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Best Shoes For Walking Around Disney World

The Best Shoes To Wear At Walt Disney World

The Best Shoes for Disney World

This is a really popular question so I thought you might like it if I put together a list of my favorites and the best shoes to wear at Walt Disney World in 2021! Your shoes are essential to your Disney World trip since every Disney vacation is full of miles and miles of walking! It averages out to about 10 miles a day in fact! When we do quick half-day trips into the park I still find myself clocking up to 7 miles.

First off, we recommend all you ladies out there stay away from heels! It still ceases to amaze me the number of tall pumps I see some ladies wearing around the parks. I can barely make it through a day in the office, let alone a 6-mile day at Disney World!

Megnya Womens Comfortable Walking Sandals


I love the unique spin on the style of the shoes. It makes it look attractive at first glance. You look at these shoes, and you just know that this is the pair that you must buy. The braided straps give it a cute look and keep your ankle in a secure fit that helps you walk properly and confidently. They are indeed among the best womens sandals for disney!

The straps are carefully handmade of nylon that fixes your feet in one place. Furthermore, the straps material does not peel the skin, and you can also easily adjust the straps in a comfortable position. You will also thank me for the shoes because it comes with an excellent quality sole that is so comfortable to walk in, no matter how long you have to walk.

You can wear this not only to your Disney World trip but also to any casual place because it matches all outfits and events.


  • The pair supports all types of the arch.
  • It offers an excellent fit as it secures ankles.
  • Best to walk around in theme park.
  • These are the walt disney for women shoes to die for!


  • The flexible straps may allow your feet to slip out of the shoe.


Best Shoes For Disney Additional Tips

  • Know that your feet tend to tire easily? Bring an alternate pair of shoes and socks with you into the park. Keep the second set in a backpack or rental locker. If your shoes are irritating you for any reason or your feet swell, youll have a pair to switch into.
  • Consider shoe inserts, insoles or orthodics. Read these ideas on how to have pain-free feet on vacation.
  • Choose the right shoe for your trip. If youre planning on getting wet , you might want to choose a water resistant style. Traditional water shoes dont often have the full support you need, so look for a hybrid style. If youre going to be walking a lot , choose cushioned athletic shoes.
  • Do not wear a new pair of shoes. Break your new shoes in first by wearing them several times pre-vacation.
  • Bring a First Aid kit stocked with items to relieve foot issues. I use New-Skin Liquid Bandage that can be painted onto the skin and when it dries, leaves a waterproof bandage that eases friction.
  • When going on super-soaker attractions like Splash Mountain, consider switching out shoes before riding. Bring a pair of flip-flops to change into, while storing your good shoes safely in a plastic bag within your backpack.
  • Beware of sandals with straps that may potentially rub or pinch skin.

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Salomon X Ultra 3 Gtx

If you are traveling with the only adventure on your mind, then these Ultra 3s may be just what you need. Often voted one of the top walkings and running shoes on the market, built with only the rocky trail in mind. Salomon has strong name recognition, and there is a good reason for that.

From their waterproof but breathable design down to their grippy and rugged bottom soles, these shoes will support you through every day on your trip.

Shop For

Best Sandals For Theme Parks

Best Shoes for Disney World

During warm weather vacations, sandals are my go-to pair of shoes at the amusement parks. Open-toed shoes allow for feet swelling, which can easily happen when youre standing on hot pavement for hours. Sandals also offer breathability that most closed-toe varieties cannot. All necessary in comfortable walking shoes, right?

Sandals are also light-weight and often dry quickly in inclement weather, particularly important in Florida. Sandals are a cute option when paired with shorts or capri pants. And open-toed sandals are a lovely way to show off your Disney-themed pedicure!

From Becca Robins:

Chaco are a rugged sandal made for hiking and rafting so they are made to be worn and walked in even when wet. The straps can be adjusted fully for a perfect, personalized fit and you can send them back for re-webbing or resoling for life at a minimal cost.

Teva sandals are the choice of Cathy Bennett Kopf:

For my Greek cruise, Teva provided all-day comfort touring the ancient ruins. Purchased in taupe, the color worked with all of my outfits.

Open-toed sandals are what I most frequently wear to the theme parks. My favorite is made by Natural Soul. These shoes are as cute as they are comfy!

They have an adjustable hook and loop closure on the side so you can adjust to allow for foot swelling and ultimate comfort. Check out the new SOUL Naturalizer Womens Sing Sandal. They come in a large variety of colors so theyll coordinate with all your DisneyBound outfits!

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The Best Shoes For Disney Reviewed

Now that we have covered what not wear, you can see that sneakers, walking shoes, tennis shoes are really great choices for the best shoes to wear to Disneyland.

A good pair of sandals or crocs might work for some as well.

While we suggest these as best shoes to wear to Disney World, you will find them useful for Universal, Six Flags, Legoland, any other theme parks or basically destinations where you will walk a lot every day like in Paris or London or elsewhere in Europe or New York City.

Here are our recommendations for the best walking shoes for Disneyland or best shoes for Walt Disney World for the entire family:

Womens Cloud Shoes On Cloud

These comes in a close second to the APL sneakers. These shoes are extremely lightweight it feels like you are walking on clouds. So comfortable, and the quality is amazing. I love the on-cloud sneakers. They are very bouncy and comfortable. They are airy and do not get too hot.

There is nothing worse than hot, sweaty feet from walking around Disney World. These keep your feet nice and cool throughout the day. You really cannot go wrong with any of the On-Cloud options and I love that they have a lot of different options for both men and women.

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Best Sneakers And Athletic Shoes For Disney

If you choose to wear sneakers to Disney, I have two suggestions:

  • Make sure you wear these kinds of socks so your feet dont get all sweaty
  • If at possible, bring two pairs of sneakers. Your sneakers might get really wet, either from a water ride or getting caught in a downpour, and your sneakers may not be fully dry by the morning
  • The ASICS Womens Running Shoehas a mesh upper, a rubber sole, and a forefront and rearfront gel cushion.

    goes into great detail of why these shoes are a good option:

    The Saucony Womens Triumph ISO Running Shoe is synthetic with a rubber sole and boasts an ISOFIT sock-like conforming upper. One reviewer called these shoes the Cadillac of cushioning.

    describes how these shoes solved her unique problem:

    I have been searching quite some time for a shoe that works for me. I have achilles tendonitis in my left ankle andI supinate really bad . The outer part of my feet are flat, but I have a pretty high arch. I went to several different shoe specialty stores and was told to buy the same type of shoe over and over, however it was an average guy in sporting goods store who helped me the most. He recommended this shoe and I love it. I can finally walk all day with no major issues.

    Best Kids Shoes For Disney World 2022

    What to wear walking around Disney World

    Jefferson by Native: Not only are these shoes perfect for all-day wear, theyre also sustainable! Completely vegan, these kid-approved kicks are water-friendly, super lightweight and extremely supportive. Easy to slip on and off, these shoes will keep your kid comfortable throughout the day. They also offer a classy and cool design that both boys and girls theyll love!

    Nike Kids Sunray Protect: Available in nine classic and trendy different colors, these versatile and waterproof sandals will keep your kiddos safe and stylish! These cushioned, lightweight shoes offer sun protection and premium comfort making them perfect walking shoes for Disney.

    Disney Crocs:Pair Disney style and superior comfort with Crocs Kids! Trick em out with Disney Croc charms and choose from a wide variety of colors and styles. Lightweight and easy to slip on and off, these fun and stylish shoes keep feet cool and comfortable with an advanced toe-box ventilation system. They even have Disney Crocs for adults so the whole family can match!

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    How To Avoid Blisters At Disney World

    Even if you have the best shoes in the world, getting blisters on your feet is a real possibility after all that walking around in the parks.

    Is there any way to prevent them? And how do you treat existing blisters?

    The first thing to understand is that blisters are almost always caused by one of two things:

  • Shoes that dont fit correctly
  • Moisture
  • So if youre wearing sneakers, especially, make sure your shoes is big enough to allow your feet to expand .

    As far as moisture causing blisters, here are some tips:

    Worst Shoes For Disney

    Since you know youre going to be walking several miles every day during your trip to Disney World, you need to make sure that youre only wearing shoes that will be kind to your feet!

    Heels, wedges, pumps, or any kind of womens dress shoes are a no-no for Disney. These could be the worst things you could possibly wear in Disney World, and will definitely be a pain by the end of the day. Heels will cause your feet to be in a weird position all day, as well as they will catch on the different terrains and curbs around the park.

    Cheap flip flops or other shoes without support are also a bad idea for wearing in the parks. You need shoes that are going to support your heels and arches, and cheapy flip flops arent going to cut it. Not to mention, the straps could break, you could slip on puddles or wet rides, and they could be a total disaster!

    This should go without saying, but dont wear shoes that you havent worn before. A trip to Disney World isnt the right time to break in new shoes. You want to make sure youre wearing shoes youve already broken in, and ones that youve worn before so that you know if there are any spots that rub on our feet or if they hurt after walking in them for a long time.

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    Womens Universal Sandal Teva

    I also love these sandals for women . They have options for the whole family, which makes for easy shopping. They are durable, can be worn all day , and have many options to fit everyones unique style.

    These are great options for grandparents as well. These sandals are extremely comfortable and offer a lot of cushion support.

    Tips & Tricks For Picking The Best Shoes For Disney 2022

    Best Shoes for Disney World

    Break em in: This ones as simple as it sounds. Before hitting the parks, try to wear your cool new shoes for Disney world out in the wild. Doing so will provide your feet with additional comfort and will keep your feet free of blisters on your first day at Walt Disney World.

    Find your perfect shoe: We cant stress enough how important it is to try on a few pairs of shoes before deciding on the perfect pair for you. Everyones feet are different, so finding a pair that offers you the support and comfort you need is key to conquering the parks.

    Stay Stylish: Who said you cant have cute comfortable shoes for Disney World? Lets be real, no one wants to sacrifice their perfectly planned park outfit on a mediocre-looking pair of shoes. Thats why weve only included stylish shoes in our round-up of park shoes. Disney bounders, rejoice.

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    Soda Valett Open Toe Casual Best Sandals


    Looking for casual and chic shoes? Something tells me these sandals might be your answer. It is comfortable, stylish, and the few inches from the heel makes it even better. Even though many people may not choose to wear such shoes to a place where you have, you walk a lot. Several might even want to go for a pair of running shoes.

    However, this sandal is designed for you to walk comfortably apart from just looking stylish. The straps offer an amazing fit around the ankle, and it has a secure lock. This makes sure that you do not have to keep tying it again and again. Plus, a loose strap will affect your gait, but the straps on this sandal support your gait and allow you to walk confidently. These are ultimately the best sneakers for disney.

    Feel free to walk around the parks with these! Your day at the disney will be amazing with these!


    • The shoes are really cute disney shoes.
    • It comes in different colors.
    • The pair is true to its size.
    • It is very comfortable to walk in this part.
    • Best shoes to wear to disney world and other theme parks.
    • Amazing walking shoe with memory foam.


    • The material may wear off easily.


    What Are The Best Shoes For Disney World

    Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you click through and buy, TravelingMom may receive a small commission at no additional charge to you.

    Everyone has a very strong opinion on the best shoes for Disney World and other amusement parks. I asked my fellow TravelingMom writers and theme park travelers what their favorite shoes are for taking on Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

    Heres what I found: What one person says are the most comfortable walking shoes, another person says give her a blister after spending one day in the Magic Kingdom!

    This holiday season, treat the grown-up game player in your life to a full year of fun and relaxing ad-free games for only $29.99! Visit

    Some swear by sandals for their ability to dry quickly in damp weather and allow for foot swelling. Others insist that sneakers are the best . And what about those who say that flats or flip-flops are the best shoes for theme park touring?

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    Best Mens Shoes For Disney

    When it comes to finding the best mens walking shoes for Disney World, things get tricky.

    You see, the hubby owns about 4 to 6 pairs of footwear at a time.

    The reason I can give so many excellent recommendations about womens walking shoes is that I own more than 30 pairs of footwear!

    However, for putting this part of the post together I made him sit and work with me, plus took recommendations from guy friends, colleagues, cousins, and at times even random strangerswell not any random strangershoe salesmen!

    But, you get the idea!

    Here are the best shoes for Orlando theme parks or comfortable shoes for amusement parks the world over:

    New Balance Walking Shoes

    These New Balance walking shoes are my husbands fave recommendation for best mens shoes for Disney World.

    Yeah, we are big New Balance fans and happen to think theyre better than Skechers plus budget-friendly!

    These walking shoes offer perfect support for the heel plus are lightweight and breathable making them excellent for options for best walking shoes for amusement parks.

    Add to the fact that they look good on the feet and the color goes with everything. Best Disney world shoes alert!!

    Another great option for mens theme park shoes is the New Balance cross-trainers.

    They provide lots of cushion to the feet and are extremely comfortable.

    They are wonderful for family trips and one of the best shoes for walking at Disney World.

    Nike Cross Trainers

    Skechers Go Walk Slip-on Shoes

    Skechers Sneakers

    Final Thoughts On The Best Shoes For Disney

    Shoes I Wear at Disney World – Best Shoes to Wear While at Disney World!

    It can be tough to find cute comfortable shoes for Disney World. Most of never even come close to doing the amount of walking required on a Disney vacation. Blisters and sore feet would be a major bummer. Thats why its so important to find the best shoes for Disney World walking.

    You know your needs best. Take my recommendations here and apply them to your knowledge of what your feet can and cant tolerate. Trust me, you wont be sorry.

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    Vionic Amber Backstrap Sandals

    For those who want a more traditional looking sandal, Vionic is the brand to go for.

    I chose to highlight the Vionic Amber Sandal because of the backstrap that provides extra security within the shoe.

    These sandals are known for providing comfort and support. They come in a few different color options.

    The Vionic Amber sandal is more expensive than the other sandals discussed but could potentially be worth the investment.

    If you like the idea of this shoe but not the style, make sure to check out all the styles that Vionic offers.

    • Likely will not be quick dry
    • Style wont appeal to everyone

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