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Can You Bring A Backpack To Disney World

Can I Bring A Cooler To Disney

Disney Park Bag Essentials Printable Checklist: What You Need For Disney World and Disneyland

Yes, you are permitted to carry food and beverages into Disney World. Baby food in small glass containers is an exception to this guideline. In the park, suitcases, coolers, and backpacks with or without wheels are permitted. These, however, must not be greater than 24″ long, 15″ broad, and 18″ height. There are storage facilities available for these items if you need them.

The best time to go shopping for groceries before your trip isn’t when you’re on vacation it’s before you leave home. You don’t want to rush through your meal planning or miss out on finding good deals. That being said, if you do choose to shop during your stay, there are some things you should know about carrying merchandise on/off property. First, most stores will ask you to sign a liability waiver before they’ll let you take anything off the premises. If you aren’t signed up with a waiving company, you can get one at any store location during business hours. Second, many shops have high-traffic areas where only packaged product will be accepted. Try to plan your shopping trips during less popular times or after visiting other attractions so you won’t run into any problems.

Disney has its own grocery store called Market Street Foodie. It’s located just outside of Disney’s Magic Kingdom theme park and is connected by footbridge. The store sells snacks, drinks, and souvenirs. You can also buy dining plans here that include free lunch credits every day.

Locker Rentals At Waltdisney World:

You can rent a locker at all four of the Walt Disney World theme parks, and both of the water parks. Although, keep in mind that lockers are limited and are rented on a first-come, first-served basis.

There are at least two categories of locker sizes available for rent . Usually, lockers are located right near the park entrance and each park.

  • Small lockers:$10.00 per day
  • Large lockers:$12.00 per day
  • Jumbo lockers:$15.00 per day Only available at Magic Kingdom and Epcot

What Should You Not Buy At Disney World

Items You Should Never Buy at Disney

  • Fruit. I love that Disney has fruit stands so that there are healthy food options in the parks.
  • Sunscreen. Sunscreen on property is expensive!
  • Bottled Water. Do not waste your money on a bottled water at Disney.
  • Anything you can find at Walmart, Target etc.

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Can You Bring Backpacks On Rides At Disney World

Yes, you can bring a backpack on most rides at Disney World. Depending on the type of ride, you may be able to store the bag under your seat or on your lap. However, on some rides like Dumbo the Flying Elephant where space is limited, this may be uncomfortable. Backpacks can be hazardous on some rides Avatar Flight of Passage and Soarin come to mind so Disney has storage bins next to or under the seat to store your backpack without the risk of it falling off or being stolen. When you bring a backpack with you on a Disney World ride, loop one foot around a shoulder strap when you put it on the floor. This will ensure it doesnt slip off during the ride.

Patagonia Refugio 2xl Backpack

Packing for Disney WorldWhat Can You Bring Into the Parks ...

Features: This backpack is worth every penny! You cant beat the organization elements in this type of backpack 3 zipper pouches and spots to hold your cell phone, wallet, and plenty of room in the main compartment!

The shoulder straps are padded and also have a chest strap that you can use to take some of the pressure off your shoulders. The size of this pack is perfect for women and comes in 4 colors.

Dimensions: 17H x 11W x 6 ½D

Best for: Because this pack is geared towards women, we would say this bag is a great backpack for moms with young kids and could easily be used as a diaper bag! Of course, anyone can carry this backpack around and be fine.

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What You Cant Bring Into Walt Disney World Parks

Now that you have a general idea of what you can bring into Walt Disney World parks, lets take a look at the items you cant take into the theme parks and water parks.

Note: This list is subject to change, so check for updates before you arrive.

Weapons of any kind Objects and toys that look like weapons Self-defense and restraining devices Fireworks and other flammable or explosive objects Noisemakers, whistles, horns, and megaphones Fog and smoke machines Glass containers Loose ice and coolers larger than 24 L x 15 W x 18 H Plastic straws Balloons Selfie sticks Large tripods and monopod stands Costumes and non-medical masks Inappropriate or offensive clothing, body art, or attire Backpack, handbags, totes, and various bags larger than 24 L x 15 W x 18 H Strollers larger than 31 W x 52 L Stroller wagons and stroller trailers are prohibited Recreational devices Swim noodles and non-Coast Guard approved water floats Pets and other animals

Prohibited ActivitiesHeres a list of the activities Disney prohibits in the parks. Unapproved photography or recording of any kind for commercial purposes Selling items Distributing materials or solicitations of any kind Using banners or signs for commercial purposes or to incite crowds Conducting demonstrations, speeches, or events Using profanity Unauthorized entry into prohibited areas Portraying costumed characters

Kipling Alvar Solid Crossbody Bag

I must say, people on the DisBoards mentioned Kipling over and over as their favorite Disney park bag.

The Kipling Alvar crossbody has adjustable shoulder straps, a front main compartment that contains an open all-purpose pouch pocket, tablet pocket and two pen sleeves, plus a back main compartment contains one zipped pocket and a key clasp.

Reviewers love how it is lightweight, water-resistant, and has tons of room. In addition, the strap is wide and comfortable.

There were very few negative reviews of this bag, and many of them had to do with the fact that the color was different than they expected.

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Recommended Items For Your Ultimate Disney Packing List

In most cases, you will already own most of the things needed for your Disney vacation, including toiletries, electronics, warm-weather clothing, and baby care items . Here is a list of recommended items that you may not already have. As a starting point, we have included one suggested item for each category.

American Tourister Disney Suitcases

American Tourister and Disney have co-branded a fabulous line of Mickey and Minnie-themed suitcases. These are perfect to get you in the Disney spirit as you pack for your vacation in Orlando. The American Tourister Disney suitcases feature a 100% ABS plastic or polyester exterior, single spinner wheels, push-button locking pull handle, split construction interior with large mesh pocket, and fun Disney designs. The dimensions are 28 x 19 x 11 for the large suitcases, and 18 x 13 x 9 for the smaller ones. Other sizes are also available.

Multi-Purpose Disney Daypack/Kids Backpacks

American Tourister and Disney both offer a selection of fun Disney-themed backpacks. These multi-purpose backpacks can function as either an in-park daypack or as a kids backpack to store travel essentials. These would make a great addition to any Disney World packing list.

Comfortable Shoes
External Batteries
USB Wall Chargers
Water Bottles
Frogg Togg Chilly Pad
Beach Towels

Should I Leave My Bags On My Stroller During Rides

Pack with Me for Walt Disney World! Summer Trip Details! What you Should Bring to the Parks!

NO! Please do not leave any bags on your strollers while youre on the rides. Its easy to get lost in the magic of Disney World and presume that everyone is as excited to be in the house of mouse as you are. Unfortunately, this just isnt the case. You wouldnt leave your bags unattended anywhere else, so even though Disney World can feel like a break from reality you should still exercise reasonable caution.

This is not to say that your bags will be stolen/ lost if you leave them on your strollers. But it is simply just not worth the risk of something happening and ruining your day or whole vacation

Always keep your bags on your person or in a Disney locker since it is much better to be safe than sorry!

Hopefully, this has answered the question of whether or not you can bring bags on rides at Disney World! You most definitely can safely bring bags on the majority of rides at Disney World. Either wear them on your person, keep them in the designated baskets, or under your feet

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Can You Bring Costumes Into Disney World

In Disney World children under the age of 14 can wear costumes however adults are not allowed to wear costumes of any kind unless they are attending a Halloween party. This so that very little guests do not get confused as to who the characters are and who regular guests are. A lot of adults like to Disney Bound to still feel like they are channeling their favorite character. Disney Bounding is putting together an outfit of regular clothing that is in the same color scheme and design as their favorite character.

Best Disney Tote & Sling Bags

It doesnt look like much, but a tote or drawstring bag is a great minimalist way to pack. We have been on countless vacations, including 7 Disney vacations using only a drawstring bag.

Using the Merchandise delivery service, we do not need extra bags just to carry our purchases. This is a great way to reduce the size of the bags we are carrying around.

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The 13 Best Backpacks For Disney World

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Are you planning a trip to Orlando and debating the best backpacks for Disney World travel? There are always lots of debates about what to pack to take into the Disney theme parks, so there will be multiple options depending on whether you are traveling with young kids, alone, or with another adult.

Make sure whatever bag you choose to carry into Walt Disney World is comfortable with an adjustable strap and provides easy access for all of your important items. Before you travel and spend in a long day in the heat of Orlando, do a trial run and test out your day pack.

Fill your Disney World backpack with your personal items, your cell phone and cell phone chargers, snacks and water bottles. Determine whether there are enough side pockets, a wide enough main compartment, a front pocket for quick access to items like credit cards. You may also want to consider a bag with anti-theft pockets if you are traveling with credit or debit cards.

Take the time to research a great bag for the Disney theme parks! Whether you are a minimalist or you like to carry a lot of stuff, I hope this list of the best backpacks for Disney World helps you prepare for your trip.

Bags For Personal Items

Disney Princess Icons Backpack for Kids is now available ...

Guests can bring nearly anything into the parks as long as its not on Disneys restricted list.

Many people just bring their wallets and cell phones and simply carry them in their handbag, backpack, or pocket. However, you may wish to pack some additional items like sweatshirts, sunblock, medicine, phone chargers, cameras, diapers, baby formula, toys, Mickey Ears, etc. In those cases, youll need some type of bag to carry your belongings.

Disney allows backpacks, fanny packs, totes, pocketbooks, and other types of bags and carrying cases into the parks. So long as it doesnt exceed 24 long x 15 wide x 18 high, any type of bag is allowed. Anything larger is strictly prohibited.

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What Should I Pack In My Disney Park Bag

What you carry in your park bag will vary by the members of your group and how old they are.If you would like a and my Disney World planning timeline subscribe to my email list. Youll get a download link as soon as your subscription is confirmed.

Over time weve tried several different backpacks, but this inexpensive packable backpack from Amazon is now my go to Disney park bag.

Are you looking for a full Disney World packing checklist or even how to pack light for Disney World? I can help with that, too.

Disney World Fashion Tips

When it comes to style, it can be hard to sacrifice that for comfort when you’re planning what to pack for Disney World. But you don’t want to show up in heels either and find yourself having to buy a pair of shoes in the parks because your feet hurt! Here’s some tips on how to maintain your style in the parks with everything you should prepare for.

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Vera Bradley Recycled Lighten Up Reactive Sling Backpack

Have you been searching for a nice sling backpack? This versatile product from Vera Bradley will definitely make you smile! The Vera Bradley Recycled Lighten Up Reactive Sling Backpack is seen by some as the best backpack for Disney World, and were not surprised. Eco-friendly people will love the fact that its made from recycled bottles, creating a soft yet durable fabric thats also water repellent.

Another great feature that it offers is the selection of outer pockets. There are dedicated sleeves, spaces, and rings for pens, your phone, and keys. Furthermore, this best backpack for theme park can be worn as a crossbody bag, making it a versatile choice. Best of all, its available in multiple color options thatll steal attention!

  • What We Love:
  • The go-to option for those seeking an alternative to the traditional backpack.
  • Pros:
  • Best Kids Backpacks For Disney World


    While the adults carry the bulk of the luggage, children can help too, provided that their luggage isnt too heavy. The best kids backpack for Disney World is lightweight and small enough to conform to their size, yet large enough to carry a portion of their own items.

    Whats great about these small Disney backpacks is the fun, colorful Disney-themed graphics and logos. Kids really love them! Because of their small size, Disney-themed backpacks are also ideal in-park daypacks. If you dont have a lot of items to pack inside your Disney World daypack and dont want to use a fanny pack -the size of these backpacks may just do the trick. Without further ado, here are a few of the best backpacks for Disney World for kids.

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    Best Disney Diaper Bag Backpack

    The dreaded diaper bag. Not a day goes by that I am not thankful that my children are old enough to no longer require a diaper bag.

    Finding the perfect bag to match my vacation needs, hold everything I need for that day, move freely from stroller to basket to park attraction, is like finding a needle in a haystack. This is also on top of my own park-bag needs so everything needs to fit together into ONE bag.

    These 4 have great diaper-bag space while also allowing room for the primary caregiver to hold their personal items within the same bag. They are unisex so parents can trade who is responsible for the diaper bag when not on the stroller and can probably turn into a regular bag after the baby has outgrown the need for diapers and changes of clothes.

    Can You Bring A Jansport Backpack To Disney

    I am pleased to let you know that your backpack will be allowed into the parks, as long as it follows the park rules and regulations. As long as it is a pretty standard size, you will have no problem stowing the backpack at your feet or in front of you in the ride vehicles as you visit all the attractions.

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    Plan Your Disneyland Vacation

    Keep reading our blog to keep you updated on everything you need to know to prepare for Disneyland vacation! Be sure to subscribe to our free newsletter to receive helpful planning information, exclusive Disney deals, and access to the lowest priced Disney tickets anywhere. You can find more information on planning your vacation here:

    What To Bring In Your Disney World Backpack 2021

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    If you want to spend all day at a Disney Park, there are a few things to bring in your Disney World backpack that can make your day much easier. Check out our Disney packing list for parents and be prepared on the go.

    Visiting Walt Disney World with kids can feel like an overwhelming task.

    Weve been taking our boys since they were babies and each time we go they are a little older and needs change.

    There are some things I always recommend bringing into the parks with young kids and today I am sharing our top essentials to bring in your Disney World backpack when traveling with young kids.

    Aside from the obvious needs like diapers and wipes or your phone and a charger, I keep a running list of items to keep on hand that dont take up too much space, but save a lot of hassle.

    New for 2021 but hopefully not forever are masks. We prefer the disposable kind for the parks. And the hand sanitizer can stay! I dont think I will ever be able to give that up.

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