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Best Way To Visit Disney World

Book Your Vacation In Advance


Its not uncommon for Walt Disney World goers to book 7-8 months in advance. Disney Vacation Club members book 11 months in advance of their trips for the best availability and rates. You should do the same. Hotels are always offering better rates and ticket sellers will run specials that last only a few weeks but cover the entire year. Keep watch on both of these and youll be sure to find the best deals.

Saving Time And Money At The Park

  • 1Buy your park passes ahead of time. Avoid paying high fees for tickets by buying your park passes in advance. You can use the Disney World website to check out the prices and select passes for the theme parks you are planning to visit. Disney ticket prices drop with every extra day to your visit you add, so try to buy all your passes at once.XResearch source
  • Passes can be very expensive when purchased through Disneys website, so you may want to consider buying your passes from an authorized third-party seller. You can do this through a third-party seller like Undercover Tourist. You can also look for discounts through your local auto club , your student union, your human resources office at work, or through Veteran Affairs if you are in the military.
  • Do not buy passes on sites like Craigslist, eBay, or other unauthorized online ticket brokers. You cannot use someone elses unused Disney tickets, as Disney will not accept tickets that are registered under someone elses name.
  • 2Bring your own snacks and supplies. You cannot take coolers into the parks, but you can take backpacks and purses. Load up your bag with supplies like sunscreen, toiletries, band-aids, refillable water bottles, and snacks. Food and supplies in the park are often expensive so avoid spending extra money on items you can bring with you.
  • A backpack is also useful for any leftovers you may have if you do decide to eat at a dining spot in the park. This way, you can snack on the leftovers later in the day.
  • Know When To Expect Crowds

    This may seem obvious, but the crowds are heaviest in Disney World when students are out of school. If its a holiday weekend, school break, or summertime, then its almost a guarantee that the parks will be busier than usual. If you can travel outside of these times, then plan for that, but if not, just keep your expectations realistic.

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    Cheap Restaurants Outside Of Disney

    Its cheaper to eat dinner outside of the parks, which works well if you take a break in the afternoon then return to the parks after dinner .

    In the past we used vouchers on Groupon or from our hotel to save on meals and ate at cheap restaurants like Cicis where the all you can eat pizza buffet costs just $7.99.

    We also often ate at Earl of Sandwich at Disney Springs where a veggie sandwich costs $6.99. Its good for your first night as you get the Disney vibe but dont need a park ticket for the area. You can sometimes find coupons for here especially if you sign up for their newsletter.

    How Much Should I Budget For Walt Disney World

    5 ways Disneyland is different from Walt Disney World ...

    One of the most frequently asked questions we get at Get Away Today is how much a Walt Disney World vacation costs. In fact, we get asked so frequently that weve put together a full article that breaks down the costs. This article also includes sample package pricing for our most popular hotels for a variety of months and travel groups to give you a basic idea of Walt Disney World Resort vacation costs. We keep this article updated frequently to reflect current prices and specials.

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    If You Want To Spend A Bit More

    The sky is the limit for how much you can spend at Walt Disney World. But if you want to spend a bit more, we say do it with a budget mindset.

    You can sometimes save 50% on Disneys deluxe hotels easily by renting DVC points, for example. If youre buying 10-day tickets, youll still save buying discount tickets! If you want to fly first class, consider using points.

    If you really have infinite money available for your trip, you skipped over this section. Since you have some finite amount, make sure youre getting the most you can out of it! Read the rest of this guide with a budget mindset, and apply those tips to your deluxe vacation.

    Visit During Slower Times Of The Year

    It can also pay off to plan your vacation during the slower times of the year. Yes, Disney World almost always feels busy with travel demand still on the rise since the onset of the COVID-19 global pandemic, but there are still times when the parks arent filled to the brim. And, aside from being able to find lower wait times and face fewer crowds, you also can score some extra savings!

    No Crowds

    When youre deciding your travel dates, you might want to consider visiting in January or February. These months tend to have lower demand, meaning that park tickets and hotels are at their lowest price points. Plus, Disney tends to dish out more opportunities for savings to try to bring people in during these times.

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    Busiest Days At Disney World In 2022

    Sometimes I find it easier to back into an answer, and thats why I have decided to cover the 2022 busiest times at Disney first. There are many factors that determine which Disney World theme park is just busier than the others during any given day.

    Below is a quick overview of peak periods and the busiest days at Disney World in 2022:

    • Winter Break: Typically the first two weeks in February
    • Spring Break: The first week of March through the third week of April
    • Memorial Day Weekend: The entire week leading up to Memorial Day
    • Summer Vacation: Specifically the third week of June through July
    • Thanksgiving Break: The entire week before and after
    • Christmas Break: The third full week of December until after January 1st

    Disney Vacation Club Rentals

    The Best Way To Spend $20 In Disney World

    One of my favorite tips for visiting Disney World is DVC Rentals. Disney Vacation Club is a Disney timeshare that offers stays at their deluxe resorts. However, you dont have to be a member to reap the benefits. Members are allowed to book resort stays for their guests.

    There are several sites that allow you to rent points from a member. This can save you a considerable amount of money if you are planning to stay on property. Our favorite DVC Rental site is the Davids Vacation Club Rentals.

    Before we had the Disney Vacation Club, we used DVC Rentals. We booked a studio at Beach Club Villas for $184 a night and the regular price was over $420 See how much you could save by renting points by clicking here or clicking the banner below. You can check out my full review of the DVC rental here!

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    Is It Worth Going To Disney During The Pandemic

    Throughout this guide, weve mentioned lots of changes and suspensions due to COVID-19.

    At Disney World, some of the normal fun stuff, like evening fireworks, have returned. Many special events, hotels, restaurants and more are also currently suspended. All guests ages 2 and up have to wear a face mask and have their temperature checked before entry into the parks. FastPass+ and Extra Magic Hours are gone, with replacements coming. Character meet-and-greets are still on hold and we may have seen the last of Minnie Vans.

    Visiting Disney World right now is undoubtedly a very different experience than normal operations. If you are considering a big once in a lifetime visit, then now may not be the best time since you wont get the full experience. If you are especially concerned about being around others in public or cant tolerate a face mask in the Orlando heat, then you should definitely wait to book your trip.

    But, if you take proper precautions and go in with reset expectations, in some ways Disney World is even more enjoyable than before. Its generally now enjoyed at a much slower pace you wont be going sunup to sundown due to shorter hours and youll definitely need less planning and strategy, especially with Early Theme Park Entry and the introduction of Genie+ and Lightning Lanes.

    Make Sure To Use Rider Switch For Little Ones

    If youre a family with children who are too short to do all the rides, dont worry, the adults dont have to miss out! Disneys Rider Switch system allows one adult to wait with the child while the other members of the party experience the ride. Once the first group is done, the adult who waited will be allowed to board the ride without waiting in the standby line, since the rest of the party already waited.

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    Disney World Dining Tips

    Like I said earlier, you can book reservations 180 days in advance, some restaurants are easier to book than others, here are the restaurants that you should book as soon as possible as they book up quickly.

    • Cinderellas Table
    • California Grill
    • Chef Mickeys

    Here are some of my favorite restaurants that I highly recommend visiting while at Disney World:

    Animal Kingdom: Yak & YetiMagic Kingdom: Be Our Guest or Skippers CanteenEpcot: Chefs De France Also check out Spice Road Table around 7:30 and youll have an amazing view for FireworksHollywood Studios: Brown DerbyDisney Springs: Morimoto, Frontera Cocina

    Learning About Genie+ And Lightning Lanes

    5 ways to save at Disney

    Lightning Lanes are Disneys new skip the line system for Walt Disney World rides, having replaced the old FastPass+ system.

    At each park, most or all of the rides have Lightning Lanes, and they can be broken into two groups. Most of the Lightning Lanes are included in Genie+. Guests who pay for Genie+ will be able to select one Lightning Lane slot at a time, and theyll visit these throughout the day.

    Each park also has two individual Lightning Lanes. These individual Lightning Lanes are not a part of Genie+. To access these, guests buy specific timeslots for these rides.

    Were building out are Genie+ and Lightning Lane content, and it can be found at:

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      How To Help Keep The Disney Magic Alive

      Part of being a Disney fanatic is buying into that magical feeling that you can only get in a Disney park. As a former cast member, I still get goosebumps remembering how good it felt the first time I helped cheer up a grouchy kid and their desperate family. I walked on air all day.

      As a Cast Member, keeping the magic alive is an everyday part of the job.

      Its not just something you do in your regular interactions with park Guests, its literally assigned to you in the form of Magical Moments, which are given as part of a typical ride rotation.

      Youre essentially given complete freedom to make someones day: you can take them backstage, skip them to the front of the line, give them a coupon for something free there are all KINDS of tricks and tools that Cast Members can use to improve someones vacation by making Magic happen for them.

      Getting a Magical Moment is the most exciting part of a Cast Members day!

      Theres a reason why giving Magical Moments is the assignment that every Cast Member wants to get on rotation its incredibly gratifying and fun. And honestly, everyone who suffers through the many exhausting challenges of working at the happiest place on earth is really just there for one reason: because they love the magic, and they want you to love it, too!

      You can share in that fun and magical excitement as a Guest. Here are some ways that you can help keep the magic alive as a guest

      Help preserve the magic for kids.

      Itll make both of your days, trust me.

      Super Secret Disney World Backstage Photos

      I know you all want to see the secrets hidden behind the scenes at Disney World! And while Im still writing up a post about my favorite ridiculous Cast Member stories, I can share these super-secret, highly illegal backstage photos with you.

      I only have 2 backstage photos, because if someone spots a Cast Member backstage with a camera backstage, theyll be fired faster than they can say Jiminy Cricket!Jokes on me, I was fired years ago! JK, you guys, I wasnt fired. But I also havent worked at Disney in years, so Im no longer terrified that people in Mouse suits will bang on my door and arrest me for posting these

      Before you scroll down and look at these, I want to warn you: backstage unlike the rest of Disney World isnt terribly cute. But as this was nearly a decade ago, *I* looked adorable.

      The Utilidoors, which run underneath Magic Kingdom, are pretty much just hallways with giant sewer pipes running through them and half-dressed Cast Members scurrying frantically about.

      And Epcot, as youll see below, is mostly just an empty lot. But I totally get the curiosity! If youre dying to see Epcots backstage for yourself, you can always take the official Backstage Magic tour!

      You can also catch a glimpse of Epcots backstage while riding Test Track look out over the parking lot while youre riding outside and youll see the Epcot Cast Member entrance, which leads to a hidden door next to the Mexico pavilion.

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      Other Tips To Book A Cheap Disney World Trip

      Beyond points and miles, there are other tried-and-true ways to lessen the financial hit of a Disney World vacation.

      • Enjoy your character dining off the property: Many hotels around Disney World feature character meals, in which costumed Disney characters come by and greet your family. They often pose for photographs and sign autographs. Disney also offers character breakfasts at its parks and resorts but theyre much more expensive. Save money by indulging in this luxury at your off-the-property hotel rather than at the parks.

      • Consider buying an annual pass: Although Disney has temporarily stopped selling its annual passes, when it does resume sales, consider purchasing one for a member of your family. Annual passholders are entitled to additional discounts on hotels, merchandise and food. Depending on how many people are in your party and how long youre staying, purchasing a pass can actually save you more than you spend for the pass itself.

      • Look into free activities. Wander Disney Springs, walk along Disney’s boardwalk or visit Disneys Animal Kingdom Lodge to view exotic animals like giraffes and zebras. There are even more free things to do around Disney World, and thoughtfully scheduling these kinds of activities can help keep your expenses in check.

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      How To Plan A Disney World Vacation On The Cheap

      This Disney World Experiment Had Shocking Results

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      Disney World is a truly magical place, making it one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. However, there is nothing magical about what it costs to plan a trip here. Fortunately, there are many ways to make a Disney visit much more affordable. Here’s the ultimate guide to planning a cheap Disney World vacation!

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      Planning A Disney World Trip Tickets

      There are two major decisions youll need to make about your Walt Disney World tickets. First, youll need to decide how many days, or partial days, youll want to spend in the Parks. Generally, the longer park ticket you choose, the less you pay per day. A partial day visit will use a whole ticket day and many guests like to use a partial day on their first or last day depending on their flight times.

      The next choice youll need to make is which ticket type will be best for you. Base tickets, also known as 1-Park per Day tickets, allow you to visit one theme park each day and are the most affordable. Park Hopper tickets allow you to visit multiple theme parks each day. Each of these ticket types include an option to upgrade to allow additional visits to Disney water parks and other experiences. You can find out more about each of the Walt Disney World ticket types here.

      If youre looking for just Walt Disney World tickets, you can buy them at our discounted prices on our site. If you purchase Walt Disney World tickets separately, or are staying at a non-Disney hotel, they are non-refundable. Although tickets purchased outside of a Disney hotel package cant be refunded, they can be rescheduled youll just have to pay the difference if you go on a more expensive date. Tickets never lose their value, but you will always have to pay any applicable difference if the price increases.

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