasing prices on Annual Passes at Walt Disney World, prices on the popular Park Hopper and Park Hopper Plus ticket add-ons have also increased.

The changes are as follows:

Park Hopper

Park Hopper allows guests to visit multiple parks within the same day. Park Hopper Plus also grants a certain number of visits to Disneys Blizzard Beach Water Park, Disneys Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, Disneys Oak Trail Golf Course FootGolf, Disneys Oak Trail Golf Course, Disneys Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf Course, Disneys Winter Summerland Miniature Golf Course, or the NBA Experience at Disney Springs.

To view full pricing, check out the official Walt Disney World ticketing page.

Whats your take on the price increase? Will you be opting to visit only one park a day with your family, or is the $5-per-ticket increase too minimal to cause a change in your park plans? Let us know in the comments!

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Visiting A Park More Than Once

Do you think you might have a favorite park that youll want to return to during extra time on days further into your trip? Many Star Wars fans want to spend as much time as possible in Hollywood Studios, while foodies love the World Showcase in Epcot. Again, this is one of the reasons why planning ahead and learning about the parks can be so beneficial.

When Is The Epcot Monorail Coming Back

4 Day Hopper Pass Disney World

Even though there is a monorail line that connects the Magic Kingdom with EPCOT, it is currently not operating. At this time, Disney has not said why they are not running the monorail between theses two parks or when it will be operational.

Our guess is that it isnt financially worth it to open a whole monorail line connecting the two parks at this time. With the amount of guests needing transportation, buses are sufficient.

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How Much Does A Disney World Ticket Cost Right Now

There is a lot to think about when planning your Disney World vacation, and one of the first things you need to purchase is park tickets.

Currently, Disney World is requiring that guests purchase both a valid theme park ticket and make a park pass reservationfor the park that they plan on visiting before they arrive. So, its now a two-step process to get into the parks, but just how much cash will you be shelling out for that ticket? Well, lets check it out!

How Should These Disney World Tickets Be Bought

Base tickets and their add-ons can be purchased separately, or as part of a Disney World package that also includes a Disney World hotel room.

If purchased separately, they can be purchased on-line or at the gate. Tickets of three days or longer purchased separately will be $21.30 more expensive if purchased at the gate rather than online. Base, Hopper, and Hopper Plus tickets purchased as part of a package will be the same price as tickets purchased separately online, but have either the same or a better usage window than tickets purchased separately.

So if you are also planning to book a Disney-owned hotel room, in many cases it will be best to purchase your tickets as part of a package if you are purchasing three day or longer tickets separately, buy them online.

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Are Your Walt Disney World Tickets Refundable

The Park Prodigy is a registered travel agency and must abide by the refund policies put forth by our vendors. All discount Walt Disney World tickets purchased through our online store are nontransferable and nonrefundable. However guests can always upgrade any wholly unused theme park tickets to visit during a different date.

Should You Get Park Hopper Passes For Disney World

Live: A Beautiful Morning at Disney’s Hollywood Studios – 6-12-22 – Walt Disney World Live Stream

As is probably apparent by now, there is no one clear answer for everyone. Whether or not you should get park hoppers depends very much on several unique factors, including the number of days youre visiting, your familys vacation style, what you like to see and do, and even whether or not youve visited in the past.

Its worth reading up about Disney Worlds transportation options whilst making your choice on tickets, too.

Here is a list of questions you can ask yourself to determine whether park hoppers are suitable for your trip.

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Will It Be Too Much

Does your family have the stamina for more than one park each day? If you have little kids, thats something to consider. Its sometimes better to do one park per day only with younger school-age children.

On the other hand, if your little ones still take naps, some families like to hit their first park in the morning, head back to the hotel for naptime , and then head to a second park in the evening for dinner and fireworks. Otherwise, the kids crash early and dont make a comeback.

Our Discount Disney World Ticket Benefits

The Park Prodigy is an authorized Disney travel agency which means we sell the exact same tickets you would buy at the theme parks. Plus you will receive all of the added benefits of buying discount Disney tickets from our small business!

You will still be able to log, and create an official Disney account if you dont already have one, and enter the Disney World ticket confirmation number sent by The Park Prodigy. This will allow you to make your theme park reservations for your visit to Walt Disney World.

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Other Access And Privileges:

Early Theme Park Entry & Extended Evening Theme Park Hours:

Starting October 1st, guests will be able to enjoy more fun with a 30-minute early entry to any Walt Disney World theme park, every day. Guests will also be able to enjoy extended evening hours on select dates.


Shades of Green has regular bus transportation to get our registered guests to all of the Walt Disney World® Theme Parks, water parks, and Disney Springs. Guests must show a Guest ID card and photo ID or a state-issued photo ID before being allowed to access Shades of Green bus transportation. See more about our bus schedules.

There is a separate fee to park at all Walt Disney World® Theme Parks. Read more about Walt Disney World® Theme Park parking options. Please note that Shades of Green does NOT participate in Disney Magical Express transportation to/from Orlando International Airport.

Memory Maker:

Disney PhotoPass® Service lets everybody in your family get in the picture. Disney PhotoPass® Service photographers are all around Walt Disney World® Theme Parks and will snap photos for you. With Memory Maker, you can view and download them all for one price. Eligible guests can get a discount on the Memory Maker, but you have to verify eligibility and purchase at a Guest Services location in one of the Walt Disney World® Theme Parks.

What About The Water Park And Sports Option

Magic Your Way

The Water Park and Sports Option is available as an add-on to select Walt Disney World theme park tickets for $70 plus tax. This option allows guests to visit one theme park each day, plus various water park or sports experiences that same number of times.

The Water Park & Sports Option is valid at Disneys Typhoon Lagoon or Disneys Blizzard Beach water parks, ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, Disneys Oak Trail Golf Course, FootGolf at Disneys Oak Trail Golf Course, Disneys Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf Course, or Disneys Winter Summerland Miniature Golf Course.

Basically, this ticket is the non-park hopper version of the aforementioned Park Hopper Plus ticket option. The analysis for the Water Park and Sports Ticket Option is identical to the Park Hopper Plus, but for those who only want to do one theme park per day. We generally favor the Park Hopper Plus option as it offers great flexibility and the upgrade cost to that is insignificant, but thats just us.

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Biggest Determining Factor For Cost

The biggest factor in determining how much your Disney World Vacation will cost is WHEN you go. Walt Disney World can be greatly more expensive or economical depending on the dates of your trip.

When is the Least Expensive Time to Visit? Disneys prices for hotel rooms, vacation packages, and park tickets all follow the projected attendance levels in the theme parks. When the parks are expected to be full, prices are higher. When there are fewer people, prices are cheaper.

Most of this info we cover in greater depth in our post on the Cheapest Times to Go to Disney World.

Typically the crowds in Disney World follow the school calendar and holidays. Whenever there is a holiday, Spring Break or Summer vacation, your trip to Disney will be more expensive. If you are able to go when kids are in school, that is where you will get the biggest discount.

  • The cheapest times of the year to visit Disney World are August, September, and January after New Years is over into early February.
  • The most expensive times of the year to Visit Disney World are in March and April during Spring Break and Easter, at Thanksgiving, and in late December between Christmas and New Years.

We also suggest looking at our Disney World Crowd Calendar so you know ahead the least busy times of the year. Once you figure that out you will have a better idea of when is the Best Times of the Year to Visit Disney World are.

What Are Disney World Park Hopper Passes And Are They Worth Getting

Planning a vacation for your family to the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, is almost as exciting as actually going on the trip itself.

You get to choose all kinds of new experiences for the people you love the most, from staying inside an African Safari to journeying to outer space or a galaxy far, far away.

However, some of the choices you have to make in the planning process can be confusing and stressful. One of the biggest headaches for future parkgoers is what type of park ticket to buy. It can also be a bit of a mundane experience. The good news is that Disney gives you a lot of options the bad news is that fact makes it harder to know which is the best.

Never fear! In this article, well illuminate all of the mysterious and confounding aspects to park hopper passes. That way, you can be absolutely sure youre making the right decision for your familys best vacation ever.

  • Plan Your Vacation and Buy Your Tickets
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    Which Tickets To Buy

    Sometimes people ask which ticket is our favorite for first-time visitors to Walt Disney World, and it really depends upon how long youre visiting. In our Walt Disney World Vacation Planning Guide, we recommend most first-time visitors take a 6-8 trip.

    Assuming you are going this route, you probably wont spend every moment in the park. Youll want a rest day in the middle to spend recovering poolside, and maybe a shopping day at Disney Springs. With that said, we recommend buying a ticket that is 1-2 days shorter than the duration of your vacationunless youre visiting for 4 days or fewer, in which case you should purchase a ticket for every day. Always get at least a 4-day ticket. Ideally, get nothing less than a 5-day ticket.

    Meaning, if your vacation is 8 days, we recommend the 6-day or 7-day ticket. If you are visiting for 6 days, get the 5-day ticket. In our experience, a 6-day Walt Disney World vacation is about the sweet spot for first-timers. That means either a 4-day or 5-day ticket is going to be a smart bet for most people reading this.

    What Suits Your Preferences

    Price Goes Up on Disney Tickets, Cinderella Castle is Getting a New Look & New Restaurants Open!

    What is your familys vacation planning style? This is one of the most critical questions because if you know your family prefers spontaneity on their trips, you almost need to have Park Hoppers to make that happen. On the other hand, if you and yours are planners, you may not even want the stress of not planning your second park admission ahead of time.

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    The Cheapest Way To Get Disney World Tickets In 2022

    This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. All opinions are my own.

    If you are planning a trip to Disney World then you likely want to know the best way to buy Disney tickets to pay the LEAST.

    In this post, Ill show you exactly where to buy online to save on Disney tickets.

    Plus Ill share everything you need to know about buying Disney tickets on the cheap when to visit, how far in advance to buy, and how to link tickets to your Disney account.

    Can I Still Get If I Have A Dining Reservation And The Park Is At Capacity

    What happens if you have an Advanced Dining Reservation for a restaurant at one of the parks, but that park reaches capacity? This is a question we are still waiting for an answer from Disney on.

    After talking with some Cast Members about the issue wed like to think that Disney would honor your dining reservations, but we have to wait for confirmation on that.

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    What You Can Expect

    To all who have been longing for The Most Magical Place on Earth we’re thrilled to say: Magic is here.

    Magic is a walk down Main Street, U.S.A.®, the glorious smell of popcorn and that first glimpse of Cinderella Castle. Magic is regal lions and flying elephants, ice palaces and visiting a galaxy far, far away.

    Your Disney daydreams can become a reality once again. Magic is here.

    Magic Kingdom® Park Experience where Disney fantasies and Characters come to life

    Disneys Hollywood Studios® Let your adventure begin. Here, favourite stories unfold all around you.

    EPCOT® Enjoy a whole new journey dedicated to inspiring everyone with the magic of possibility

    Disneys Animal Kingdom® Theme Park Explore on an adventure into a world alive with magic. View thousands of animals in their natural habitats.

    Disclaimer: 1) All tickets and options are non-transferable and non-refundable and exclude activities/events separately priced. Water Parks subject to rehabilitation, seasonal and weather closures 2) Tee times required and subject to availability. Valid for 1 round. Only 1 miniature golf course visit per day.

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