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Club 33 Disney World Cost

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What Is Disney’s Super Secret Club 33? History, Facts, & Secrets **How Much Money To Join?!**

Many people leave to buy their tickets arriving in Orlando or even on the day of the park.

We do not in any way recommend that you do this for a variety of reasons, such as:

If you buy tickets on the spot, you won’t be able to book your park days in advance at the risk of not even being able to enter a park on a given day.

You will lose valuable park minutes in line to buy your tickets.

AND MAINLY, you will pay more because tickets at the box office are more expensive than buying in advance!

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The Club 33 Gift Shop

Just like the club itself, the gift shop is exclusively for club members and their guests. Its even difficult to find the gift shop, if you dont know where to look!

The gift shop includes extravagant items, like the classic Mickey Mouse ears hat or the Disneyland Coin. But these are customized to fit the Club 33 aesthetic, making them hard to find anywhere else. Club 33 members also get special offers in the Club 33 gift shop. Here, you can also purchase note cards, T-shirts and drink glasses.

Any club member can also enjoy shopping without waiting in line. They have special access to the parks gift shops including Elias & Co., Star Trader, and Disneyana.

Everything You Want To Know About Disneylands Club 33

If you’ve been to Disneyland a few times, you probably know how fun it is to find the secrets throughout the park. From hidden Mickeys to the names on the windows on Main Street, U.S.A., to little details within rides, Disneyland buffs want to know the ins and outs of every aspect of The Most Magical Place on Earth, and they’re determined to not let any secret go unseen. Enter: Disneyland’s Club 33.

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Club 33 is Disneyland’s elite private club in the heart of New Orleans Square. While many know about it and speculate about it, relatively few have been inside, so it’s often the subject of many urban legends and rumors.

That’s where we come in.

Today, we’re excited to share with you everything we know about Club 33 in Disneyland. We’ll dispel some of its urban legends and confirm others, share its unique history, and illustrate what it’s like to step behind its doors.

Ready? Let’s go!

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Learn All About Club 3: Past Present And Future

Weve been asked countless times by our readers about Club 33 and that we should do an insider article on what its like inside this infamous club at Disneyland. Well, here you go! We finally put something together after gathering countless interviews from current and former members . Weve broken things down into questions that we get asked a lot and plugged in our interviewed members and non-members two cents. Names have been changed for privacy. Their opinions are their own.

How Do You Get In To Club 33 Disneys Exclusive Club

History of Club 33 at Disneyland

How do you get Invited into Disneys Exclusive Club? The key word here is invited. There is generally a waiting list for new memberships. Disneyland reportedly has a waiting list decades long. And then sometimes you just get lucky. Residents of Orlandos Golden Oak community were invited spontaneously to the Constellation Club at Epcots Club 33 this past year. And were expecting a high-level DVC invitation for some members also popping up. While Walt Disney Worlds Club 33 will probably have no problem recruiting new members, seeing that Disney is reaching out to committed members of the Disney community is no surprise.

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The Start Of Club 33 Disney

While still under construction, Walt asked artist Dorothea Redmond to paint some parts of the place. In addition, he also called Emil Kuri to decorate the spaces in each room.

On May 30, 1967, the opening of the Club 33 Disney. So, as stated, in the beginning the venue would only be for park sponsors as well as some members. VIPs of the industry.

However, it was later considered to offer a pass to whoever was most interested.

In 2010, a 14-year waiting list was found for someone to become a member of Disney’s exclusive club.

What Is Club 33 Disney World

Club 33 is a creative concept that Walt Disney came up with himself. It is basically an exclusive club for people who wish to stay away from crowds and enjoy the elite treatment. The idea popped up in Walt Disneys mind when Disneyland was overcrowded, and there was no distinction between elite-class people and the common public.

Walt Disney preferred working with investors on trying out new businesses at Disneyland. He also involved special friends and film folks in various places in Disneyland. So, it became tough to keep his close associates away from every regular park visitor. Therefore, he came up with the idea of Club 33.

So, he made this special place keeping in mind the fulfillment of his dreams by having peaceful discussions with his associates. Since you know well enough that the best discussion and concrete plans only take over a drink and good food, Club 33 is specifically designed as a bar, lounge, and restaurant. Also, you will find an adjacent smoking room and private parlor where wealthy people close their billion-dollar deals.

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Learn More About Disney Exclusive Club Drinks

A curiosity is that in the Club 33 Disney a wine can cost up to U$1000, but it must be booked in advance with the managers or owners of the park.

In addition to this drink and beer, there is a full and well-stocked bar there, with various types of drinks from all over the world.

Members have free passes to the theme parks, in fact, on certain days, there are special attractions just for them.

They also have a valet parking space for the Disneyland Resort, plus access to Lilly Belle and the presidency area on the railroad train from Disney.

Every year, the members of Club 33 Disney earned 6 Fastpasses a day, while fastPass still worked.

That is, it was a super advantage, as they do not have to face any queue to enjoy the park’s attractions.

Walt Disney World Club 33

Walt Disney World’s Secret Club – Club 33 | ReviewTyme

Here are four parks of Walt Disney World where Club 33 is present:

  • Animal Kingdom Harambe House, near Festival of the Lion King.
  • Hollywood Studios behind The Brown Derby, at Walt Disney World spotlight lounge.
  • Magic Kingdom Captains Quarters, at Adventureland entrance
  • Epcot World Showcase, American Adventure Pavilion, Constellation Club

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The Perks Of Getting A Club 33 Membership

Apart from enjoying the star treatment and wonderful experience of Club 33, the membership also fetches you some perks. So, if you have a Walt Disney Worlds membership, here is the list of what you will get:

  • You will get a premiere passport along with your family members. Here family member implies to children who are below 26 and your spouse.
  • Perks of having an essential premier passport
  • You will be allowed 365 days of admission to Disneyland and Walt Disney World.
  • There will be no block-out dates.
  • You can download unlimited PhotoPasses.
  • Standard parking space for free.
  • Incredible discounts on guided tours, recreation, merchandise, and table-service dining.
  • VIP guided tours that are five daylong.
  • A secretive number of FastPass and reservations
  • Accessibility to private concierge services
  • You can visit and access all the Club 33 lounges present in four parks present at Disney World.

Now that you know getting a Club 33 membership can fetch you so many perks, you must be wondering how to get it? Well, start scrolling down, and you will surely not be disappointed.

Disneyland Has An Exclusive Club For Luxury

Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth. We all have happy memories of the amusement park that features on every mortals bucket list. No matter how many times you visit, there is always something new waiting. Among the many lesser-known facts about Disneyland are that the plants in Tomorrowland are all edible A fake pet cemetery exists behind the Haunted Mansion, and there is a basketball court at the top of the Matterhorn. One of the best-kept secrets, in all, is the unassuming hidden door, costing $33,000 to enter. What can be behind the door thats so staggeringly priced?

It is not an exhilarating rollercoaster ride or a shop but a magical place that brings adults joy! The secret door leads you to an adult world devoid of cartoon characters, screaming kids, and popcorn.

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Discover The Interior Of Club 33 Disney

At the Club 33 Disney, the person must press a hidden bell on the door, just behind a panel.

A receptionist will come to ask for your details through an intercom. So, if you are free, entry is allowed, there will be a decorated hall.

After entering, it is possible to go to level 2 by a glass elevator filled with antique ornaments.

In fact, the inspiration for it came from a hotel in Paris that Walt Disney himself loved.

So much so that he sent an engineer to the site in order to take all the dimensions of the elevator to make an exact copy in the Club 33 Disney.

On this floor, there are two rooms: one for trophies, with darkened wood panels, and one for dining, in a more formal style, but in a lighter space, find out more details below.

Club 33 Disney: New Orleans’ Most Secret Spot

Inside Disney

Club 33 is a private space on the square in New Orleans, in the Disneyland section.

The entrance is next to the Blue Bayou Restaurant, located at 33 Royal Street.

That way, you can recognize it, as it has a large and ornate number 33 on the door.

the members of Club 33 Disney and their companions have access to the restaurant and other facilities.

There, it is the only environment in the park that sells alcoholic beverages and, however, it is not open to the general public.

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Whats It Like To Dine There

From the time you enter the Club till you leave youll experience some fantastic service, Shirley D., a current member told us. The Cast Members here are the best of the best and provide fantastic personal service. The waiters, waitresses and their teams are very knowledgeable and professional. Its the kind of place where you look down at the table and wonder what the extra fork is used for. The menu is always changing and fresh. It will be one of the best meals youve had.

Many guests of Club 33 told us that dining at the Club, especially your first time, can be intimidating. They also told us that guests should take a deep breath and relax. While Club 33 is a very nice restaurant, you should enjoy yourself. Dont worry about using the wrong fork or spoon. Pick up the one you want to use and use it! Your waiter or waitress doesnt care and will replace anything they need to on their own.

Many times I will bring someone who hasnt been and theyre very nervous that theyre going to mess up in some way, said Josh L., also a current member. I just tell them to relax and enjoy themselves. You really cant mess up anything. If you dont know whats on the menu, ask! Your waiter or waitress is happy to explain everything to you. Cant pronounce it, thats fine, just point!

Guests really make their Club experience what they want it to be so just be ready, ask questions, take pictures and have fun.

Plan Your Next Disneyland Vacation

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  • Thank you for joining us as we explore Disneyland’s most exclusive destination, Club 33! Have a magical day!

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    What Do Club 33 Members Get With Their Membership

    It depends on the type of membership you have. For 2019 Gold members received:

    • Access to dine at Club 33 with membership IDs
    • Limited bar access, only available before and after dining
    • Two Premiere Annual Passes valid at Disneyland and Walt Disney World
    • 50 1-Day Park Hopper Tickets
    • Club 33 member-only events
    • 10 instant fastpasses each day they visit
    • Free valet parking at Disneys Grand Californian Hotel & Spa

    Platinum members received*:

    • Unlimited access to Club 33 and 1901 Lounge
    • Two-Four Premiere Annual Passes
    • 50 1-Day Park Hopper Tickets
    • 5 VIP Tours
    • Club 33 member-only events
    • 24 instant fastpasses each day they visit
    • Free valet parking at Disneys Grand Californian Hotel & Spa

    As you can see, adding up the benefits of membership probably evens out the cost of annual dues . As for Club 33 member only events, they typically cost money, several hundred dollars per person depending on what they are doing. In 2019, Club member were treated to a free event that included visiting Star Wars: Galaxys Edge one week before it opened to the public. Events like these are priceless to most members.

    Can You Take Pictures Inside Club 33

    Club 33 Disney World | All 4 Locations | Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, & Hollywood Studios

    Yes and no. You might feel tempted to take pictures to remeber your times in the club, who wouldnt?! But it might not be allowed.

    If you are a member or a guest at one of the three Disney hotels, it is not allowed. For everyone else, if clothing requirements are met, you can take pictures in the lounge area but not in any other public section of Club 33.

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    How Can I Talk To Someone About Club 33

    If you’re interested in Club 33, you can express interest by emailing .

    They receive a lot of interest, so if you don’t receive an immediate response don’t be alarmed. If for some reason. you’ve gone a few days without any type of update, feel free to send a follow up email.

    What Celebrities Are Members Of Club 33

    The secret club created by Walt Disney is called Club 33Credit: . Club 33, originally located in Disneyland California, was designed as a haven for celebs and well-heeled guests. Some of its supposed members include Elton John, Elizabeth Taylor, Tom Hanks and Christina Aguilera.

    What is the best restaurant in Disney World? Best Disney World Restaurants

    • Takumi-Tei Best Disney Restaurants #1.
    • Le Cellier Best Disney Restaurants #3.
    • Topolino Terrace Best Disney Restaurants #4.
    • Sanaa Best Disney Restaurants #5.
    • The Boathouse Best Disney Restaurants #6.
    • The Hollywood Brown Derby Best Disney Restaurants #7.

    accordingly, Why are Disney restaurants so expensive? Whenever theres a high demand and a limited supply, prices go up. Its a way to ensure balance. As such, Disney decided several years ago to increase the price of an admission ticket to Magic Kingdom proportionately. Now, it costs more to go to Magic Kingdom than to the other three parks on property.

    Can you stay at Cinderellas Castle?

    While you cant stay there, you can now take a virtual tour of the famed Cinderella Castle Suite. The Cinderella Castle Suite in Magic Kingdom is the most exclusive hotel room at Walt Disney World, but it cant be rented.

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    How Do I Get On The Waitlist At Club 33 At Disneyland

    The waiting lists for Club 33 are at an average of about four years or more. Potential Club 33 members need to send a letter to the below address requesting to be added to the club waiting list. Calling Club 33 to ask where you are on the list is frowned upon. Remember: this is a class act establishment!

    Unfortunately, it’s not an easy task to become a member and the waiting list hasn’t been opened in years. It is a lengthy, expensive, and exclusive process to join. You can give it a shot and write a letter to try to get on the waiting list:

    Club 33 1313 Harbor Blvd Anaheim, CA 9280

    When the wait list is open, they will add you to the wait list but the wait list hasn’t been open in a few years. Even if you do manage to get on the waiting list, you could wait years and years before you’re contacted for an open spot. The last known reported length of time for the waiting list averaged at about 14 years! And it’s frowned upon to call the club to ask where you are on the list- remember, this is a classy establishment! It’s an honor to be invited to join and not something you can demand.

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