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Best Time To Visit Disney World

When To Visit Walt Disney World For Adults

Best Time to Visit Disney World

When drinking around the world do you start or end in Mexico?

Many people think of Disney World as a vacation destination for families, but there are plenty of activities for grown-up kids too. Epcots International Food and Wine Festival, which takes place in the fall, is a huge draw for adults looking to eat and drink around the world. Thanks to the popularity of the Food and Wine Festival, Disney now offers specialty food and drink options at all of Epcots festivals throughout the year.

There will always be kids at Walt Disney World, but for adults looking to minimize the crying babies and over-tired children during their vacation, plan a visit while school is in session.

Pro Tip: Parents are less likely to pull their kids out of school during testing weeks, so visiting Disney World during the end of school semesters often means fewer kids at the parks.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Disney World What You Need To Know To Decide

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Its a question that comes up time and again: when is the best time to visit Disney World. Is it in the fall when temperatures are perfect and villains come to life? Or should you wait until Christmas when holiday decorations bring that extra touch of magic? Maybe the winter months would offer a better experience, with lower crowds.

While there are a lot of Disney World secrets, the best time to visit the parks is really not one of them. Instead, its a straightforward decision based on a number of factors. Keep reading below for the things you should consider and tips for deciding when youll find the most magic for you.

When To Avoid Going

You probably can already assume that the holidays are the worst time to visit Disney World, and you’re not wrong, mostly because the prices tend to skyrocket at that time. It makes sense – people have off from work and kids are off from school during the holidays, and a trip to Disney World is obviously a fun way to celebrate. But Thanksgiving and the end of December aren’t the only times to avoid a trip to the iconic theme park – you might want to consider skipping the summer months, too.

For one, the prices tend to be a little higher in the months of June, July, and August, namely because, again, kids are home from school and families tend to go on vacation during this time. On top of that, as Travel + Leisure points out, the Florida weather in the summer months can make your trip a little more unpleasant . And during both summer and the holidays, you can expect bigger crowds, which means longer lines and wait times for all the attractions you want to see and things you want to do.

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So When Is The Best Time To Visit Disney World

The best time to visit Disney World really depends on you. Do you want the parks to be at their busiest and best? Then go during spring break, summer vacation or the Christmas holidays. Prefer to avoid the crowds? Then visit during the low season which generally comes into effect during term time. Other factors like special events, the weather and the cost of traveling can all have a big impact on your vacation.

Find out more in our month-by-month guide.

The Best Time For Avoiding The Crowds

Best Time to Visit Disney World Orlando

If you want to avoid the crowds then you may prefer to visit outside of school breaks and national holidays. Some of the best times for avoiding the crowds include:

Aside from the UK half term, February is a good month to visit Disney World. The weather is starting to warm up, crowds remain low for most of the month and youll find plenty of deals on accommodation. If you do plan on visiting you should head to Epcots International Festival of the Arts which runs through February 25.


Spring break and Easter dominate much of March and April, but by May things quieten down again. The weather is great and the crowds are low to moderate until Memorial Day Weekend which is the official kick-off for summer at Disney World.

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Seasonal Effects On Crowds

Different seasons bring more than just weather changes in the world of Disney. Seasonal parties, holidays and common breaks from school greatly effect crowds. Seasonal crowd levels must be taken into effect when considering the best time to visit Disney World for you and your family.

In spring, many schools across the country are on spring break. Starting in the beginning of March through the beginning of April, there is an uptick in crowds that coincides with various spring breaks. If you are wanting to visit during the warmer yet mild spring weather you may find visiting prior to or after spring break is the best option for youif you can take your kids out of school for a few days that is.

Summertime can be one of the best times to visit Disney World if you are worried about children missing school. However, since all kids are out of school, this means crowds are higher as the number of local visitors as well as those from out of state increases during this time.

In the fall and winter season many holidays effect the crowd levels we see inside Disney World. The Halloween party is growing majorly in popularity, and if it returns post- COVID-19, we predict the few days prior to and after Halloween will once again see an increase in crowds.

Best Times To Visit Walt Disney World In 2022

Before we dive into the different factors, here are the best times to visit Disney World in 2022:

  • Second and last week in January
  • First and second week of February
  • First week of March

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In addition to the parks 18th month-long celebration, 2022 will see the return of Fantasmic, the Festival of Fantasy parade on March 9th, Mickeys Royal Friendship Faire on February 25th, and Finding Nemo: The Big Blueand Beyond. Furthermore, Disney is debuting the new Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, a two-night immersive experience that takes guests inside the world of Star Wars on March 1st.

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This is, of course, in addition to annual events such as the Festival of the Arts , Flower and Garden Festival , Food and Wine Festival , and Festival of the Holidays which are increasingly becoming more popular year by year. Guests will also be flocking to Epcot and Magic Kingdom for the debut of Tron Lightcycle Power Run and Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, scheduled to debut later this year.

These factors can significantly impact attendance levels both at certain parks and the property as a whole.

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Best Times To Visit Disney World In 2022

Based on current Disney crowd calendars, the best times to visit Disney World in 2022 are January and September, right after kids have returned to school from both summer and winter break. Determining the best time of year to visit the Disney theme parks is dependent on a variety of factors, including when kids go back to school, the debut of new attractions, specially ticketed events, weather patterns, holidays and so much more.

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How Can I Still Have A Good Time At Disney When Its Really Busy

The Best Times to Visit Walt Disney World in 2022

This is the Most Magical Place on Earth, so of course, you can still have fun even if its really crowded. First and foremost, accept that the parks will be busy and that you will be standing in line often. I know it seems like simple advice, but for many of my trips, Ive looked forward to all of the good things about Disney the rides, the snacks, the castle pics only to get aggravated by the bad things I forgot exist like long lines, hot weather, and never being able to find a place to sit.

So, by realizing that these things ARE going to happen on your trip can help you get mentally prepared so youre not thrown into chaos.

The best advice I can share though is to do what you want on your trip, not what you THINK you have to do. Oftentimes, because a trip to Disney is so expensive, vacationers want to fit as much as possible into their itineraries, but keep in mind that this is not what your Disney World vacation is supposed to be about. Rather, its about taking time off work or school, laughing, being together, and making memories. So, if you want to rest by the pool or skip the parks or only can fit in three of the major rides you wanted, remember that its okay. By doing what you want, it takes the pressure off your shoulders so you can be more in the moment and enjoy everything the day ahead of you will bring.

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When To Visit Walt Disney World To Avoid Crowds

You can always expect a longer wait at the mountains of Magic Kingdom

The most prolific crowds at Disney are during summer break and the winter holidays. Throughout the rest of the year, youll find the least-crowded times on weekdays when school is in session. In my experience, January, February, and November have the lowest crowds overall.

Disney hosts special events, like festivals and marathons, throughout the year. These events can draw in unexpected crowds during low seasons. I like to check out this crowd calendar. This is an unofficial calendar that uses past data, hotel and ticket prices, and event dates to estimate the crowd levels at different Orlando theme parks throughout the year.

Disney World Winter Highlights:

Walt Disney World is truly magical during the winter months. Of course, we start out with the Christmas holidays, and the parks and all the resorts are decorated to the nines. Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party runs on select nights at Magic Kingdom through to the week before Christmas. Epcots International Festival of the Holidays celebrates the season at Epcot until the end of December.

If youre a runner, Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend usually takes place within the first couple of weeks of January. The Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend is typically the last weekend in February.

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What Month Has The Worst Weather

This answer will depend on you and what you can tolerate. Traditionally speaking, the worst time to visit Disney World is in June, which is Floridas rainy month. While there are plenty of things to do in the parks when it rains, certain outdoor rides will close and you may not be able to enjoy as much pool time at your resort as youd like. So, if you want to make the most out of your day, try to avoid Floridas rainy season as best you can. This doesnt mean it wont rain , but it wont be as prolonged as other months.

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However, if you dont mind a little rain but absolutely hate humidity and high heat, avoid August like the plague. Its not uncommon for temperatures to be in the upper 90s.

You should also keep in mind the risks associated with visiting Walt Disney World during Floridas hurricane season June through November. Depending on the weather patterns, booking a trip during this time of year is always at risk of cancelations or park closures if a severe storm approaches the area or makes flying too dangerous.

Things To Keep In Mind For April:

2020 Weeks to Visit Walt Disney World, Ranked in Order ...
  • The Easter holiday happens this month, which also means heavy crowds at Walt Disney World.
  • The Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival transforms Epcot into an array of color. Make sure you set aside some time to check out the topiaries there.
  • Storms will also likely be a factor so we highly recommend you plan mid-day breaks from the sun and rain during your trip.

Get park hours and info on refurbishments and special events on the .

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When Is The Least Crowded Time To Visit Disney World

If you want to know when the least crowded time to visit Disney World is, we have good news as there are many different times during the year you can choose from. Generally and historically speaking the off season times to visit the Disney World are January, early February, late April going into early May, September and very early November. During these off peak months you will experience lighter park attendance which means shorter wait times in the ride queues.

You will want to make a note that long weekends such as Presidents day weekend and popular school break weeks such as the week of Christmas are one of the most crowded park times in the year so you want to plan accordingly if that is the only time you can go. If you want to ride the rides and skip the longer lines regardless of the time you go, contact us as this is what we do!

Avoiding Early Park Closures Due To After

One other thing to be aware of is any separately ticketed events that may be scheduled even during the best times to visit. Here are the most common causes of early park closure:

These after-hours parties can cause the park to close earlier than usual. If you look forward to an evening at Disneyland with all the nighttime entertainment, then avoid visiting these days unless you have a party ticket. Otherwise, your fun may be cut short, and you may not get the most out of your visit for your money. Since park hours are generally released only up to six weeks in advance, keep an eye out for news of parties and note any upcoming dates to avoid . You can look to our linked posts for upcoming events or for guidance on predicting the next season’s shenanigans.

Ta-da! There it is the best time to visit Disneyland in 2022 and 2023! Don’t froget that you can purchase discount Disneyland tickets from your favorite frogs! Ribbit!

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What Disney Park Is Usually Least Crowded

Typically speaking, it used to be Epcot. However, since the park pretty much has a festival going on every month of the year, thats not really the case anymore. Speaking simply in terms of popularity and things to see and do, Animal Kingdom usually ranks last on the list. Not to say its not a fun park, but since Epcot always has a festival, Magic Kingdom has the most rides, and Hollywood Studios has Galaxys Edge, Animal Kingdom doesnt offer as much as the other parks. Even though the addition of Pandora has been great for boosting attendance, its not as popular anymore since its been around since 2017.

Plus, another reason why Animal Kingdom seems less crowded is because of how open it is. Unlike the other parks, crowds are able to disperse easier in Animal Kingdom. So even if it is crowded, it wont feel as cramped as lets say Magic Kingdom or Hollywood Studios.

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The Best Times To Visit Walt Disney World In 2022 Are:

The best time to visit Walt Disney World in 2022

    Important Note: Weekends will nearly always be busier than the surrounding weekdays. However, since most families opt to spend 5 or more days at Walt Disney World, we have included weekends between green days in our lists above & below.

    An experienced travel professional at Small World Vacations can help you navigate all the changes.

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    We Anticipate That Dates Around October 1 2021 Could Be Extremely Busy Especially At Magic Kingdom And Epcot

    That is due in large part to the opening of new attractions and the start of some new entertainment offerings:

    Ratatouille October 1,2021

    Epcot is playing host to lots of new stuff over the upcoming years, and this brand-new attraction located in the France pavilion will definitely invite a surge of crowds.

    Currently, we know the first of the new attractions, Remys Ratatouille Adventure, will open up on October 1, 2021.

    This is also the kickoff for the big 50th Anniversary celebration, and while many people will be drawn to Magic Kingdom for the day, you can expect heavy crowds at Epcot, too.

    Harmonious October 1, 2021

    A highly-anticipated new nighttime show will kick off at Epcot on October 1, too. Harmonious was announced several years ago, and after a delayed opening Disney has announced that it too will be a part of the big 50th Anniversary kickoff.

    Disney Enchantment October 1, 2021

    Magic Kingdom receives a new nighttime show, complete with projections that will extend all the way down Main Street U.S.A.!

    Disney KiteTails October 1, 2021

    After the cancellation of Rivers of Light, Animal Kingdom doesnt have a nighttime show. But, they will be getting a new daytime show. Since this show will happen several times per day, we dont anticipate that it will have the same effect on crowds as the nighttime shows at Magic Kingdom and Epcot.

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