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Best Place To Buy Disney World Packages

Disney World Vacation Packages

30 Things You Won’t Regret Buying in Disney World!

Vacation packages for Disney World are often a good value. Watch for off-season and other special Disney World package discounts, rather than the standard packages offered year-round, which cost the same as buying all the package components separately at FULL PRICE!

A lot of people like Disney vacation packages because they are convenient and worry-free. Fortunately there are sometimes worthwhile promotions on Disney World vacation packages.

Discount Disney World Tickets

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When you purchase discount Disney World tickets from an authorized discount Disney World tickets broker, you can make Disneys FastPass+ ticket ride reservations before your trip. You definitely want to book Disneys FastPass+ ticket for popular attractions like Disneys Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Disneys Space Mountain, Disneys Splash Mountain, Disneys Haunted Mansion, Disneys Pirates of the Caribbean, and Disneys Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, etc., in advance, because if you wait to make reservations on the day you visit, there wont be availability at most Disney theme parks. We cannot stress enough how important it is to make Disneys FastPass+ reservations in advance, and buying tickets before your vacation is the only way to do that.

Visit Disney Magic Kingdom to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Cinderella from February 11 to March 3, 2020!

If you wait until you arrive at Walt Disney World to purchase your tickets, not only do you pay moremoney, but you cant make your FastPass+selections until you arrive. Many popular attractions wont have any availability, meaning you will have to either skip them or wait in long standby lines. Our Walt Disney World Ride Guides cover which attractions make the best uses of FastPass+ in each park.

Join Cinderella as she welcomes Elena to Princess Fairytale Hall in Fantasyland.

For information on Annual Passes:

Secret Places Where You Can Buy Cheap Disney World Tickets Now

Looking for places where you can pickup cheap Disney World tickets quick for the whole family? If you’re looking for things to do in Orlando, and you’ve been itching to get out to the House of Mouse lately, but you’re looking for the best deal on Disney tickets to hit their theme parks and attractions, then this is the guide you’ve been waiting for! So don your mouse ears and get ready to hop on a plane, train or roadtrip to the happiest place on earth because Disney has just released some 2020 deals on tickets and vacation packages you won’t want to miss! Gather the family together, put your out-of-office on, and start planning the family trip to Disney World youve always wanted with confidence, knowing this time you’ll be saving a bunch right off the bat! So without further adieu, here are this year’s most prominent deals on Disney World tickets to power your Orlando Disney vacation!

on Aug 20, 2015 at 10:26am PDT


on Feb 26, 2020 at 12:00pm PST

on Mar 15, 2019 at 12:39pm PDT

Want even more Disney excitement? You can add one admission to a Disney water park – either Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach AND one admission to the NBA Experience at Disney Springs for just $40 more per ticket, plus tax.

on Nov 12, 2018 at 9:27am PST

  • 3-Day Military Promotional Ticket for $184 plus tax

  • 4-Day Military Promotional Ticket for $204 plus tax

on Jan 25, 2019 at 6:59am PST

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Discount Disney World Tickets Buying Guide

This post contains references to products from one or more of our advertisers or for which we receive a referral bonus. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products.

Tickets to Walt Disney World are the least flexible part of planning your trip. With flights, hotels, and dining, you have a variety of really good options and ways to save. But your options for deals on Disney World tickets are more limited.

There are tried and true ways to find discounted Disney World tickets, though. In this post, we review different ways to find deals on Disney World tickets, comparing them according to savings, difficulty of obtaining the discount , and risk that youll run into problems with your ticket.

Discount Disney Tickets When You Buy In Advance

Walt Disney World Vacation Packages

Here at The Park Prodigy we are committed to helping you buy cheap Disney World tickets discounted from the gate price. All of our clients can save up to $50.00 off our Discount Walt Disney World Tickets, Disney World park hopper tickets and park hopper plus tickets simply by purchasing in advance.

Guests who need some additional help trying to decide on the best time to visit Disney World can use our Disney Crowd Calendar. Date based pricing has also allowed us to highlight specific times of the year where you can buy cheap Disney tickets compared to peak season.

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How Much Does It Cost To Stay At A Disney Hotel

When deciding to go on a Disney World vacation, the first thing you will probably ask yourself is, How much does it cost to stay at a Disney hotel?

That answer can vary significantly. There are dozens of Disney-owned hotels on Walt Disney World Resort property, and they can range in price from around $100 per night to upwards of $600 per night, depending on where you choose to stay. If you are planning a trip on a budget and you want to spend the least amount possible, chances are you will be staying somewhere between the $100-200 price range.

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Can I Change The Date On My Disney World Ticket

If you have already purchased your 2021 discount Disney tickets and decide to change your plans, you can always add days or features to an unused ticket. You can typically apply the value of an unused ticket towards the purchase of any higher priced ticket or annual passes . You can add features such as park hopping and water parks to Disney theme park tickets as well.

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Should I Buy Discount Disney World Tickets In Advance

Yes, for a few reasons. First is, the best way to purchase discount Walt Disney World tickets is to always buy in advance! This will allow guests to automatically save up to $20 per ticket when compared to the price at the gate. All Park Prodigy customers can take advantage of even more savings when purchasing their Disney world tickets through our online store.

Customers are automatically signed up for our Magic Rewards Program which allows guests to receive gift card points which they can use towards the purchase of their discount Disney World tickets.

Visit Before Your Child Turns 3

4 Disney World Restaurants You Should Visit (But ONLY Once)

The price difference between a child and an adults ticket when visiting Walt Disney World is often incredibly small .

However, children under the age of 3 can enter the park for free with a paying adult. As a result, if travelling with a young child youll want to try and visit before the child turns 3.

We did this when travelling for our wedding and as a result, saved over $400 with 2 and a half-year-old Matilda. Which is probably a good job as she was ill for around 7 of the 10 days during our trip and spent most of it back at the hotel, the poor thing.

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How Do You Get The Disney Discount If You Already Booked A Trip

Another common question that upcoming Disney World Guests ask this: If Disney releases a hotel or vacation package discount after you have already booked a trip, can you still get the discount?

The answer is, yes! As long as the discount is valid for your resort hotel, length of stay, and travel dates and as long as there is availability you can apply a Disney discount to your trip. You can do this by calling the Walt Disney Travel Company directly. Or, as we highly recommend, your travel agent can take care of applying the discount to your reservation for you.

Is A Disney Vacation Package For You

A Disney vacation package has traditionally included two key things: a hotel room and park tickets. The park tickets must be multi-day tickets , but can be any of the various park ticket types: Base , Park Hopper, Water Park & Sports or Park Hopper Plus. You can also add a pre-paid dining plan to any package. There is also a ticketless package that includes a dining plan but no tickets. The ticketless package is not available online you need to book it with a travel agent or over the phone with Disney.

A lot of people like Disneys vacation packages because they are convenient and worry-free. You get everything you need with one purchase. However, it is important to note that the standard full-price Disney vacation packages are designed for convenience rather than savings. In most cases you will not automatically get a discount by purchasing a package! It can be cheaper to book a room only reservation and then buy the package components separately.

It can be difficult to sort out what is best for your particular situation. Thats why we think its a good idea to have someone knowledgeable on your side, making sure all the details are covered. Our advice is this: if you want to book a Walt Disney World vacation package, we strongly recommend using a travel agent who specializes in Disney travel. It costs you nothing, and you can sit back, relax, and have all the vacation planning and hassle taken care of by someone else.

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When Do Disney World Tickets Go On Sale

Tickets for 2021 dates went on sale in June 2020. Tickets for 2022 dates went on sale in February 2021.

In the past, you almost never had to worry about tickets selling out until the day arrived, and even then there were usually only a few days a year that sold out .

The future ismore complicated. Now you need advance reservation via the Disney Park Pass System in order visit the parks. These reservations do often run out ahead of time. So youll want to make sure you look at park pass availability if youre planning a trip.

Walt Disney World Park Reservation System


One of the biggest changes waiting for guests visiting Walt Disney World is the new ticket reservation system. Once guests buy discount Disney World tickets for 2021 & 2022 they will also be required to make a reservation for their desired theme park.

We understand this can be confusing for many guests so The Park Prodigy will make the park reservations for anyone who does buy discount Disney World tickets from us free of charge!

Be sure to save this page as your complete guide to Disney Tickets 2021 and check back for the most recent updates!

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Walt Disney World Ticket Validity Length

Any discount Disney ticket you buy at is good for a certain number of admissions. It is important to understand those admissions do nor have to be used consecutively.

All Walt Disney World tickets which are 2 days or longer are valid for a few extra days longer than the number of admission days. This allows guests to take a break throughout their trip to do other things that Disney has to offer.

Tips To Save On Disney Theme Park Tickets

Purchase your tickets online in advance through Undercover Tourist.

This should go without saying, but buy your tickets online and in advance. If you can, try to avoid buying tickets at the gate, where prices are often the highest.

Bundle your Disney World hotel and tickets and save even more through Undercover Tourist.

You can often save up to $5 off your Disney World tickets when you purchase at least a three-night stay at select Disney World hotels. Look for the special offer and then add the hotel to your cart to see the full savings.

Look for limited-time and extra day FREE promos.

Typically, Undercover Tourist offers limited-time discounts and extra day free promos, so you can stretch out the fun for less cost.

Stay longer.

If you’re looking for the biggest per-day savings, look for the seven-, eight-, nine- and 10-day tickets. A 10-Day Disney Theme Park Base Ticket currently runs for $545.82 through Undercover Tourist, which works out to less than $54 a day, versus a 1-Day Disney Theme Park Base Ticket at $111.18.

Stick with one park per day.

Check your start date.

Consider whether you want to visit the parks on arrival and departure days.

Take your kids before they turn 3.

Children under age 3 are free, so many parents will plan visits before that big day.

Consider special event and after-hours tickets.

Take advantage of Florida resident tickets.

See if you qualify for extra discounts.

Make sure you’re including tax.

Hoppy planning!

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Target Disney Gift Cards

While Target doesnt sell discount Disney gift cards per se, you can use a Target REDcard to save 5% on Disney gift cards.

A REDcard saves you 5% off of all your purchases, even Target Disney gift cards.

I especially like that there is a REDcard Debit card so I dont have to open a credit card to save on Disney gift cards!

Just add Disney gift cards to your cart on and use your REDcard as your payment method at checkout.

Benefits Of The Cheapest Disney Resort Hotels 2022

Watch This Before You Eat In Disney World

So what are the benefits of staying at the 2022 cheapest Disney World resorts? Below we break down everything you can expect while staying at a Walt Disney World resort.

Early Genie+ Access: Guests at Disney resorts can make their Genie+ reservations for each day starting at 7:00 AM. To compare, all other guests are allowed to make Genie+ reservations when the park opens. This gives you early access for booking attractions and entertainment so itll be easy to plan your day exactly the way you want. This will also allow you to get on rides quicker which will allow you to spend less time in the parks. Very simply using the new Genie+correctly is one of the cheapest ways to stay at Disney World.

Resort Wide Charging Privileges: All resort guests staying at a Walt Disney World hotel will have the option to connect their credit card to their Magicband or room key for resort wide charging privileges.

Extra Magic Half Hours: Hotel guests can enjoy an extra magic half hour every morning. Less crowds, shorter lines whats not to love?

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Does Aaa Offer Discounts On Disney World Tickets

The AAA discounts are no longer a great way to save on Disney World tickets.

At one point, AAA discounts were a decent way to save on Disney World tickets, but those days are gone. First of all, the discounts come from individual branches, so you’ll have to call local AAA offices to get quotes. Second, their discounts tend to be pretty small, often beaten by the prices you’ll find on ticket broker sites. Worth a phone call, if you’re already a member, but no worth effort beyond that.

Walt Disney World Discounts And Deals

There are literally thousands of ways to get Disney World discounts, but Disney isnt giving away the secrets of those savings! You definitely have to know where to look if you want to get a discount.

For instance, most people traveling to Disney World buy a vacation package, believing they are getting the best deal available. Often this is not the case. Others know that it may be cheaper to book everything separately, but believe that there are few or no discounts available on Disney resort hotels. Even the major guidebooks and Disneys own reservation department tend to reinforce these beliefs.

The fact is, there are lots of ways to get discounts at Walt Disney World on the resort hotels and vacation packages. You can also save substantial money on admission passes, meals, extra entertainment offerings, airfare, rental cars and more. Spend some time exploring this site, and you may be amazed at how many Disney World bargains and deals are floating around. Read a few of the testimonials from other readers and youll discover that some people have saved over a thousand dollars!

Use the links below or in the left panel to read more hints, tips and tricks that will help you become a true MouseSaver!

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When To Buy Cheap Disney Tickets

Another way to take advantage of cheap Walt Disney World tickets 2021 is to plan your next vacation during peak season.

Using our Walt Disney World crowd calendar can not only save you time in the parks but it can show you how to get cheap Disney World tickets 2021. Well help you plan your vacation around the least crowded days which will also fall into the value ticket tier.

Smaller crowds and less wait times will also mean youll need to spend fewer days in the parks, and fewer days means you save more on tickets.

More Disney World Ticket Tips

Best Disney tips on the planet! Find all the newest Disney ...

Rethink Arrival and Departure Days. Note your flight times and when youll get to / depart your hotel. Decide carefully whether you need a ticket for your arrival day, your departure day, or both. Keep in mind that adding days to longer tickets is relatively cheap, and squeezing in one extra rope drop can make all the difference in your overall trip.

Make sure to link to My Disney Experience. Youll want to link your tickets to My Disney Experience as soon as possible. This will enable you to make FastPass+ reservations, as well an ensuring that all the tickets are properly linked to the members of your party.

Dont Wait Until Morning Of. Youve read our Hollywood Studios rope drop strategy. You wake up hours before the park opens and stand at the gates waiting for them to open. When they do, you tap your Magic Band andblue! So youre sent to the ticket window to resolve the issue.

Whether its at a park ticket window, the guest services desk at Disney Springs, or the concierge at your hotelconfirm your park tickets are properly linked to a Magic Band or plastic ticket card before you go to the turnstiles.

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