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Buy Disney World Gift Cards

Disney Gift Card By Mail

Purchasing Discounted Disney Gift Cards

Free shipping to any U.S. addressGood for practically all things Disney!

Available in denominations starting at $25 up to $500.

Redeemable at, Disney Store locations in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico, participating locations at Walt Disney World® Resort in Florida, Disneyland® Resort in California, Disney Cruise Line®, and Adventures by Disney®.

To check your available balance, click here.

Why You Should Buy Disney Gift Cards

There are various reasons why we use Disney Gift Cards to save up, versus cash. First, Disney Gift Cards are almost as good as cash at Disney World, being able to use them virtually everywhere . Plus, Disney gift cards never expire and have no associated fees. Additionally, having your Disney money on a gift card ensures it is saved for Disney and not spent elsewhere.

15 Uses for your Disney Gift Card:

  • To Pay for your Disney World Resort stay
  • To Pay for your Disneyland Resort stay
  • To Pay for Admission with Theme Park Tickets
  • To buy Annual Passes
  • To pay for your Disney Cruise Line reservation & on board during your cruise
  • To pay for your Adventures by Disney reservation
  • To shop merchandise at Disney Stores & ShopDisney
  • To shop discount merchandise at Disney Outlet Stores
  • To pay for nights at Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa and select locations on-site during your stay
  • To pay for your room during your Disney Beach Resorts stay, at Disneys Hilton Head Island Resort or Disneys Vero Beach Resort
  • Where To Buy Disney Gift Cards From Target

    Most Target stores are now stocked with Disney gift cards. There are impressive reviews and ratings from customers who have bought the Disney gift cards from these stores. In their website they have also provided the ratings and comments left by the buyers. You will also have a chance to view high definition photos of the item you are buying. Here is a link to their site:

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    Grocery Store Fuel Rewards

    Groceries stores like Kroger, Safeway, and Stop and Shop have fuel rewards programs. In general you earn one point per dollar spent at the grocery store and 100 points will give you a savings of 10 cents per gallon on a fill up. In recent years many stores have given customers the ability to redeem fuel rewards for fuel or groceries, giving us even more flexibility with our rewards points.

    You can often do better than 1 fuel reward per point. Grocery stores will often run 2X, 4X, or even 5X fuel rewards points earned on gift card purchases, including Disney gift cards. The best way to stay on top of these deals is to check your weekly circular. The circular will indicate if bonus points are being offered for gift card purchases and at 5X fuel rewards points youre essentially saving 5% on your Disney gift card purchase. Make sure Disney gift cards are included in the sale before you purchase.

    Can This Be Used At Any Disney Location

    Where Can I Buy Disney World Gift Cards

    The Disney Gift Card is just about limitless when it comes to its use, not to mention the magic you will experience as a result. Once purchased, you can use the gift card at select participating locations at Walt Disney World® Resort, Disneyland® Resort, Disney Cruise Line, Disney Store locations in the United Stores,, Disney PhotoPass, Disney Vacation Club®, and Adventures by Disney®. A complete list of locations and restrictions can be found at

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    Disney Gift Card Discounts At Kroger Save Up To 20%

    If youre lucky enough to live near a Kroger supermarket, then you can easily take advantage of a unique strategy that will save you up to 20%.

    Not only can you use the AMEX Blue Cash Preferred to buy your Disney Gift Cards at Kroger , but you can also maximize your saving by utilizing their Fuel Points promotions. Kroger frequently offers a whopping 4x Fuel Points on gift cards which you can apply to Disney gift card purchases.

    Heres the best way to maximize your savings at Kroger:

    When you buy $250 in Disney gift cards during the 4X Fuel Points promotion, you will receive 1000 Fuel Points . Therefore, if you buy 35 gallons of gas, you automatically save $35 on the $250 cost .

    Combine this promotion with your American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card and you will save an additional 6%. Add the 14% and 6% and you have a 20% savings to apply to your Disney World vacation!

    Note: If your car doesnt hold 35 gallons, you can always bring your second vehicle to fill up at the same time.

    How Can I Find Discount Disney Gift Card Deals

    When we use the phrase discount Disney gift card, were actually talking about two different things.

    The first is the more common and obvious use of the term. Youre getting a Disney gift card at a discount when you purchase a gift card for less than the value of the card. A purchase of $50 in Disney gift cards for $45 cash is a purchase of discount Disney gift cards.

    One thing we dont count as a discount is just using credit card points or cash back you earned to purchase gift cards. If you have $100 of cash back sitting in a credit card account, thats as good as any other $100. If you decide to spend it on a $100 Disney gift card, its no better than using any other $100 to buy a $100 gift card.

    The second, and less common way to get a discounted gift card is to purchase it used a credit card that earns a significant amount of cash back or bonus points. Roughly speaking, everyone should be able to get 2% cash back, so a discount involves getting more than 2% or 2X points back.

    So lets say you have a way to get 5% back using a credit card and you purchase a $100 gift card. Youll get $5 back, meaning the card only cost you $95. If you dont understand the difference between this and spending your cash back for a gift card, take a second, theyre two very different things.

    There are a few methods for earning discount Disney gift cards and finding Disney gift card deals. Were going to start with what we consider the best method before moving on to some other options.

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    What Are The Restrictions Or Terms

    This card is definitely not redeemable for cash and will not be replaced if lost or stolen without required proof of purchase. You can’t use the Disney Gift Card towards the purchase of a Disney Vacation Club Membership. Using it to buy Disney Dollars or more Disney Gift Cards is also prohibited. Remember that this is just a highlight of the gift cards uses and limits so you should be sure to visit for complete details.

    Can I Combine Disney Gift Cards

    Why You Should NEVER Buy Gift Cards | The Risk of Buying Gift Cards | Disney Gift Cards

    Keeping track of a bunch of gift cards can be difficult, but thankfully there is a solution. Disney allows you to combine multiple cards into one card here!

    I think his is one of the best features of Disney gift cards. You can move balances between cards and only have to keep track of one card on your trip.

    The most you can move onto one Disney gift card is $1,000 so if you have more than that youll need multiple cards.

    Note that if you have more than five to combine, you will have to transfer the balance to the primary card, then delete cards from your collection of My Cards as you go.

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    Bjs Disney Gift Cards

    BJs Wholesale is my first choice for Disney gift card deals because you dont have to have a specific credit card or expensive membership to get discount Disney gift cards.

    You now have to be a member to get a Disney gift card discount at BJs but fear not!

    You can try out BJs with a free one day pass and buy all of the gift cards you need for your trip.

    and get 24 hours to buy Disney gift cards without purchasing a membership.

    Right now the best deal is the $100 BJs Disney gift card that costs $95.99. This is a 4% savings and the other gift card options at BJs offer less than 4% off.

    I like that you can pay for these discount Disney gift cards with any form of payment and that you can get instant access to these prices without a membership.

    If you purchase these gift cards with a credit card that earns rewards or cash-back, you can save even more.

    I buy them with my 2% cash back card so I save 6% total.

    You can combine the amount from multiple gift cards on the Disney Gift Card site here, making them much easier to manage when you are in the parks.

    Using Multiple Gift Cards To Pay For Your Disney Vacation On On Disneycom Mydisneyexperience

    Were so happy its almost time for your magical vacation to begin! And Im especially ecstatic to hEAR youll be using your Disney Gift Cards to make payments for your trip! I love that theyre accepted at most shopping locations and restaurants at Walt Disney World Resort, and you can use them towards purchasing theme park tickets and even your Disney Resorts Collection hotel stay!

    You are able to use the Disney Gift Card to make payments towards your reservation balance however, you will find it only allows you to use one Disney Gift Card on your My Disney Experience account.

    If you would like, you can create an account on the Disney Gift Card website, where you can combine multiple Disney Gift Cards onto one with a balance of up to $1000. If your balance is more than that, and you would still like to make a payment using multiple Disney Gift Cards, you can do so by calling Disney Resort Hotel Reservations, 939-1936, and a friendly Cast Member will be happy to help you!

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    How To Use Disney Gift Cards Online

    All you have to do is visit,,, and to use your gift card to purchase tickets. If youre looking for Disney merchandise, visit and use your gift card at checkout!

    Travel tip: We suggest registering your card on the Disney website. This way, if you lose a physical gift card with a balance remaining, you can go online to your Disney account and transfer the funds of the lost card to another card.

    What Can I Use A Disney Gift Card For At Walt Disney World

    Buy Disney Gift Cards at Target

    Question: What can I use Disney Gift Cards to pay for while on my vacation to Walt Disney World?

    Answer: Basically anything! There are a few things that are cash only , but other than that, everything is free game! That includes your actual vacation package as long as you have booked through Disney, or a Disney Travel Agency like World of Magic Travel!

    If you are going to use gift cards to pay for your vacation package just know that you, or your travel agent, will need to call them since only two forms of payment can be entered online.

    When youre in the parks, gift cards can be used for meals, gratuity at meals and souvenirs. With the new Magic Bands you can even charge purchases to your room and then go down to the lobby each night and apply the gift cards to your room as payment. That way you dont need to worry about losing your Disney Gift Cards while exploring the parks or Downtown Disney.

    My name is Alissa and I am a Writer for Chip and Company. Im also an Independent Consultant with World of Magic Travel, the preferred agency of Chip and the Disney Addicts. Email me today at to book your next Magical vacation to your favorite destination.

    Let our friends at Destinations to Travel help you! Just fill out the form below and someone will be in touch!

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    Get Ready For Your Next Disney Experience

    Once you accumulate your Disney gift cards to use on a magical Walt Disney World Vacation, it is best to combine them onto one card. This can be done on the Disney Gift Card website. You need to create an account before you can proceed. Once your account is set up, log in and click Manage Cards. Here you will type in your barcodes from your gift cards. Next click on Transfer Balance. Once you designate one card to be your main card you can transfer the remaining cards to your one main card. However, a maximum of $1,000 can only be put on any given card. Another great benefit of registering your gift cards on the site is that if you lose one of your cards that still has money on it, you can simply go online and transfer the money onto another gift card.

    Can You Add Disney Gift Cards To Magic Bands

    While there is no way to directly link your Disney gift card to your Magic Band, you can attach a credit card to your room account, make purchases to your account using your Magic Band, and then pay off your room account using your Disney gift cards by visiting the front desk of your Disney Resort hotel.

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    Discount Disney Gift Cards: Expert Tips & Tricks For The Best Deals

    If youre reading this, youve probably realized that Disney World and Disney vacations can get pretty pricey. Since Disney discounts are few and far between its important to find multiple avenues to help you save money on your trip. If you want to maximize savings on your Disney vacation, youll want to learn how to buy Disney gift cards at discounted prices. Every little bit of money saved counts when it comes to Disney!

    Disney gift cards can be used to pay for any part of your Disney vacation, from the deposit on a hotel package to your mobile order meals in the parks. That means if you buy a Disney gift card for 5% off youll be saving 5% on your Disney vacation. That means for a $3000 Disney vacation youll be saving $150, enough for a table service meal for a family of four.

    In this post well cover the basics you need to know about Disney gift cards and how to score consistent and reliable discounts. While some of the following Disney gift card discount methods seem complicated at first, dont be intimidated. With some organization and experience you will be saving money on your Disney vacation in no time.

    Can I Link Disney Gift Cards To My Disney Magicband Or Disney Magicmobile

    How to Buy Disney Gift Card Online

    As of right now, you cannot directly link a Disney gift card to your MagicBand or the new Disney MagicMobile system. However, if youre staying at an on-site Disney World hotel you can pay your hotel room bill with a Disney gift card. Any purchases you make on your MagicBand will be billed to your hotel room so you can use a Disney gift card to pay for those purchases, albeit indirectly.

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    Cheap Disney Gift Cards Summary

    In summary, BJs offersthe most reliable and hassle-free way to get Disney gift card deals.

    Though you can definitely buy Disney gift cards at other locations, you will need a special card or pricey membership to get access to the best prices.

    I like that you only need a $10/year membership to buy gift cards from BJs and that you can use any payment method .

    Is Buying Disney Gift Cards In Canada Worth It

    The short answer is yes. And no.

    There are a handful of great Credit Cards available that dont force you to pay Foreign Currency fees, which is the main reason one would want to buy an American Discounted Disney Gift Card in the first place.

    If you cant get a hold of a fee-free credit card, all of your savings will be eaten up by this fee.

    Lets look at Sams Club, for example. Since it is the only Gift Card that would require you to purchase across the border.

    After paying for your membership, which comes to roughly $59.49 per year, you need to pay that off in savings, before you are in the black. At 3.5% savings, and 2.5% fees, it takes a minimum of $6,000 spending before you net save your first $50.

    You are then still looking at 1% savings on every dollar spent after that. While it is better than nothing, you are not hitting any multipliers on your credit card from your local grocery store.

    As mentioned above, you are looking at between $150-175 savings on a standard $6000 purchase, which is better than nothing, but dont spend too much time looking for deals.

    Youre best bet is to earn Air miles for free tickets, or PC Optimum points for free groceries . Simply buy gift cards whenever you see them, knowing you are saving these fees and prepurchasing expenses.

    Youre best bet is to earn Air miles for free tickets, or PC Optimum points for free groceries . Simply buy gift cards whenever you see them, knowing you are saving these fees and prepurchasing expenses.

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    Do Disney Gift Cards Lose Value

    Disney Gift Card features include no fees and no expiration for gift card balances. Disney Gift Cards can also be reloaded at Walt Disney World, Disneyland and most Disney Stores in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. Disney Gift Cards never lose their value if they are not used in a certain time period.

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