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Best Places To Go In Disney World

Find One Hidden Mickeys

Best Places to Eat Outdoors at Walt Disney World | Disney Dining Show

You may have ridden Disney Worlds attractions tons of times, but there are all kinds of hidden secrets within them that you may never have seen. Some of our favorite things to find are Hidden Mickeys. You can find them in almost every single ride and in lots of areas all around the parks. Want to find some new hidden Mickeys and impress your friends? Check out our list of the hidden Mickeys only the pros know about!

Yo Ho With Pirates Of The Caribbean

Walt Disney World

After a few decades of yo-ho-ing, this ride is still one of the best in all of Disney World. Surprisingly, it was a ride before it inspired the wildly popular movie series featuring Johnny Depp. The Disney Imagineers then incorporated Depp’s character, Captain Jack Sparrow, as well as other film references back into the ride.

Pirates of the Caribbean is still the crown jewel among Disney’s attractions. You might also enjoy learning about the history of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

The level of detail at the Animal Kingdom is breathtaking. Marvel at the floating mountains, gawk at the bioluminescent plants, witness a Pandoran shaman on the tranquil Na’vi River Journey, board a banshee on Avatar Flight of Passage , and more in this living ode to James Cameron’s film series.

Be aware, however, that since its opening in 2017, Pandora has been wildly popular. The standby wait times to board the two rides, especially Flight of Passage, often swell to two hours or more. To help avoid lines for these and other popular rides throughout Disney World, and to better manage your visit, you should learn how to make reservations and use My Disney Experience.

Eat Or Drink Something From Every Country At Epcot

Whether you just grab a drink , a small snack, or a full meal we think its a must-do to grab at least one food or beverage item from each country in EPCOT. Perhaps youll want to try those unique KITKAT flavors in Japan, or youll opt for some baklava in Morocco. Maybe youll get it all in one visit, or youll spread out your snacks over time. No matter how you do it, its sure to be one great culinary adventure!

Not sure where to start? Check out our video on why you should definitely try those unique snacks in Japan, and our video on the most authentic treats in World Showcase!

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Stay Late For A Disney Nighttime Show

The nighttime shows in the Disney Parks are way more theatrical than the daytime shows. Hollywood Studios has an evening Star Wars show and Fantasmic. In Animal Kingdom the entire Pandora area of the park glows at night. Epcot has Harmonious that happens on the water and Magic Kingdom has the Kiss Goodnight at park closing time.

I’m A Big Fan Of Kilimanjaro Safaris


I can ride Kilimanjaro Safaris in the Africa section of Animal Kingdom over and over again, and it never gets old.

The attraction takes you through an animal reserve, and every time I ride it, I learn or see something new.

It’s different every time you ride it depending on things like the time of the day, your safari guide, which animals are out, and the weather.

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The Biggest Factor: The Theme In Theme Park

As of this update, Im trying hard to be less pretentious on the site. But I dont get many opportunities to talk about the Theme in Theme Park, so this 2000-word section, while it is seeing some updates, gets to stick around.

In fairness, since I first wrote this post around 5 years ago, Disney parks have gone through major changes in pursuit of some of the very items I discussed in here . So while this is mostly me musing, my imposter syndrome isnt so bad that Id call anything in here irrelevant. If anything, this is all more relevant than when I first wrote it.

But Ill still give you another chance to jump down to the actual rankings.

Watch A Disney Parade

The Festival of Fantasy at Magic Kingdom is the quintessential Disney parade combining many characters, fun songs and some extra fire-breathing magic. There are others, however, that you will no doubt catch by surprise throughout your time at the parks. Be sure to stop and watch. Some people line up an hour or more before the parades to get the best spots, so theyre definitely worth your time. And if you ever get a chance, make sure the Disney Halloween Parade is a must-see.

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Magic Kingdom For Adults

Magic Kingdom comes in at number 4 just due to the sheer amount of attractions that are geared toward children. Everything about Magic Kingdom is themed for that childhood-like nostalgia magic, which isnt a bad thing at all! There are even some of the best attractions for adults in Magic Kingdom, depending on what you like to do. We actually love Magic Kingdom and riding all of the kids rides, but you will be dodging strollers all day.

Its also important to note that at Magic Kingdom, you can ride the classics, like Space Mountain or Pirates of the Caribbean , as well as newer additions like Buzz Lightyears Space Ranger Spin.

Other Cheap And Free Stuff To Do At Disney World


Go swimming! Virtually all Orlando-area hotels will have an outdoor pool. All of the Moderate and Deluxe Disney resort hotels include wonderful themed elements, water slides or other features. Some non-Disney hotels such as the Swan/Dolphin also have elaborate waterfall pools and slides. Cost: FREE to guests of the hotel.

Play miniature golf. There are two courses: Fantasia Gardens, near Disneys Hollywood Studios and Winter Summerland, near Blizzard Beach Water Park. Cost: $14.91 adults, $12.78 children , but there are discounts available.

Rent a boat! Most of Disneys Moderate, Deluxe and DVC resorts have a marina where you can rent various types of watercraft. A kayak, canoe or pedal boat will set you back about $7 for a half-hour rental. A 12-foot sailboat that can be shared by two people will cost you $21.30 an hour.

Visit Tri-Circle D Ranch at Ft. Wilderness. There are quite a few different horses to see and pony rides for very small children from 10 am to 5 pm for $8 . There is FREE day parking at Ft. Wilderness and you can get from the day guest parking to the farm area by special buses that run only in the Settlement.

  • Walt Disney World Annual Passholders get 10% off a 45-minute guided trail ride through Fort Wilderness Resort. Rider age and weight restrictions apply.
  • Disney Vacation Club members get 10% off of a 45-minutes guided trail ride.
  • Disney Visa cardholders get a discount on horseback trail rides. Offer good for cardholder and up to 9 guests.

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Eat At Cinderellas Royal Table And Be Our Guest Restaurant

Looking at Cinderella Castle from the outside is beautiful, but getting a glimpse INSIDE the Castle is its own unique and wonderful experience. Book a reservation at Cinderellas Royal Table, and youll get some of the most spectacular views in all the Kingdom. Its quite the pricey endeavor, however, so it might only be a once in a lifetime or once in a while experience, but its something we think every Disney fan should experience. Right now, you can see Cinderella there, although she walks by quite quickly. Shes got lots of princess duties, it seems.

Although it isnt the star castle of Magic Kingdom, eating inside of the Beasts castle at Be Our Guest Restaurant is something wed say is similarly magnificent. From walking into the main ballroom and watching the snow fall in the windows at the end, to seeing the petals fall on the enchanted rose in the West Wing, the theming of this restaurant makes it a must-do. Plus, you might catch a glimpse of the Beast while youre there!

What Is The Best Disney Water Park For Adults

Special note: Typhoon Lagoon is still closed with no expected date of opening. We are hoping for 2022 for this water park to reopen.

So, what is the best Disney water park for adults? We had to go with Disneys Typhoon Lagoon as the best Disney water park for adults with its laid back vibe. However this is a tough question because it all comes down to what type of mood youre in. As you know Walt Disney World is home to two Water parks, Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. Both Disney water parks have the same number of attractions, lazy rivers and plenty of places to catch a drink or bite to eat.

Here is what we recommend based on your own personal taste.

Typhoon Lagoon: This is the best Disney water park for adults who are looking to relax. You can waste away the day in the lazy river or jump into the wave pool. This water park does have a decent amount of water slides but most are not as intense as at Blizzard Beach.

Blizzard Beach: This Disney water park is best for adults who are thrill-seekers. Home to some of the most exciting water slides in the world including Summit Plummet which includes a 120-foot drop.

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Watch A Live Show Or Performance

Yes, the rides at Disney World are fantastic and incredibly fun, but the live entertainment there is not to be overlooked. You can get some really Broadway-level performances or intimate experiences depending on the shows you watch, and you can see the incredible actors give their all to make some magical memories for everyone in the audience. What shows can you enjoy in Disney World? Right now, you can hear the Voices of Liberty and in EPCOT.

Some other amazing shows are temporarily unavailable, but were waiting for any updates about their possible return.

Enjoy Fine Diningyes Reallyon Property

The Best Things To Do At Disney World

If you think theme park food is just corndogs and soft serve, book a table at Tiffins. The restaurant inside Animal Kingdom park combines Latin American, Asian, and African cuisinethe signature bread service alone is worth booking. If you cant snag a table at Tiffins, try its first-come, first-serve Nomad Lounge next door. Outside the parks, several of the resorts upscale restaurants are bucket list-worthy, from California Grill at Disneys Contemporary Resort to the AAA Five Diamond Award Victoria & Alberts at the Grand Floridian.

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Number : Disneys Animal Kingdom Lodge Walt Disney World Orlando Florida

The Disney Universal Orlando. There are several excellent Disney hotels in Orlando, which is already one of the most popular family holiday destinations in the United States, regardless of where you choose to stay. A reservation at Disneys Animal Kingdom Lodge, on the other hand, is exceptionally unique since it will transport your complete family to the continent of Africa without the need for a passport. Scattered views of the savanna from the apartments provide sightings of wildlife such as giraffes, gazelles, bongos, and other small creatures. Aside from that, theres the wonderful Uzima Springs Pool, which was designed to seem like a watering hole on the savanna . At a number of restaurants, including BomaSpices of Africa, JikoThe Cooking Place, and Sanaa, which specializes in the art of African cooking with Indian flavors, you may find foods inspired by Africa. Aside from the Hakuna Matata playground and nightly campfires complete with tales and smores, other kid-friendly activities and facilities at Disneys Animal Kingdom Lodge include access to the four world-class Walt Disney World theme parks. All of the finest Orlando water parks are also within walking distance.

Bust A Move At Atlantic Dance Hall

If you love to dance and go out at night after the sun has set on a gorgeous Orlando day, theres a dance hall just next to Jellyrolls. Its 21 and over and there is usually no cover charge to enjoy it.

Its currently open on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. But be sure to check their calendar for operating hours when you want to go to be sure its open.

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Best Time To Visit Disney World

Disney World has evolved into a destination where theres always something going on, so there is no true off-season.

On top of the rides, shows and characters to occupy your time, there are festivals, marathons, waterparks, more festivals and holiday parties. The best time to visit Disney World is going to be highly dependent on what you want to accomplish. If holiday decorations are your thing, you might think that December around Christmas is the time to visit Disney World. But, that isnt necessarily the case.

If you want decorations without the crowds that come with the Christmas holidays, know that Disney World usually transforms the Magic Kingdom from Halloween to Christmas the night after Halloween.

Not all of the decor across the parks and resorts is finished on Nov. 1 or 2, but much of it is up by the end of the second week of November. Youll generally find the parks a bit quieter in November and early December compared to the true holiday season.

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If youre an adult, the festivals in the spring and fall at Epcot are a great way to eat, drink and adult your way around the world in a leisurely way. Those who enjoy running and races will want focus on January as marathon season, including themed runs for popular characters such as princesses or Star Wars characters.

Hotel pricing at Disney World resort properties generally follows the same trajectory as the ticket prices.

Things To Do In Animal Kingdom

The Best Places to Fight with Your Family in Disney World

My favorite element of Disneys Animal Kingdom® Theme Park, besides the gorgeous natural landscapes and animals, is the majestic Tree of Life that stands in the center of the park.Hundreds of animal hand carvings decorate this tree, and one of our favorite things to do is count and see how many we can spot.This is the biggest park and offers opportunities to interact with the animals, from the walking paths of Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail to Rafikis Planet Watch, where you can learn about medical research and actually pet the animals.The Tree of Life is 145 feet tall with over 8,000 branches and ~102,000 artificial leaves.

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Egg Roll Cart In Adventureland

It isnt open every single day, but if youre hungry and see a line forming at the egg roll cart at the entrance to Adventureland, youll be wise to join the line.

Here you can get two egg rolls in flavors such as pepperoni pizza, cheeseburger and buffalo chicken. That may sound a little weird, but they taste amazing. Its $9.50 for your choice of two egg rolls.

Boma Flavors Of Africa

  • Cost: $$-$$$
  • Type of Food: African, Indian

Boma at Disneys Animal Kingdom Lodge is hands-down the best buffet at Walt Disney World. Its available for Breakfast and Dinner and it does both of them exceptionally well.

I dont know about you, but I get tired of the same old eggs, potatoes, and bacon you find at every Disney breakfast. Thats not the case at Boma. The majority of items on the buffet are unique to Boma, which means you get a completely different experience here.

Expect a wide variety of African-inspired food with many salads and roasted meats. Everything is fresh and the whole thing feels overwhelming at times. Its a little out of the way, but worth it either before or after visiting Disneys Animal Kingdom park. Be daring and you wont regret it!

What to Get: You cant go wrong with anything on the menu at Boma, its all amazing. Our favorites are the Coconut-Chicken-Curry Soup, Tunisian Couscous Salad, Pap and Chakalaka, Slow-roasted Pork Ribs, Spice-crusted Beef Sirloin and Bobotie. Make sure to save room for the famous Zebra Domes for dessert, and if going at breakfast they serve Simba waffles instead of Mickey waffles.

Is it Kid-Friendly?: Yes. Some of the menu items may sound intimidating for kids, but there are plenty of simple things that arent too spicy they will like.

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Gran Destino Tower At Disneys Coronado Springs Resort

Disneys Coronado Springs was the definition of Moderate: an older resort with two-story buildings spread over a large property. The rooms are small, though theyve recently been renovated. The main pool has an Aztec them and a little waterslide.

Coronado Springs is one of the few remaining Moderate resorts where the only complimentary transportation to the parks is the bus network and walking isnt an option, given its distance to the parks. Its a resort geared toward the convention crowd, with large restaurants focused on quick service. But, a funny thing changed recently that landed it on this best Disney resort hotels list.

Disney World built a new tower at Coronado Springs called the Gran Destino. This hotel within a hotel has a stunning lobby and an equally snazzy lobby bar. If youre looking for a completely different perspective, let an elevator whisk you up to the 16th floor, where the rooftop Dahlia Lounge awaits along with an award-winning wine list.

Gran Destino also has the distinction of being the only Moderate resort at Disney World with a club lounge option. That amenity is still closed for now, but when it opens, its a great way to make a moderate stay feel deluxe.

The Spanish themes of the resort are evident here, with sumptuous Serrano ham and Spanish cavas. But dont worry, youll find plenty of games and books to entertain the kids while you enjoy the lounge.

Gran Destino Club Lounge

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