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Buying Groceries At Disney World

Dvc Grocery Delivery & Ordering

Disney World Grocery Delivery By Amazon Prime Now To Art Of Animation Resort – At Walt Disney World

Buying groceries for your room: Some DVC members cook in their rooms or, if not, get snacks and other items so that they dont have to eat at a Disney counter service or table service for every meal or snack. For those of you who stay in a 1-BR or larger unit, you have a fully operational kitchen that you can take advantage of.

There are several ways to get groceries for your DVC villa.

Although not strictly an option for obtaining groceries, many members store non-perishable items between trips in their Owners Locker.

Groceries At Disney World

I hope that this post helps you to decide what service to use when ordering grocery delivery to your Disney resort, both on-site and off-site. Make sure to pin this post so you have it when you need it.

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My Experience With Instacart

I tried out ordering from Publix with Instacart on our last trip to Disney World. I had the order delivered to our resort on our first full day there and overall had a great experience with the service.

First, I loved that I got the exact same prices as I would have in-store. This includes sales! You can even clip digital coupons and get the same specials that are offered in-store.

The Instacart app had all of the items I was looking for, including the soy milk that Amazon Now did not have when I checked. I got fresh fruit at a MUCH lower price than in the food court for example, bananas were $0.21 each, compared to $1.69 each at the food court!

The earliest youll likely be able to get groceries delivered from Instacart is 11 am. I placed my order pre-7am and the first delivery time was 11 am-noon that day. While you may be able to get a delivery within an hour later in the day, youll have to wait if you order in the morning.

It was easy to select Animal Kingdom Lodge as my delivery location, and you can enter your room number if you have. If you dont have your room number yet, you can still place an order under your name.

I got updates on my phone as my order was closer to being delivered. I recommend enabling notifications in the app to get updates, even if you normally dont like app updates like me.

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What Are The Grocery Delivery Options At Disney World

by David Mumpower·October 14, 2021

Are you looking to save money on your Walt Disney World vacation? Frequent guests know a secret that you may not.

Disney allows for the delivery of goods to hotel rooms. This applies to everything from Uber Eats togroceries.

Oh yes, you can ship a carton of bottled water to your hotel if you like. Similarly, you can order Pop-Tarts or fruit or whatever you like for breakfast.

Disney will even throw in the coffee for free! So, lets take a look at the best grocery delivery options in Orlando.

Grocery Delivery Services At Disney World

Tips for Buying Groceries at Disney World

There are 4 main options for grocery delivery services at Disney World and all of them can provide most everything you may need. Some are better than others because they go beyond perishable food items like sunscreen, jackets, hats, glasses, forks, plates, spoons and bowls.


The first grocery delivery option in Orlando was Garden Grocer and they are still doing what they do best: deliver your groceries. While we feel there are better options out there, most people who use them do so because they have for a long time. We have to admit that their service is great and they have some pretty good options when it comes to variety. However, this is also their downfall as new services have become available who offer even more than they do. We dont want to call them old-fashioned but their service really is the most basic. That being said, weve used them in the past and had no issues.


When we moved on from Garden Grocers, this is where we came. Amazon Prime Now offers a lot of options from themselves and their Wholefood Store. You can order from both, set up a delivery window and even get express delivery same-day for a fee. Amazon offers everything from groceries to household products and park essentials at relatively good prices. Their biggest upside is that most people already use them so getting started is so much simpler.

3. Walmart+


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Cooling Towels And Misting Fans

Walt Disney World is in Central Florida. As a result, it can get hot and stickyespecially if you visit during the summer months. With that in mind, its a good idea to bring items that help you beat the heat. Cooling towels and misting fans will be your best friends when that Florida heat starts to make you melt.

Amazon Disney World Deliveries

Its important to note that you can use Amazon prime in Disney World for so much more than groceries. Especially with the advanced one and two-day shipping, it has become a great tool for families who might have forgotten something at home.

The Disney World Amazon prime service was the first delivery service I ever used on one of my vacations. It was 2014 and as a way to surprise my friends I upgraded our room at the Caribbean beach resort to the pirate themed room. The only problem was the room we cancelled had three beds, and the pirate themed room had two. Long story short after a few hours on hold with Disney guest services and bunch of laughs about how I just had to upgrade we ordered an air mattress from Amazon prime. I have been using them ever since.

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Walt Disney World Area Grocery Delivery Services

Many guests looking to save a bit of money on Disney food and dining expenses can save a bit of money by having quick breakfast options, water bottles or snacks in the room. Even if you dont have a car, you have a number of options for Walt Disney World area grocery delivery services.

Use Your Own Or A Rental Car

30 Things You Won’t Regret Buying in Disney World!

The most efficient way to get to a nearby grocery store is to drive yourself. You can achieve this whether youve driven yourself to the World or youve rented a car for your vacation. Just use your GPS or map app to search up a nearby grocery store, and youre good to go!

You might stop on your way to your Disney Resort or head out some time after youve settled into your room.

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Substitutions And Driver Instructions

With Prime Now, youll be able to select the items youd like to be substituted or omitted in advance.

This way your personal shopper will know what to do if an item is unavailable.

In the event you forget to specify, your personal shopper will contact you to confirm any changes, usually by sending you a photo of the replacement option.

Amazon has a great inventory tracking system so the need for substitutions is rare.

Pros Of Using A Car Delivery Service

  • Any groceries that are ordered using this method will be dropped off at Bell Services. The good news is that they have a great storage arrangement, including refrigeration units meaning that all your goods will be kept at the appropriate temperature until you either collect or arrange delivery to your room.
  • Youre in control of delivery windows and can select the one that best suits your day. It should be noted however that this is subject to change depending on the company you use.
  • Some stores are happy to deliver alcohol, for those looking for a bottle of spirits. Even if you have been walking around drinking all day!

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One Way To Save Yourself A Load In Luggage And Even Shave Some Dollars Off Of Your Disney World Food Budget Is To Do Your Grocery Shopping When You Get To Your Destination

One way to save yourself a load in luggage and even shave some dollars off of your Disney World food budget is to do your grocery shopping when you get to your destination. If you stay off property this is easier to imagine. While you remain within the magic bubble of Walt Disney World, its a little bit of a strange concept. However, it is totally doable. Even if you dont have a kitchen listed among your accommodations, you can still benefit from buying convenience items and groceries at Disney World.

If you stay in any of the deluxe resorts, then you have probably noticed the small convenience stores located near the lobby. These stores contain refrigerated and frozen food that you can take to your DVC villas and prepare. This is a nice option, but it is not your only available one. You can still buy groceries at Disney World without paying the premium for convenience.

Here are a few helpful tips, that will save you some money on buying groceries at Disney World.

How Much Does Instacart Cost

Disney Money Saving Advice: Grocery Delivery

Instacart charges $3.99 for same-day delivery if your order reaches a $35 threshold. If you select one-hour delivery, delivery from a club stores like Costco and BJs, or if you order is less than $35, the fee will vary.

Another thing to note is that there will also be a service fee or 5% charged and you will also need to tip your delivery driver.

You can sign up for a 2-week free trial of Instacart Express which will give you free deliveries over $35 and reduced service fees. If you choose to keep this service, you will be charged $99 per year after the trial.

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Summon A Taxi Or Rideshare

If you wont have access to a vehicle during your trip, its still pretty straightforward to get around. Youll want to summon a taxi or use an Uber or Lyft app to request a rideshare.

Note: Disney operates its Minnie Van rideshare program via the Lyft app, but you wont be able to use it for grocery shopping. Minnie Vans operate only on Disney property or to/from Orlando International Airport.

Final Thoughts On Garden Grocer Whole Foods And Instacart Disney World Grocery Deliveries

Getting groceries for Disney World is a huge time and money saving vacation tip. Ultimately which Disney World grocery delivery service to use is a personal choice.

Garden Grocer is still my preferred Disney World grocery delivery service. Although the most expensive option, their reliability and ability to deliver alcohol often makes the convenience worth the extra expense.

For trips where groceries are nice, but not essential, or when budget is a concern, Instacart is my Disney World grocery choice. A wide variety of products delivered least expensively makes Instacart a good Disney World grocery delivery option.

For those with a strong preference for organic or hard to find items, Whole Foods may be the right choice. Personally, Ive moved away from using Whole Foods and Amazon for Disney World groceries because the fees are high and the food selection limited.

Whether you pick up groceries yourself of use one of these Disney World grocery delivery services, I highly recommend having some food in your Disney World resort.

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A Comparison Of The Costs Between The Various Options

For our last trip to Disney World, I priced out the exact same groceries at both Amazon, Garden Grocer, Instacart, and Shipt. The screen shots below show how the prices varied. Due to varying price schedules when it comes to delivery fees and service charges, not all quotes below are on an apple to apples basis.

Note the following:

  • Amazon quote does not include cost of annual Prime membership, tip, or tax
  • Garden Grocer quote does not include tip
  • Instacart quote does not include delivery, service charge or tip
  • Shipt quote does not include cost of annual membership or delivery fee

Of all the options, we found Amazon Prime Now to be the most cost effective as we were already Prime members.

Cons Of Wegoshop Services

Stop Buying the Wrong Disney World Snacks
  • Delivery fees are more expensive using this service than with others.
  • There are lots of additional fees that you need to monitor to be sure youre getting the best possible deal for your money.
  • You will not know how much your order is going to cost until you receive it. Shoppers pick up items at the price they are on the day in the shop, they could be subject to offers, price changes etc meaning you will only know how much your shop costs once it has been checked out and the receipt has been supplied.
Buy from WeGoShop here

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Pros Of Wegoshop Services

  • There is no minimum order amount.
  • WeGoShop also offers delivery of both alcohol and flowers upon request.
  • You are provided with plenty of options for stores, so you can be sure that youre getting the products youre after.
  • Guests will be paying the same amount for each product that they would if they picked it up in-store. There is no mark-up on these prices and the receipt you receive will be original and true to the original pricing of the product.

What Groceries To Order

This will be specific to your family, but we definitely will help you out with a list to get you started! Keep in mind if you have a full kitchen vs a kitchenette or just a fridge your orders will vary.

Before you place your order for food items, find out if your hotel room has the following:

  • Size of refrigerator
  • Milk
  • Juice or Juice boxes

If you forgot to buy any of your essential items diapers, lotion, bandaids, etc., you can often add these to your grocery order. Just keep in mind, you probably wont know you forgot these things until you get to Orlando so you may be paying a same day delivery fee.

So go ahead and download one of these food delivery apps on your phone and let someone do the grocery shopping for you! Be aware of your perishable items, make sure you get free delivery if you can , and you are good to go!

One tip: no need to order bottled water! Make sure you pack your water bottle and you can get free water at all times from any of the quick service restaurants or water bottle filling stations! If you are staying at a Disney Resort and decided to purchase a refillable mug you may not need to order many drinks at all from the grocery store. Something to keep in mind!

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I Have A Car Do I Need A Disney World Grocery Delivery

Normally, I do grocery delivery even if we use Tiffany Towncar or have a rental car. Its more expensive, but I enjoy not having to shop on vacation.

If you have your own car, or a rental, a quick grocery stop may be more convenient than Disney World grocery delivery. Tiffany Towncar also allows a 30 minute grocery stop where you can shop for yourself.

Before deciding shopping for yourself is ideal, consider grocery storage. Depending on your arrival time your room may not be ready when you get there.

If your room isnt ready theres no place to store refrigerated items while you wait. This is different from Disney World grocery deliveries. Deliveries are stored in temperature controlled areas with bell services until youre ready.

If you plan on buying your own groceries first complete online check-in. Before shopping wait for a room ready notification. Your room assignment notification shows up in the My Disney Experience app or via email/text. After receiving this notification, shop and feel confident about heading straight to your room with groceries.

Grocery Delivery To Disney World By Service

Tips for Buying Groceries at Disney World

Choosing to have your groceries delivered to your Disney World resort could save you a lot of time and effort during your trip and still guarantee you get the food you need. There are lots of choices when it comes to Disney World grocery delivery services, and many of them are local and have been delivering to the Disney World resorts for years.

Unfortunately, the convenience of having groceries delivered could cost quite a bit, and sometimes the selection may be very limited. Youll have to make sure to choose an affordable option when it comes to fees and minimum orders.

We recommend looking at the services listed below and comparing and contrasting the prices to see what works best for you! What works best for one guest, may not work the same for another guest!

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Disney World Grocery List

When youre buying groceries for your Disney Vacation, the trick is to keep it simple. You cant get everyones favorite juice or cereal because then youll end up overbuying and wasting a lot of food.

  • Water an essential
  • Breakfast Disney World vacationers are usually too excited and busy for a sit-down breakfast every day. Pick a breakfast that works for everyone
  • Bagels and cream cheese
  • Cereal with milk
    • Redbull

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