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Best Time To Travel To Disney World

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Best Time to Visit Disney World

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In Our Opinion Crowd Calendars Arent A Thing Of The Past But They Are Going To Look Different

Most of what we knew in the past isnt going to help us now.

Many special events are being canceled. School schedules are all over the place.

Choosing those best dates just got a lot more nuanced and things wed never thought wed have to consider are a new reality.

But even though things definitely will look different, there are still some times that are less busy than others.

If youre just starting to plan a trip between now and the end of 2022, you should first read our free Walt Disney World Vacation Planner to make sure you dont miss anything that could mess up your trip.


When do you plan to visit? Any questions about our Disney World crowd calendar?

Feel free to leave your thoughts in the , but please dont ask us to compare to crowd calendars from other sites. Weve explained the reasoning behind our calendar here and wont be commenting on how other sites do things.

Know More At Walt Disney World Resort

Along with these trip planning tools, we’ve got hundreds of pages of travel advice includingdetailed ride reviews and on-board video,candid dining reviews from a professional chef,up-to-date, searchable menus and prices from every Disney restaurant,and Lines, our smartphone app rated #1 for Disney World in bothiTunes and.

One of the first decisions youll have when booking a Disney World hotel room is which view to select. If youre staying at the Yacht Club, for example,do any Garden or Woods View rooms have a view of the Stormalong Bay lazy river? If youre on the monorail loop, does a Magic Kingdom View really improve yourchances of seeing the fireworks? Is Savanna View at the Animal Kingdom Lodge worth the money?

To help you decide, weve taken pictures of what youll see from the windows of Disney World hotel rooms more than 30,000individual photos. And they’re all available here!

Why is choosing a room important? For one thing, youre paying a premium to stay on-site. So consider these two photos, each of which is a room viewyou could get at random if you just let Disney make the decision for you. Don’t leave your room view to chance. Find a great room and request it from Disney.

Why request a specific room from Disney? At Disney’s All Star Sports Resort, it may mean the difference between Room 9106 , and Room 9306 just two floors above.

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Reasons For Traveling To Disney World In The Summer

Yacht and Beach Club Pool

People may steer away from traveling to Disney World in the summer. There are many good reasons to go in the summer though.

1. Longer hours. You can utilize early hours and evening later hours when it is cooler

2. PLAN. You can pre-select fast passes ahead of time . Use these to stand in less lines and on more attractions. I dont usually suggest holding off using fast passes for later in the day because then you cannot add any at the parks but in the summer months, it makes sense. If you can get to the parks when they open, you can easily ride five to seven attractions that are high crowd attractors, before the bulk of the crowds get in. Most guests do not arrive before 10:30AM. Dont do the ones you have pre-selected fast passes for unless you have time or want to ride it multiple times. Pre-select three rides later in the day for ones that are high attractors. You can then do some shows late morning before it really heats up, have lunch at the park or head back then and enjoy the pool and the other offerings at the resorts.

3. Having a sit down meal for lunch during hot days is a nice break. Eat at a grab n go for dinner to spend more time at the pool and get in the park when it cools down.

4. There are less ride refurbishments. Most things tend to be open.

5. If you can travel the second week in August and beyond, the crowds will be even less. The kids are either back to school or back in their towns for fall sports practices.

The Best Time To Visit Disney World To Experience A Specific Event

The Best Time to Visit Disney World in 2019

Of course, if you want to experience a specific event, such as the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival or the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival, youll want to visit during that time. Check out the event schedule in advance so that you can attend on the perfect day.

These events are offered over multiple weekends, so youll have lots of options. This past year, the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival was held over more days than ever. Dates are typically released well in advance.

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Very Best Time To Visit Disney World In 2021

Do you know what the best time is to visit Disney World?

Planning a visit to the happiest place on Earth is always an exciting experience. And finding the best deals, tips, and tricks to make each theme park adventure is everything ThemeParkHipster is about.


While youre searching for discounted theme park tickets, and taking advantage of free Walt Disney World dining, have you considered when you should book your vacation?

Cheapest Time To Go To Disney World

As a general rule, the off-season is cheaper. Less people=less demand= lower prices. Prices usually follow the crowd calendar with the off season being cheaper and the peak season being downright ridiculous. The best deals will come when Disney is expecting low capacity .

Ticket pricing now fluctuates depending on demand so tickets for days when crowds are projected to be high will be higher. Resorts and hotel prices change a lot also depending on crowds.

So again, the absolute cheapest time of year to go to Disney World is going to be when crowds are lowest and thats generally late August/early September.

But Disney runs so many promotions and specials throughout the year so keep an eye out for discounts.

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When Is The Best Weather In Disney World

Disney World has great weather for most of the year with plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures almost year-round. The Florida sunshine is definitely positive, but the extreme heat and humidity that comes with it, not so much. Thats why finding out when the weather is best in Disney World can make your trip infinitely better.

The weather in Disney World can be extremely unpredictable, with temperatures in the 90s and a blazing sun one minute, followed by severe thunderstorms and lightning the next, only to see the sun come back out 30 minutes later. On rare occasions, you can even get hurricanes in Walt Disney World. The only thing you wont find is snow!

Packing for the weather is key when visiting and depending on when you go, you could need clothes for the heat, rain, and even at times a sweater or jacket. Here is an overview of the weather in Disney World for each season.

Disney World In February

Best Time To Go To Disney World – Disney World Q& A

Crowds in February // February has historically low attendance levels, with the exception of Presidents Day weekend. Crowds will grow slightly towards the end of the month with the Princess Half Marathon and spring approaching.

Prices in February // The low hotel rates that started in late January continue through mid-February, outside of those busy holiday and race weekends.

Temperature // High: 73 // Low: 53 // Temperatures are very unpredictable. We once visited with morning temperatures in the 30s for several days followed by record daytime highs in the 90s just a week later! Pack for all seasons!

Precipitation // 2.83 // Like January, rain is usually not an issue in February.

Holidays and Events // Epcots International Festival of the Arts continues through mid-February. The Princess Half Marathon is held in late February.

Closures // One water park will still be closed for annual refurbishment. Ride maintenance closures will likely continue from January as well.

2021 Disney Trip Must-Haves!

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Disney World In April

Crowds in April // Spring Break crowds continue in April and taper off by the end of the month. Depending on when Easter falls during the year, the weeks immediately before and after Easter can draw larger crowds with more kids out of school.

Prices in April // Hotel rates continue to be moderate.

Temperature // High: 82 // Low: 62 // Warm to hot days should be expected. The kids will probably want that daily afternoon pool break by April!

Precipitation // 2.48 // The summer storms still havent arrived, but it can rain anytime in Florida.

Holidays and Events // Epcots International Flower and Garden Festival continues through the month. The Star Wars Half Marathon is run in mid-April.

Closures // Both water parks will be open and planned maintenance closures are rare by this time of year.

The Best Time To Visit Disney World In August 2022

August has always been the best summer month to visit Disney World. So when is the best time to visit Disney World in August? If you are planning a full week, we recommend August 22nd 28th. If you are only visiting Disney for one or two days in August, we recommend the 25th or 26th.

August has typically always been the calmest summer month as many of the schools in the southern part of the United States are back in session. Plus, Disney runs some amazing vacation deals. One of the coolest parts about August is also the fact that Disney allows you to get a head start on your Halloween celebration as the first Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Partytakes place around August 13th.

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Best Time Of Year To Go To Disney World

If youve seen any Disney commercials lately, you know that theyre trying pretty hard to convince you that the best time to go to Disney World is NOW. And while its true that theres never really a BAD time to go to Disney , some times are definitely better than others depending on whats important to you.

Factors like crowds, budget, weather, special events, holidays, and festivals are all significant when it comes to picking the best time of year to go to Disney World.

Ideally, the perfect time to go to Walt Disney World is when the weather is cool and the crowds are low however this winning combination knocks out the majority of the year. If youre lucky enough to be able to plan your trip during one of the slowest and mildest times of the year, youre sure to have a great time, but if not, dont worry- like I said-there is no such thing as a BAD time to visit Disney!

Keep reading to find out what months have the lowest crowds, what they weather is like throughout the year and my personal favorite times to go to Disney World.

Disney World Weather In Winter:

The Best Time To Go To Disney World in 2021 + FREE ...

When you think of Florida, you tend to think of hot weather and fun in the sun. But the weather in Orlando during winter can be pretty unpredictable. When we were there one early January, it was so cold that the fountains were frozen in Hollywood Studios. Once the sun came out, things warmed up a little, but coats were still necessary for a few days. So if your Disney World vacation planning includes a lot of pool time or youre planning to include one of the beaches near Disney World, the weather during the winter months may prove disappointing.

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The Best Times To Visit Disney World In 2023

For many Disney fans, anytime is the right time to visit Disney World. Since central Florida typically has sunny, warm weather year-round, its hard to find a better vacation spot.


it can be hard to figure out when the best time to actual visit it.

Maybe too hard!

Between the great offerings, the fun festivals and the new attractions- it can get a little overwhelming.

AND with the new 50th celebrations, theres even more pressure to visit the parks. Between the marketing, the FOMO, and a bunch of new things, its any wonder that Disney World isnt busting at the seems with attendance.

While these are my opinions based on a lifetime of Disney Travel, I do think that you can have a magical vacation no matter what time of year you travel BUT their are some optimal times you want to check out Disney World for lower crowds, more fun, and better on your Budget Disney trip!

This post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you, check out my affiliate disclosure for more information and all the legal mumbo jumbo.

Cost Cheapest Time To Go To Disney World


When is the Cheapest Time to go to Disney World?

Generally speaking, the cheapest time to go to Disney World is when the park is least crowded. This is often over the winter months and other slow times of the year and during weekdays. Disney World often runs special promotions and discounted vacation packages during these slow times in an effort to entice more visitors. The most expensive time to visit Disney World is over the warmer-weather months, and during school vacation weeks, holiday weeks, and weekends, or when Disney is hosting a popular event or festival.

Disney Single-Day Theme Park Tickets

The cost of a Disney World vacation fluctuates throughout the year. As far as nightly Disney World Resort pricing goes, the hotel rates increase during peak periods and decrease during the slower, off-peak times of the year. This hotel pricing policy has been in effect for years now. But Disney has recently instituted a surge pricing model for its single-day theme park ticket as well.

Disney World Theme Park Ticket Tiers

Disney now offers three tiers of single-day theme park tickets: value, regular, and peak days. One-day tickets are given a category based on the expected crowds for that day. Ticket prices also vary based on each theme park.

Progressively Cheaper Rates on Multi-Day Theme Park Tickets

Multi-day theme park tickets work differently than do single-day tickets. With multi-day tickets, the more days you purchase, the less you will pay per day.

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Best Time Of The Day To Visit

The best time of the day to visit the Disney World Parks is hands down as soon as the park opens!

The parks typically open in the 8 am – 10 am range, and by arriving 30 minutes prior to opening, you can ensure a closer parking spot, and a quicker entrance to the park.

Most theme parks don’t completely fill up until the afternoon rolls around. This gives you a window of opportunity to enjoy the park with less crowds for a few hours.

You’ll want to double check the hours for each park on the Disney official site.

Best Time To Visit Disney World


When it comes to planning a trip to Walt Disney World, vacationers definitely want to plan ahead. Frequently, travelers ask us “when is the best time to go to Disney World?” While choosing the best time to visit Disney depends on personal preferences and availability in your schedule, there are times of the year that are better for avoiding crowds and maximizing fun. We’ve taken a look at some of the slowest and busiest times of the year at Disney as well as seasonal weather, so you can plan your trip with confidence.

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Best Month To Visit Disney World

So when is the best month to go to Disney World? We believe its September! You simply wont find lower crowds and better deals then traveling to Disney World in September. Most families have already had their kids go back to schools which is the main factor behind the low crowds. On top of this we also love the fall events and the popular EPCOT Foot and Wine festival which takes place at EPCOT.

Which Season Is The Best Time To Visit Walt Disney World

by David Mumpower·June 14, 2021

When you plan a Walt Disney World vacation, you face many decisions. For starters, you must pick the best time for your trip.

Every day on the annual calendar comes with some excitement and intrigue. You should weigh your options more generally, though.

Before you lock in on a date, you should pick a season so that youll know what to expect.

Which season represents the best time to visit Walt Disney World? Lets talk through the pros and cons

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