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Can I Bring My Dog To Disney World

Disneys Port Orleans Resort Riverside


Classy canines will appreciate the Southern charm of this New Orleans-inspired resort. While your dog lounges in a guest room fit for Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen, their human companions can enjoy Nawlins-style cuisine at Boatwrights Dining Hall, hire a horse-drawn carriage or walk over to Disney’s Port Orleans Resort French Quarter for beignets and jazz music. 1251 Riverside Drive, Lake Buena Vista, 934-6000.

Theres A Maximum Number Of Dogs You Can Bring

One thing to keep in mind: Theres a maximum number of dogs you can bring to Disneys pet-friendly resorts. According to Disneys website, you can bring up to two dogs per guest room. So, if you wish to bring more, youll have to reserve an extra room.

Next: Pet-friendly hotel amenities your pooch will definitely enjoy.

Perks Of Staying At A Pet

If you check in to a Disney resort hotel with your furry companion, youll be able to spend time enjoying the designated areas of the resort with them. Your pet will receive Plutos Welcome Kit which includes a bandana, food mat, food and water bowls, and maps to dog-friendly walking paths and play areas. Youll also have access to Best Friends Pet Care, a full-service pet care facility where your dog can enjoy treats, playgroups, exercise, grooming, pampering, and more .

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Are Dogs Allowed In Disney World

There are few family destinations in the USA that are as peerless as Disney World. And if youre planning on spending this vacation there, it makes sense to have Fido come along. But, are dogs allowed in Disney World?

The answer to this question isnt exactly straightforward. The short answer is yes, dogs are! But, this access isnt without massive restrictions.

So, dogs are permitted into certain floors, buildings, and blocks of rooms at 4 resorts in Disney World.

Aside from these areas, most locations at Disney World are out of bounds for dogs! Because of the many complexities surrounding bringing a dog to Disney World, you might want to know what all your options are. That way, you can still end up having a fantastic trip with Fido.

Checklist Of Things To Bring With Your Dog To Disney World

Can You Bring Your Dog To Disney World?

Any time you check into a pet-friendly resort at Disney World with your dog, youll need to bring some things along to make the stay safe and comfortable for your furry companion.

  • Sturdy leash and collar.
  • Tag and ID.
  • Proof of vaccinations .
  • Pet food you can have packages delivered to your Disney Resort hotel up to a week before your arrival, so it may not be a bad idea to order your dogs favorite treats and food brands from an online pet supply store and have them delivered to your hotel ahead of your arrival.
  • Bedding and toys .

Also, dont forget that there are no vets on-site in Disney World. Thats why its a good idea to look up emergency veterinary care in Orlando before you leave home and have those numbers on hand.

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What You Need To Bring Your Dog To Disney World

Any time you travel to a hotel or other pet-friendly destination, you will need to bring along proof of vaccinations. You should provide your hotel with this information in advance and bring a copy with you just in case.

While Disney provides you with a cute doggy welcome pack with an identification tag, your pet should also have a tag with ID, just in case. Bring your own pet food with you. While food and treats are available at each of the dog-friendly Disney World resorts, your pet will likely be most comfortable with his own diet.

You can find costumes, leashes, toys and more in the gift shops at each of these designated resorts. Youll also find pet gear in many on-site shops in the parks and hotels but bring along any important toys your dog needs or wants to have with him.

Your dog needs a sturdy leash and collar for safety and to comply with Disney World resort rules.

Art Of Animation Resort

Immerse yourself in the artistry, enchantment, and magic of Disney at the Art of Animation Resort.

The bedrooms of this resort have all been created using themes from four favorite Disney movies. They include The Lion King, Finding Nemo, Cars, and The Little Mermaid. Youre going to feel like youre right in the movies.

Whats more, this resort is home to the largest pool in all of Disney Worlds resorts.

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What Fun Activities Can You Do With Fido At Disney World

The truth is that theres very little fun you have with your furry pal at Disney World.

At most, you have two options when you bring Fido along.

You either let him in your hotel room the whole day. Or you get him to the on-site doggy day camp where he can board for the entire day while you survey Disney World.

Service Dogs And Disney World Rides

Theme Park Service Dog PSA | Why You Cant Bring Your Pet to Disneyland

While the Walt Disney Company complies with the ADA, there are a few ride restrictions you should be aware of most these involve safety for your service dog. The policy assumes that your animal is a true service dog and that you require his assistance to fully enjoy the parks and attractions. It also assumes that his behavior is typical of a service dog and that he is fully trained. Your service animal must be on a leash at all times, even if he is well behaved and attentive to your needs.

Service animals are welcome in all Disney World and Disneyland Resort hotels and restaurants, in compliance with the ADA. You can find service dog relief areas in all theme parks and resorts these are clearly designated on park maps and located throughout each park for convenience.

The following rides do not work well for service animals, for safety reasons:

Magic Kingdom Park

  • The aviary area of Maharajah Jungle Trek

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Keep Your Dog At Your Resort

You know your dogs temperament better than anyone so if you know your dog will be happiest back at the room while youre out exploring the parks, this solution could work for you.

Fort Wilderness

Butif your dog cant handle long stretches of being left alone you might receive a call from your hotel asking you to return to your room and calm your doggo down if hes barking a lot. Youll have 30 minutes to return to your room and quiet your dog down. Disney also recommends not leaving your dog unattended for more than seven hours at a time.

Mickey dog harness

Housekeeping will not come by while youre away . Dont worry theres another option if you need your dog watched while youre having fun!

Does Disney Take Care Of Their Animals

Though thousands of Disney employees have been furloughed, Animal Kingdom has mostly kept its animal care team of over 1,000 zookeepers, vets, scientists, and more intact. Only 2,000 of these Disney animalsrepresenting 300 species including lions, zebra, and giraffescall the Animal Kingdom park home.

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Your Dog Must Be Vaccinated

Another important thing to keep in mind when bringing your dog to Disneyland Kennel Club and Best Friends Pet Care at Walt Disney World? You fur baby must be at least four months old and vaccinated. In order for your dog to stay at a Disney kennel or daycare, veterinary certificates for rabies, distemper and hepatitis are required.

Next: Before you skip the kennel and daycare services, read this.

Accommodations For Your Dog At Walt Disney World

Dogs Are Allowed To Stay At Disney World Hotels Now, So It ...

Walt Disney World has gone to the dogs. And were not just talking about Goofy, Pluto and the 101 dalmatians.

Each day, the most magical place on earth welcomes tens of thousands of visitorsand many are of the four-legged variety. Of course, leashed service animals are welcome in most areas of Disney World, but even non-working pets can enjoy some R& R in certain parts of the parks.

Whether youre visiting for a day or settling in for a longer stay, youll be at ease knowing Disney can accommodate your favorite dog. While only service animals are allowed in Disney theme parks and at Disney Springs, there are a few areas where vaccinated pets can have a doggone good time.

Walt Disney World Resort welcomes guests and their canine companions to four resort hotels.

– David Roark

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How To Bring Your Dog To Disney World

Disney World likes to have a heads-up when dogs are along for the magic. They pack a lot of star power after all, and Mickeys gotta prepare for all the head pats and whos a good boy? banter. So youll have to call Disney at 939-7539 to secure your Stitch a spot.

Since youre making a call anyhow, we recommend you contact our friends at Destinations to Travel instead.

Their services are FREE and they will plan your dogs entire vacation to perfection. And if anything goes wrong, they are right there to fix it, even while youre at the resort.

Restrictions On Dogs At Disney World

Even at a dog-friendly resort in Disney World, there are some restrictions on where you can stay with your pet. These resorts only allow pets on select floors to protect other guests who may have allergies. From the 28,000 rooms on Disney properties in Orlando, only 250 rooms are dog-friendly. The availability of pet-friendly rooms is, therefore, limited. So, if youre bringing a canine guest to Disney World, its a good idea to book your room as early as possible. Also remember, there are no pet services available at the resorts themselves, such as having someone come to your room to feed or walk your dog. For that, youll have to take advantage of Best Friends Pet Care on Disney grounds.

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Butthere Are Rules To Follow

The 4 Disney hotel resorts listed above are no doubt dog-friendly. Still, there are many restrictions in place for Fido when you bring him.

Some of the rules are that

  • You must provide up-to-date vaccination records of your dog
  • You cannot allow your dog on any furniture within the premises
  • Keep your dog on a leash at all times
  • You cannot leave your dog in your room for more than 7 hours without attending to it
  • Not more than two dogs can be allowed in any one room
  • Food and beverage locations pool and fitness areas are out of bounds for Fido
  • Ponds, lakes, and fountains are out of bounds for dogs

Service Dogs Are Allowed In Disney Parks

The Reality Of Bringing Your Dog To Disney…

Want to bring your dog to Disneyland or Disney World? Service dogs such as, a seeing-eye dog are the only furry friends allowed. You can bring a service dog into any park or resort, so long as the dog is on a leash and harness. Service animals are allowed to accompany their owners in line and can even ride some of the attractions, too .

And, if your pooch needs to relieve themselves, they can do so in any area. Just be sure to warn a cast member so they can take care of any waste.

Next: If your dog is not a service pet, heres how it can still enjoy Disneyland.

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Best Friends Pet Care Facility

If you bring your pet, want to stay on Disney property, and arent going to be visiting in an RV, what can you do? Fortunately, you can . This facility is not operated directly by Disney, but it offers high quality care, including day care, overnight care, and grooming. You can even check in on your pet via web cam.

It is actually illegal in the state of Florida to leave your pet in a parked car. Even if you leave the windows down, the heat can build up so quickly and so intensely that it can kill your pet.

Service Dogs And The Das

When the Frog Family travels with a tadpole with a disability, we use the Disability Access Service card to fully explore and enjoy the parks. If you are already getting the DAS for your visit, then your service dog can be included cast members will even snap his picture! While you can get a DAS, you dont have to. You are not required to get a DAS card simply because a service animal is with you, the ADA and company policy allow him to accompany you to most destinations in the resorts and theme parks. Here’s the scoop on the toadally helpful DAS card for disabilities.

Bringing your service animal to the Disney World Resort can help you have a better time and ensure you are comfortable on your vacation. Both froglets and grown-up guests can still enjoy the services of a working companion while visiting the park and having a frogtastic time.

Have a question about bringing a service dog to Disney World? Share them in comments below!

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Best Friends Pet Care

Best Friends Pet Care is in the Disney Springs area of WDW Resort. Photo courtesy Best Friends Pet Care

While theres no argument its a far more luxe facility , Best Friends lacked the most important thing to me: easy access to Calypso during the day, because Best Friends is in the Disney Springs area.

To the delight of everyone at WDW Magazine, anyone can tune in to see what the daycare doggies are doing at Disney World right now.

Thats why I rejoiced when WDW Resort announced an ongoing pilot program that allowed guests to have their dogs with them in certain WDW resorts.

Calypso and I tested this out, along with my friend Nicole and her slightly larger Heres what Nicole and I learned, and what you want to know if youre considering bringing your dog to the Walt Disney World Resort.

Doggie Day Camp At Best Friends Pet Care

Can You Bring Your Dog To Disney World?

If you are staying at one of the Disney World hotels with your dog, he can stay at Doggy Day Camp each day. Youll be able to check in by webcam as you have fun in the theme parks, and your dog can enjoy all the amenities of the facility but stay with you at night. Expect to spend $27 per day at Doggie Day Camp and build in extra time for drop off and pickup each day.

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Are Disney Parks Dog Friendly

All Orlando resorts and theme parks are welcoming to your service animal. It is prohibited for dogs to roam the grounds and they must be leashed at all times. Each of the four resorts has a designated rest area specifically for your dog, and each dog-friendly room is close to pet walking and rest areas.

Service Animal Relief Areas

When a service animals gotta go, Disney offers several options.

Firstly, a service animal can use any open outdoor area for a bathroom break so long as the owner cleans up after it. Disney states that the area must be left clean. Additionally, there are designated service animal rest areas in each theme park.

Magic Kingdom Park

  • Adventureland: adjacent to the Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Frontierland: near the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  • Liberty Square: behind the Liberty Tree Tavern
  • Fantasyland: near the Walt Disney World Railroad
  • Tomorrowland: By Space Mountain Restrooms


  • Future World East: next to the restrooms behind the old MouseGear location
  • Future World West: next to the Imagination! restrooms
  • United Kingdom: right of restrooms
  • The space between the Outpost and Germany Pavilion

Disneys Hollywood Studios

  • In the courtyard of First Aid
  • Across from Baseline Tap House
  • Toy Story Land: near Alien Swirling Saucers
  • At the entrance to Toy Story Land

Disneys Animal Kingdom Theme Park

  • Discovery Island: near First Aid
  • DinoLand U.S.A.: next to the planter at the Restaurantosaurus restrooms
  • Asia: right of the planter at Maharajah Jungle Trek restrooms
  • Rafikis Planet Watch: right of the planter at Conservation Station entrance
  • Pandora: on path near the Satuli Canteen

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Rules For Dogs At Disney Resort Hotels

As noted, service animals can accompany you to the theme parks, everywhere in the resort hotels, and at most attractions. For pets and companion animals the following rules apply:

  • Your dog should be vaccinated and more than 4 months of age.
  • Your dog cannot roam the grounds of the resort hotel unrestricted. The majority of common areas, even at the pet-friendly Disney resorts, are off-limits to dogs .
  • There are designated pet relief areas and walking trails close to the dog-friendly rooms at each of the four Disney resorts, and you must restrict your pet to these areas.
  • Your dog must be on a leash at all times.
  • Your dog is not permitted to enter lakes, ponds, or fountains in the resort.
  • Your dog is not allowed in food and beverage areas or the pool and fitness areas.
  • Your dog is not allowed on furniture in public areas.
  • A maximum of two dogs per room is permitted.
  • There are no breed restrictions or weight limits on canine guests at Disney.
  • Theres no Disney dog shuttle as yet. Pet dogs are allowed on some of Disneys transportation services such as motorcoaches and minivans. However, only service animals are permitted on the monorail, boats, and the Disney Skyliner.

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