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Best Scooter Rental Disney World

What Types Of Scooters Does Scooter Vacations Offer

Everything you need to know about renting a scooter at Walt Disney World

We have the largest selection of any scooter rental company. We have 6 models to choose from. First determine if you need a portable model, one that you can take with you in a car or taxi. If you are only going to be using buses, boats, monorails and or handicap taxis then you may choose either an on-property or portable model.

Getting Into The Theme Park

If you rent a motorized scooter from Disney World, you cant access the scooter until youve entered a theme park, obviously. That means youll still have to do some walking on your own unless you use one of the free wheelchairs and you have someone to push you. Youll have to walk from the parking lot unless youre lucky enough to catch a tram.

Epcot is huge!

Which Scooter Models Are Lightweight Portable And Can Fit In A Trunk

Three models are portable and will fit in a car or taxi trunk: the Snap weighs a mere 69 lbs and supports up to 240 lbs. of weight, the Dart supports 275 lbs weight capacity and the Destination has a large seat and supports up to 450 lbs weight capacity. They are all lightweight and come apart easily to fit in a car trunk. Please click on the name of each scooter to read about it and view the videos of how they disassemble to fit in a trunk.

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Renting Direct From Universal Orlando

Scooters , wheelchairs and strollers are available to rent inside each of the Universal Orlando theme parks.

You can reserve a scooter or wheelchair at least 1 week in advance as they do sell out. Call Guest Services 407-224-4233 to make a reservation.

Wheelchairs are available inside the parking hub that can be used to take you to the park entrance.

Scooters and wheelchairs are not available at Volcano Bay water park.

If you need a scooter at your hotel, consider renting a scooter from a third-party provider as you will not be permitted to take the scooter outside of the theme park.

You can obtain an Attraction Assistance Pass from Guest Relations that will allow you to use a different line from the regular queue.

This is not a front-of-the-line pass but rather a system that holds your place in line while you wait somewhere thats more comfortable for you.

Go to one of the TeamMembers posted outside the attraction and show your Attraction Assistance Pass.

He or she will give you a return time. You are then free to go somewhere else and wait.

When your time comes around, head back to the attraction and youll be escorted into a special line with minimal wait.

You can bring a small number of guests with you so you can all ride together.

Taking The Mobility Scooter To Your Room

Gold Mobility Scooters LLC, Kissimmee, FL

If you decide to take a scooter into your room, make sure it is an ADA-accessible room. This will give you more room to store your scooter and access to a ramp so your scooter can easily move to the second floor if needed. You also need to be aware that the scooter needs to fit through the door easily, so be cautious when driving the scooter into your room. Otherwise, ask the resort if you can park the scooter in the hallway.

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Gold Mobility 2021 Mobility Scooter Rental Fleet

GMS is proud to introduce its 2021 rental line of premium upgraded rental mobility scooters! To ensure the very newest and most updated inventory of rental scooters and rental products in Central Florida, GMS replaces its fleet every 6 months. GMS offers upfront flat rate all-inclusive scooter rental pricing. Never any surprise or hidden charges. Easy on-line rental booking, and second-to-none customer service comes with every rental. All equipment rentals also come with a free damage waiver policy, free delivery and pickup, free accessories. All our rental products have been pre-approved for use in all theme parks, resorts, convention centers and on public transportation systems.

Will My Scooter Run All Day Without Recharging The Batteries

Our maximum weight capacities reflect a ride time of 12-15 hours for a typical theme park day. This is a ride, stop, do something type scenario. If you have a circumstance where you believe your ride time will be non-stop, we recommend you call our reservation line to help you select the best model. Hint: the higher the weight capacity, the larger the batteries, the longer the ride time. Please be accurate when providing the riders weight and provide as many details as possible about your intended use so that we may provide you with the most appropriate equipment, accessories and instructions.

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Where Do You Deliver And Pick Up

Scooter Vacations delivers to, and picks up from, locations throughout the Orlando area including hotels, condos, private homes and airline baggage claim areas. Most hotels allow the equipment to be at the hotels luggage room with your name on it just tell the hotel clerk at check-in to claim your scooter and at the end of your rental you just return your scooter to the front desk or bellhop as specified by your hotelier and well take it from there please dont leave your scooter inside your room when you check out. If your scooter is not at the pick-up location at your designated time, you will be charged for an extra rental day plus a supplementary pick-up fee. If you request an equipment delivery or pick-up at a private home or other location that requires you to be present, please call us immediately if you find you must reschedule to avoid incurring extra fees.

Any Ecv Safety Tips I Should Keep In Mind

Best way to rent an ECV at Walt Disney World

All ECVs have a speed dial. Position it at a slow speed when boarding or exiting any type of transportation. Youll have a lot more control.

If you have a fear of driving your ECV on to or off of any transportation, ALL types of ECVs have a safety neutral lever located under the seat that enables the drive wheels to be disconnected. This enables the scooter to be manually pushed and maneuvered.

The important thing to consider with ECVs is to practice driving them as much as you can if you are unfamiliar. They are only motorized chairs and not race cars. You can injure yourself or others if you are not careful.

Disney ECVs have a weight limit of 450 pounds. Disney wheelchairs have weight limit of 350 pounds. These vehicles are only designed for one person.

Note this information is subject to change without notice. Call WDW directly or visit their web pages to confirm before your visit.

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Renting From A Third Party Provider

If you need a scooter, wheelchair, or stroller for your vacation, not just at the theme parks, youll need to rent from a third party company such as Buena Vista or ScooterBug.

Youll be able to take your device between the theme parks and take it to your hotel. Buses, monorails and most watercraft can accommodate scooters.

ScooterBug and Buena Vista Rentals will send a service technician into the parks for service should you experience a malfunction or if you need a replacement.

Scooter Bug is the exclusive provider of electric convenience scooters, strollers and wheelchairs for Walt Disney World. This means you do not need to be present upon delivery and drop off of your device.

  • Will deliver and pickup without you being present.

  • Competitive rates.

Transportation With An Ecv Rental

The Disney Buses and Boats are setup to pick people up with scooters and properly strap the scooters into place. If you are staying at a Disney World hotel, the buses have a pick up/drop-off location at each hotel with designated signs for whatever park you want to attend that day.

The buses pick up/drop off about every twenty minutes, so you arent waiting too long. If you are using a scooter look for a roped off line you can wait in. The line is typically larger so you scooter can easily fit between the ropes and make sure your entire party stays together.

When the bus arrives, a ramp will be lowered, and the driver will assist you in getting on the bus with your scooter. Scooters are always the first to load on pickup and the last to unload. When using the scooter on the bus you have two options, you can sit on the scooter while the bus is moving and be strapped in or move to a seat.

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Does Epcot Offer Special Passes For Mobility Impaired Patrons

EPCOT has implemented the Disability Access Service card or DAS card and it is intended for guests with disabilities which prevent them from waiting in a conventional queue environment. The service allows guests to schedule a return time that is comparable to the current wait for the given attraction. Once a return time is issued, guests are free to enjoy other theme park offerings such as greeting a character, grabbing a bite to eat, enjoying entertainment or even visiting another attraction until theyre listed return time. Return times are valid until redeemed prior to park closing.

Guests can only have one active return time at a time. As soon as an outstanding attraction return time is redeemed, guests can receive a return time for the same or different attraction. It is important to note that it appears that a guest must return back to the Guest relations location back at the front of each park in order to receive their next attraction pass. This service can be used in addition to the EPCOT FastPass+ service.

To receive a DS card you must register, discuss the disability and needs, and have a picture taken. A guardian may having their picture taken instead of the handicap guest if so desired.

Heres What You Need To Know About Buena Vista Rentals:

Orlando Mobility Scooter Rental

After doing a LOT of research, our first choice pick for sponsor was Buena Vista Scooter rentals, and they chose us back. Well start with them, along with a brief explanation of why they were our first choice.

Buena Vista Scooter Rentals

Phone 938-0349 Toll Free 484-4797

We recommend Buena Vista Rentals. We invited them to sponsor us. Heres why:

  • FREE DELIVERY to resorts and hotels.
  • Newest equipment.
  • Clean equipment and well maintained.
  • Great reputation and customer reviews.
  • Quick service, even in the parks.
  • Great selection of wheelchairs/scooters and accessories.
  • Convenience. Theyll pick up and drop off at your Disney resorts without you being there.
  • More options such as a case of water or Gatorade with your delivery.
  • Reliable! Theyve been in business over 23 years.
  • Buena Vista Rentals offer scooters, wheelchairs, and scooter accessories like a sun shade, basket or cup holder. They have a convenient rental location on Disney property at the front of the BoardWalk Inn, and they also have other locations around Orlando. We love that you can also order a case of drinking water or Gatorade which will be delivered with your scooter.

    Buena Vista Scooter also rents out oxygen tanks, strollers and bicycles.

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    Rent A Mobility Scooter For Disney World

    While making your way to Orlando, Florida visit Disney World. Is one of its kinds and is wrapped with fascination, surprises, and a sense of wonders all around. Everyone loves it! Since there is something almost for every one of all age groups. Whether you are a family, a group of friends, or, a band of hippie travelers, the trip to Disney World would undoubtedly be a fantastic, thrilling experience and renting a mobility scooter from RentOrlandoScooters will make your vacation extraordinary.

    What Are The Handicap Policies For Universal Studios

    Most all ride lines can accommodate a wheelchair. ECV users have the option of parking and walking through the line or transferring to a wheelchair for the ride line. Wheelchairs are provided for each attraction. Just ask the attendant.

    Some rides can accommodate a wheelchair on the actual ride. They do not allow ECVs on any rides.

    Universal Orlando has a fully detailed Riders Guide for Rider Safety and Guests with Disabilities available on line here:

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    How Do You Count The Rental Days

    Scooter Vacations counts a rental day as a 24 hour period. Typically you can choose anytime between 8 am and 8 pm for hotels, resorts or timeshares with a front desk who accepts the scooter if you are not there. If you are staying at a private residence typically our delivery and pickup can be arranged between 8 am and 4 pm. Please contact us for any special delivery and/or pick up needs.

    Wheelchair Ramps At Disney World

    The Fantasy Orlando Scooter Rental

    For scooters rented at Disney World, youll find that some attractions have wheelchair ramps, and you might not even have to exit the scooter in order to enjoy an attraction. With some attractions, you have to leave your scooter and transfer to a wheelchair.

    Hubby and I didnt need to use wheelchairs. We went straight from our scooters to the ride vehicles. There are some rides and attractions that allow guests to remain in wheelchairs, however. For example, the Mexico boat ride at Epcot has a special wheelchair boat that includes wheelchair ramps.

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    How Do I Choose An Outside Vendor

    Most of the outside vendors offer the similar products and have competitive base prices. The differences are in the details.

    • ScooterBug is the only Disney Preferred rental company. If you need the option of picking up and dropping off your rental at bell services on your time schedule then this is your only option.
    • If your arrival time and departure times are flexible, Kingdom Strollers has a transportable scooter that has a weight limit of 275 lbs. They need to meet you at your resort to drop it off and pick it up at a pre-scheduled time. The rental price includes a free cup holder, saddle bag, cooler bag, and rain cover.
    • If your assistance needs are more complex than the standard scooters or wheelchairs, Orlando Medical Rentals has a more complete inventory. Some of their services allow them to drop off and pick up at bell services. If they arent able to do that they will meet you according to your travel time. Call them for customizable service.

    Tip: If you didnt rent a scooter with rain covers, pack some plastic for rain protection. If you can count on anything in Florida, its a summer storm.

    Have any questions about wheelchair and ECV rentals? Let us know in the comments.

    Why Use An Outside Scooter Company

    Walt Disney World has a great reputation for accommodating guests with disabilities and limitations. However, their options dont always come at the best price, or allow the most flexibility. Outside vendors can provide the same or better service at a lower price.

    Flexibility: Scooter rentals in Disney are only available on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations are not allowed, and selection is limited. Disney World scooter rentals may not be removed from the destination where they were rented. While daily rentals are transferrable to each park and Disney Springs, you must return the scooter when you leave each location and then wait in line again at your next destination.

    When you rent from an outside vendor, the scooter is yours to use 24/7 from the time of delivery to the time of pickup!

    Quality and Service: Scootarama scooters are made in America by Pride Mobility. Our batteries last longer than factory-installed batteries because we remove all manufacturer batteries and replace them with batteries manufactured by industry leader MK Battery. If you encounter any mechanical issues with your equipment, Scootarama will come to the rescue! All of our drivers are Annual Passholders, so they can come into the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios to replace or repair your scooter.

    Another perk is that Scootarama is owned by a disabled veteran. They offer a year-round 20% discount with proof of service .

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    Buena Vista Rentals Vs Scooterbug Buena Vista Wins

    Something else to know is that Disney recently changed its policy. Now Scooterbug is the only company allowed to pick up and drop off their scooters without meeting the guest. With all other companies, youll meet them at your resort to pick up and drop off your scooter or wheelchair. Regardless, we still feel most comfortable recommending Buena Vista Rentals for two main reasons.

    • Scooterbug scooters are all set to drive very, very slowly. Buena Vista scooters are not limited the same way. Scooterbug is required to match the ultra slow settings on the Disney scooters. We see a lot of complaints on this, with a great deal of frustration and disappointment expressed.
    • Buena Vista gets consistently great reviews, but not so with Scooterbug. Weve seen a lot of mixed feedback on Scooterbugs reliability, service and equipment, while for Buena Vista we see consistently great feedback. For example weve seen accounts of Scooterbug scooters not being delivered on time, even arriving the next day.

    Other companies that offer scooters and wheelchairs include:

    Booking Your Mobility Scooter Rental

    Gold Mobility Scooters LLC, Kissimmee, FL

    Electric Scooter hire is a practical way to access a useful mobility aid quickly and cost effectively. We offer transportable scooters handling a weight capacity up to 325lbs, standard scooters handling a weight up to 400lbs and heavy duty scooters handling a weight capacity up to 500lbs. Our electric scooter rentals are a convenient way for seniors and individuals to ride around Disney World, Disney Land, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, events and convention centers.

    If you need a mobility scooter rental in Orlando, Kissimmee or anywhere in the United States book online or call to have a rental scooter delivered to your destination. See more details about our scooters below. We also sell Mobility Scooters across the United States.

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