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Bring Food Into Disney World

Food And Drink Allowed In The Parks

Why You Should Bring Your Own Food to Disney World!

You can bring in almost any food items or beverages you want, with just a couple of exceptions.

  • Adult beverages of any kind are not allowed to be carried in.
  • For safety reasons, glass jars and containers are not allowed. One exception to the glass rule is baby food, which is often packaged in small glass jars.

Can You Bring Food Into Disney World

When traveling with your family, you need to think about food. After all, its hard to enjoy even the most breathtaking of sights when youre starving.

Its important to access dining areas wherever youre visiting, but you might also prefer to bring your food. Many people vacationing at Disney World in Florida usually wonder whether they can bring food.

The answer is yes!

You can bring food from outside and have it around the water parks, theme parks, resorts, and wherever else you want to go sightseeing in Disney World. But, there are some regulations you need to be aware of to avoid having your snacks confiscated. Read on.

You might also want to check out our guide to the things you can and cant bring into Walt Disney World.

Water Bottles & Refillable Water Bottles

While you can get free water at Disney, bringing your own refillable bottle of water or your favorite water bottle can save you a small fortune at Disney.

Many water bottles can be bought in larger 18-24 packs at the local grocery store for about the price of 1-2 water bottles at Disney. These savings can really add up. A refillable water bottle is even a better idea.

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Bringing Food Into Disney Worlds Parks

If you want to bring your own food into Disney World, there are still a few rules in place that need to be mentioned:

  • You cannot bring alcohol into the Disney parks. If you try, it will be confiscated at the bag check. Alcohol is allowed at the Disney Resort hotels, and you may bring wine to Disney Springs to enjoy at select table service restaurants .
  • Coolers are allowed . BUT, they cannot be larger than 24 long x 15 wide x 18 high. Coolers may also cant have loose or dry ice, so youll need to throw some ice packs in there.
  • Glass containers are not allowed inside of the parks. . If you are bringing food that needs to be in a container, use plastic or snack bags.
  • There are no plastic straws allowed in Animal Kingdom or any of the Disney water parks. Some folks dont like how the paper straws hold up, but these silicone ones are a great stash to bring!

Where Can I Eat The Food I Brought Into Disney

Can you Bring Food into Disney World?

You may feel like you shouldnt unwrap your snacks brought from home for fear of being seen, but finding a place to sit and eat your food is easy! You are welcome to sit at any of the park benches around the parks though there seem to be less of these than there used to be. You are also welcome to eat at any counter service seating area, indoors or outside.

We love eating inside Sunshine Season in the land at Epcot for the air conditioning. Harambe Market and Sautil Canteen are great places to sit in Animal Kingdom. Caseys Corner or Friars Nook at Magic Kingdom and Dockinb Bay inside Star Wars Land in Hollywood Studios are all great suggestions on where to sit while you eat the food brought into Disney!

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Any Ideas About What I Should Use To Carry My Food In

In my experience, Ive seen guests have the most success with soft-sided insulated bags. These could be either the single lunch, six-pack-size for individuals or back-pack or diaper-bag-size for families.

Hard-sided coolers, even small ones, add extra weight and are more difficult to maneuver. A shows the smaller size soft coolers starting at about $10.00 and the larger ones starting at about $20.00.

Another bonus if youre flying is that you can fold soft coolers for transport or use them to corral wet swimsuits for the trip home.

Bringing Food Into Disney World Theme Parks: A Cheapskate Princess Guide

Amanda*This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase via our links, we receive a small commission at no extra cost to you*

If you ever tried to sneak food into some sort of establishment, you just might be a Cheapskate Princess! Most Walt Disney World visitors are aware that you no longer have to sneak your food into the theme parks, because the rules have changed from years past. I have a mini-anxiety attack every time we go through Security, because my dad snuck in food during every trip we made to Disney when I was a child. I call it Post Traumatic Cheapskate Syndrome.

Even the most well-traveled Disney visitors could use a refresher on just what you can bring and how to transport food for a day at the parks.

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Pack Food To Comply With Rules

Pack your food in purses or backpacks. Disney World doesn’t allow large, hard-shelled coolers inside its parks. A large cooler is anything bigger than 24 inches by 15 inches by 18 inches.

Glass containers arent generally allowed in Disney theme parks, but small jars of baby food are the exception. Make sure your food is packed in plastic containers or bags. If you’re worried about food getting squashed in your bag, pack it carefully, placing soft items on top. Also, consider using a plastic container with a hard side.

Dont take juice boxes into Disneys Animal Kingdom park, because the plastic straw wrappers and straws with such drinks constitute a hazard to the animals. In fact, out of consideration for the animals, it’s best not to take any type of plastic straws into the park.

You Can Take Sandwiches & Drinks Into Disney World

How to NOT Spend Money at Disney | What Food Can You Bring Into Disney World? Disney Allows Coolers?

So, in reality you can take sandwiches or even a picnic into any of the parks. These rules really benefit visitors not staying on property or those who dont have the dining plan and want to save some of expense of buying park food. We have always got the Disney Dining plan so dont have to worry too much about this. However, we have taken plastic bottles of water into the parks which of course get checked by security along with collapsible water bottles to refill at drinking fountains.

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Can You Bring Food Into Disneyland And Disney World

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Are you heading to a magical vacation soon and wondering if you can bring food into Disneyland Park or Disney World? I think bringing food like snacks and water into the Disney parks is a great idea because it can save you money! It can also help save young kids from having a meltdown in the Walt Disney World parks. Just because your Disney vacation took loads of planning and an investment of time and money, kids will still be kids. Snacks help when they are feeling cranky, irritable or even just bored!

Our family typically plans one sit down meal, whether that be at a quick service location or a sit down reservation. We grab breakfast on the go on our way to the parks, since we love the lower crowds at rope drop. The rest of the time, we just snack through the parks.

Keep reading to see what snack items are allowed in the Disney theme parks, along with some storage ideas and any important details you need to know about bringing outside food and your own meals into Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort.

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What Can You Bring Into Disney World

Most people are often surprised when they find out you can bring food into Disney World! It’s a common misconception that you can’t bring your own drinks or snacks. For a list of prohibited items, you can cruise the Disney World website to see what isn’t allowed.

So what should you bring into Disney World each day? Here’s a list of everything you should have in your park bag each day:

  • Magic Band
  • Pocket sized blanket to sit on for parades or nighttime shows
  • Autograph book/sharpie for character autographs
  • Pennies/quarters for penny machines
  • Ziploc bags for leftovers and to protect your phone/autograph book on water rides

You can also rent a locker if you don’t want to carry extra jackets or your park bag throughout the day which is a great option if you want to save your back.

So You Brought Your Lunch But Where Can You Sit To Enjoy It

Can I Bring Food Into the Disney Parks?

Anywhere you can find a seat, you can enjoy your food! There are plenty of areas with outdoor seating, as well as several indoor places to cool off and enjoy your meal. One great place in EPCOT is Sunshine Season in Living in the Land. Theres plenty of tables and the nice cool A/C to get out of the Florida heat for a bit.

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Coffee Breaks At Disney World

Also if like me you need a few coffees in the morning to get going well your snack credits can be useful for a caffeine hit too. With Starbucks located in all the Parks and at Disney Springs you can use a snack credit to get the largest drinks available in any of the Disney Starbucks locations. I normally get the largest coffee I can get or maybe a large Frappuccino on a hot day.

I would recommend researching what you can get with a snack credit and making sure you get as much value as you can for each one because you can easily waste one on something silly like a bottle of water or a coke!

You can read more Disney Dining Plan Tips hereand my guide to the Best Snacks at Disney World here too.

Can You Pay Off A Disney Vacation

If you have a vacation package, you can pay off the balance online or call 939-7675. If you have a room-only reservation, you will pay off your balance when you arrive at your Disney Resort hotel. You can view your existing Disney Resort hotel reservations on the My Reservations page in My Disney Experience.

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Foods To Bring To Disney World

Fortunately, you can bring lots of foods to Disney World that your family can enjoy. Here are some excellent examples:

  • Dried fruits
  • Crackers
  • Soft drinks

Its wise to pack foods that are easy to eat and wont cause a mess. Pack them in hard plastic containers so they wont get squashed. To save space in your luggage, pour the snacks that come in bags into the containers and carry them that way.

Its also wise to be mindful of the high Florida temperature. To keep foods like sandwiches and soft drinks enjoyable, keep them in a well-insulated cooler.

Does Disney Do Payment Plans

Snacks I Bring When Visiting Disney World – Packing Food for a Disney Vacation!

Luckily Disney World does offer a flexible and interest fee payment plan for all packages purchased directly through the Disney World website and reservation line. Although it is not officially called a payment plan it offers many of the same benefits. Best of all, it applies to anyone who signs up.

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What You Cant Bring Into Disneyland:

As of March 29, 2019, we have added some new items to these lists. Some policies go into effect immediately, while others began to be enforced May 1, 2019. From here on out, all of these items are being enforced so be sure the following items are not packed in your bag!

Wagons If you are looking to carry children or items, a stroller is the best option for you. All push and pull wagons, as cute as they may be, are something you can’t bring into Disneyland. And truthfully, a stroller would be much easier to push around the streets of Disneyland than any wagon could dream of being. As of May 1, 2019, this applies to stroller style wagons as well.

Coolers Other than soft sided coolers that are no larger than the 6-pack size, no coolers are allowed in the parks. If you want a cool drink, most quick-service restaurants will give you a cup of ice, free of charge! Then just pour your own drink in. If you have a medication or dietary restriction that needs to stay cool, talk to a Cast Member and they will be able to help you bring those items in.

Loose Ice – No loose ice or dry ice is permitted in Disneyland. Use a reusable ice pack, or see our expert tip below regarding what you can bring in to keep things cool.

Speakers – Disneyland does not permit items that may be disruptive, so error on the side of caution and leave Bluetooth speakers in the hotel room or at home.

Pepper Spray – Since this is considered a weapon pepper spray is not allowed in Disneyland.

Why Should I Bring Food Into Disney World

When considering if you can bring food into Disney World, its important to know why you should.

Disney as we all know can get expensive fast. For families with multiple park days, eating three meals a day plus snacks, or utilizing the Disney dining plans is just not feasible. Being able to bring in your own food and drinks can be a huge perk, just consider the savings! For instance, outside of the parks you can buy a case of water for the price of or or two bottles inside the parks. Soft drinks can also be kept in your cooler, saving you from the $3 plus per drink at any dining location.

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Additional Tips For Bringing Your Own Food Into Disney World

For Animal Kingdom park goers, keep in mind items such as plastic straw wrappers and straws, like those from juice boxes, can be considered a hazard to the animals. Park wide you will not find any plastic straws, only paper straws will be served. We recommend grabbing reusable straws like seen here on Amazon.

There are no places to heat up food in the parks, but baby stations may have microwaves for bottles.

Overall, take advantage of bringing your own food into Disney World to make the best park experience, at the best cost to you.

Disney World Fashion Tips

Can you Bring Food into Disney World? ⢠WDW Vacation Tips

When it comes to style, it can be hard to sacrifice that for comfort when you’re planning what to pack for Disney World. But you don’t want to show up in heels either and find yourself having to buy a pair of shoes in the parks because your feet hurt! Here’s some tips on how to maintain your style in the parks with everything you should prepare for.

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How Large Can Your Cooler Be

You might want to re-think that Thanksgiving Day spread you had planned for the Greatest Disney Picnic Ever. While Cast Members may not care what food you bring with you, they do care how big your cooler is. If you have ever seen the drivable cooler, you will know why this rule made me chuckle a bit. No bags, boxes, coolers, or any other container larger than 24 x 15 x 18 is allowed into the parks, no matter what you plan to use it for.

Most Disney planning sites suggest you bring a soft-sided insulated bag. You can buy these for $10 and up, depending on where you purchase them.

Also, other than strollers, you may not bring any wheeled conveyances into the parks. This means no rolling coolers or wagons to transport lots of smaller coolers.

Mama, dont let your babies grow up to drive a cooler into Disney World. I couldnt resist finding a photo, as I wondered if at some point someone really did try to drive their lunch into Magic Kingdom

Use Makeup Setting Spray

If you plan on doing your makeup, don’t forget to use some makeup setting spray. My favorite is Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray. It’s a miracle product- it’s kept my makeup intact after a 12 hour park day including a trip on Splash Mountain. This item is a must for my packing tips list. I don’t leave without it in my carry on bag!

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Snacks And The Dining Plan

If youre on the standard Disney Dining plan, then dont worry too much about taking snacks into the parks. Every Disney World Vacation we have been on so far with the Disney Dining plan we have had quick service credits left on our last day of our holiday. The good thing about the Dining Plan is that you can convert a quick service meal credit into three snack credits. You can use the snack credits to buy sweets as gifts .

The snack credits on the Dining Plan of which you get two a day can really be used to great effect. One example would be the giant Mickey Cookie available at various locations. It is huge and it is yours for just one snack credit. My wife and I usually share one of these and generally we dont eat it in one go and end up finishing it off later in the day.

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