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Closest Beach To Disney World

Are There Any Beaches At Walt Disney World

Beaches near Disney World : Jetty Park Beach

In fact, there are! In addition to the many, many beautiful pools, where you can lay out and enjoy the sun, there are several lakeside beaches as well. Due to concerns about alligators, there arent any beaches at Walt Disney World where you can wade or swim into natural bodies of water like lakes or ponds. However, there are beautiful manmade beaches at Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, Disneys Polynesian Resort, and Disneys Grand Floridan Resort. At Typhoon Lagoon, theres even a very impressive wave pool that offers special ticketed surfing times! The waves at the Typhoon Lagoon wave pool are no joke, and my kids could spend hours and hours there.

In Central Florida, there are several lake beaches close to Walt Disney World that would be beautiful to visit. We also have several natural springs that are absolutely gorgeous and offer clear kayaking and swimming. Some of the most popular, all within a short drive of Walt Disney World, are Wekiva Springs, Rock Springs, and Alexander Springs. These are really unique natural wonders that would be an amazing part of your Florida vacation.

Combining A Walt Disney World Trip With A Beach Vacation

With Walt Disney World at home in Orlando located in the heart of Florida, heading to the beach will require a little travel time. Whilst Orlando is slightly closer to the Atlantic, from its central location, you can head either East or West to find a fantastic beach.

Combining a beach vacation with a Walt Disney World trip is a great option for many reasons. If you start your vacation at the beach, you enter full on relaxation mode for the remainder of the trip whilst if you end your vacation at the beach, it is the perfect way to round off your break. Alternatively, if you are visiting Walt Disney World over a stretch of time, say a week or two, a beach day is perfect to throw into the middle of your trip. As fun and exciting as Walt Disney World can be, hammering the parks day in day out can be exhausting and overwhelming. A beach day adds a little break into the experience, allowing you time to chill out and recharge ready for your next big park day.

Honeymoon Island State Park Florida

Romantic. Pristine. Pure.

These are one of the many words used to describe Honeymoon Island State Park over the years.

Its one of those places. Places where you feel like you have stepped through the veil that separates reality from your dreams.

So, walk or kayak along the untouched sands and rolling water, gather your thoughts and take deep breaths of salty air. This is a wild oasis that holds you close, allowing you to rediscover yourself.

Just an hour and a half away from Disney World, this is the reset button youre looking for.

Hipster Power Tip: Honeymoon Island and its sister Caladesi, once separated by a hurricane, are a shells throw away from each other. Dont forget to pay both of them a visit if youve got time!

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Wheres The Best Beach Near Orlando

The best beaches near Orlando and Disney World are not exactly on the edge of town. The closest beach is 60 miles away.

Nevertheless, when people come to Florida, they want beach time. On a real beach, not a fake beach created by Disney.

The best idea is to build a few beach days around your Disney itinerary, as opposed to day trips. But day trips are doable.

Orlando and Disney World are near the center of the state with access to Atlantic and Gulf coast beaches, expressways in both directions.

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What Is The Closest Beach To Orlando

The Closest Beaches to Disney World and Orlando Shown on a Map

Although Orlando is part of Central Florida, the majority of the Orlando area is a little closer to the east coast of Florida. And besides the slight lean towards the Atlantic coast, there is generally less traffic and congestion driving from Orlando to the Space Coast and the Volusia County beaches.

Let’s take a look at some of the closest beaches near Orlando:

  • Cocoa Beach
  • Daytona Beach
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    Closest Beach From Disney

    Where is the closest beach from WDW for swimming and relaxing? Thanx.

    Treasure Island. It is on the gulf side.

    the closest beach is Cocoa beach about an hour east on the Atlantic ocean. The Beeline expy takes you right there.

    Treasure Island? How long a drive is it from WDW?


    Treasure Island is on the west side of Saint Petersburg, west of Tampa. It’s around two hours drive, depending on traffic.

    Hi Minnieand mickey55555, we like Daytona Beach as it is an hours drive from orlando and is clean and you can park on the beach for $6 a day . Straight up the I4 travelling north and you will see the signs.

    Recommend getting there early ie 10.00am to get a good parking spot.

    Good luck…..

    I was thinking it only took me about 1.5 hours to drive to Treasure Island – maybe it was a light traffic day or time. You could look it up on Mapquest.

    I don’t like the beaches on the east coast – water is dirty looking, etc. The gulf is beautiful and well worth the extra few miles. Treasure Island has a lot of retirees on it therefore, the beach isn’t too crowded. Lots of beautiful white sand.

    Thanx daisysmom : ) you have just answered my second question…

    I was just wondering about the East or West coast…. I have a 5, 7 and 14 yrs old with us and I hope I can handle them in the mini van for 1 1/2 to 2 hrs drive : > Are there any particular area on Treasure Island I should go see? Thank you again.

    Here is the website:

    I hope this helps!

    The 7 Best Beaches Near Orlando Florida You Need To See

    Orlando is an amazing place to visit with some of the best theme parks in the world. It hosts the largest number of visitors to Florida each year.

    But did you know that there are also some incredible beaches near Orlando that are well worth visiting if you can tear yourself away from the theme parks?!

    There are actually tons of great things to do in Florida which is why we love it so much. We have driven all over the State visiting National Parks and the incredible natural springs.

    But at the end of the day, we were most impressed with the beaches, some of which are among the best beaches in the US.

    If you are heading to Orlando to visit Disney World or Universal Orlando, you should really take some time out to discover some of the wonderful beaches.

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    How Far Is Daytona Beach From Disney

    Daytona Beach to Disney is just shy of an hour and a half trip, making it about 71.5 miles away from the Resort.

    Another one of the best beaches near Walt Disney World, Daytona Beach is a city on the Atlantic coast and is well-known for its Daytona International Speedway. The beaches have hard-packed sand, and driving is even allowed in some areas. Theres also a nearby boardwalk and free summer concerts to enjoy.

    How Far Is Disney World From Vero Beach

    Cocoa Beach Road Trip – Beach, Pier & Ron Jon Surf Shop | Closest Beach to Universal/Disney

    Vero Beach is definitely not the closest beach to Disney, and is actually the furthest out of the ones were mentioning. Vero Beach is about a 110-mile drive, making it almost an hour and forty-five minutes away.

    The furthest of the bunch, Vero Beach offers South Beach Park with wide sands and volleyball courts. The Atlantic-facing beaches are on a barrier island across the Indian River Lagoon.

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    Other Activities In Central Florida

    Are you looking for more than just some sand between your toes? The major attraction east of Disney World is the Kennedy Space Centre in Cape Canaveral.

    If you want it to be more of a complete side trip from Orlando, be it all in one day or overnight, then combining Cape Canaveral with a day out on an Atlantic Coast beach is our favourite combination.

    Best Beaches A Day Trip From Walt Disney World

    Orlando is located in the heart of Central Florida. So, it is easily accessible to both the Atlantic Coast on the eastern part of the state and the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa in the Western part of the state. This means some beaches are close enough to Disney World to visit as a day trip. In addition Florida is home to fantastic family resorts some shoreside and some inland.

    TravelingMom Tip: If you plan to make your beach visit a day trip, leave Orlando as early in the morning as possible. Orlando traffic, particularly in the direction of Tampa, can be very congested. Maximize your time in the sand by giving yourself plenty of time to get there.

    Here are our favorite beaches close to Disney World. Many of these are also on our list of the best Florida beaches for families!

    One hour from Disney World

    Cocoa Beach is a great family beach if you want that full-on kitschy beach vibe. About an hours drive from Orlando along Floridas Space Coast , you will find a great family beach with fun shops to get all your gear.

    In addition to enjoying the sand and waves, the famous Ron Jon Surf Shop can be found here! Cocoa Beach is dubbed the East Coast Surfing Capital a trip to Ron Jon Surf Shops flagship store is a must on this day trip. This is also the worlds largest Ron Jon, so it is a great place to pick up fun beach souvenirs.

    TravelingMom Tip: Before heading out, check our beach day packing list so youll have everything your family needs once you hit the sand.

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    Clearwater Beach Treasure Island And St Pete Beach

    Clearwater Beach: Drive 94 mi, 1 hour, 39 minutes

    Treasure Island: Drive 98 mi, 1 hour, 38 minutes

    St. Pete Beach: Drive 98 mi, 1 hour, 38 minutes

    These beaches are all located close together, so I have combined them so as not to repeat myself. We stayed in Treasure Island for one of our park/beach vacations, and the beach is one of my favorites. We also stayed at Clearwater Beach, and although the beach was beautiful and the water warm, it was very crowded compared to Treasure Island.

    Clearwater Beach is located about 94 miles from Walt Disney World, and it is about an hour and a 39-minute drive. This makes it the closest gulf coast beach according to distance from the Orlando area.

    Just south of Clearwater Beach is Treasure Island Beach. Treasure Island is about 98 miles from Disney World and takes roughly the same amount of time to get there as it does Clearwater Beach . Just south of Treasure Island is St. Pete Beach. St. Pete Beach is also roughly 98 miles from Disney World and the Orlando area and is 15 miles from Clearwater Beach.

    Some things to know about Clearwater Beach, Treasure Island and St. Pete Beach are:

    • These beaches are on the Gulf Coast.
    • They are all known for their soft white sand.
    • Located just 1.5 miles from Clearwater Beach is the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, which is the home of the dolphin Winter, the star of the popular Dolphin Tale movies. Thus, Clearwater Beach is also an excellent choice for families.

    What Is The Nicest Beach Near Orlando

    The Closest Beaches To Disney World And Orlando

    The answer to this is certainly subjective and open to opinion. Still, there’s no denying there are a few favorite beaches among locals.

    New Smyrna Beach is my favorite among the Atlantic coast beaches near Orlando. A small, coastal town feel exudes from the New Smyrna Beach area. Flagler Avenue is full of great local restaurants and shops, with the beach itself at the end.

    On the Gulf site, St. Pete Beach is considered to be among Florida’s nicest beaches. The surrounding area is more metropolitan than natural relaxation, but offers plenty of options including art museums, breweries, eateries and more. Plus, the St. Pete Pier is a must-do attraction with dining, local artisans, and a fantastic playground.

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    How To Get There

    Because we fly to Orlando, and enjoy utilizing the free Disney World Magical Express transportation to the resort, we typically dont have a car. And now that even Disney Resort guests have to pay for parking , we plan to keep it this way.

    The good news is, renting a car in Orlando is generally pretty affordable. I believe the average Ive paid is $32-46 per day, for an economy size. You can do so for just a 1-day trip to to the ocean, or for the beginning or ending non-Disney portions of your trip. Heres the scoop on how to do it.

    If we are going to Cocoa Beach for just a day trip, then returning to Disney World, we use the car rental agencies right on the Disney World property. Check out the helpful Disney planning site Mousesavers for more info and tips on Renting a Car at Disney World. Your Disney resort will shuttle you to and from the car rental place.

    If we plan to go to Cocoa Beach for 1 or more nights, we rent a car from the Orlando International Airport for just the beach dates. Then we return the car to the airport and walk to the Magical Express buses ! More recently, weve shortened our Disney stay slightly, and increased our length of stay at Cocoa Beach. We typically plan 1-3 nights either before or after the Disney World portion of our trip

    The road directly to Cocoa Beach is a toll road, so have some change handy. Total fare ends up being less than $5 total, one way.

    The Closest Beach To Disney World

    The Closest Beach To Disney World

    Here is a complete guide to taking a day trip to the beach from Disney World.

    If you are visiting Disney World and the Orlando area, Cocoa Beach is the closest beach to visit. In addition to being a great day trip from Disney, it is also home to The Kennedy Space Center, you can watch rocket launches right from the beach.

    Cocoa Beach is about 70 miles from Disney and takes just around an hour to get to. I recommend leaving Disney around 7:30 AM this will allow you to avoid the Orlando rush hour. You will also arrive at the perfect time to grab breakfast or brunch at one of the many fantastic restaurants in the area.

    I recommend driving yourself, Cocoa Beach goes from north to south about 20 miles, and walking by foot isnt recommended, specifically if you are wanting to have a beach day. If you plan on drinking or dont want to rent a car I recommend a shuttle, you can also use a service like Uber and that can get pricey.

    If driving you have several routes that you can take. My preferred route is 417 east to 528 this is a little toll heavy, and a few minutes longer, but way less traffic than I4 & through downtown Orlando on 528.

    You can either take 528 to until it turns into A1A through Cape Canaveral.. into North Cocoa Beach or 528 to I95 south to 520 through Cocoa Village & Merritt Island to get to Central Cocoa Beach and South Cocoa Beach with the Downtown shopping and dining area.

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    Atlantic Beaches Closest To Disney World & Orlando

    The closest beaches to Disney World are Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Canaveral National Seashore and Cocoa Beach, all on the Atlantic coast .

    Each is about the same driving distance from Disney World, with Daytona Beach sitting just over an hour to the northeast, just above Cape Canaveral. Cocoa Beach is about an hour to the southeast, just below Cape Canaveral while New Smyrna and Canaveral National Seashore, in between the two, are slightly more remote hidden gems for families who like their beaches simple and crowd-free.

    Slightly further away but still very popular with Disney fans is Vero Beach. Lets take a look at each:

    What Beach Is Closest To Disney World

    Best Beach Near Orlando & Walt Disney World?
  • Cocoa Beach
  • Melbourne
  • Cocoa Beach is the closest beach to Walt Disney World. From the attractions area, you can head down Toll Road 528, known as the Beach Line, and be on the sand just about an hour. It is a unique beach town because of Port Canaveral and its beautiful cruise ships, as well as its proximity to Cape Canaveral, former home of NASAs Space Shuttle Program and current home of the SpaceX and ULA private space initiatives. Disney Cruise Line’s main port is here because of Port Canaveral being so accessible to Walt Disney World Resort.

    FYI: If you’re visiting from out of town and do not have your own transportation to Cocoa Beach. there are a few options. Cocoa Beach Shuttle is a great option, with the ability to make reservations in advance. Florida Shuttle services multiple cities throughout the state of Florida. If you’re booked on a Disney Cruise and staying at Walt Disney World, there is dedicated bus transportation from Disney World to the Disney Cruise ships. You’ll need to arrange this with Disney Cruise Line directly.

    Alternatively, Melbourne Beach is 30 minutes south of Cocoa Beach and still relatively close to Walt Disney World.

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