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Can You Still Trade Pins At Disney World

Can Cast Members Decline A Request To Trade Pins

Disney World Pin Trading In Magic Kingdom 2020 | Each Pin Trading Spot REVEALED | New Guidelines

Technically, yes, but probably not for the reason you think. Cast Members will usually decline a request to trade if they already have your pin on their existing board. This is because they dont want duplicates.

Furthermore, Cast Members are required to inspect the authenticity of pins before accepting them. A Cast Member wont be allowed to turn your pin trading request down if youre giving them something they dont like. However, the same cant be said for trading with park guests.

What To Look For

If you are hoping to engage in the magical art of pin trading around the parks, look for small corkboard displays outside of shops and attractions. You will see a Cast Member at each board ready to help you!

Additionally, Cast Members hold pinboards near attractions and at most shops. New boards are Mickey-shaped, but some are kept behind the counter. So, just ask a Cast Member if you dont see one. Keep in mind, you can see pin trading locations on park maps too.

However, Disney also added mystery pin boxes in October 2021. It works the same, except you pick a mystery drawer and trade for the pin located in the drawer.

Etiquette For Pin Trading With Other Park Guests

When youre pin trading with other park guests, the trading experience is a two-way street. Trading only works when both of you have something you want to trade for. Like Cast Members, there is a time and place to inquire about someones pin. Dont ask them while theyre eating or mid-conversation if you can avoid it. Remember, extend the same courtesy to them as you would want to be extended to you.

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Purpose Of Disney Pin Trading

Why do we trade pins? Honest to goodness its just fun. It provides the rush of winning an eBay auction at a fraction of the price, the score of a scavenger hunt, and the hope of treasure all in one. Disney pins have been sold since the beginning of time. Lapel pins have been a fashionable accessory since the 1800s, and Disney has capitalized on this accessory with characters, themes, Hidden Mickeys, and more. Official Disney pin trading started in 1999/2000, with the Millennium Celebration, and has been a fantastic tradition ever since.

Many pin traders will attempt to trade up their Disney trading pins, starting with a smaller, less desirable option and moving up towards more complex pins with moving parts, or rarer/older pins with higher value.

Other Disney traders look to complete collections, such as the Disney hat collection, or the Hidden Mickey Orange Bird pin set . Some Disney Guests come armed with a list of pins to look for, while others just consider pins individually and trade for what they find attractive. Why you trade and what you trade for is a personal choice, but dont keep yourself from finding joy!

Awesome Pin Trading Tips & Tricks At Walt Disney World

Disney Pin Trading

Posted by: July 26, 2015

7. Get pins to trade before going to the park.

This is a great tip to get you started pin trading. Before your trip, order a grab bag of pins on eBay. There will be plenty of sellers and size options, with lots ranging from 20 pins up to 200. These grab bags are typically priced around 50 cents per pin. If you wait until getting to the park, pin trading packs can run you more than $5 per pin, and individual pins will be priced even higher. By getting pins on eBay, youll be able to save money and have plenty of pins that you dont mind letting go in order to trade. Its also fun to be surprised at what pins you will receive and keep the ones you want to collect! Just make sure to buy from reputable dealers with high ratings so you know your Disney pins will be authentic. You can only trade with authentic Disney pins.

6. Dont hesitate to trade with cast members.

5. Look for good traders.

If you think you might like to trade with other park guests, be sure to have some great pins that other people will want. A good way to do this is to trade with cast members for pins that you dont necessarily want for yourself, but that you believe might be popular or sought-after by other guests. Princess pins, ride pins, and pins that you dont see on a regular basis can all be strong traders.

4. Pin Boards

3. Dont forget Disney Springs!

2. Guide to Pin Trading Book

1. Try your hand with the pros.

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Pin Trading With Respect

Whether you are pin trading with other Guests or Cast Members, its very important to remain respectful. Please, dont touch someone elses pins or lanyards without permission.

Specifically for Cast Members, allow them to remove their pin and hand it to you. Also, wait until later if the Cast Member is busyyou can always come back.

Cast Members are not allowed to trade their award pins and service pins. As a side note, Cast Members with green pin lanyards are only for children.

Differences In Disney Pin Trading

There are two main differences between trading with Cast Members and other Guests. Cast Members will always agree to a trade, no matter what you offer . But another Guest can refuse to trade with you if you dont have anything they want.

My Fourth Tip may help you here: Sometimes a fellow guest may have a pin on his/her lanyard that is no longer available for purchase, but you just dont have anything they want on your lanyard. Try offering to buy them a current pin that they want in exchange. You may have to buy a Pink color level for them, but if it gets you that out-of-circulation pin, its a deal worth making!

The second difference is that you can trade as many pins with another Guest as you want, as long as the other Guest is willing to take the time and sees that you have more pins that they want as well. Again, just remember that Pin Trading was created by Disney to create a fun and interactive activity between traders, so always be polite and understanding to the needs and limitations of other traders. If theyve had enough, be sure to thank them and send them on their way with a big smile!

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When In Doubt Just Ask

The whole fun of trading Disney pins is figuring out where to do it. But if you really are stuck, ask a cast member. They are usually willing to direct you to the best locations that most guests dont know about. You also never know when there might be new locations where you can trade Disney pins. So if you are a frequent visitor to the park, you will likely find a different pin location every time you go.

To trade pins with a cast member, look for those wearing a lanyard around their necks. These are the people that are able and willing to trade with you. This can be a good way to get started if you are new to the process and dont know where to begin.

If you want to combine two of Disneys most popular activities, consider going on a hunt for the hidden mickey pins. These pins cant be bought in any store. Instead, youll have to find the cast members that have them. New hidden mickey pins are given to cast members, so you never know when they will have a pin they didnt have before. This is also good if you are a frequent visitor to Disney World.

To get the most out of trading Disney pins with other guests, consider purchasing Disney pins you may not have any interest in, but others will. In general, the more impressive the pins you have are, the more impressed the people you trade with will be.

No matter where you find or trade them, Disney pins are a hot commodity.

Can I Trade Unofficial Disney Pins

Trading at EVERY Disney World Pin Board in 1 Day | Can It Be Done?

Yes. The pins need to be Disney themed, but they do not have to be the official pins that Disney sells, but they need to be close to the same. I suggest ordering pins off of Amazon to get you started. This is a much cheaper way to start out. You can trade your unofficial pins with cast members and end up with official ones.

A pin must be made of metal and represent a Disney character, park, attraction, icon, or other Disney type affiliation. Additionally, the pin must have a Disney copyright on its back.

One thing to consider: Keep in mind that the pins are medal and can get a bit heavy. For younger children, even a little bit of weight can cause an issue, so stick to the small pins. If you have a child that easily gets irritated around their neck, consider pinning them to a backpack or a hat instead of a lanyard. You could even order some Mickey ears that hold pins!

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Pin Trading Is Back At Disney World


Pin trading at Disney World parks and resorts is back and its gone contactless.

The new rules for pin trading are:

1. Drop your trading pin into the box or cup in front of the pin board.

2. Point to the pin you would like.

3. The cast member will hand you the pin. Two pin trades are allowed.

4. Cast members are no longer wearing pin lanyards and pin trading directly with guests.


New 2020 limited edition pins for purchase are again being released weekly.

Castle Halloween 2020 Pin:Mickey Halloween 2020 Pin:Minnie Halloween 2020 Pin:Happy Teachers Day 2020:


Weve written two books about our time working and playing as Disney Cast Members at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Both are available on in paperback and Kindle: Two Girls and a Mouse Tale and Adventures in the Animal Kingdom.

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Have a magical day!

Secret Pin Trading Location In Adventureland: Magic Kingdom

Head to Aladdins Magic Carpets attraction and look for the Agrabah Bazaar treasure chest in the shops next door. You may not be able to see it without asking a cast member, but its worth taking the time to. This is one of the places where you may come across a rarely seen Disney trading pin, as opposed to the more common Disney pins. And pins are displayed on a mini magic carpet that is a replica of the carpet in the movie.

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Why Should You Pin Trade

Pin trading for my family has become an absolute tradition! We cannot go to Disney and not pin trade.

When we first started my daughter was so scared to go up to a cast member and ask to see their pins. We used this activity to push her a little outside her comfort zone and were so glad we did.

She now is 13 and every trip, pin trading and talking with cast members are her top priority. As we are walking through a park or a resort she constantly keeps her eyes peeled for pins.

We have learned so much about Disney and added so much fun to our ordinary Disney trip through pin trading.

Pins are also small and relatively cost less than most of the souvenirs that can be purchased, so for our family, we use pins for souvenirs. Each year we purchase one of the yearly special edition pins and if we are staying in a resort that weve never stayed in before, we make sure to get the special edition resort pin.

Many rides have pins also, so if your kiddo, or you, have a favorite ride, grab that pin to add to your collection!

There Are Several Ways To Participate And Experience The Magic Of Disney Pin Trading

Disney Pin Trading

Disney Pin Trading is simple and fun! Just visit Walt Disney World , locate a Cast Member wearing a lanyard with Disney pins and find a pin youd like. Then present another Disney pin to the Cast Member in trade. Bringing home the magic is that simple. Here are some quick and easy guidelines to help you trade at each park.

The fun of Disney Pin Trading is in the amazing variety. Find YOUR FAVORITE pins to personalize your Disney experience. Guests of all ages can hunt for favorite characters, attractions, and features. Whether its the Little Mermaid or Mickey Mouse you seek, pin hunting is guaranteed to add thrills to your Disney adventure. Go find the pins you want and make some new friends! It is all up to you!

  • Guests may trade a maximum of two pins per Cast Member, per day. trades between Guests dont have the same restriction.
  • Pins should be in good, undamaged, tradable condition.
  • Pins that may be traded include the following: Disney theme park pin from a place or location, event, character or icon Pins from other divisions of the Walt Disney Company and Participating partner pins, so long as they have a Disney affiliation showing.
  • Non-metal, special cast member pins, personalized pins, and clasp pins cannot be traded.
  • Dont get all touchy-feely. Respect the traders space and dont touch their lanyard. If you see something you like, ask them to show it to you.

Have fun! Disney Pin Trading is a great way to share the magic and bring home wonderful Disney memories.

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Secret Pin Trading Location In Epcot

Even if you arent traveling with a small child, when you enter EPCOT, look for the stand where you would rent a stroller. If you stop and look you will see a stroller with pins on it. This may be the most unusual board you will find anywhere in the parks. Most guests are so excited to be at EPCOT that they miss the pin stroller. For the best selection of Disney pins, try to cross this off your to-do list first thing in the morning.

Afterward, head to the Norway section of EPCOT. Stop at the African Outpost and look for the pinboard. The African Outpost tends to be less well-visited than many other places in this park. This sometimes means the Disney pins arent very impressive, but other times you may find a rare one.

How To Get Started

To pin trade, all you need are Disney pins! Disney sells pins and pin set for every occasion! For example, if youre looking for pins based on attractions, characters, or even snacks, Disneys got them!

First, individual pins are expensive. Because of this, I recommend buying a Starter Pin set. These sets are the cheapest per pin.

Starter Pin sets are sold throughout Disney theme park stores, Disney Resort shops, and ShopDisney. Also, any store Cast Member will assist with locating starter pin sets. Some of the starter sets come with a lanyard too.

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How Many Pins Should I Bring To Disney World

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, but most pin traders agree that 50 is probably the best number. For starters, this gives you a nice enough selection to bring into the parks so you wont have to worry about duplicates. Also, 50 pins can easily fit inside a ziplock bag in your backpack. Second, it gives you enough flexibility to trade during the duration of your vacation.

New 50th Pin Trading Experience

Pin Trading at all 4 Disney World Parks | Pin Trading Locations at Walt Disney World

Calling all Pin Traders!!!! Coming October 15, 2021, bring your Disney pins to experience a brand new Pin Trading experience. On this date, Cast Members will debut a brand new Mystery Pin Trading Board.

How does this new Mystery Pin Trading Board work? First present the pin that you would like to trade to the Cast Member. Then, simply select a numbered box to discover what mystery pin you have unlocked. Of course, you still have the option to trade pins from the standard pin board as well.

Guests may trade up to 2 Disney pins per location. Pin Trading locations can be found in all 4 Walt Disney World Theme Parks, in Disney Springs, and even in Disney Resorts as well. These can easily be located on the maps for each Walt Disney World Theme Park.

Starting October 15, 2021, Guests can enjoy a new Mystery Pin Trading Board at select Pin Trading locations throughout Walt Disney World.

Throughout the entire 18 month celebration, limited edition 50th Anniversary Disney pins will be available for purchase. Also check out where you can find a 50th anniversary celebration button HERE. Be sure to be on the lookout for these on your next trip to Walt Disney World.

Do you enjoy Pin Trading? What do you think of this new Mickey Mouse Mystery pin trading board? Will you be trying this on your next trip? Share your thoughts with us on our

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Pin Trading In A Pandemic

While the process looks a bit different than before all of the COVID-19 changes, its still super simple! And WDW has even put up signs at each pin trading location to help you out along the way.

For now, heres how to pin trade in three easy steps:

1. Find a place to trade

Get pin trading at Pin Traders in Disney Springs! Photo by Brett Svenson

In the past, you pretty much would have traded anywhere you were able to find a Cast Member wearing a lanyard or a side pouch with pins.

Now, WDW has eliminated close-contact forms of trading by consolidating the experience to pin trading stations located across all four parks as well as at each resort.

Heres a list of places you can pin trade:

Magic Kingdom

  • Pin Traders


  • Each Resort has one pinboard typically located at the cash register of the resort gift shop.

2. Choose a pin to trade

Welcome, Pin Traders! Photo by Brett Svenson

Once youve found a pin trading station, take a look at the pinboard to select which one you want.

Just drop your pin in the trading box near the board to be sanitized by a Cast Member, and point to the pin you want. Rather than you grabbing it from the board yourself, a Cast Member will hand it to you.

You can trade up to two pins at a time.

3. Wear your new pin with pride

And thats it! Youre done. Easy, right?

When I was seven, I was adamant about finding all of the Disney Princesses to match my lanyard.

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